Dolphin Island Collection

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Four steamy books in one complete collection!

The Engagement – Love at first sight really does exist, especially for those who dare to walk along the shores of Dolphin Island.

The Honeymoon – Dominant, loving, and protective Kal Durango takes his responsibility as head of household very seriously. Teaching Demi to live in constant submission to him is a dream come true, and she is making great strides in yielding herself to him.

The Training – Love. Safety. Security. Three notions Demi Durango never thought she’d have, but now that marriage to Kal has given her these luxuries, how far will she go to keep them?

His Island Girl – The forbidden Dolphin Island was the last place Brenna thought she would find love, especially love at first sight.

Publishers Note: This steamy collection of previously published stories is now available in one complete collection. These stories contain elements of power exchange.

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1 review for Dolphin Island Collection

  1. Redrabbitt

    Disciplining Demi – The Engagement (Dolphin Island Series Book 1)

    What a fascinating beginning to a new series. As the story unfolds, we learn more about Demi Jones and her life before Neil rescued her and brought her to Dolphin Island. Kal Durango fell hard for Demi from first sight, but she also fell for him. Dolphin Island has specific rules and criteria, including Domestic Discipline. As Kal and Demi date and fall in love, will she accept his rules and lifestyle? What will happen when her secrets are revealed?

    The plot kept me captivated and the pages turning as we learned more about Demi, her childhood, her fears, and her reaction to a DD lifestyle. The dialog is witty and entertaining. The wedding was enduring, and the wedding night a beginning into total submission and acceptance of their new life.

    Disciplining Demi – The Honeymoon (Dolphin Island Series Book 2)

    The story picks up from book one, The Engagement, and this is a series that will be best if they are read in order. Kal Durango and Demi Jones have married and are away on their honeymoon and for training in the art of total submission. They are at a mountaintop wilderness, and it involves multiple types of spankings and lessons. She has embraced the DD lifestyle and is learning submission from the book Inner Peace written by Jared Masters, Kal’s boss and owner of Chateau Dreambox. Life on Dolphin Island requires submission, and Kal wants to guide his new bride in their chosen lifestyle. What secrets are being kept of Kal’s occupations? How will Demi react when she learns more, and will it change her life too?

    “When each party executes his assigned position, a marriage rich in peace, harmony, and happiness is formed.”

    The plot kept me captivated, and the dialog flowed smoothly. They discuss her submission; she accepts his chastisements and lessons, as well as sexual dominance. Why can she not break down and cry and release the tension is baffling to him, but maybe over time, that will change. This story is about domestic discipline in a marriage and also contains explicit sex scenes.

    Disciplining Demi – The Training (Dolphin Island Book 3)

    The Dolphin Island books are a continuing saga that mainly encompasses the life and marriage of Demi and Kal. They have a marriage, and she has agreed to live a domestic discipline lifestyle, common amongst those who live on Dolphin Island. The story brings about when one partner has secrets and goes behind the other’s back, which comes to light. A bond of trust is broken, and for them to have peace and forgiveness, they will have to address it and heal.

    Kal works for an organization, NASH, that causes him to travel on secret missions. When Demi questions things about his life, she will see the help of Gus to learn more about her husband, breaking the trust between them. As Kal must leave on a mission, her inquiries may have placed him and her in danger. For her protection, she will be placed at Chateau Dreambox, a school for young women, both single and married, to learn more and embrace the domestic discipline lifestyle.

    Jared Masters, the author of Inner Peace, heads up Chateau Dreambox and will be over Demi’s discipline while Kal is away on a mission. While in Demi’s mind she believes she wants to do right and submit, she fights it when it becomes a reality. Kal has warned Jared of her inability to submit and cry. Deep-rooted childhood memories and attitudes have prevented her from total submission.
    The story will take Demi on a journey of self-discovery, dealing with childhood issues, understand what submission is, and eventually how to accept her role in her marriage.

    “She hated it as much as she loved it; resisted it as much as she craved it.” “Knowledge is power, and power is peace in the household.”

    A Demi spends her time at Chateau Dreambox; she refuses to accept Jared’s dominance and control over herself and withdraws from the school but must remain at the facility for her own protection. Until she genuinely learns what Inner Peace is about and starts journaling, she remains stubborn and rebellious. Along with another student, they will sneak into a men’s only forum, but it will be a true eye-opener of the role of the dominant partner’s responsibilities.

    The story has many spanking scenes, including that of her husband and Jared as a disciplinarian. There are a few sex scenes too. This is an ongoing saga with more books in the series and would be best to be read in their written order.

    His Island Girl (Dolphin Island Book 4)

    The story is the fourth book in the Dolphin Island series but will read well as a stand-alone. While previous stories had Jared Masters and his school, Chateau Dreambox, this one will focus heavily on Jared Masters and a new student, Brenna McKee.

    Brenna, along with two friends, Nina and Cristal, will go out for a night of fun that will lead them to Dolphin Island, and it goes from fun to jail to a shocking discovery. Brenna’s parents have both died, and she has been raising her three younger sisters and must lay low to keep them together. But one night of reckless behavior will open a can of worms and place her sisters and herself in jeopardy.

    Jared Masters is a talented man who wrote the book Inner Peace, which helps women accept submission and has the Chateau Dreambox school that women attend to learn total submission. There is the sex club, plus his private security operation. He is also a widower and was never aroused by a student until Brenna McKee entered his domain.

    One of the older families on the island includes the McKee family, but Brenna’s parents left the island and the lifestyle expected of those living there. Not only did they not talk about the island, but they often moved to avoid the family from finding them. But that has all changed with Brenna’s arrest; old secrets will be brought to light, and that includes family she never knew existed.

    The plot will have Brenna enrolled in Chateau Dreambox because of her upcoming court date and the seriousness of the charges. The hope is that she will present as a repentant woman who is adopting the island’s lifestyle and be able to avoid jail time. While she agrees with what her Grandfather asks of her, she is adamant about her feelings of dominance and submission.

    “Okay, I will submit to your spanking for the sake of my freedom and for the good of my education Master Jared Masters, but you will never break me.”

    “Humiliation accompanies all spanking sessions. When you are being punished, the shame, along with the pain, is why the discipline works. It’s about bettering yourself. Something almost everyone in the world could probably admit to needing if they were honest with themselves.”

    The story is about the journey of Brenna without the daily responsibilities of raising her teenage sisters, dealing with the loss of their parents, and learning more about herself as a person. She will be subjected to daily maintenance spankings, therapy sessions, classes on submission, and her dream, to work with horses. Learning to allow herself the freedom to grow as a person and grieve for what was lost.

    It is an instant attraction for two people, but one that each of them must tread lightly, he as an authority figure and her as a student. The story is full of emotions, including lust, jealousy, fear, regret, anger, angst, and eventually submission. There are many spankings but no sex scenes.

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