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With my athletic career behind me and only an all-girls junior Olympic team to dedicate my life to, I was feeling empty. I was drawn to a life I’d read about in so many romance novels and finally ready to explore my innermost desires. I arrived at Thorne N’ Vice on a mission to live out my wildest fantasies with one very particular master in mind. He thinks I’m forbidden territory and he can deny me. But I am no ordinary woman…



Everyone in my inner circle has settled down and started to have families. But I’m left alone, living an unfulfilling bachelor’s life. As an owner of Thorne N’ Vice Resort, I spend my days running the resort from my office in Costa Rica. The lack of human connection begins to rear its ugly head just as a stunning woman walks in looking for a taste of what I can give her. I’m a sadist but I’ve got rules that need to be followed. She’s a guest and off limits; but unrelenting desires blur those lines…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. While it is the third book in the Club Vice series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One

April 10, 2017


I walked up to the resort concierge and smiled. She looked up with a pleasant expression. “Hi, can I help you?”

“Yes,” I responded, “My name is Breslin and I signed up for a private demonstration with Master Derrick.”

The woman smiled again and picked up the phone. “Master Derrick, I have your one o’clock appointment here in the lobby, shall I send her up?” She paused while I assumed he answered her. I looked around, taking in the beautiful resort I had just arrived at no more than two hours before. “Sure thing.” The smiley redhead nodded as if the man on the phone could see her. “I will. Thank you, Master Derrick.” She hung up and licked her lips. “Okay, Breslin. You are going to take the main elevators to the third floor and take a right off the elevator. Master Derrick will be in his office. Which is room three oh three. Enjoy.”

“Um, okay. Thank you.”

I shook my head and began walking towards the elevators. I watched the numbers become lit as the car descended to the lobby. There was a gentle bell chime, and then the gold doors opened. Stepping back to allow the cluster of people space to exit the elevator, I waited until the car was clear and then stepped inside and pressed the button for the third floor.

I should have been nervous, but I wasn’t. I should have been concerned that I was lacking the fear I should have been feeling. When the elevator stopped, I exited towards the right and quickly found the office door with gold numerals 3-0-3. I knocked softly and then waited.

“Come in,” a deep sexy voice called out, causing my heart to skip a beat.

I stepped inside, and my eyes fell upon the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was well over six feet tall with shoulders that seemed to be as wide as the window he stood in front of. His dark blond hair had platinum highlights from the island sun. A five o’clock shadow of blond hair dusted his jaw line. He was built like a bodybuilder and I knew that for sure since I had seen enough of them in my lifetime.

I was beside myself. He was everything I had fantasized about and more. God, I hoped he was more.

“Please, have a seat.” He motioned to a chair in front of his desk with an opened palm. I had to beg my brain to get her act together and send the message to my feet to get moving before I looked foolish. Thankfully, the memo was sent, and I walked confidently and gracefully over to the chair and took a seat. “Miss McKenna, how are you?”

I questioned him with my eyes, not knowing how he already knew so much about me. Especially since all I knew about him was that he was drop-dead gorgeous.

“I’m uh, good.”

His gaze rolled over me and I hoped he was as pleased with what he saw, as I was with what I was staring at. “When did you arrive at the resort?”

“Oh, I got in this morning.”

He looked shocked for a moment. “And you’ve already booked a private demonstration— with me?”

I folded my hands in my lap and nodded. “Yes, I’m only going to be here for six days and I plan to get the most out of this vacation as I possibly can.”

“How long have you been in the lifestyle?” He dragged his long fingers along the side of his strong jaw line looking intently at me.

Oh, this was a painful question. I pressed my thighs together to keep them from trembling. “Literally or fictionally?”

He sighed and slipped into the chair across the desk from me. “Miss, what do you know about BDSM?”

He was looking right straight through me. It was as if he stripped me from the outfit of the person I wanted to be right down to the bareness of who I really was, in only a matter of seconds.

I huffed and relaxed in the chair. “I know I want to be fifty shades of fucked, does that count for anything?”

He cocked his head to the side, looking slightly amused. “Fifty. Shades. Of. Fucked,” he repeated ever so slowly, and each word pulled relentlessly at my inner core. My face heated and I wasn’t sure if I could stand anymore of this line of questioning. “What do you know about me, Miss McKenna?”

I shifted in my seat. “I know as much about you as is made available to the public on the website.”

His eyes shifted upward as if he were trying to picture the website. “That makes things interesting because all I know about you is that your name is Breslin McKenna, you know nothing about BDSM, and you booked a private demonstration with me.”

I tried not to look annoyed. “I prefer to be called Bree.”

“Okay then, Bree, why don’t you tell me what you hope to gain from your visit at Thorne N’ Vice.”

“I want to—” I paused because this was just too awkward. He was too gorgeous, too unaffected and I was losing my confidence and quickly becoming flustered.

“Bree, stand up.”

My head jerked up and I made eye contact with him.

“Go on, you heard me.” He nodded as if to further display his seriousness.

I slowly stood up and my flowy tank top fell down to just passed my hips while my short-shorts hugged my ultra-toned legs. Master Derrick stood up and walked around the desk. His strides were long and quick and then he was there, moving the chair out from behind me.

“Put your hands on my desk and lean forward.” My pulse quickened. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but I wanted it. God, did I frigging want it. I followed his directions and then his body encased mine. He was close but not enough to touch me. His hands were centimeters from where mine rested on top of the glossed mahogany.

“Tell me what you hope to gain from your vacation,” his voice was low, so frigging low, and my pussy clenched at his tone. Steady. Confident. In control. Alpha-fucking-male.

“I want to discover if reality is better than fantasy,” I whispered as my ebony waves fell around my face.

“It rarely is.” That voice, so low, with a gravely timbre that had me clenching around absolutely nothing, reminding me that I had never felt emptier in my life.

I thought for sure I was going to combust. This was it. I was going to orgasm from just the sound of this damn man’s voice. I’d embarrass myself and spend the rest of my vacation hiding in my shower, an ice cold un-arousing shower.

“Have you ever been spanked, Bree?”


“When you address me, I am Master, Sir or Mr. Martin, is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

Holy fuck I was soaked!

“When was the last time you were spanked, Bree?”

“When I was a young child, Sir.”

His hands inched closer and I could smell his delicious man scent. I wanted him to turn me around and press me back against his desk. I wanted him to plunge his tongue into my mouth and pull on my hair. His thumb stroked my pinky and the electrical spark I felt scared a gasp out of my lips.

“Why did you book an appointment with a master that is known for being a sadist? Do you like pain, Bree? Do you like to be degraded while being fucked? Do you want filthy, dirty, despicable words said into your ear while you beg to come?” His words acted as a flicker against my clit or a stroke along my g-spot. I had never been so turned on in my life. Never. Ever. His thumb continued to lightly stroke my pinky and I was in stimulation overload.

“Wow!” I whispered

He chuckled low and arrogantly. “If that’s what you’re looking for, that’s all you would get.” The heat from his cheek radiated against the side of my neck. I breathed in his leathery, cedary, expensive scent.

“I want all of that. All of what you just said,” I said in a rushed, low whisper.

He cleared his throat, “eh hem,” as if he was waiting for something.

“Mr. Martin,” I quickly added assuming that was what he was waiting for.

“There’s only one little problem, Miss McKenna.” His voice caressed my skin in a tantalizing slow stroke along the column of my flushed neck. “I don’t fuck my guests.”

The instant chill wrapped me in its frigid arms when he stepped away from me. I was too confused as to what just shifted between us. Within seconds, it went from fiery hot to ice cold.

“Miss McKenna, you may take your seat again.”

As if on auto pilot, I slid back into the chair. I stared at my perfectly pre-vacation manicured fingers. Seconds morphed into minutes and the silence continued. I could feel my face sizzling with a lust-turned-embarrassing-crimson hue. My body pounded at every palpable pulse point. I licked my dry lips and stared at the wood grain of his desk.

His chair squeaked as he leaned back, and our eyes met. “Now tell me, what role you think would best fit you within a power exchange relationship?”

“The submissive role, Mr. Martin,” I answered with a hesitant voice and then quickly looked back down at my hands in my lap.


“I don’t understand your question, Sir.”

He eyed me with a certain degree of intensity I was sure I had never felt before. I lifted my gaze and looked into his ocean depths.

“What is it about submission that appeals to you, Miss McKenna?”

I felt a heated flush curse my neck and creep up into my cheeks. “I like the—” I stumbled over my words between the intimate details he was asking and the intensity in his gaze and let’s not forget the pulsating between my legs. I couldn’t think. I wasn’t sure what was happening. I wasn’t typically a babbling love-sick fool. That’s not who I was, ever. I was a woman on a mission.

“Go on, Bree, tell me.” His voice softened as if to reassure me—or mock me. I wasn’t too certain what he was doing.

“I like the way my body responds when I envision submitting to a man—a master.” Subconsciously my hand skimmed up over my tank top and barely grazed the heated skin along my collarbone while I drifted off into a world of dirty words and fictional fantasies.

“Close your eyes, kitten.” I did as he said and breathed out slowly. “Good girl. Now tell me what you are envisioning.”

I nodded slightly. “I’m on my knees, waiting for you, stripped of my clothes and my control. I’m all yours, desperately waiting to comply with your desires.” My fingers danced along my skin while I pictured the image I was painting with my words.

“Keep going, kitten.”

I swallowed a lump of fear and continued. “You step forward, straddling my spread knees with your feet. I’m soaked. My nipples are hard and, oh, so tender. Your fingers graze across my cheek and then roughly clutch my jaw.” I swallowed hard while I shifted in the chair. My clit was furiously throbbing and the ache deep inside screamed for relief. “Your thumb pries my lips apart before you thrust your dick into my mouth. I moan my happiness at the opportunity to please you.”

“Is that what you want? You want me to send you to your knees, so I can fuck your face?”

“Yes, Sir,” I moaned while my fingers continued to stroke my skin. My imagination held me tightly in a fantasy that was so arousing I didn’t ever want to leave. My free hand clutched at the arm of the chair before I gave up my manners and soothed the ache between my legs.

“Do you want me to grab you by the back of your head and tell you what a good little slut you are while you choke on my cock?”

“Fuck, yes.” That’s it, my hand left the slick wood and squeezed between my tightly clenched thighs.

His hand was in my hair and tilting my head back until I opened my eyes. The heat radiating from his crystal-clear blue eyes mesmerized me. “You were doing so well, kitten. Do you need to be punished or will you remember how to address me?”

“Sir. Master. Mr. Martin,” I slowly repeated and then licked my lips.

He brought his face close to mine. My hand pressed harder against the pulsating heat between my legs and he nipped at my ear lobe. “Good girl.”

The tension on my hair relaxed and I closed my eyes again.

“I will not warn you again. Next time, I will spank you.” His fingers combed through my hair, calming my nerves.

“Thank you for a second chance, Sir.”

“Tell me why you are finding the need to rub your pussy in front of me, Miss McKenna.”

I lolled my neck to the side, heated desires and passion blushing my skin. “I am so turned on, Mr. Martin. I’m soaked and sore. Pulsating and aching with need.”

“Prove it.” His words were clipped short.

I thought I understood what he was looking for and I slowly unbuttoned my shorts.

“I don’t like whores who waste my time. I want to see those fingers glistening,” he said with a rushed, annoyed tone.

I quickly shoved my hand inside my shorts and a shudder shook my upper body as my palm flattened against my clitoris. I sighed at the tiny bit of relief as I shoved two fingers into my pussy. My inner walls clamped around the digits greedily wanting anything they were given, demanding to be pleased, begging for relief.

“That’s more than sufficient,” he scolded as he swatted my forearm.

I bit down on my lower lip and pulled my hand from inside my clothing, careful not to wipe away the evidence of my arousal. He held my fingers up while inspecting them. I kept my eyes tightly closed, too conflicted between humiliation and lust to see him.

“Good, kitten, now taste yourself. Tell me how good you taste since I will never know.”

My heart sank at his words. I wanted more than anything at that point to be filled by him, taken and dominated. I wanted to scream his name while he called me names in the most passionate of tones.

My fingers nervously went to my mouth and hovered over my lips.

“Look at me,” Mr. Martin commanded in a husky tone.

I opened my eyes and stared into his while my fingers slipped between my parted lips and slid over my tongue. I wrapped my lips around my fingers and gently pressed my teeth into my flesh while my tongue absorbed my own flavor.

He removed my fingers from my mouth and placed my hand back on the arm rest of the chair. “Sweet, yet salty. Desperate, yet hesitant.” Our eyes locked and words flashed into my mind from previous erotic tales. “I taste like yours, Mr. Martin.”

He looked pleasantly surprised. Master Derrick smirked while tracing my lips with the pad of his thumb.

I blushed and squeezed my thighs together firmly.

“Have dinner with me.” He flicked his gaze upwards to meet my questioning stare.

Shock ran through me. “What?”

“Dinner. Tonight. Meet me in the lobby and wear something—nice.” There was a mischievous glimmer in his eyes and I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it or if it was really there. “Six sharp.”


5 reviews for Desiring Derrick

  1. JigsawGirl

    This Book was actually an interesting combination of romance, BDSM, sex, and instalove.

    Derrick and Bree had an intense, instant connection. Bree was just enough of a masochist to soothe the sadist in Derrick’s soul. The book was chock full of sex. So much sex, to the point of becoming somewhat boring. Just when you would reach that point, a bit of romance and vulnerability would rear its head and the feel of the story would change.

    I understand This is the third book in the series. I am not sure I will read the others. Although Derrick had Bree’s full consent and she often used the words herself, it just rubbed me the wrong way. I understand this is a very subjective thing, but the whole “my dirty whore, my pain slut, etc.” , just offends me. If none of this offends you, read the book and form your own opinion.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  2. Pico1

    A wonderful story about 2 bright and likable people who meet at a BDSM themed resort and gradually fall in love. The story takes them from the resort to Las Vegas, and through a number of stages %u2013 but throughout the development of the relationship, there is a strong presence of consensual and enjoyed punishments which are an important part of the development of their relationship

  3. Tami

    Desiring Derrick is the third book of the Mysterious Masters of Club Vice series. Though it is a series, and I haven’t read the other books, I did not have the feeling that I missed some information.

    Derrick and Bree are very interesting characters. Derrick is an experienced Dom and a sadist, and Bree is a beginner who always wanted to explore the lifestyle. They meet at a BDSM resort and soon realize that they are a perfect fit. There are a lot of pretty intense BDSM scenes and some name calling, but it is consensual. I liked reading the book.

  4. Hope W

    Desiring Derrick is part of the series, The Mysterious Masters of Club Vice, but can also be read as a standalone. This book is an intense S&M romance that catches your attention from the beginning that mesmerizes you as you go. There is plenty of erotic passion and yet romantic love, while the characters are personable with deep emotions. Derrick holds a past loss close to his heart while Breslin harbors a deep desire to learn to discover her inner submissive side. These characters just seem to take you on an emotional ride with their story that you don’t want to miss. The author includes plenty of erotic sex, spanking, love, loss, memories, intense emotions, friends, and so much more. There are some harsh scenes that coincide with the S&M relationship; however, this story is well worth reading. I highly recommend this 5 star read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  5. Redrabbitt

    Breslin McKenna has loved reading romance, and as she gets older, she started reading and learn more about BDSM and erotica. Having been a child athlete, her entire life was focused on gymnastics and training for the Olympics, which she succeeded at winning a medal. Now she is a coach for the junior Olympics. Fulfilling a fantasy, she takes a week vacation and books herself in Thorne N Vice with the goal of having Master Derrick Martin train her. Derrick is flattered, but with warnings from Jessica, their attorney, he must proceed with caution.

    The plot will have Breslin and Derrick connecting, and there is strong chemistry between them. What will begin as dinners together, will slowly escalate to mild sessions of BDSM. Bree takes to his form of control, power exchange, and dominance without any complaint. They only have days together, and so he will check her out as a guest and move her into his room for the rest of her stay. No matter what Derrick does to her, she is accepting, and he lets her know he is a sadist, that he thrives on delivering pain and seeing tears, but she doesn%u2019t back down.

    What happens when Bree%u2019s week is up, and she must leave and go back to Utah? When she returns home, she is devastated and missing him, and reality sinks in that she doesn%u2019t have a number to call him. Calling the resort doesn%u2019t work because the front desk won%u2019t relay her calls. Weeks go by before she remembers a name to contact. Why hasn%u2019t Derrick contacted her? They each expressed their love for one another.

    The story is the journey into submission by Brislin and turning over complete control to dominate and master, Derrick. He is open and honest about his form of control and that he is a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain and seeing tears. At one point in the story, he does take that too far, asking her to please not safeword, and she doesn%u2019t%u2014but at what cost?

    The story has explicit sex scenes with strong BDSM, bondage, impact play, spankings including with implements, public demonstrations, and pushing the limits. There is also an insta-love relationship between Bree and Derrick.

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