Daddies of the Castle

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No one said being an adult was easy. Turns out, being a Little is even harder, as six feisty young women who visit the infamous lifestyle resort are about to find out.

This collection contains six brand new stories from some of the hottest Daddy Dom authors determined to make you cry, “Oh, Daddy!”

Welcome back to the Castle…


Undoing Una – Tabitha Black

Una doesn’t see the point of ageplay – until she’s assigned to Master Landon, a Daddy Dom who’s determined to change her mind…


Educating Ella – Katie Douglas

When mischievous Ella picks up the wrong phone by mistake, she finds herself under the watchful gaze of a stern British billionaire Daddy, who intends to teach her how naughty schoolgirls should behave. But how can their relationship ever survive beyond the Castle’s walls?


Restoring Rylee – Pepper North

Fighting to live her secret desires at the Castle, a small-town librarian is frozen by fear, unable to make her dreams come true. Drawn to the curvy Little girl from the moment he sees her on the bus, Dallas claims Rylee as his own. It will be his pleasure to bring her fantasies to life.


Addi’s Adventure – Delia Grace

Addi is so excited to have years of dreams come true in one weekend with her parents at The Castle. But will an absentee Mommy ruin it all?


Izzy’s Indulgence – Lesley Clark

Isabella misses her time with Max. Life has gotten in the way of their relationship, and she is at the end of her rope. Max would do anything to take care of her including becoming the daddy she needs, even if she doesn’t quite want it…yet.




Leading Luciana – Adaline Raine

Luciana has come to the conclusion that a Little can’t be loved gently and handled roughly at the same time – until Master Gabriel gets his hands on her. He’s got the medical skills of an angel but wields implements like a devil…

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Sample Chapter

The wait was finally over. It was hard to suppress her excitement as Una stepped off the bus and got her first real look at the new and improved Castle. The entrance, at least, didn’t show any visible differences since the remodeling—the impressive portcullis, the colorful koi in the moat, the enormous, bustling, medieval style courtyard. And the tables along one side at which guests had to register before entering.

Before the fun could commence.

Her fingers itched to reach into her bag and check her phone but she managed to stop herself at the last minute. This was the Castle. The moment you left the bus, you had to adhere to their strict rules, one of which was no modern technology outside of specifically designated areas.

It was one of the reasons why she loved it here. This was really the only place where she could unwind for a few days. She adored her job in a prestigious accounting firm so much that she liked to joke she was married to her work but even so, she had seen plenty of friends and colleagues burn out, and was aware of the importance of taking a break every once in a while.

Shifting her bag over her shoulder, she began to walk toward the registration area, inhaling the crisp, fall Ohio air.

Una had been attending the Castle for years, taking the time to get out there every few months as her—and Kurt’s—schedules permitted. When she’d heard the news that some lowlife had set off a bomb in the most legendary BDSM destination in the States, she’d been horrified, especially when she’d read about the extent of the damage online. Selfishly, her first thought had been despair that she would no longer have anywhere to go to escape from the office and clear her mind. But then she had thought about all the people who lived and worked here, some of whom she had gotten to know well, and she’d immediately felt ashamed.

Master Marshall was an incredible man to have weathered the crisis so stoically, she reflected. The Castle was his home, his baby, his life, and instead of beating his chest and throwing in the towel, he’d set right about building it back up.

“Name and pseudonym?” the clerk at one of the tables interrupted her thoughts.

“Una Greaves. I go by Nayla when I’m here.”

“First time here at the Castle?”



“Of course. Here.” Removing the file containing her signed accountability waiver and recent medical records from her bag, Una slid it across to the pretty, fair-haired woman.

“Are you here alone?”

“I’m meeting someone. Kurt Carlson. He should have arrived yesterday.”

“All right. What program did you sign up for?”

Just saying the word made Una’s heart speed up. It was her favorite place in the world, the only place where she could truly relax. “The Dungeon.”

“Good call.” The blonde winked. “Here’s your welcome packet and bracelet.”

Taking the black band from the woman, Una slid it over her wrist before shoving the forms into her bag.

“Don’t take it off.”

“I know.” Una grinned. “Um, as I’ve been here so many times before, do I still have to listen to the orientation talk?”

The blonde gave her a wry smile. “I’m afraid so.”

“I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.” Una indicated the massive building with a jerk of her head. “Congratulations on the re-opening. You must be so excited.”

“We really are. Everyone’s worked so hard.”

A man in the line behind Una gave a not-so-subtle cough. “Better not waste any more of your time,” she said hastily. “Thank you.”

“Enjoy your stay at the Castle!” the blonde called after her.

Oh, I intend to, Una thought as she made her way to the podium where Miss Hardwick always gave her signature orientation speech, and took a seat on a folding chair near the back.

Fingering the black bracelet around her wrist which signified the Dungeon program, she closed her eyes and forced herself to rein in her excitement.

Physically, Kurt wasn’t her type at all. Nor was she his, which suited them both just fine. She’d met him online, and as soon as they’d discovered how well their proclivities matched, they’d agreed to meet to get to know one another. The problem was, they lived on opposite sides of the country, so the Castle had seemed like a perfect compromise.

Often working fourteen-hour days as she did, Una had no time for a proper relationship. When at home, she wanted to be free to focus on her job. But every now and again, when the desire for pain and sexual release got too strong, she would contact Kurt and they’d agree to meet, sometimes for a weekend, sometimes for longer, depending on their schedules. He was a famous surgeon and an extremely private person. She had no idea about his love life, nor did she ever ask. Their relationship consisted solely of physical release. He was a sadist to the core, and she got off on pain.

A match made in heaven.

Her knee was jiggling so she forced herself to relax and make it still. Miss Hardwick was still talking but the woman’s voice was like white noise, washing over Una, providing the perfect backdrop to her fantasies. Soon, she would be naked and tied to the cross; Kurt would be behind her with the cane. The first stroke would crack through the air like a gunshot and then, a second later, the white-hot burn would slice across her ass and make her forget everything—her impossible boss, her hopeless clients, the piles of paperwork which never seemed to decrease—and the pain would build and build into a delicious crescendo until she was floating, calm, her arousal slick between her thighs…

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Castle!” Miss Hardwick’s ringing voice broke Una out of her reverie and she looked up to see the guests identifying as dominant already being led away.

This was where the unmatched submissives or new arrivals were split into their various programs and given a tour, but Una had been there often enough that she figured she could skip this part. In a hurry to find Kurt, not wanting to waste one more precious minute of her vacation time, she slipped away and entered the Castle proper.

The lobby was filled with people, guests and staff alike, some hurrying to wherever they had to be, others standing around and enjoying the scenery. Una looked around, hoping to spot Kurt. He liked to dress like a pirate whenever he was at the Castle—probably indulging some childhood fantasy, she thought fondly—but while she clocked Vikings, gladiators, people in Bugsy Malone style suits and fedoras, demons, and superheroes, she couldn’t see him.

A tiny kernel of unease lodged itself in her gut but she told herself he was probably waiting for her in their room. Digging the welcome packet out of her bag, she saw the room number—1111—and smiled. It was the one they always tried to reserve whenever they came to stay.

All she wanted to do was head straight there, but as an enchantingly pretty fairy skipped past, her wings reflecting the light like gossamer rainbows, Una suddenly felt decidedly dowdy in her street clothes and decided to head to the Wardrobe. It was time for corporate Una to become Nayla, a wanton Roman handmaiden…

Wardrobe was one of her favorite places in all the Castle. Staffed with several competent attendants, it contained every costume imaginable, as well as outfits which defied belief. Una smiled when she spotted Janice.

“You stayed, then?” she called out, picking her way around a pile of shoes.

Janice shot her a grin. “This is my home. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Waiting for the remodel to be done was its own special kind of torture!”

“I don’t doubt it.” Una enveloped the stunning brunette in a warm hug. “The usual, please, when you have a moment.”

Janice chuckled. “I’m run off my feet. Of course Marshall had to pick Halloween, of all times, for the grand reopening, so people’s requests are even more outlandish than usual, but I have to admit I did miss all this excitement.” She ran an appraising eye over Una’s tailored blouse, pencil skirt, and pumps. “Did you come straight from the office?”

Una felt warmth spread over her cheeks. “I happen to feel comfortable in these clothes,” she said defensively. “I wear them every day.”

Raising her palms, Janice apologized. “I didn’t mean anything bad by it. In fact, I have several secretary costumes which look almost exactly like what you’re wearing now. But you know the rules: nobody gets to wear their own clothes. So, are you going for the Roman slave girl again? Or are we trying something different?”

“Like I said, the usual,” Una said, slightly mollified.

“Well, you definitely have the figure for it.” Janice disappeared between two racks of clothing and emerged a few moments later, clutching the dress triumphantly. “You slip into that, and I’ll go and hunt down your shoes. Size seven, right?”

“With so many people coming and going every day, I’m amazed you can remember that!”

Janice flicked her thick braid back over her shoulder. “What can I say? It’s my job. Besides… you’re a regular.”

She vanished into an adjoining room while Una slipped out of her corporate attire and into the transparent sheath dress. Fastened at one shoulder to leave the other bare, the gauzy material skimmed over her curves and ended just below her groin to display the entire length of her legs. After only a moment’s hesitation, she slipped her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them. Won’t be needing those for a few days, she thought giddily.

“Here we go,” Janice exclaimed, brandishing a stunning pair of pale gold, high-heeled sandals with intricate straps which wove up Una’s lower legs to just below her knees.

Una gazed at herself in the full-length mirror, her heart pounding as she undid her usual bun and let her strawberry blonde hair cascade down past her shoulders.

“Welcome back to the Castle… Nayla,” Janice said.

“It’s so good to be back,” Una murmured.

After months of waiting, she had finally returned, and she now had a rare full week of leisure time. Seven whole days during which she could set aside Una, senior accountant, and become Nayla, sex goddess and painslut. The perfect foil to Kurt, the sadistic pirate.

“You’ve outdone yourself as usual, Janice. Kurt loves this outfit on me.”

The brunette’s chocolate-brown eyes widened. “Kurt? Is he here?”

“He arrived yesterday.” The niggling feeling in the pit of Nayla’s stomach returned with a vengeance. “Didn’t you see him? He must have come here to get changed.”

Janice shook her head. “I didn’t see him. But that doesn’t mean he’s not here,” she added hastily. “Like I said, we’ve been frantic. One of the other attendants could have dressed him.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” Nayla said slowly. Shoving her street clothes into her bag and picking up her pumps, she forced herself to smile. “He’ll be waiting for me in our room.”

“Hello-oo? Is there anybody here to assist me?” a voice called.

“I’d better go. And you shouldn’t keep him waiting any longer,” Janice said. “Have fun, okay?”

Nayla barely heard her—she was already walking away. “I intend to,” she called over her shoulder.

She hastened to her room with a single-minded purpose, oblivious to her surroundings. She had been curious to see whether there were any visible changes to the Castle but now, all that mattered was getting to her room and seeing Kurt’s smiling face.

He wouldn’t have stood me up, she thought as she barreled past a couple of tittering women in schoolgirl outfits. If something happened and he had to cancel, he would have let me know. We might not be a real couple, but he would have enough respect for me not to let me arrive here and spend a week by myself.

Once outside the door to her room—their room, she corrected herself resolutely—she paused to catch her breath and smooth down the skirt of her dress. Then, deliberately slowly, she shook out the key from her welcome pack and unlocked the door.

The room was empty. The bed was still neatly made. With a sinking heart, Nayla glanced around, taking in the lack of any bags, shoes, clothing, any sign that someone was staying there. With a final burst of hope, she stalked over to the bathroom and flung open the door. The towels were neatly stacked, there was not a toothbrush or razor in sight. The toilet tissue was still folded into a sharp point.

“Fucking bastard!” she yelled, hurling her bag onto the bed.

The bed she would be sleeping in alone for the next week.

There was no more denying it, no more deluding herself.

Kurt had stood her up.

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5 reviews for Daddies of the Castle

  1. Ronald

    This is another good set of stories set in the Castle – a BDSM resort catering to every kink. This set of stories is about couples who choose to play the roles of “Daddy” and “Little,” and each of the stories introduces a different couple and the different activities they enjoy. None is really extreme, and they are all light-hearted and fun to read.

    The first story, Wanting Winona, by Maren Smith, is a full length novel. It sets the tone for the book and provides the scene for the other stories. In a previous story from the series, the Castle had suffered from a bomb that had destroyed part of it. In Wanting Winona, we read about the first days of its re-opening, and the pleasure that one of the contractors, Winona, gains from a “Little” experience with one of the Doms, Eric. They are both strong and directed, and the interplay between them is fun to read.

    The other stories are a lot shorter, but each introduces interesting young women and the Doms they spend time with – some of them knowing the Dom from before; others meeting them for the first time at the Castle. The stories were well written – and will be enjoyed by people who like reading stories that are about the Dom-Little kink. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Marybeth

    This is a collection of stories about the Castle. Yay!

    Wanting Winona by Maren Smith
    The castle is not done! Master Marshall calls in contractors to finish up and Winona is one of them. She is a Jane of all trades. Master Daddy Eric is entranced by her and there starts a beautiful relationship. This was a great story!

    Undoing Una by Tabitha Black
    Loved this story of a workaholic who comes to the Castle to unwind. She normally meets her partner there for D/s games, but he stands her up. She is assigned Master Landon, who is normally a daddy dom, by Master Marshall. Landon does a Little caretaking of her by teaching her ways to relax. There is a HEA and it’s a wonderful story.

    Daring Daisy by Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison
    Daisy is a Little that has massive self esteem issues. She has been corresponding with Rett for a year and they are finally going to meet at the Castle. Rett needs to show Daisy that he will love her and be her Daddy. There is a HEA.

    Restoring Rylee by Pepper North
    Rylee has saved up for this vacation for a long time. She knows that she is a Little and wants to experience Little life. Dallas has been searching for his Little. When he sees Rylee, he knows she is his. This is a sweet story with a HEA.

    Educating Ella by Katie Douglas
    This is a Middle adventure. Ella comes to the Castle for relaxation. She likes to play tricks and that gets her canned by Master Collins. He decides that dhd needs individual attention and turns her over to Master Idris. They get along well and they have a HFN.

    Addi’s Adventure by Delia Grace
    Addi is a Little with a Mommy and a Daddy. She wants to try being a Little in school and her parents want to be the 50’s version. There is some tension, but it’s a cute story of a husband and wife with a Little.

    Leading Luciana by Adaline Raine
    Wow! Very intense. Lucky plays with Master Gabriel who is a doctor. They have both Daddy/Little girl scenes but also medical play. There isn’t a HEA for this couple, but a HFN.

    Izzy’s Indulgence by Lesley Clark
    This one is a little different. Max and Isabella are getting married and Isabella is more than a little stressed. Max decides to go to the Castle for the three day weekend and regress Isabella to Izzy. They have their moments, but it is a great time for them both.

  3. Margaret

    This is a brillant wonderful story. I loved it. It’s very well written and so easy to read. A great anthology. I loved Win. She is os sweet and independent and needs her Daddy Eric so much. A really sweet and complete story. In Education Ella by Katie Douglas is wonderfully real as is the relationship between Ella and Idris. Undoing Una tells of poor Una is lost, stood up and very needy. She needs more and she gets Landon. Very full and real story. A sweet story Daring Daisy is well retold and fun. I love Pepper North’s work and Restoring Rylee is typical of her amazing talent. Addi’s Adventure introduces the reader to menage and pony play. Very Interesting and well told. I loved it. I loved poor Lucky in Leading Luciana and Gabriel needed the break. There are very hot and unusual sexy scenes in this well done story. Issy Indulgence reconnects a couple getting marries. All the stories are well done, sexy and sweet.

  4. Ajjmb

    Maren Smith has done another great job of writing about another Master of the castle. I love Master Eric and Win’s story. I love how Win finds herself in trouble even at the most innocent of times and how Eric recognizes the little in her. Win is trying her best to figure out what is happening to her and finding out how good it can be to have a daddy.

    In Nayla and Landon’s story there are some elements of AP but not a lot. That is ok because I love the dynamic between the two. Nayla needs what Landon can give to her and he cares for her really quickly. Great story.

    Daisy’s story is something I think a lot of women can empathize with. Women today have body image issues that make quite a difference in how we view ourselves. I love that Everett doesn’t seem to see anything but Daisies inner beauty and he tries so hard to get her to see her beauty as well. She makes a beautiful little too.

    Rylee and Dallas’s story is so sweet. This author has captured this little scenario perfectly. Ryle is so scared and Dallas recognizes her as his right from the beginning. She couldn’t ask for a more gentle and understanding daddy. I love this little story.

    Ella’s story was so strict. Not that that is a bad thing. But canines, hairbrushings, and a strict teacher Dom. This was a nice spicy story.

    Addi and her mommy and daddy have some reconnecting to do at the castle and I love that Addi thinks she wants to make mischief until she realizes what the consequences will be. What a cute story.

    Lucky’s story was not my favorite. I guess it was because she doesn’t really know what she wants from one moment to the next and seems to give mixed signals. The relationship she has for the weekend with Master Gabriel seems strained as well. I do like that Gabe gives her plenty of time to try to figure out what she wants and to work through her feelings which is very important. This was a harder story for me to read though.

    Izzy and Max’s story was so cute. What a nice way for a busy couple for reconnect and relax before they get married. Izzy makes an adorable little and her puppy is so cute. Even though she fights it sometimes this is he stress release she needs and Max is so patient and good to her. This story was a great ending to the Daddies of the the Castles book.

    I loved reading all of these. I reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  5. Redrabbitt

    Undoing Una by Tabitha Black

    Una Greaves is an accountant in a large firm and rarely gets away from her high-stressed, long-hours job but is scheduled to meet her occasional hook-up, Dr. Kurt Carlson, at the Castle. They try to get together every few months—a no-commitment relationship that works well for both of them. But what happens when she arrives, and he isn’t there? And then learns he backed out and didn’t bother to let her know? Master Marshall will step in and assign the newest Master, Landon, to be with her for her week’s stay. Master Landon is a Daddy Dom in the Nursery, but he also has a sadistic side to him—just what Nayla (her Castle name) needs to help her fulfill what her painslut side craves.

    “This girl had serious problems with letting go; he’d realized that almost immediately. He wondered why, and whether he’d be able to make any progress on that front in the short time they had together.”

    The plot will have Nayla stood up by Kurt and Master Marshall, assigning Master Landon to be with her during her stay. Nayla resists at first but capitulates to Marshall and Landon. She will discover things about herself—needs and desires she never embraced—all because Landon sees a Little buried deep inside her. Making rules about eating, and refusing to allow her access to her phone or laptop is a strain, but what she needs—but it will come at a high price. And Landon’s words about the reality of being replaceable are a wake-up call when she returns home to her job.

    “I have a stack of resumes in my drawer from people who are hungry for your job. I want you to remember that, and remember how precarious your position is right now.”

    Leaving the Castle, not saying goodbye to Landon, and returning to work leaves her empty. She tries to remember the things Landon tried to get her to embrace—even if she isn’t a Little, they help her cope—but she needs more. How is Landon doing back at the Castle? Do these two have a chance at more? Landon is right, her work doesn’t define her, and she needs more in her life—is there a second chance for happiness? Was the chemistry between them only because she was a guest, or could there be more?

    “I go to the Castle for some R&R, and my whole life gets turned upside down.”

    Restoring Rylee by Pepper North

    OMG, Ms. Pepper North, got me in my “feels” with her story of Rylee Edwards and Dallas Kennedy. I was crying happy tears before the end of the story. The story is packed full of emotions, fears, dreams, desires, and happiness.

    It was Karma that these two come to the Castle on the same bus. Rylee works as an assistant librarian in a small town, and her secret of being a Little must be guarded to prevent being ostracized. Dallas is a body-builder and now trains others. One is a Little, and the other is a Daddy—and the Castle is where the magic happens.

    A dream come true for Little Rylee, who saved for two years for eight days to live out her fantasy, to allow her inner child to shine. Body-builder Dallas Kennedy knows from the moment he spots Rylee on the bus that she is a Little, and when she goes into a panic when they arrive at the Castle, he is the one to calm her down, take control, and from that, he is her Daddy. IT IS FATE!

    “It looks like Master Marshall and Kaylee are going to have to change their partner assignments. Those two need to stay together.”

    “You need a Daddy, little one. Will you let me show you how a Daddy takes care of his little girl?”

    The chemistry of Rylee/Ruby/Princess and Dallas/Axel/Daddy is instantaneous and so right. They click immediately, and it is exactly what each of them wants and desires. Rylee will acquiesce to Dallas, and while not easy, she will accept his rules, his proclivities, his punishments, and his passion as he helps her into her “little space.” Daddy knows what his little Princess needs before she does, and shows her that he is the best Daddy for her.

    “I will do my best, Daddy. Will you help me to be brave?”

    As their week progresses, both know that the ‘real world’ is going to be calling, but what if, just what if there could be a place for them permanently at the Castle? Do they each have something to offer professionally, that will allow Daddy and his Princess to stay together? Sometimes, dreams do come true, and little girls find their happily ever after with a Daddy.

    Addi’s Adventure by Delia Grace

    Another twist on a Little relationship will have Addi/Penny and her Daddy/Antonio showing up at the Castle, but Daddy isn’t happy with Mommy/Natalie because she did not meet them as she was supposed to. Daddy and Penny will have to start their adventure at the Castle without her. Penny will dress as a schoolgirl and attend a class where she will meet Cindy and Damien. But little Penny’s mind is wandering rather than paying attention to the teacher, and she will find herself in trouble. Wanting to experience this, and it happening are two different things.

    The dynamics of Addi’s family has been in place for nearly a year, with Addi as a little to a married couple, Natalie and Antonio. He will top both of the girls, and that includes punishing both of them.

    The story has Addi wandering off on her own to the stables and meeting a couple who are scening. She will learn that it is rude to interrupt and be publically punished. She will also learn what it is like in school, having friends, and going on a date. All of these are exciting and confusing—how will Mommy and Daddy feel? The story explores many dynamics at play at the Castle and how each kink is to be respected. Little Penny will make several new friends during her visit.

    Leading Luciana by Adaline Raine

    For Luci/Lucky, this visit to the Castle is difficult and almost enough for her to want to turn around and just go home. As a Little, she has struggled, especially when others wanted to define what was acceptable or unacceptable for her as a Little. Then her partner for the weekend visit was deployed, and here she is, all alone.

    Luci will get dizzy at the Castle’s wardrobe, and emergency help will be contacted. She will be carried to the medical area, and then Doctor Gabriel will attend her. What a shock when things are rearranged, and now Doctor Gabriel will be with her for the weekend, allowing her to have her Daddy-little weekend, plus.

    “With Doc as my Dom and my Daddy for the weekend, I couldn’t wait to experience everything the Castle had to offer—and more.”

    What a great story to reiterated that kink is not a “one size fits all” or that what works for one should be defined by another. Lucky is a person with many different facets and needs, she has her Little side that needs to come out, be naughty and playful, but she has her big girl side that loves to explore and enjoys rougher sex. The two can meddle and allow for pleasure, and Doctor/Daddy Gabriel helps her explore both sides of her needs.

    “The ball is in your court, sweetheart. Tread carefully.”

    For Luci/Lucky, she adds some new kinks, loves the orgasms with medical play, and discovers that she can be a little and a big girl with just the right person. No more allowing someone to dictate what works best for her or place her inside a box.

    Lucky’s New Kinks:
    1. Being carried around by hunky men. Bonus if they are wearing a uniform.
    2. Getting spanked by a man wearing latex gloves.
    3. Listening to Doc growl.
    4. Master Gabriel’s kisses.
    5. Doc making love to me.

    Per Doctor Gabriel:
    1. There is nothing I like more than being a part of a scene where the sub finds a new kink. The wonder in her eyes, wide pupils, parted lips.”
    2. Nothing is hotter than pushing gently against limits and helping someone find a new kink.

    Izzy’s Indulgence by Lesley Clark

    There was a brief mention of Max and Izzy, short for Isabella, in Daring Daisy, where they meet at orientation. And this will be the story of Max and Izzy and their time at the Castle. They are nearing their wedding date around Christmas, and Isabella is stressing to the point she is snapping. She even tells Max that he isn’t taking care of her, being her Daddy. It will be a wake-up call that his little girl needs help from her Daddy. A spanking and bed and then he places a call to his friend Marshall and makes arrangements for a surprise Daddy-little weekend.

    Max will lay down rules when they arrive that inside their room unless he tells her different, she is a big girl, but outside the room, she is little. His goal is to keep her in a little headspace to give her a break from work and planning and to focus back on them and the dynamics of their relationship. Many times, he will push her comfort zone, taking her to a smaller little status than she normally is in, but feels regression is the key to their happiness.

    “I want to take care of you today, the way a Daddy takes care of his very little girl, and for some of that to happen, I need you Little before we leave the room.”

    The weekend is just what Izzy and Max need to center them again. While the stress of the upcoming wedding is still there, for a few days, Max will see to Izzy’s care, her mindset, and for her to lean on him more.

    “I know it wasn’t the Castle trip we always envisioned, but I loved it, and I think it put us back to where we needed to be.”

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