Conquered by the Commander

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Lillianna Collingwood is beautiful and graceful, but she is every bit as hot-headed as her hair is red. When she decides to marry Earl, the commander of the Arabella, she is completely unaware that his name is not really “Earl” at all. He is Lord Darby, the son of the Earl of Darbyshire. Elated at first, she soon realizes she now has to learn to act the part of a lady. Having grown up in a convent orphanage from the time she was five, she learned to be wild. She excels in cheating at cards and considers stealth one of her best virtues. A lady? She’s not sure she can do it. 

Darby has a reason he hasn’t told her who he is. She’s entirely too concerned with titles, money and possessions. He’s not only determined to teach her those things are not as important as character, but also that her hot-headed behavior is not acceptable. 

Lily tries, but she isn’t prepared when the past seems to come back to haunt her. Her past, her nightmares – everything seems to be against her when she arrives. Even Darby’s own mother refuses to accept her into the family, making her feel like an outcast. Darby remains her rock, her anchor, but Lily is unable to make herself confide in him about the terrors that plague her night after night.  

And Darby fears he is losing her. Can he save her before it’s too late?  


Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains some graphic and disciplinary scenes.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One 

The Wedding 



Lily struggled, trying to see over her shoulder from her position as the man she was about to marry held her over his lap. Her long red curls reached the floor, and her bottom was high over his knee. Her friend, Arabella, stood at the door with wide eyes, watching them, unsure of what to do. 

Lily wiggled, but to no avail. Oh! Let me go! This isnt fair. Youve been mean to me all day! 

And you, my darling girl, have been a brat all day. Im tired of it, and this is my way of showing you that your behavior is unacceptable. 

I dont know what you mean. The privateer ship reeks of gold and jewels. Why could you not— 

The gold and jewels dont belong to me, Lillianna. Most of the money I had with me went down with the Charlotte when the pirates sank her. The captains safe was brought over by the pirates when they brought the supplies over; thats the only reason hes been able to pay us. But the loot on the Arabella is not ours to take from. I told you, when I get back to England with you, Ill have a whole new wardrobe made for you with my own money. Right now— He halted abruptly as Lily turned and called out for Arabella to help her. 

A warning for you, Arabella. The captain is waiting for you at the front of the church. I can hear them out there playing the wedding march now. If I were you, I would be out there within ten seconds. As soon as I finish here, our ceremony will follow yours. 

Lily glanced backward to see that his usual smile was gone. At the uncharacteristic frown on his face, Bella hurried from the room and left them, closing the door behind her. 

And now, my love, he said, leaning down into her ear. Are you going to behave for the rest of the day? Because I have no desire. To. Do. This. Again. 

Swats punctuated each word, and she cried out. “Youre a beast, sir. 

You think so? I could show you what a beast is like, but I wont. I do, however, intend to drive my point home to this little bottom of yours. Your tendency to place too much importance on titles and things needs to stop. Now. 

I know. Im sorry. Lily brought her gaze back to the floor, inches from her nose. He was right, and she knew it. What could she do to make herself stop? Perhaps if Papa hadnt lost all his money and Mama hadnt died with the heartbreak of it, she would have grown up in a family like Arabella hadA series of swats peppering down on her backside brought her back to the present, and she began to squirm. 

Pay attention, Lillianna. Im not saying these things to hear myself rant. 

She sighed. Yes, sir. Im sorry. 

Are you? Or are you saying that just to get me to stop? 

Ino, I really am, honest. 

He reached under her waist and, in one move, brought her up to sit on his knee. Bringing her to him, he scowled into her face, just over an inch from his own. “Im saddened that you had to suffer though growing up in a convent orphanage without your family. I hate it that you were sent to a textile mill and treated badly and that you were hurt and had to take in laundry to survive. But hear me, young lady. I dont care one whit that your father gambled his money away. I dont care that he fell out of favor with the crown, and I dont care that he lost his title. All I care about is you. Can you possibly get that through your little red head? Because, if you cant, Ill pound it in through your recalcitrant little arse. Are you listening to me? 

Lily, forced to meet his eyes, gulped and nodded. He loved her. Not for a title or for money—he loved her for herself. Still… 

Theheard the organ again from outside the door. 

Im not finished with you, Lillianna Collingwood. Remember that. 

He stood her to her feet and kissed her soundly, bringing her to the door. Theyre waiting on us, my girl. And remember this. I love you. 

You spanked me, she pointed out. 

And you deserved it. If I didnt love you, I wouldnt do it. 

She appeared unconvinced, and he rolled his eyes. Lily, you have a chance to change your mind. If you dont wish to marry me, Ill go out there right now and announce— 

No! she cried out. I do want to marry you! It would break my heart if you decided you didnt want me. 

His brown eyes bored into hers. Then come, my love. And behave. 

Still, as he opened the door and led her into the back of the little church, she dragged her feet. 

Lily? Do you need me to carry you down the aisle? 

No, sir. Her lip came out in a pout. 

The organs wheeze was playing the wedding march for the third time in a row now. As they looked toward the front of the church, Lily saw that the minister was waiting at the front. He was squinting at them, perhaps to keep the monocle over his right eye from falling out. If shed been in a better mood, she might have laughed. Captain Smythe and Arabella sat in the front row, their ceremony over now. Lily had a pang of resentment that she had missed it. Sarah, the large woman who had stowed away on the original ship, sat next to Arabella, and Chloe, the young stowaway, was to Sarahs right. 

But the room full of crewmen from the Arabella were all standing to their feet. 

Her groom tugged on her arm. Lily? Theyre waiting on us. 

Dont rush me! she grunted at him, continuing to drag her feet. 

They had taken only three steps, when she found herself slung over his shoulder and carried the rest of the way. She gave a small shriek, trying to ignore the merriment on the faces of the crewmen in the aisle. Her face grew crimson, both from embarrassment and irritation at being carried this way. 

Put me down! 

He did. Suddenly, she found herself on her feet and smacked on the bottom once more. The commander was holding her in front of him and, without warning, turned her to face him. He pulled her into his arms and planted a passionate, powerful kiss on her mouth. 

As the kiss went on, the minister cleared his throat once and then again. When the commander raised his head and stared down into her eyes, she found she was too weak to stand. His expression slowly changed to the smile she had grown to love. 

Lily couldnt take her eyes from his face. The cheers of the crewmen were dying down, and the minister barked, in his chirpy little voice, “That part comes later, young man. 

The commanders surprised glance moved from Lily to the comical little man, and he turned Lily to face the front. 

Ahem. The minister looked out over the group. Dearly beloved, we are gathered together… 

Lily heard little of it. She limped along, saying her vows as her groom prompted, until she murmured softly, I do. 

The minister was scowling now. “Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you… He scrunched up his face and pulled his notes closer to his face. The Right Honorable, the Viscount… He adjusted the distance of his notes from his monocle. And Lady Darby. 

Her husband grinned down into her face. The crowd was cheering now, and Lily felt as if she was about to faint as he brought his mouth down to hers again. 

The church was fading. The crowd was gone. It was only the two of them, and her husband was kissing her with all the passion he possessed. 

His voice brought her back to the present. Lady Darby? The usual grin was back. 

Lily found her voice again, at last. Lord Darby? she fumed, her voice growing more intense by the minute. You are the son of an earl? You let me believe all that time that you were a commoner, and yet you were nobility all the time.” 

He grinned. And you are a lady now. Its time you acted like one. 

But the minister had moved his scowl from the bride and groom and glanced back down at his notes, muttering the entire time 


* * * 


Darby looked across the small table at his bride as they dined together at a quaint restaurant located behind the towns inn off the South Carolina port. He blended in well; the area was used to servicing all manner of men from ships. Lily, however, drew a great bit of attention. 

There were many glances passing her way. Her red hair, flawless skin, and saucy attitude captured the admiration of all of the males in the vicinity. Her husband smiled. He didnt need to worry about Lily. She seemed completely unaware of it. She was his. 

 When he noticed the interested glances toward her, he reached out and touched her in a way that showed his possession. He hoped, deep down, that he was more than able to handle his spirited new wife and any trouble which was headed their way. 

You must eat, my love, he whispered to Lily when he noticed she had not taken so much as a bite of her roast. 

Her eyes darted away from him as she fidgeted with the napkin in her lap. Its onlyfind my appetite is a bit off.” 

Darby studied her curiously, hoping she wasnt showing signs of illness. Could it be that she was fretting over the coming wedding night? He knew he was wise in the manner of protecting her from the harsh realities of the ocean, but he had to admit he was completely lost when it came to reading her mind this evening. 

Then let me settle our debt, he voiced, finally. Perhaps I should take you to bed. 

Lilys cheeks paled slightly as he paid, but by the time he returned, she had turned a delightful shade of pink. She reached for his hand, tugging at it to get him to sit down again. 

Im really all right, Earl—Lord Darby. She shook her head. Ill never get used to that. I still dont understand why Captain Smythe calls you Earl? Its so confusing. 

He smiled. Gregory and I were friends at school when he started calling me that. It was a nickname he gave me, because my father is the Earl of Darbyshire, to remind me of my future. I hated it then. Ive wanted to be a sea captain and own my own ship for as long as I can remember. Gregory ranks above me on the ship, even though I rank above him in society. Earl was never my name but my fathers title. Ive become accustomed to him calling me that. He leaned forward and kissed her on the nose. 

“Were you afraid I would turn you down?” she asked. “Is that why you kept it from me for so long?’ 

He raised an eyebrow. No. But you place entirely too much importance on titles, sweetheart. I wanted to be sure you married me because you loved me, not because of who I am. 

She leaned into his arms. You know I do. 

And something else. Its very important that you not refer to me as Earl at home. 


He laid a finger to her lips to silence her. With any luck, Lillianna, my father will hold on to that honor for decades to come. Call me Darby if you wish; you could even get away with calling me Charles, in private. People at home will expect you to refer to me as Lord Darby. He gave her a wide grin. My mother still calls me Charlie on occasion, when no ones around. When were alone, you can call me anything you want, except Earl. Thats my fathers title, not mine. 

But I have called you that for so long now, sir, it will be so strange not to. 

Strange or not, when we return to England, it would be most inappropriate for you to address me as Earl, even in private. 

She seemed to have relaxed a bit, and he tilted her chin upward and kissed her again, this time on the forehead. “Youd better eat, sweetheart. It will be a long night for you if you dont. 

She blushed. I cant. Im sorry. But Id like to see a few things before we retire for the night. I doubt well have a chance to visit this region again. 

He studied her face, giving her a knowing glance, before jumping to his feet to hold her chair. All right, sweetheart. Ill take you for a quick walk. But it does worry me that you havent eaten. 

The cool evening air was pleasant, and the breeze blew Lilys hair back gently from her face as Darby took her toward the hotel he had secured for the night. It wasnt far. His worry about her subsided when he tried to draw her quickly past the saloon. 

There were ladies lingering outside dressed in indecent clothing. Their underthings peeked out beneath their altogether too-short skirts, revealing their ankles. One in particular, whose chest was barely covered by the gown she wore, called out to them, “Looking for a little fun, sir? Her gaze lingered over Lily, who was quite elegant in the wedding dress hed helped her pick out.  After playing nursemaid to your lady, come back here. She leaned forward, daring to flash a good portion of her ample chest. I can give you more pleasure with my mouth than that uptight lady can with her high class— 

Ignore her, my darling.” Darby attempted to intercede before Lily tried to pull away and move toward the woman. Her sharp intake of breath had warned him. But he barely managed to get an arm around her waist before she turned, putting out her female claws. 

You might want to keep your mouth closed, lest you chance having a few teeth knocked out. Lily fought against her husbands restraining arm around her waist, but he managed to hold her fast. 

Lillianna, he said sternly in her ear, to get her attention. 

Ive dealt with people like her before, she growled back. When Mama and Papa died, I learned how to survive the hard way. 

And theyre trying to survive the only way they know how, my darling. Im not condoning it. But be nice. 

Niceties be damned. Im not about to let her steal you away. 

No one is going to steal me away from you. And I certainly wont allow anyone to steal you from me. But I also wont allow you to get into a catfight in the middle of Charleston. 

 She appeared penitent as he studied her face. And she appeared frightened. A moment passed, and she glanced up at him. Where are you taking me? 

Youll see. Were not returning to the ship tonight. This will be the first night as husband and wife, and I want it to be special. I rented a room in the inn. Our first time together wont be in my cramped cabin aboard the Arabella. 

The captain is renaming the pirate ship? she asked, surprised. I knew he had great plans to repaint. And I heard him say he was going to make some improvements to her. But I didnt know he planned to rename her. 

She is no longer a privateers vessel, and Gregory felt compelled to christen her with a more honorable name than the Mermaids Revenge. Everyone associates that name with Jean Luc Poche who attacked our ship—and a good many others—and sank them. Darby smiled at her. One day, my lady, I plan to be the captain of my own ship, and it will be your name which will grace her prow. 

Lily sighed, as if picturing the image he suggested, and looked up at him, locking eyes with his. He reached down to capture her lips in a deep kiss, taking advantage of her momentary silence. I will take great pleasure in claiming you aboard your namesake time and again, but our first encounter would be more memorable for you in a private room, far from sailors and the other ladies aboard the ship. 

His consideration of her needs overwhelmed her, and Lily allowed her husband to lead her toward the inn. The room hed selected earlier was at the far corner of the building, slightly apart from the other rooms occupied by travelers. A young man showed them the way and promised to return with a tray of food later. 

Much later, Darby announced, handing the man a few coins of appreciation. If you would be so kind as to knock three times and leave the tray outside the door, I will be most grateful. 


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15 reviews for Conquered by the Commander

  1. Ajjmb

    Conquered by the Commander is a truly wonderful story. Lily and Charlie%u2019s story could be a stand alone book, however it picks up right where the first book leaves off and of course Arabella and the captain from the first book are characters in this book. I really felt for Lily who is trying so hard to become a lady, her new mother-in-law is a real witch at first and I don%u2019t really like her until the end when she becomes redeemable. I do wish Lily would learn to share her burdens with her new husband because she is only hurting him and herself with her secrecy. This was a great book that I strongly recommend. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  2. Tami

    Even though ‘Conquered by the Commander’ starts right when the first book of The Conquered series ‘Conquered by the Captain’ ends, this book can be read as a stand-alone. This is the story of Lillianna and Charles which I thoroughly enjoyed because I already adored them in the first book. Great character development and great writing made this book hard to put down.

  3. Lalaland

    This story picks up immediately after the first story, Conquered by the Captain finished, and although this book could easily be read as a standalone there is a precedeing story which introduces all of the characters who are in both stories. This is the story of Lily and Charlie, who turns out to be the Duke of Derbyshire and heir to the Earldom. Lily finds this fact intimidating in the extreme and although she has lessons in etiquette all the way home from America on board the Arabella she worries about fitting in with Charlie’s people. Also we discover that her early life was much harsher than she first let on and she has frequent nightmares about it. When at last Charlie brings her home it turns out that her fears are correct as although Charlie’s father welcomes her with open arms and affection, his mother is absolutely awful to her. This was a lovely story with interesting characters however, I got fed up with Lily because she had a caring and supporting husband who she refused to confide in and had she done so her life would have been much easier, then of course there would have been less of a story but that being said it was an entertaining read. However I would strongly recommend reading the first book in the series before this one, I think it will enhance the reader’s experience of both books. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  4. lynn

    This was a nice addition to the the conquered series. It was different in that it takes place in London society instead of out at sea. It was a solid historical spanking romance complete with the mother in law who doesn%u2019t accept the new wife. I did enjoy reading Lily and Charlie%u2019s story and watching her grow to trust him. I loved how passionate Lily was about changing the way the factory was operated and protecting the children, Lily has changed so much since we first met her. I hope this series continues with more adventures especially at sea.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

  5. Nancy Hughes

    I so much enjoyed this, not boring in the least. Well written spanking story, and it offers so much more. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  6. Carla Frantz

    I am really beginning to enjoy books written by Ruby Caine. She gives such background that really goes to help support the story being told. Conquered by the Commander does not disappoint in this regard. I also loved the fact that if reference very real issues faced during the industrial revolution and the situation most women and children found themselves in. Of course loved the relationship between Charlie and Liliana too.

  7. DONNA L

    ByDonna Lon March 5, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    I look forward to books by his author and this story did not disappoint.It flows
    well from the previous book with Lilianna and Arabella confronting Claude
    Picou,the so called gentleman who tricked both of them.It was satisfying to
    see him get his comeuppance.Lily still puts on airs and graces,she is worried
    she will let Darby down,learning how to be a lady does not come easy to her.
    Lily has a chance much sooner then she thinks when they are called home
    when the Earl is ill.Lily’s soon realizes that she will never be good enough for
    her mother-in- law who treats her with contempt.Charlie becomes more and
    more concerned when Lily starts to have frequent nightmares,nightmares she
    will not share with him.Chilhood terrors plague Lily and she is determined to do
    as much as possible to stop injury to other children.Lily’s stubborn pride see’s her
    over Darby’s knees often,she was slow to learn not to push his buttons.The plot
    includes danger,angst,new beginnings,romance,acceptance and well deserved

  8. PJB

    Lily and Earl, aka Charlie, are married. The Earl – Charlie’s father is taken ill and they travel North to stay with his parents. His mother takes an instant and unfair, dislike to Lily, a circumstance that profoundly wounds both Charlie and Lily deeply. The research that has gone on behind the scenes of this well written and exciting story has been in depth. I adored the descriptions of the mill and the working looms – very authentic writing. Loved it!

  9. Redrabbitt

    The story will bring out about some of the harsh and cruel unethical work practices in a textile plant where small children and woman work in dangerous conditions and for poor wages. It will take the bravery of one lady to take a stand and make a difference. But when you have been a victim, you understand better.

    When the ship lands in Charleston, it will come with several weddings, including the Captain and Arabella and Earl and Lilly. But there will be some surprises revealed that will shock Lilly about her new husband, his name isn%u2019t Earl, and he is a Viscount, Lord Darby, now making her Lady Darby. She will have to learn how to be a lady on the voyage from America back to England.

    Arriving in England will also come with word that Darby%u2019s father, the Earl, is in grave health and they must rush to his home. While his family is happy to hear he was not lost at sea, not everyone will be happy with the news of him bringing home a wife. She will be snubbed and ignored by his Mother.

    Lily is hiding secrets, but the nightmares are affecting both her and her husband. How long will she be able to keep her secrets from him? How will she be able to help those in need? Taking a stand against a tyrant is never easy, but Lily must fight for those weaker and innocent, even risking her own life in the process.

    Revelations will shed light on the past, open the door for the future, and heal old wounds. While those secrets are now out, not everyone is happy with her methods, and she finds herself in trouble once again with her husband. Changes are coming, and many lives will be forever changed. Strained relationships will mend and mysteries solved.

  10. DB

    This book started out with a spanking and just got better! Really enjoyed how you were able to “watch” Lily and Darby throughout their marriage. They had a lot of issues and they were all resolved by the end of the book. I loved how Darby loved Lily and did anything he needed to, to make her life easier. This book had: mystery, suspense, danger, many spankings, sex, witty page turning dialogue, lots of laugh out loud moments, a sassy Lily and a patient Darby! 5 Hugh Stars

  11. rjr

    This was a great sequel to Conquered by the Captain. It delves more deeply into the story of Lily and “Earl.” Lily meets her husband’s family which she has been very nervous to do. The plot reveals Lily’s past, including things she has hidden from her husband. He is loving, kind and supportive, but will not tolerate misbehavior. There are a few spankings, but much love between these two. Lily finds herself in this story, tries to right a few wrongs, and charms those around her. I really enjoyed the warm, fully fleshed out characters in these two books. They are both charming stories and I’m so glad I now know Lily’s story!

  12. Dyane

    While the book has the perfect amount of descriptive narrative, its witty dialogue really steals the show. This lighthearted and humorous novel is action-packed and also interesting from a historical perspective, shedding light on the abysmal working conditions for the lower class in England during that time period. Lily, the strong, independent heroine, has a knack for getting in trouble, even when trying to do the right thing. Her handsome, dominant husband is patient with his wife, until she steps over the line into disrespect or danger. Unfortunately for her (but fortunate for the reader), she just can%u2019t help but step over that line. There are plenty of discipline and passionate love scenes in this fun novel. I%u2019m looking forward to the next one in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  13. Sam

    This is a great book; the authors did a great job of writing it. It has a great combination of good dialogue, romance, intrigue, and historical context. I found myself really like Lily; her bravery and desire to make things better for others was impressive. Although this book is part of a series, I read it without reading the previous book. This story was still easy to follow but I think reading the first book would have provided some background on characters.

  14. Jf12574

    I read an advanced copy of this book and it’s great. The growing love, self confidence and trust are a pleasure to read about!

  15. Susan Kirkland

    This was a terrible time to work in the unethical textile business in England and Lily tries to always help the helpless. Her husband Darby loves her to death, but will not tolerate her disobedience. A fun book to read.

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