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Will Grace be able to do what she must to save her family from ruin? 

Upon the death of her parents, Grace has little choice but to care for her sisters and brother. With barely enough money, she must find some means to keep her family safe from starvation.  

Grace’s childhood friend, Lord Aiden Somerset, returns to town. Hearing of her financial woes, he makes her a most surprising offer which promises to relieve her of her financial burden. Yet his proposal presents another problem. 

Will Lord Somerset prove to be trustworthy? How will this business arrangement affect not just Grace’s life, but Aiden’s??  

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange. 



Sample Chapter

Chapter 1 

Grace was running down a twisted path. Her legs felt stuck deep in mud and she could hear her sisters calling for her through the trees. Her brother was beside her. “You’re failing us, Grace, he accused her then fell back and it was her parents on either side.  

“You’ll never make it, Grace,” her father said as he walked calmly beside her while she struggled. 

“You won’t save them.” From her mother. Her voice was so sad and so missed, Grace wanted to weep. She woke in a sweaty tangle of sheet and night gown, her breath coming in short pants and her stomach queasy and empty, making her retch. She climbed from her bed and went to the open window and took several deep breaths to calm and steady herself then went through her problems, or rather, duties for the day. Her stomach grumbled. Right, breakfast first. At least that she could do. 

She washed and dressed in a serviceable gray dress that began its life lavender. Her half mourning for her parents had been over for several years now, but money for new gowns was a luxury she couldn’t afford. Besides, she had finished growing anyway, it was her younger siblings who needed new clothes for their growing bodies.  

She twisted her long golden blonde hair around her hand and pinned in up in a simple knot in back and left her room to go downstairs to the kitchen. Lighting a lamp, she opened the pantry hoping some friendly fairy had gifted them with food and supplies overnight, then sighed as she pulled out a half a loaf of bread and a small piece of smoked ham wrapped in cheesecloth and the last three eggs; their laying hen had gone into the soup pot last night. 

Grace bent to light the stove. Once she had it burning, she went outside with the milk pail and found Isabelle. Her sleepy, big brown bovine eyes made Grace smile. “Good morning, beautiful,” she said to the old cow, giving her a pat and sat on the little stool to milk her. Only a quarter of a pail could be coaxed from her ageing teats and Grace felt a chill trace her spine as she realized the milk would be gone in a matter of days. She filled the water trough and gave Isabelle her breakfast and another pat on the rump. 

She had to resist the urge to weep for tears would accomplish nothing. They only had two months to go until they received their yearly stipend from her cousin. She felt a wave of despair crash over her, but shook it off with a ruthlessness she hadn’t known she possessed and marched back inside.  

She pulled down the skillet and cracked the eggs into it and gave them a stir. She cut the ham into small chunks and added them to the eggs along with some dried parsley and basil from their garden and stirred until they were light and fluffy. Removing the skillet and setting it down on the worn counter top she cut the bread into thin slices and laid them on the hot cooktop to toast. 

“Morning, Gracie, William, her fifteen-year-old brother said, stifling a yawn as he sat down at the table. “Can I help?”  

“No thanks, I’m good.” Grace smiled, placing a bowl of eggs and a plate of toast on the table. She poured him some milk then peeled a cucumber and sliced it along with a large ripe tomato and arranged them on a plate as well.  

The ten-year-old twins, Emily and Elizabeth, came down and sat grumpy faced at the table. Grace poured them all milk then sat down to eat. When breakfast was finished Grace asked Will, “So what are your plans for today?” 

“I am helping Mr. Roberts build a new fence. He said he’d pay me. I’ll take my gun and maybe manage to shoot us a rabbit or two for dinner.”  

Thank you, God, she sent up to heaven. “That would be wonderful, Will.” Turning to the girls she said, “You two have lessons this morning and after that we will work in the garden.” More grumbles answered her, and Grace smiled. Her youngest siblings were never very communicative for at least an hour in the mornings. 

“Oh, I forgot to tell you last night,” Will said tucking his feet into his too small boots and shrugging into his worn and patched coat. “Lord Somerset returned to the country house. I heard it from Mrs. Miller yesterday when I popped in at the general store.  

“Aiden is in residence? My goodness how could you forget to say something?”   

“If you recall, I had to kill a chicken when I came home and that rather held my focus.”  

Grace smiled grimly at her beloved brother. He was a healer, not a killer. He should be in school, but they desperately needed the money he earned doing odd jobs around the village.  

Aiden Sommers, Lord Somerset was in town. This opened whole new opportunities. Other than the penny a week she earned reading to Mrs. Bisbee every Sunday, there were precious few jobs available for young, unmarried women in the village.  

Grace glanced at the battered old clock and saw it was eight o’clock. She would have to wait until at least noon before she could pay a call. Feeling optimistic for the first time in weeks, she settled the girls at the table and set them to doing math problems for the first twenty minutes. Then they switched to reading aloud from a battered old history book while Grace washed the dishes and swept the floor.  

She wasn’t the best teacher, but she also wasn’t the worst. The girls really needed a proper governess, she thought grimly. Something else to add to the list. Another twenty minutes of math then the girls ran around the table and out the door Grace held open for them. She called out to remind them they only had five minutes then on to French. Chuckling over their energy, she fetched her sewing basket and worked on mending while the girls told her a story in French about a princess trapped in drudgery, forced to cook and clean until her handsome prince showed up to rescue her.  

Grace sewed a button on Will’s shirt and wondered when her prince would show up. He didn’t even have to be a prince. She would settle for a baron if he was able to afford a cook and a couple of housemaids. Close enough to noon, Grace put the girls in the garden to pull weeds and harvest anything ripe then ran upstairs to change her dress.  

She was startled to realize she had not seen Aiden since he came from London to attend his own parents’ funeral two years ago. Their families had been great friends since she was just a girl. She and Aiden had often played together, though he was a few years older than she 

She donned her Sunday besta rich blue velvet, several seasons out of date, but still in decent condition. She brushed her long golden blonde hair and arranged it in a fetching top knot, then pulled a few curling tendrils down at her temples to soften her face. She was very proud of her hair. She was the only child with her mother’s fair coloring, her siblings favoring their father’s dark looks. She loved how it looked with her peach complexion and how it gleamed like sunshine in the light. It was a mixed blessing, however. She thought of it as a reserve fund. If things ever got really bad, she could sell it. Thank goodness it hadn’t yet come to that. 

She grabbed her cloak and pulled on her halfboots then went back down the stairs. She said good bye to her sisters and traveled the well-worn path through the woods to the Somerset country house on the other side. 

13 reviews for Come to Me

  1. Stats23

    This book should have a very large, loud and clear warning from the publisher that it contains strong elements of sadomasochistic activity! It is a romance, and it revolves around an orphaned family led by an older sister who is struggling to keep them fed and sheltered. Grace is a loving and caring young lady, somewhat innocent and na?ve, who is doing everything she can to provide for her 15 year old brother and younger twin sisters. She re-connects with a childhood playmate, Aiden (Lord Somerset), when he returns to his manor to clear up some family issues. When she tells him of her predicament he makes her an indecent offer that she ultimately accepts with as much dignity and decency as she can. Without giving the whole story away suffice to say that both are surprised by the other%u2019s natural proclivities. Aiden is without doubt a stern dominant man with sadistic tendencies. Grace turns out to be somewhat more submissive than she expected herself to be, and discovers she has very definite masochistic desires. As mentioned in the warning at the start of this review, the sadomasochistic scenes are very explicit almost to the point of being outright abusive. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart or those offended by painful physical suffering. It was more than I consider erotic, but to each his/her own. The story is good, the writing is good, the sex is erotic, and the overall rating of 4 Stars is reasonable.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. When your world consists of doing without and scrimping and saving to keep a roof over your head and food for your younger siblings, an offer from an old friend is too good to pass up. He lays it out on the table with no sugar coating and leaves it for her to decide. A strict BDSM relationship, but she remains a virgin and gets paid. Can they maintain it and still remain friends? Can she handle the amount of pain he needs to give her? Harsh pain limits, spanking, anal, figging.

  3. Tami

    Grace struggles each and every day to take care of her siblings. She does not have much money and worries if she can still feed her brother and sisters. When Aiden, a friend from her childhood, hears of her troubles he makes Grace and offer she can’t refuse.

    When I started reading the book, I expected an entertaining historical tale with some spanking. But this time I got so much more. The intimate scenes are hot and very descriptive and they are clearly BDSM scenes. I do like BDSM books, so I did not have any trouble with the scenes – on the contrary. But for people who think this might simply be a spanking story, I feel there should have been a warning in the description of the book.

  4. Nancy Hughes

    I%u2019ll start out by saying this has a happy ending. A surprise twist at the end as well.
    This is a heavily bdsm themed story, with lots of whippings, plugging, bondage, explicit sex, etc. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  5. Allison Beecher

    Come to Me was a quick and fun read. Once I started I couldn’t stop, and I finished it in one evening! The story is about two childhood friends all grown up who realize the spark between them through their mutual desires.

  6. DONNA L

    4.0 out of 5 starsWas the price too high
    ByDonna Lon April 28, 2018
    Grace was in the unenviable position of having to care for her three siblings on
    a pittance after her parents died.She barely managed on the miserly stipend
    from her cousin.Her saviour came in the form of her childhood friend,Lord Aiden
    Somerset.He is appalled at the conditions Grace finds herself in and makes a
    most surprising way out.Grace is shocked but also intrigued,can she really accept
    Aidens indecent offer.Grace found a part of herself she never knew exsisted but it
    came at a high price.Its not long before she is the subject of gossip which leads
    to devastating consequences.Aiden has special tastes in the bedroom where he is
    domineering and commanding.Its a dark,raw,brutal obsession,nothing sweet only
    forbidden arousal.Grace becomes the victim of Aiden’s lust,the plaything of his dark
    side.Grace is torn but delights in the objectification and loss of control at Aidens hands.
    This book is dark,riveting romance with heavy elements BDSM,a sadistic experience
    enjoyed by both characters.But at all times Grace held the balance of power in her hands.

  7. Hope W

    Come to Me is a well written quick read. Grace and Aiden are old friends which leads to an unconventional start to a relationship. Aiden is dominant with dark desires. Grace is learning to accept herself and her desires while providing for her family. The author takes these characters on a journey that includes BDSM, S/m, dark desires, explicit sex, and harsh spankings. Although this story was a little harsh for me, if you are into the rougher side of BDSM then this story is for you. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  8. LuCinda Beebe

    I think this story was professionally written and fast-paced with likable characters. Grace is a young woman, that is struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over her siblings heads. Lord Aiden Somerset is an old friend of Grace’s that sees the troubles Grace is having and offers her a kind of job. There is good character development and twists and turns in the plotline. I enjoyed this story so much that I will be looking for more of this author’s books.

  9. Margaret Corcoran

    I liked this easy to read story. But I didn’t like Aiden. He is selfish and immature. Grace is wonderful, she really stepped up to look after her family. I loved all the characters. The storyline is great and different. A really entertaining read. There are some BDSM scenes, well written and described. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. A very good read.

  10. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this story of Grace Farley and Lord Aiden Somerset. They had been childhood friends, living near one another in the country, and their parents had been very good friends. Grace lost both of her parents four years prior and was overseeing the raising of her siblings, Will and twins, Emily and Elizabeth. She has been under the thumb of her cousin, Cecil, who has had them living in dire conditions. What happens when Aiden, returns to the country for a short visit?

    The plot will have Grace visiting her friend, Aiden, where he will invite them to attend dinner that night. Aiden is a man who enjoys darker proclivities and has always had feelings for Grace. Can he entice her to join him in play where he will take her on a journey of dominance and submission? Will she accept his offer when he promises her not to take her virginity and will give her one-hundred pounds in exchange for the use of her body?

    Grace will acquiesce to his offer for the sake of her family and their needs. They will enjoy a nice dinner, return home, and then after everyone is settled, she will return to Aiden. He will teach her what it is like to submit and allow him to inflict pain and pleasure upon her body with spankings of many different levels. The more he gives her, the more she seems to crave. Has he found the perfect woman?

    When Grace pays her bills off in town early and inquires about having the roof repaired, she is treated with disdain and sneers by the people in businesses. When she refuses the advances of one man, he will take it personally, and trouble is coming their way. Their family home is all they have left, and that is destroyed in one night, leaving the family at the mercy of others. For Aiden, it isn%u2019t a burden, and a trip to London will come with shocking news to the Farley family, news that will change their lives.

    Will Grace and Aiden find happiness and a future with each other? Will he be content with their arrangements or will he seek other women as he did in his past? What will happen to the children and their future plans? Aiden wants to marry Grace and has the blessings of her siblings, but with new information, will she still want him?

    The story has two people who enter into an arrangement of BDSM, spankings, sadomasochism, bondage, power exchange, figging, oral and anal play, and explicit sex scenes. Everything between them is completely consensual in their D/s arrangements. While this doesn%u2019t mention anything as far as more stories in this tale, I would love to see it become a series and see what becomes of Will and his twin sisters as they mature into adults.

  11. Ajjmb

    Come to Me is an extremely erotic BDSM novel. At first I wanted to be mad at Aiden because he has offered such terrible way for Gracie, his childhood friend, to earn the funds she desperately needs. But then I see how Gracie needs what Aiden can give and how their play time really fulfills a need in her. I see their love deepening and growing in their unique relationship. I was hoping that her cousin Cecil would have some kind of horrible comeuppance at the end but we don%u2019t really see that. We do get to see how very happy Gracie and Aiden are. I really loved this story and I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  12. Goldie Nut

    Grace is left a grave set of circumstances when her parents die. How to keep
    her siblings fed, clothed, and happy. The picture is dire she is given a small amount
    each year to help take care of her house and siblings. Lord Somerset enters the
    picture and he makes a proposal to Grace in order to have everything they need.
    The rest of the story has too many twists and turns I don’t want to spoil them for you.

  13. Good bedtime reading

    There was no money left for Grace to keep her younger siblings in food and clothing. They were in dire straits indeed, but would the proposition Lord Somerset puts forth provide the much needed monies required to keep her family from penury. Grace had always had a soft spot for her childhood friend. But his tastes in women had changed, he had a dark side that he needed Grace to fulfil.from pain and humiliation to an erotic love of love.

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