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Seven steamy romance books in one complete collection! Featuring Fool’s Desire, Fear’s Whisper, Ties that Bind, Dark Consquences, Friends with Benefits, Captive Heart, and Tormented Dreams.

Fear’s Whisper
After twelve years of crushing on the hot businessman she first met as a student at university, travel journalist Charlotte is more than prepared to see how things progress, but Jake keeps getting cold feet.

When he walks away for the second time, Charlotte decides to explore the unusual lifestyle he keeps throwing up as a barrier.

Ties that Bind
Logan might seem like a mild-mannered corporate lawyer, but in lifestyle circles, he is better known as Master Baku, the Shibari expert.

But Luanna has led a deliberately quiet and modest life. She knows nothing about bondage or the intricacies of D/s relationships.

Logan has Luanna tied up in knots, both literally and figuratively.

Dark Consequences
It was supposed to be fun. They are both experienced in the club singles’ lifestyle, but from the moment Connor and Laurel meet, sparks fly, heat spikes, and everything suddenly gets complicated.

Friends with Benefits
With both his business and personal life out of control and disintegrating around him, Christian had been completely up front and honest about the fact he didn’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to a relationship, and Trinity had insisted she understood and accepted the situation – only to be blindsided when he revealed that he’d fallen in love with someone else.

Captive Heart
Melody has been held in captivity for years. When she finally manages to escape, she offers herself to Micah because being owned is the only thing she knows.

Tormented Dreams
Everything between them seems to gel effortlessly, making it look like a match made in heaven…until she finds out that Xavier’s own dream is to have a ‘remote’ 24/7 M/s relationship.

Publishers Note: These steamy romances contain graphic scenes and themes of power exchange.

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1 review for Club Risque Collection

  1. Redrabbitt

    These stories do have explicit sex scenes, scenes inside of Club Risque, voyeurism, and power exchange. It strongly supports the D/s relationship, the trust required between a dominant and submissive, and everything being safe, sane, and consensual. It also shows the importance of being honest and open in a relationship and when being exclusive, how a contract makes a difference for both parties.

    Fool’s Desire

    In college from the time Daisy met Joel Blackwood, she was enchanted with him, as a naïve eighteen years old could be with a twenty-three-year-old man who showers her with attention. They will be a couple but never date. She will give him her virginity, her trust, her complete surrender as he trains her to be his idea of a perfect submissive. The only place Joel takes her in the evenings will be to the BDSM Club Risque for them to scene and him to show off to everyone at how well he has trained her.

    Joel and Jake Blackwood come from money and are at the University taking business courses that will help them in the family business. Both men are dominant and enjoy playing at Club Risque, where Joel tops Daisy and shows how he has trained her to his expectations of no sound, no movement, and to accept whatever he asks, even having his friends join in. But one family friend, Eric Oliver is never asked to join, and he makes it his mission to cause issues with Daisy and Joel, going as far as to call her names and make fun of her. The straw that will break the camel’s back is Daisy to overhear Eric and Joel not to come to her defense. She will pack and leave the University and reinvent herself, locking away Daisy’s art dreams and becoming Desirae and studying business.

    The plot will have the company that Desirae is CFO at Universal Holdings are being threatened with a corporate takeover by Blackwood Corporation. What a shock to go into a corporate meeting and come face to face with Jake and Joel Blackwood. Even if she now dresses in business suits, has her hair pulled back in a chignon, the Blackwood cousins recognize her immediately and were thrown off by her name change. The reunion nearly knocks Desirae to her knees, and now she must fight not only her attraction, her memories, but she must try and fight to save the company. For Joel, he must come to terms with the one thing he lost and regrets, Daisy or now Desirae.

    The story is full of memories which include the good, the bad, and the ugly of their past, and some of the people involved. Desirae has never had a decent relationship with another man in the past eleven years, and Joel has only played but always found subs lacking, in other words, they weren’t his Daisy. But what will come of them seeing each other again? Can they put the memories of the past behind them and move on as friends? Is that all they want, a chance to rehash and move on?

    Fear’s Whisper (Club Risque Book 2)

    Charlotte Chapman is best friends with Desirae since university, and also knows the Blackwood cousins and their friends. When things crash between Desi and Jake and she goes back to Joel, Charlotte will go to see Jake, a man she has crushed on for over a dozen years, and it will lead to a one night stand. Charlotte has a sorted past where she and her mother lived in a cult commune that was abusive and controlling. She isn’t sure she can relinquish control to a man.

    Jake Blackwood wasn’t really in love with Desi, but he loved her as a friend, so when Joel and Desi get back together, he is happy for them but sad for himself. When Charlotte shows up to comfort him, it will lead to his hotel room.

    The plot of the story will have not once, but twice a one-night stand between Jake and Charlotte, and when they are together, it is explosive. But Jake is dominant and can’t give up his desires for a vanilla relationship, and just slips away. Charlotte has known for over a decade that the Blackwoods and Desi are into BDSM, and Desi tried to encourage her to join them. After the second disappearing act from Jake, she decides to apply to Club Risque where she will take training classes under Master Micah and enter a temporary, month to month, D/s relationship. What happens when Jake enters the club, sees Charlotte, and sees her submission to Micah?

    Repeated attempts by various unscrupulous journalist to try and get dirt on Club Risque has the owners concerned and need to find a way to make it stop. Jake’s past won’t leave him alone, and the public perception of BDSM is sex orgies and abuse. While Charlotte is a travel journalist, she did help open the eyes to the cult she was in, maybe she can write a piece to show the truth of the D/s relationship, explaining how scenes are negotiated, the control is in the hands of the submissive, and everything is safe, sane, and consensual.

    The story will have Jake turning cruel, making threats, and causing Charlotte to pack up and leave, cutting ties with everyone she knows. It will affect business partners and friendships, all because of assumptions and accusations without getting all the facts. Has Jake once again hurt Charlotte and add to the emotional scars she carries?

    Ties That Bind (Club Risque Book 3)

    What a great addition to the series and the chemistry between Luanna and Logan sizzles off the pages. What follows the wedding of Desi and Joel with a nasty altercation towards Charlotte (Fear’s Whisper) will lead them to need places for some of the out-of-town wedding party and Luanna will offer to allow Logan to stay the night at her flat. It doesn’t take, but a short time for these two to become intimate—and considering that it has been years for Luanna that is a huge leap.

    The story is full of new beginnings like Luanna learning more about BDSM, but especially shibari and other methods of rope bondage because Logan is a master at the art. It is also full of secrets that eventually will come out and cause major problems. As Desi and Joel leave for their honeymoon, the office is in uproar under Connor, and then Luanna will overhear an office conversation that has her shocked. Has her relationship with Logan been built upon secrets and lies?

    There are scenes inside Club Risque that are overwhelming to Luanna, but not enough to scare her away. She is such a strong woman, has handled being a single mother, and displays grit and a backbone. Her willingness to explore rope bondage and placing her trust in Logan opens up a new world. I admire that she never bad-mouths her son’s father, and doesn’t burden Danny with the truth of his rejection. Her only concern is how Danny will handle her relationship with Logan.

    Dark Consequences (Club Risque Book 4)

    I will have to say that this wasn’t an easy story to read with all the angst, hurt feelings, physical and mental-emotional roller coaster rides, and the demons haunting them. The story will also go back to when Joel and Desi marry and leave for their honeymoon. The issues between Connor and Laurel will escalate until things are said and done, and lack of proper communication causes such a rift that leads to breakdowns.

    Connor is a player, yet he and Laurel, aka Fluff, have been unofficially exclusive but without any contract, verbal agreement, or commitment with a D/s relationship. He even comes over for meals at least once a week and spends many nights with her. The fact that they are developing feelings of love has him scared, and that will be one of the catalysts for his cruel behavior. The second will be a failure in an important message getting to her—she doesn’t know he is one of the club owners and with obligations to clients—leading to a personal disaster between them.

    The plot will start at present and then back up to the D/s relationship that Connor and Laurel play, along with working together at Blackwood Universal Holdings. While they have scened together for a year when he is in town, there is no commitment, it is always assumed—and that finally blows up on them. Back to present day, seeing Laurel after more than six months and she is a shell of what she had been, sceneing with Master X, a known sadist, is more than Connor can handle. It is time to be open and honest and stop letting the demons of his youth dictate his happiness. But what will it take to get Laurel to listen to him—will Xavier be agreeable to turning her back over to him? Can he help bring the bubbly Laurel back to life? Will she hate him when she learns the truth of his past, or will she understand and forgive him?

    Friends with Benefits (Club Risque Book 5)

    I will be the first, but not last, to say that Christian is a jerk and user and has excuses for not making a commitment, or wanting to call what he has with Taryn a relationship—instead, it is an arrangement. When they meet, she is a naïve young teenager, and he is many years older but savvy enough to manipulate situations and people. No matter what he says, or how he tries to defend his actions, he knows Taryn is completely smitten with him, but he uses it to his advantage.

    No matter how much she gave of herself, her virginity, and her love, she will learn the hard way that Christian will use her and throw her away for another—even after all the years they were together—under his terms.

    Now, present-day, Taryn is like a phoenix brought back, but she will go by Trinity. She went and learned about BDSM and worked from a submissive in training, to a service submissive, and eventually held positions at Club Risque. Her diligence paid off, and she was offered the assistant managers position at Club Risque South, working with Micah Flynn. But Trinity isn’t the girl she used to be, she knows the score, she doesn’t get involved, and she rarely opens up to others about her past—but every now and then, something triggers it, and she is honest with another soul, hoping to help them see the light before it is too late.

    What a shock when a guest member of Master Logan has requested a submissive during his time in town, and the profile matches well to Trinity. She will agree to the contract—but when Micah introduces him, the memories are painful. How will they handle this situation?

    When trouble comes again, it will bring a separation without answers between Christian and Trinity, leaving her more confused by his actions. Then a visit from a woman will drop a shocking bombshell. Has Trinity allowed herself to be used?

    The story explains more about Trinity; and there is a love-hate feeling toward the character, Christian, While he is always straightforward, it doesn’t make him a caring person. He is great at using Taryn for his means—nearly destroying her because of it. It is a second chance romance.

    Captive Heart (Club Risque Book 6)

    Micah Flynn is a man that we have had a chance to know from the previous books, but he is also a man who is haunted by his past. The one he had to give up because he couldn’t give her what she wanted, a master-slave relationship. Her death he carries as if he was personally responsible and because of Sara, he doesn’t do relationships. As a psychologist, he is his own worse enemy and patient. As a dominant, club manager, and friend, he is highly respected and trusted. It will take a dire situation for Micah to find himself again.

    Child. Slave. Victim. When she escapes her torturous prison for freedom, she knows it is her last chance to live. Knowing if she doesn’t get away, death is imminent. Master is cruel, and he takes her just to the point of death, but his violent behavior is escalating. Putting her outside, naked, sleeting, but for once, not chained. It’s now or never, and she makes a plan and runs, knowing if he catches her, she will die, and she might die while fleeing, but at least she tried.

    Micah will be working at Club Risque and notice some things out of place outside. The more he contemplates on it, the more he knows something is amiss. He will go upstairs and watch out a window and what a surprise to see someone—probably a drunk. Catching them in the dumpster, and then he realizes it isn’t a man or boy, but a woman and in very poor shape. Taking her inside, calling for help leads to possible issues, ones he will let the owners decide. A young woman, definitely abused, malnourished, nearly frozen and unconscious, but alive. His dominant side is angry, his human side compassionate, and he knows he must take care of her.

    The plot will have Micah finding Melody and rescuing her, bringing in medical help, law enforcement, and friends, all associated with Club Risque. First-order, heal her broken and abused body, soothe her mind and give her comfort, show her she is safe and cared for, and then find out who did this to her.

    The story is two-fold, it is about the issues with Micah Flynn and why he is so guarded, not getting into a permanent relationship, and the demons he is haunted by. It is also about a young woman who was caught between rock and a hard place in life. While she conscientiously makes a choice with Daddy, that is stolen from her, and she becomes a victim, referred to as slave, and her life is horrendous. Life and death, choices, and learning the difference between non-consent and consensual. Being able to choose and find happiness and pleasure. While the story does have violent scenes, it also shows the beauty of consensual BDSM between two people. It is a second chance by choice.

    Tormented Dreams (Club Risque Book 7)

    Grace Miller, a human rights attorney, is a masochist, nearly forty, and wants to settle down and start a family. She feels her biological clock is ticking. Because of her job, she travels out of the area to a club to get her fix, but never has time to stay for proper aftercare and now her whip marks on her back have become infected. She can’t go to her doctor, so instead, she goes to the hospital ER, and that is where she will meet Dr. Xavier Diaz.

    Xavier Diaz has had to come to grips with his profession as a healer and his inner self, a sadist. It is a balancing act, but one he accepts. He has no plans of settling down in a relationship but wants a 24/7 Master slave remote relationship. His meeting Grace in the ER and having her come to his office for further evaluation will have him extending an invitation to be his guest at Club Risque.

    The plot will have Grace accepting Xavier’s invitation to be his guest at Club Risque, and she likes what she sees, the high scale establishment lives up to the Club Risque name and reputation. The people she meets adds to her level of comfort. Negotiating and accepting to scene with Master X will have her soaring, and the feelings are mutual for him. Have these two found their perfect match?

    The story is full of the ups and downs of the relationship as it goes from just a casual occasional scene scenario to accepting Xavier’s unusual offer. His solution is a 24/7 M/s D/s relationship but to remain separate, and he held all control. Grace is ready to settle down and thinks maybe once they enter this dynamic, he will then be prepared to make it more permanent and fulfill her dreams. Two people who don’t carry out the conversation entirely will only lead to angst, anger, and disaster.

    While this couple has amazing chemistry during scenes, the lack of commitment is overwhelming to Grace, and yet, she never tells Xavier her feelings. Her clock is ticking, her future looks bleak, and her time with Xavier has dwindled to hardly seeing each other, much less having a relationship.

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