Claiming Their Village Bride

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What happens when the three men she dreams about are not able to claim her?

Soon, triads of trained warriors will travel to Jemina’s village to compete for the honor of marrying her. But she is not like most village born daughters; Jemina is a trained warrior herself, with strong opinions. For cycles now, she has dreamed of three perfect lovers and is sure they will be among the warriors coming to fight for her hand.

Jemina’s fathers travel to neighboring villages to announce a coming competition between all triads seeking to claim her. Instead of remaining home while they do their duty, she travels with them to get a feel for the type of men she prefers. Along the way, she meets each of the men from her dreams. One is opinionated and questions her skill as a warrior. Another only develops an interest in her when he discovers she is a village born daughter. And the last one, though handsome to behold, seems to lack genuine skills or brains. Her dream lovers aren’t even part of an established triad.

Suddenly, being claimed as a bride holds little appeal for her. Will she need to put aside her vision of a perfect set of husbands and settle for less? Not if Jemina has anything to say about it.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy post-apocalyptic reverse harem romance has elements of action, adventure, and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Facing Her Penalty


“Stop delaying,” her husband, the serious one, demanded. “Explain why you chose to dishonor our family and dared to convince others to help you?”

A skilled warrior would cringe under the livid expression he was giving her. But she still did not fear whatever outcome awaited her. Jemina’s husbands would never truly harm her, not in a lasting manner. They had sworn to protect her, not once, but twice. Mere hours before, they accepted the cruel punishment meted out by the village elders for her sin of breaking their laws. They shielded her from hard, red-hot rod strikes across the back.

“I had to tell my brother. He needs to protect his wife.”

Her amber-haired mate challenged her feeble excuse. “Giannis is under no immediate danger, wife. If she is with child, it would take months for the real threat to come to pass. You are more intelligent than most. Do not try to claim you don’t understand as much.”

Both men circled around her, and shame coursed through Jemina. She trusted her motives were pure. “I did not realize you three would pay the price for my actions. All I could think of when I left—”

“You agreed to let us handle the task,” her third husband interrupted her.

“Do you deny remembering our promise to return to your village and share the secret with Jael?”

“Bride, our family has protected the confidence we shared with you for many cycles. Our sister’s life depends on guarding it until she comes of age. After such a time, everyone will know of the city’s deceit. No one outside of our immediate family unit can know the full story. Not even Otto, who is trusted more than any other living being among us.

“Yet we did not hesitate to expose the details to you and, in consideration of your wishes as our wife, we promised to extend this knowledge to your brother. Do you comprehend the courage such a compromise cost my blood brother and me? Despite him living far away from our family unit, knowing one slip of his tongue could jeopardize all which we have worked so hard to protect, we agreed to your request to prepare Jael to protect his wife.”

“How can I make this right?” Jemina was desperate now. She longed to go back in time and undo the damage to her husbands’ trust and respect for her. Whatever they asked of her, she would do it to prove how repentant she was for disrespecting their faith.

“We have gifted you with all we have to offer, Jemina. Our protection. Our love. Our seed.” Her first husband’s voice sounded so dejected. “You will have to find a way to repair the harm done.”

“I cannot undo the damage. The wounds on your backs will remind me always of the day I dishonored our union and selfishly acted alone, instead of putting our family’s interest above all others. Jael and my family unit back in Urijah were my primary focus, but I forgot, as your wife, I have a new family unit that rightfully surpasses all others.”

She removed her shirt and pants, tossing them aside. Her undergarments followed. She needed to bare herself, body and soul now to prove her honest, pure shame. Her three husbands watched her closely, but she did not meet their eyes. Until she had regained their respect, proven her own, she would not do so. “You have gifted me with your protection. Each of your backs confirm your devotion. The fact that you have not cast me off as a wife, even after I dishonored our family unit, proves your love knows no bounds.”

The village bride dropped to her knees and prepared to do the one thing she had managed to avoid during their many lovemaking sessions since the wedding ceremony.

Reaching up, she slowly unfastened her second husband’s pants and reached inside. His male member was easy to free. It was already engorged. Shutting her eyes tightly, she promised herself she could find the courage to do this. “Until I earn the right to receive your seed in my womb, I will accept it this way as proof of my regret for leaving the safety of the village border.”

The smell was not unpleasant. It reminded her of his strength and devotion to her. Often this husband had explored her body with his mouth, especially her most intimate parts. He was skilled with flicking his hot tongue across her nub, making it swell and go damp. He was even teaching her other husbands about the ways to drive her wild with the same attention.

Could the tip of her tongue move as expertly as his did? She allowed herself to study the end. A small amount of liquid seeped from the slit there. She could not stop herself from gagging at the thought of something so unfamiliar going into her mouth.

Jemina refused to give up. Her husbands loved her above all others. The dew had a musty flavor, she noted as she ran her tongue over the tip. Her husband tensed and a moan tore from deep in his chest.

He was enjoying her efforts. Pride swelled within her heart. He pulled back, moaning about being too close to losing his seed.

She switched attention to her first husband. His member was even harder than the second’s had been. With pride and determination, she repeated her earlier action. First, she licked the impressive length. He tasted a bit stronger than the other, but she found herself getting used to the strange sensation and wondered what her third mate would feel and taste like when she was ready to work on him.

Her tongue settled over the tip of her first mate’s rod, but she opted to go slower this time. Rushing the act with her second husband had been a miscalculation. “Oh, dear Creator above, this cannot be right.” His words were husky, and her first husband held on tightly to her hair as she sucked on the moisture escaping from the tip.

“I have regained my control,” her auburn-haired mate announced, coming forward to try coaxing her attention back to him. She switched between both men, licking the very edge around the tips of their shafts before suckling the liquid that rewarded her efforts.

Her third husband pushed his way toward her suddenly. She witnessed him strong arm his triad aside as he freed his own penis. He guided it toward her face, the look of anticipation making Jemina’s own body grow damp. She reached down to start fondling herself, but he ordered her to stop.

“You do not come until each of us do,” he ordered. His bold words and stern expression almost made her explode. The pungent scent he produced thrilled her.

Fisting her hair, he waited until she parted her teeth more before pushing himself deeper inside. Was she meant to let him take her in the mouth as he did in her channel? Was such a thing even possible? Jemina did gag then, but only for a moment.

He gave her a chance to recover, before beginning to ease in and out of her mouth again, shallow at first, but gaining deeper and deeper access with each thrust. Her hands reached up to brace against his thighs, as if she could try gaining a bit of control over his relentless prodding.

Something wanton inside her took control. She reached up to pull his pants down completely, caressing his balls. Wild, exciting sounds erupted from husband number three. Jemina forced her mouth to go slack and grabbed onto his firm ass, digging her fingers in the taut muscles there. It was not long before he was tensing.

Jemina started using her tongue to playfully push his member out as he pulled back, before dutifully sucking it back inside. If her mouth was not full, she would no doubt be moaning with desire. Hot fluid shot in her throat, and for a moment she was unsure of how to proceed. Her mother had not given her any clues on what to do when pleasing a man this way. Was she meant to swallow as he spilled his seed or let it pool in the back of her mouth until he finished?

“Open your mouth,” her third husband commanded, as he pulled himself free. “I want to see my seed filling your hot mouth before you accept every bit of it when you swallow.” At his nod of approval, Jemina sat on her haunches and allowed the seed to slide down her throat, even licking her lips as if appreciative of the gift he bestowed on her.

A huge smile returned to his lips. His anger and disappointment had vanished. “Be warned. If you blatantly disobey us again, it won’t be your mouth which claims our seed, but your beautiful, tight ass.”

“You would beat me?” she asked in a sassy tone, relieved at least this husband had forgiven her.

“Not beat, little gem. Fuck. We will take turns pumping our cocks into your tight ass.”

The image he planted in her mind both terrified and intrigued her.

She started concentrating on her first husband, bringing him close to spilling his seed, but stopped short of finishing him off. With a wicked grin, she turned to the second, taking him to the very edge again, only to pull away.

Then she pulled at each man’s legs, drawing them to stand closer to her. Then Jemina guided both men inside her mouth. She could not take either in very deep. Jemina used the side of her mouth as a holding place for one member, as she accepted the other’s hard, powerful thrust. Then her face shifted and the other member gained full access while she pocketed the other between her teeth and jaw.

Both came with a force that sent a shudder through all three of their bodies. The volume of seed was hard to contain, and some seeped between her lips as she was freed. She took a moment to regain her composure

They carried her to the bed. They used their mouths and fingers to bring her to completion. For a moment, Jemina actually feared she had accidently relieved herself as her body shuddered out of control. Liquid came shooting out of her frame. Would her husbands notice? She clamped her legs together tightly, only to have them forced apart by strong hands.

To her horror, her auburn hair husband used his mouth to accept the fluid. Then the other two reached over to pry her legs open wider so they could lick away any remaining specks. Her first husband sat beside her, pulling her head to rest on his lap. “Later tonight, we will pour our seed inside your perfect body again. Only this time, we will have two entrances to fill, wife.”



Daybreak on New Earth, Village of Urijah


“Wake up, girl. The sun is rising. If we hope to complete our journey, we must make haste. It will take two days to travel to both villages and the two sections of the city wall not protected by Urijah warriors.

Jemina’s eyes blinked open. Why had he interrupted her wonderful dream? “I will be up in a moment, Papa.” Pulling her bed sheets over her chin, she prayed he would leave quickly. She did not know which to be more embarrassed about – having one of her fathers wake her from one of her many wanton dreams or knowing a large pool of her release no doubt spotted her sheets. Would she be able to change the bed before it was time to depart?

Jemina was puzzled about her sleeping thoughts. How could a virgin have such vivid dreams of things she knew nothing about? Only fleeting memories of the actual events in the fantasy lingered as she allowed her fleeting climax to wane. No matter, soon she would learn how accurate her unconscious notions about what it would be like to make love were true. Today she started her journey into a new, exciting life.

Her fathers were finally ready to announce her coming of age. They had put off the task well beyond the general milestone of seventeen cycles. She was nineteen cycles now, soon to be twenty. Jemina would not be held back any longer. She threatened to travel alone and make the announcement herself if her fathers did not do their duty by the end of the official village cycle. With their approval or not, triads of fit warriors would soon compete for the right to wed her. Life as a village born woman was blessed, indeed.

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3 reviews for Claiming Their Village Bride

  1. Redrabbitt

    The second book in the Claiming Their Bride series will have several new twists and turns. What a rarity, a village born bride, not a city bride that most triads claim after three years of service. Jemina isn’t just a woman, she is a warrior, skilled, and while most brides join a triad at seventeen cycles, she is nineteen, almost twenty cycles in age. Her fathers have held off, but understand that it is time to allow her to marry. But not many know that Jemina has a gift of sight, and she has seen the triad which will claim her—not her fathers are ready for triads from other clans to compete for her—will she see the men of her dreams?

    “I am indeed a woman, a village born one at that.”

    The plot will have Jemina, along with her three fathers traveling to their ally villages of Konrad and Finn, to make known that triads may present themselves at the city gates of Urijah to compete. While many show up, only three triad units will be accepted and allowed to enter the city. One from Konrad, one from Finn, and a third that contains two brothers from Konrad and a third man from Finn.

    “The Creator had not abandoned her as she had feared. The three men he filled her dreams with did exist, a perfect triad, one formed for the sole intent of winning her hand in marriage.”

    “Long live the descendants of Urijah, Konrad, and Finn.”

    The story will be a continuation of things that happened in book one, Claimed by the Village of Konrad, but could read well as a stand-alone. Village born brides are the rarest of all, and because of bloodlines, Jemina must marry into another clan. She will be allowed to have a minor say in some of the competitions, and it is easy enough for her fathers and grandfather to see which triad she favors. It will also have her twin, Jael, and his triad marrying a city bride and bringing her to Urijah.

    “Considering all the unique events which occurred—a village bride with the skill of a warrior and the bravery of our founding father himself, three unattached warriors set on challenging for her hand knowing such would be impossible, forming a triad uniting two villages to claim the daughter of a third. Only the Creator could have foreseen such an outrageous outcome.”

    The story has plenty of secrets, traditions, ritualist ceremonies, along with rules and punishments. Life and death situations will come into play as well as good and evil. The story is part mystery, suspense with how the winning triad came into existence and their tenacity to succeed and claim Jemina as their wife. Jemina has been allowed so many freedoms as a child that she will break the rules of her husbands and cause serious issues among her new village. Will she be able to atone for the damage—and will her husbands love for her show her how far they will go to protect her—even from herself.

    “We have gifted you with all we have to offer, Jemina. Our protection. Our love. Our seed. You will have to find a way to repair the harm done.”

    The story is a steamy romance with one woman and three men. It will including power exchange, exhibition, voyeurism, and ménage scenes. This is an ongoing saga that probably would be best if read in the written order.

  2. Toni

    Firstly, let me say that this is not my preferred genre.  By no stretch of my imagination would I call myself a fan of dystopian post-apocalyptic romance.  However, the premise sounded original and interesting so I gave it a shot.  A lot of thought went into the idea of this story and the characters and society that populate it.  However, I just found it confusing.  There were too many characters and the intricacies of the relationships just wore me out.  If you enjoy this style of romance, you’re probably going to love it, but for me it’s just ok.

  3. Marybeth

    I loved this second book in the series. I originally read in KU, but then went back and bought it. I’m looking forward to more books in the series.

    So, yes you can just read this book as a standalone. But, to truly understand the plot line, you should read book one first.

    Jemima is a village bride. Females born to the village are rare and are prized. It is time for her to be claimed by a triad and she is happy with the plan. She goes with her fathers to the different villages to meet the men who could be claiming her. But, she has been dreaming of her mates and they are not together in a triad. Things work out and they do form a triad and enter the competition to win her. There is a HEA for them and a HFN for the story. I definitely recommend this series!

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