Catching Carrie

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Carrie arrives in Lesterville, in 1885, quite alone. She has no money, no friends and no place to stay. Hank, the man she is to marry, fails to show up to meet her, and she has no idea what to do.

On top of that, the justice of the peace has left town and won’t be back for well over two weeks.

When the sheriff of Lesterville, Sam, offers the top floor of his house to her, she has no option but to accept his hospitality; after all, he has assured her that Mr. and Mrs. Clancy, the caretakers, will be there to chaperone her. 

One thing she learns about Sam, however, is that while he is willing to go to great lengths to protect her, he has very little patience with young ladies who are not completely honest with him – and those who disobey. She, unfortunately, has already broken that rule and is about to break it again… 

As days go by, Carrie sees no sign of her intended. And when she finally does, she realizes his instability and volatility and is left with a choice. Can she make the right decision?

Or will keeping her word endanger her own life? 

Publisher’s Note: This book contains the discipline of an adult woman. If this offends you, please do not buy or read it.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Tuesday, September 1, 1885

Carrie Thompson muttered under her breath as the creaking stagecoach rattled the last few miles approaching the edge of the Methow Valley, nestled at the edge of the Cascade Mountains. She had been glued to this unyielding leather seat for weeks. It had long ago lost any cushioning it might have once had, and the mail sacks they had picked up in Spokane had made it almost impossible to find a place for her feet. The last passenger had gotten off there, as well, leaving Carrie alone with her thoughts. Her fears about what lay ahead for her were dark, her courage faltering.

Her frown deepened. She almost wished the mail sacks could carry on a conversation. Listening to them would be far preferable to being left alone with her own apprehension.

Orphaned at age fifteen, the Spencers on the adjoining property had eagerly taken her in. They’d allowed her to come with only her clothes and her sewing machine. She’d also brought one other thing but had hidden it in her trunks, away from view— the gold mantle clock with the curved glass face that had belonged to her parents.

The Spencers brought her into their home but never into their hearts. They’d given her the dormer room in the attic, with two small windows, hot in summer, and cold in winter. It had one redeeming feature, however. It was private.

Her brow knit as she thought of the family she had lived with for the past few years. They had suggested, more than once, that she deed her family’s land over to them during her three years there, stressing that, as a single young woman, she would never be able to run a farm herself. They had also added, for emphasis, “Since we were kind enough to take you in.” But her parents had made her promise to never give up the land, and she had ultimately refused to part with it. That strained the relationship even more. It was almost no surprise when, as her nineteenth birthday had neared, they had strongly suggested that she either sign over the land or find herself a husband. She still remembered her shocked and betrayed feelings that day, as she’d gone back up to her attic room to sit on her bed. The feeling of security she’d had for the past few years had been no more than an illusion.

Still, it had completely surprised her when Mr. Spencer returned from town one day with a letter for her. Mr. Hank Joseph Barrow, a rancher from Washington territory was searching for a bride. Her trip west had begun there. Her nineteenth birthday had come and gone during her journey, and she tried to ignore the fact that she spent it alone, without anyone even knowing.

She reached into her bag and pulled out the last letter, in which she’d tucked the cabinet card Mr. Barrow sent with his likeness on it. It looked well made. She turned it over. The name Crabtree and Sons was printed across the length of the back in large, ornate gold text. She squinted at the address. Dodge City? Her home?

Carrie frowned and stared again at the front. He was a handsome man, with a disarming smile. His hair looked light and was pulled back. She squinted at it, once again examining him. It was his eyes that troubled her. They seemed cold.

The coach hit an uneven spot in its travel, and she gasped, as the likeness fell from her hand and slid down between the bags of mail. She leaned down to retrieve it, and another bump nearly caused her to fall over onto the mail bags. When, at last, she righted herself and was able to bring the cabinet card back up, she took one last glance and tucked it again into her bag.

No, perhaps, she was just being judgmental. Mr. Barrow wrote in a fine hand, even if his words were curt. The first letter had been very persuasive, but the successive ones were hard to characterize. She knew she had a tendency to read between the lines, possibly too much. Life with the Spencers had taught her that. But as she prepared for her trip, her fears grew. She had already bought the ticket with the money he had sent. But when his last letter got there, it had been so abrupt, it was chilling. She began to feel an ominous sensation about coming.

A shout from the driver alerted her that they were nearing the destination of Lesterville, and she took a deep breath. Leaning toward the window, she pulled the straps on the leather coverings open and looked out, idly wondering where her sewing machine was. It had been in the family since she was a young girl. But it was too large to carry in the boot, so it had gone separately, on the train to Pendleton. Mr. Barrow would need to go pick it up in a wagon, she supposed, when it arrived at the rail station fifteen miles away.

The valley was beautiful, with the mountains in the distance.

She had insisted on bringing it. Mr. Barrow had balked, at first. But he’d begrudgingly sent some funds for transporting the Singer, though they were far from enough. Had he deliberately shortchanged her? The Spencers had chipped in a small amount, and Carrie had used the rest of what she’d earned from sewing to finish the shipping costs. But it left her woefully short.

“Oh, be quiet,” she groused, as her stomach rumbled its hunger at her. Stage fare had not included meals and, at one dollar a meal, she had known she wouldn’t have enough to get all the way there. Mr. Barrow had not sent anything for that. She had skipped a meal, sometimes two, almost daily, since the beginning of her journey. And then, yesterday, she had used the last of it to pay for a light breakfast of biscuits with butter and jam.

She was arriving at her destination completely without funds and slightly lightheaded from hunger. She hoped desperately that Mr. Barrow would meet her at the station. He’d promised to take care of her. She prayed he was a man of his word.

The coach began to slow, and Carrie leaned her head out the window to see what the town looked like. Two-story buildings lined the main street of the town, where pedestrians moved among the horses and wagons. Mothers and children walked along boardwalk sidewalks and a stray golden dog slept behind a water trough. A new sign “Stagecoach Depot” hung below an older one that read “Telegraph Office” and one block down from that was the hotel. A moment later, the coach swung left in a wide arc and shuddered to a stop.

Carrie leaned forward and shook out her long curly hair, trying to remove some of the dust that had gathered. The door swung open, and the reins man put his head inside.

“We’re here, Miss Thompson. Just a moment.” Burley and strong, he began to pull the sacks of mail out, two at a time, so she would have room to stand. Five of them had to be moved out before she could rise to her feet and grab hold of his hand to step toward the door.

“Your trunks will go into the office, miss. Unless your party is here to meet you?”

She stepped down and scanned the street. No one there fit the description of Mr. Barrow. “Not yet. But he will be, surely.”

“Anyone I know?”

She smiled. “Mr. Hank Barrow. Do you know him?”

Was it her imagination or had he just looked at her with pity in his eyes?

Her eyes stopped to rest on the window in the sheriff’s office across the dusty street. A man was standing inside the window, the lowering western sun shining in on his face and light eyes. He was watching her. She averted her gaze suddenly.

She stood there until the driver dragged her trunk inside and moved back against the outside wall to wait, watching as he tipped his hat and climbed back up. She supposed he was taking the horses toward the hostlers to have them changed out.

Her expression uncertain, she once again turned to scan the street. Where was Mr. Barrow? The next time she glanced across the street, the man in the sheriff’s office was still standing there, observing her. A spark of anger overtook her humiliation for a second. It was rude to stare and, now, more than ever before, she hated the sense of someone examining her, as if he was reading her embarrassment even from that distance.

Scowling, she stuck her tongue out at him and turned abruptly on her heel. She moved over toward the bench in front of the station and sat down, clutching her small bag in her lap. She sighed and prepared to wait.

And wait.

* * *

Sheriff Samuel Pettigrew stared down at the paper in his hand.

A man named Joseph Cannon had been in early that morning to ask about a young girl who had disappeared during a stop from his coach, south of the Methow Valley. He reported her name as Penelope Cannon, age eighteen, small, about five-foot-five-inches and weighing about one hundred pounds, with dark hair and last seen wearing a blue dress. There had been no sign of her since, and they suspected she had run away. The gentleman claiming to be her father said she had been nothing but trouble since the day they left Salt Lake City.

Sam had studied him and the fine coach he had descended from. Mr. Cannon was well dressed. There were several young ladies sitting inside it with their heads turned away. He frowned.

Something about Cannon seemed familiar, but Sam was unable to put a name to it. He took the information down, and Mr. Cannon said he would return in a few days to see if anything had come up. Sam had watched him pull away with a driver who hadn’t been there a minute before.

He’d spent the morning making inquiries, but the search had come up empty. No one had reported any signs of her. He set the paper down and was about to sit down in his chair, when he looked up. The regular stage had come in to the depot, and it looked as if the reins man had gone to the door to help someone out of it.

He shook his head. Probably just a sack of mail. But the bottom of a blue dress caught his eye under the coach, as the passenger stepped down onto the walk.

“Hurry up with that coffee,” the prisoner demanded, from the back. He heard Drew Abbott, his deputy, reply, “It’ll be ready in a minute, Tince. Patience.”

“Lost that long ago. Need coffee. Need a cigarette. Need a woman. Like  that one.”

Sam turned, frowning. Tince Willis was staring from his cell, through the doorway, out through the window and across the street.

Sam reached out and immediately closed the door between the rooms. When he turned back to look out the window, he paused. He couldn’t help himself. He was staring at the petite blonde young woman as she wandered out from behind the stage on the far side of the street. She looked lost and forlorn. Not many people travelled to the small town of Lesterville, and he couldn’t remember the last time a beautiful young woman had stepped onto the sidewalks of his small town.

And she was indeed beautiful.

She looked, worried, up and down the street and paused, staring back at him. A frown creased her brow and she then turned away, walking back behind the coach once more.

The stage had come from the east. Many times, it carried mail for the Pony Express, and occasionally, a passenger or two.

He shook himself back to reality and reached for the paper he’d just had in his hand. No. This young lady didn’t fit the description of the missing girl.

The stage moved on, and Sam looked at the girl again. Who was she? He stood, unable to take his eyes off her. Long golden hair curled down her back. The delicacy of her features was apparent, even at that distance, as was her tiny waist and hourglass figure. He cleared his throat as he continued to watch her, wondering where she came from. A moment later, she turned and looked straight at him. And glared. Then she stuck out her tongue.

He laughed. So beautiful and so defiant at the same time. Opening the door, he nodded to his deputy. “Drew? Take over for me?”


Sam took a step toward the door. “Thanks. We’ve a visitor. It looks like no one is there to meet her, and the hotel is full.”

* * *

Alone on the sidewalk, she sat on the small bench in front of the depot office with her back straight, her chin high, and hands sweating nervously inside her gloves. She clung to the small bag in her lap, closing her eyes and praying that she wouldn’t have to be on public display for too long. Her stomach was still grousing at her, and she frowned.

“Hello, young lady. Waiting on someone?”

She jumped, opening her eyes wide. Hank? In the noise of the voices and carriages around her, she hadn’t heard him approach. But the tall, dark haired, hazel-eyed man who towered over her was not Hank.

He touched the brim of his Stetson briefly.

“Sheriff Sam Pettigrew.” His deep melodious voice stirred something within her.

She studied him. She could see long locks that curled around his ears and showed under his hat. From where she sat, he looked about ten-feet-tall but the thing that caught her attention was the five-point badge in a circle, on his jacket. It said Sheriff.

But his smile was genuine, and his hazel eyes, with their bright gold rim just around the inside, were mesmerizing.

Carrie gulped and opened her mouth to speak. No sound came. His height and manner were disconcerting, to say the least. She swallowed and tried again. “I’m waiting for my intended, Mr. Hank Barrow.”

His smile disappeared. He stared at her, almost severely, for a few seconds before speaking and looked up and down the street.

“He knew you were coming in today?”

She jutted out her chin. “Of course.”

“Then he is dreadfully late. And so, young lady, are you.”

Carrie blinked. “What do you mean?” She was suddenly aware of her rumpled blue dress and the untidiness of her hair.

“I mean, that the justice of the peace just left town, this morning, and is not expected back for well over two weeks. You don’t appear the kind of young woman who would take up residence unchaperoned with a man while waiting for a wedding.”

Carrie had no idea whether to laugh or cry. Her gaze lowered to the walkway in front of her. “But—” She sputtered, dismayed. Two more weeks? Dear God, what would she do?

Her deep indigo eyes rose to meet his. His head was tilted as he waited for her to continue. Finally, he sat down beside her, but his gaze still rested on her face.

“Nor do you look the kind of young lady who has any business being on her own.”

Her eyes blazed suddenly. “And just what kind of lady do you think I am?”

“A child. You cannot be more than fifteen.”

Her mouth flattened into a straight line. “You are quite wrong, Sheriff Pettigrew. I am nineteen, thank you very much.”

“I’m at a distinct disadvantage. Your name is?”

Her stomach answered him with a growl, and she looked away, dismayed, before answering. A blush crept up her neck and into her cheeks. “Miss Thompson. Though it is no business of yours.” Her gaze fell suddenly on his badge, and she paused. There was no point in angering the sheriff of Lesterville. “Miss Carrie Thompson.”

His brow had softened a bit. “Well, Miss Thompson. This is a fact. You can’t stay at the hotel. It’s full.”

She found herself staring at the building with the word “Hotel” displayed on the front and feeling helpless. She had no money, without Hank there to see to the arrangements. Her hands twisted nervously into fists, her gloves tight across the backs of her knuckles.

“Then, where in Heaven’s name shall I stay?”

One of his strong, tanned hands reached out and rested on her shoulder, turning her to face him. With the other, he pointed toward the hill behind him.

“See that house up on the hill?”

Her breath hitched at his touch. “Yes.”

“It’s my house—no—” He paused as she bolted away from him, shaking off his hand. “Hear me out, young lady. And pull in your claws. I have a very nice couple—the Clancys—who keep it for me and live there. They would be happy to chaperone you. The upper floor has several bedrooms and a bath, which are all empty at present. You are welcome to use one of them.” He stared down at her and, with two fingers, lifted her chin. “Miss Thompson, are you listening to me? I’m not accustomed to talking to myself. Pay attention.”

Her gaze moved to his face, and she slid backward along the bench, away from him.

“And I’m not accustomed to people being condescending to me. I make my own decisions.”

His eyes narrowed. “Not in my town. And not when you are so young and have no one to look out for you.”

Carrie’s head came up, her temper flashing. “Your town?”

“You heard me.”

Her eyes lowered to the scarf at his throat, then dropped to her gloved hands, and she blinked as he continued.

“Look, Miss Thompson. You can poke out your tongue at me in defiance to your heart’s content. But the fact is, you’re hungry—I can hear your stomach growling. You have no place to stay, and Mr. Barrow is not here to meet you.” He stared down at her. But his voice was firm, as he went on, “I am not giving you a choice, Miss Thompson. I’ll send Drew out to your  intended’s place to see if he is there and, if he is, he will bring him. But you won’t be allowed to leave with him. I’ll give you a few minutes to speak, but that’s all. Then I’ll escort you up to the house and introduce you to the Clancys.”

“Who is Drew?”

“My chief deputy. You’ll meet him.” His eyes narrowed. “Meanwhile, when did you last eat? Your stomach seems to be telling you it’s quite hungry.”

His question took her by surprise. Should she tell him? No, she wouldn’t. “This morning—I suppose,” she lied.

“You suppose?” He held out his arm and waited for her to take it. She didn’t. “You don’t sound very convincing. Come with me. I’ll see that you get a good meal, at least.”

“But—what if Mr. Barrow comes?”

“Then my deputy will watch for him and call him over. You really are a bit recalcitrant, aren’t you?”

Carrie scowled. “I am not.”

“Prove it.” Once again, he held out his arm. She stared at it before glancing up uncertainly and finally taking it. As she stood beside him, she became aware for the first time of the difference in their heights. She barely reached his shoulder.

He led her down the steps from the raised sidewalk to the dusty road, where he dropped her hand and urged her forward, with his hand at the small of her back. At his stronger touch, Carrie balked and halted abruptly, in the middle of the street.

“A wagon pulled by two mules pushed past them, forcing Sam to move her backward. His expression changed as he leaned down into her ear. “Stopping in the middle of a busy Lesterville street will get you trampled by horses, young lady. You have two seconds. You can walk on your own two feet or I can carry you over my shoulder. Or perhaps I should arrest you for loitering?”

The breath whooshed out of her. She flattened her mouth into a straight line that turned down at the corners but let him guide her the rest of the way across the street.

“Pout all you want,” he said, his frown deepening. “But we are going to get some food into you. You can’t wait outside the stage office all night with your stomach growling.”

Carrie glared at the walkway as they approached it. She could be just as determined as he was, but at the moment, her stubbornness was overwhelmed by the need to eat.

He helped her up the step and led her to the front door of the sheriff’s office. He opened it, sending her inside, where a tall man with brown eyes sat at the desk. He was looking back over his shoulder into the room behind him, where the prisoners were staring at her. Sheriff Pettigrew moved her past the doorway and closed the door.

“Miss Thompson, may I introduce Drew Abbott, one of the deputies here. Drew, keep watch for Hank Barrow. I’m taking Miss Thompson over to Rosie’s for something to eat. If he shows, keep him here until we get back. All right?”

“Will do, Sam. Want me to put him in a cell if he refuses?”

The sheriff glanced down at Carrie, whose expression was incredulous. “No. Just tell him I have her with me. We’ll be back in a few moments.” He opened the door, and Carrie exited in front of him. Had the deputy been serious? Drew’s sarcastic offer to put Mr. Barrow in a cell sounded like it. She pondered it for a moment before asking, “Would I be correct in guessing that neither you nor Mr. Abbot have a very high opinion of Mr. Barrow?”

He paused, studying her. “You are quite astute, to be such a brat.”

She scowled. “I assume you think that’s funny.”

Sheriff Pettigrew didn’t respond. He took her down a block and around the corner, to a small wooden building sporting a sign confirming that it was Rosie’s. White organdy curtains framed the inside of the window, and the window box below it outside was still filled with late summer flowers. Opening the door, he sent her inside.

26 reviews for Catching Carrie

  1. Nicolette

    Lovely old fashioned western story with the sheriff, Sam saving the day when Carrie comes to town as an arranged bride and her presumed husband does show to pick her up.
    She soon learns that people dislike her intended and is shocked that she would want to marry him. While spending time at the sheriff%u2019s house she soon finds herself in trouble and things get real interesting.

  2. Nancy Hughes

    This is a bride by mail type of story, with a happy ending.
    Carrie ends up under the care of Sam, a sheriff. She is to obey him, as long as she is in his home, and guardianship. Sam believes in spanking and has to give her plenty of them. Carrie has difficulty obeying, and continues to put herself in danger.
    This is a sweet western romantic story, likeable characters, and a joy to read.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  3. Tami

    Carrie comes to town to marry a man who never shows up. All alone and without money, she doesn’t know what to do. Sam, the town’s sheriff, offers his help and tells her that she can live in his house. Carrie has no other choice but to accept and soon finds out that she develops feelings for Sam.

    Miss Greathouse always seems to be able to draw me into the story and Catching Carrie was no exception. The characters were very engaging and the storyline well developed. I enjoyed reading this sweet and mildly spicy story.

  4. LadyC

    This is a perfect book to escape into another world!
    The year is 1885 and Carrie Thomson arrives in the town of Lesterville to meet her fianc?, Hank Barrow, a virtual stranger to her. He fails to show. Enter Sheriff Sam Pettigrew. He offers Carrie shelter and protection in his home, chaperoned by his housekeeper and her husband.
    With no money and few alternative, Carrie accepts his hospitality. She doesn%u2019t accept his rules quite as easily. Soon the sparks are flying and she%u2019s over his knee for one thing or another.
    This sweet romance is full of sugar and spice, but everything isn%u2019t so nice. Hank presents a threat to Carrie. How much danger will she put herself in before she learns to accept Sam%u2019s loving protection?

  5. Hope W

    Catching Carrie is a wonderful mail order bride story. Carrie is desperate and willing to take risks to find a future. However, sometimes things don’t turn out like you expect and people are not who they claim to be. Sometimes you must go through the bad to find the good. Only with the help of others, in an old fashioned love story can the reader find the completion of a story filled with ups and downs as your heroine finds her way. Catching Carrie is a well written story with heartwarming characters. I enjoyed the chemistry between Sam and Carrie and loved watching their special dance of feelings between them. The story includes danger, mystery, excitement, fun, love, spankings, and a wonderful community. I couldn’t ask for more in a wonderful night’s read filled with old fashioned love! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  6. charlotte Huelsemann

    Catching Carrie by pippa greathouse
    This story takes place in Methow Valley nestled at the edge of the cascade mountains in 1885.
    After her parents passed away she went to live with neighbors that wanted her ranch. She had promised her parents to keep it along with a clock she inherited. Her gardian and neighbor arranges her to marry Hank Barrow a rancher. Hank is a scoundrel and drunkard and unbeknownst to Carry promised to split the land he would inherit from Carry with Mr. Spencer (her neighbor). When Hank is too drunk to show up to pick her up from the stage, Sheriff Samuel Pettigrew takes to his home to stay along with his housekeeper and her husband. I was given this Advanced reader copy to honestly review. I found the twists and turns a page turner. There is mystery and love and a strong sheriff and a determined woman with too much ethics for her own good. I really enjoyed this book

  7. Dyane

    I really enjoy reading novels by Pippa Greathouse. They are consistently sweet, with strong heroes, elements of danger, and moderately naughty ladies, each of whom ends up over her hero%u2019s knee for some much-needed discipline. In this book, I love how the hero Sam instantly rescues and protects Carrie, and continues to protect her, even from her own unwise actions, yet he doesn%u2019t make her choices for her. The book is well-written and easy to read, with one relatively mild love scene. It had a HEA ending with no cliffhanger, but I hope there is a sequel to describe their upcoming trip to Dodge City and Penny%u2019s love story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  8. PJB

    Loved this well written, romantic western. This is a tale about Carrie, she feels obligated to marry the man who has sent her the fare to Methow valley in order for her to become his bride in an arranged marriage. She is not met from the stage and becomes the responsibility of the local sheriff, Sam. Carrie soon discovers what type of a man her intended is but stubbornly refuses to believe he is quite as bad as people make out. I will not spoil the plot but I do recommend this charming book for a good romantic read.

  9. Sam

    This a fun story about a mail order bride faced with a choice about the right groom for her. Carrie is a fun character. I like the sheriff a lot also. The sheriff’s investigation adds a nice contrast to the romance part of this book. I received an ARC of this book.

  10. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Carrie has come to marry Hank Barrow. Her guardians who were friends and neighbors of her late parents seemd eager to send her off for marriage, but she is not so sure. Luckily, she meets Sheriff Sam Pettigrew first. He takes her under his wing and before long, her feelings for this strong, dominant, spanking man are passkng anything she might feel for the undesirable man she will marry. Spanking western romance. Hand, strap. Good read.

  11. Toni L

    I’ve read a few books by this author and sometimes I’ve really liked them & sometimes they’ve just been ok. This definitely comes out on the more positive side. I don’t know if this is a standalone book or is going to be the start of a new series but it is completely standalone with no incompleteness to the story. There are also a number of great characters from which to build a series, if that is the intent. Some of the characters annoyed me a little at times but overall I found the relationship between Sam & Carrie to be quite sweet with Sam having his protective streak down perfectly.

  12. DONNA L

    ByDonna Lon November 9, 2017
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This sweet, western, mail order story was a pleasure to read.
    .Carrie found herself in a difficult situation with no
    way out.Mischief and mayhem followed her on her many
    adventures.After being orphaned at 15 years old,Carrie
    made a decision that changed her life forever.Taken in by the
    Spencer family she was treated like a slave,they made many
    efforts to force Carrie to sign her family ranch over to them.Out
    of desperation,Carrie agreed to marry a man she had never met.
    Hank Barrow never turned up to meet Carrie from the stage,
    she was left with no money,food or shelter.Sheriff Samuel Pettigrew
    took Carrie under his care,moving her into his home under the
    supervision of his house keeper.Despite Samuel’s repeated
    warnings about her safety,Carrie finds herself in dangerous
    situations.After Sam lets her off with warnings,his patiences
    wears out and Carrie finds herself over his knees.Carrie is
    repulsed by her groom to be,he is a violent,evil man.But
    she feels obligated to him,she has to find a way to pay him
    back the money he sent her for her fare and free her for ever.
    These were interesting times in history where women were
    put into untenable situation thanks to circumstances beyond
    their control.Their men were definitely in charge.I think the
    author did a great job showing what it was like for women
    in this era and how they suffered.This was a well written love
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  13. BB Reader

    As a lover of old fashioned westerns, I loved this story!! There are many mail order bride books out there, but this one really had something different to it for me. Not only was the story different in the way that her “intended” didn’t even show up, but the way Carrie’s impishness and principles conflicted were just too funny at times! They also got in the way at times!! The protectiveness of the town was touching, too!! All in all, this was a sweet, fun, mysterious and sexy little spanking romance!! I enjoyed it from cover to cover!!

  14. madpuss

    I loved the characters in this story. The storyline was good and realistic. It wasn’t over the top. Carrie and Sam’s relationship grew in a natural way and was enjoyable to read. Sam was considerate and kind. He listened to Carrie. It held my interest from beginning to end. Carrie comes from a life of loss and betrayal and manages to find love when it could have ended so much differently for her. She makes good friends along the way.

  15. Lalaland

    Catching Carrie is a sweet western mail order bride romance. Carrie Thompson is an orphan living with neighbours (the Spencers) who have not made her welcome and pushed her into an arranged mail order marriage as soon as she becomes 18. To that end she travels by stage coach to Lesterville at the edge of the Cascade Mountains in Washington Territory, she has been travelling for a long time, weeks in fact, and arrives tired and hungry and penniless. The money her prospective husband sent her for the journey, was inadequate to ship her possessions and herself and eat during the long journey and Carrie has had to subsidise the paltry allowance with her own money. When she arrives she hasn’t had anything to eat since the day before and she finds herself alone with no money and no fiance to meet her. The town sheriff Sam Pettigrew spots Carrie across the street and becomes concerned when he realises that she needs assistance, although she herself won’t confirm that she is hungry or helpless with nowhere to stay and no money to eat. She tells him that she is waiting for Hank Joseph Barrow a rancher who is her fianc? and Sam realises that she is in trouble. Hank is a local scoundrel who is always drunk and womanising and is completely unreliable. Sam decides that Carrie must come and stay with him at his house where she will be chaperoned at all times by his housekeeper and her husband the Clancys, at least until her fiance can be located. Carrie has given her word to marry Hank but Hank is nothing but trouble and although there is definite attraction between her and Sam she has always been honest and taught to keep her word. There are lots of twists and turns and of course Sam and Carrie fall for each other, although Sam can be very strict and does not hesitate to discipline Carrie when he catches her in a lie or misbehaving. This is a very sweet and gentle love story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Highly recommended, especially, if like me you enjoy, sweet spanking western romance. I voluntarily reviewed and advance reader copy

  16. Penny Gwen

    I enjoyed this book so much that I couldn%u2019t put it down. I am eagerly waiting for more stories in the series. Carrie is taken in by her neighbors when her parents pass. Upon turning 19, they demand she marry, or get kicked out. She leaves Dodge City and travels to meet her intended, whom she has only contacted through letters. Hank is nowhere to be found when she finally reaches Lesterville, so the Sheriff Sam has her stay in his house, with the Clancy%u2019s as chaperons. Sam feels nothing but ill will towards Hank and nothing but protectiveness over Carrie. Even as he is falling for her, Sam allows Carrie to make her own decisions about keeping her word concerning marrying Hank, as long as she submits to his discipline when the choice puts her in danger. Along the way, Sam and his deputy, Drew, uncover a kidnapping ring when one of the runaways, Penny, finds her way to Sam%u2019s land.

  17. Good bedtime reading

    Love reading Westerns! Having responded to an advert for a mail-ordered bride, Carrie sets out to fulfil her promises to Hank Barrow. However, he’s nowhere to be found when she arrives on the stagecoach. The only person around who seems to be interested in her goings-on is the sheriff. Embarrassed to find him staring at her she childish sticks her tongue out at him and turns her back to wait for her fianc? as being an orphan has left her without family. The sheriff, Sam, has enough on his plate, what with possible kidnappings, slavers and now a little-girl-lost young lady in desperate need of some discipline.

  18. Ajjmb

    Catching Carrie is another wonderful book by Pippa Greathouse. Sam Pettigrew is a no nonsense, take charge kind of guy who has taken charge of Carrie Thompson from the minute she sets food in Lesterville. Sam is determined to keep Carrie safe from the horrible drunken and wastrel type man she has agreed to marry. Hank Barrows has no real feelings for Carrie. He has just conspired with her guardians to marry her for her land. Sam has fallen for Carrie and wants to care for her and protect her in every way even if it means protecting her from herself. I adored this book and strongly recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  19. JigsawGirl

    This book was pretty average. Carrie kept doing things without thinking after being warned not to by Sam. She could see how Hank behaved and what people though of him. I couldn’t understand why she kept putting herself in unsafe positions.

    I liked almost everyone in the book except for Carrie and Hank. The reason for disliking Hank was obvious. Carrie was just irritating.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  20. Margaret Corcoran

    I enjoyed the many twists and turns in this story. It is very entertaining and engaging. All the characters are very well written, described and developed. There are spankings but lots of love and support. I liked how the relationship between the Clancy’s is described. It helps to show that there is a long future to their budding relationships. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  21. pico1

    An enjoyable story about a young lady, Carrie, who has travelled west to be a rancher%u2019s bride, but learns that he is a drunk and dangerous. She stays with Sam, the local sheriff, and he protects her from her %u201Cintended,%u201D who proves to be violent and vicious. In the course of doing so a warm relationship develops between them, although she is subject to a few spankings for misbehaving. Both Sam and Carrie are interesting and warm people and the story moves quickly to a HEA.

  22. Kitty Ranma

    This is the first time I’ve read Pippa Greathouse but it won’t be the last.
    I enjoyed this story.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Action-packed, a bit of mystery, spanking.
    This book was given to me for free at my request from the publisher or author and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.

  23. Julie Clark

    She Never Would Have Guessed

    Things do not always turn out the way you imagine they will yet they turn out for what is best. Even though at the time you think not.

    Such as with this young girl who gave her word to marry someone as a mail-order bride at the persuasion of her parents next door neighbors who had taken her in at their death.

    Being an only child with other family or friends to care for her she felt there was nothing else she could do.

    But the groom to be wasn%u2019t present, the justice of the peace wouldn%u2019t be back for two weeks, and the hotel was full.

    She had no choice but to take the sheriff up on his kind offer for her safety.

    Great story! I enjoyed it immensely.

  24. Jackielynn

    This was a great historical romance, a mail order bride gone wrong. I loved Carrie and Sam together! Sam was such a great guy he cared for Carrie the minute he saw her. Carrie was determined to make the best of the situation even though her intended was the town drunk. There was one thing that annoyed me about Carrie, Sam protected Carrie time after time, he gave her a place to stay and food to eat. Her fianc? didn’t even bother to meet her when she came to town, he verbally and physically assaults her, he was often passed out from drinking and Carrie still feels she must give him a chance and ultimately marry him. It took her way to long to accept Sam especially after everything he did for her. I get that she wanted to keep her promise but I think she took it to far as her fianc? Hank didn’t keep his promises. I loved how Sam respected Carries wish to give her fianc? a chance, no matter how crazy he though it was, he never forced her to stop and be with him and he still supported her. I enjoyed reading about Sam and Carries journey and would love to read more about them.
    If you like historical romance with spanking then this is a great read.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

  25. Redrabbitt

    The plot will have Sam insisting that Carrie come and stay at his large home where he has Elva and John in his home. It will keep the appearance up of a chaperone and give him time to investigate more about this marriage agreement. Learning that she has sent her Singer sewing machine by rail, it must be picked up in Pendleton the next day, will afford them a day to get to know each other better.

    The story will have a mystery as to how Hank came about to know of Carrie, what his intent is, and why Carrie would ever agree to marry him. Learning the Spencers wanted her family land and trying to force her out, Carrie has little options left to her. Keeping the family clock hidden, it and the sewing machine are her only links left to her deceased parents, along with their property back in Dodge City.

    There is a second minor story working with young women being sold by their families to a Mr. Cannon as a wife, that har nefarious intent. From there, we will meet, Penny, and a budding romance is in the works. The actions of Drew will uncover slavers, rescue women, and capture several wanted men.

    There is plenty of angst and interaction between Sam and Carrie. She is spunky, determined, and even defiant when all he is trying to do is look at for her best interest. Trying to get her to listen to reason, especially when it comes to Hank Barrows is like dealing with a stubborn mule.

    It is honorable to want to live up to your word, as it is your bond, but that is a two-sided street that should include both parties. Even with Hank threatening and even physically harming Carrie, she doesn%u2019t seem to listen to reason. Placing herself in jeopardy will have Sam punishing her. There are several spanking scenes and only one intimate scene after marriage. The story does end on an HEA note. The story is a stand-alone, but I can easily see the author creating more stories and making this into a series.

  26. DB

    Pippa Greathouse has another awesome book! Carrie and Sam are a great couple, who were just made for each other. Carrie feels obligated to the guy who paid her way to Lesterville even though he is a drunk, mean SOB. Sam repeatedly told her how bad he was and she was not to go near him but she didn’t listen and he had to rescue her several times.he told her “It’s what I do.”.taking care of her.
    This book had everything, love, romance, many spankings, hot sex, humor, great dialogue, great length, dominant males, misbehaving females and a little danger. Just an all around great book! Loved. It. The way it ended hopefully there will be a part two!!! 5 Huge Stars!!!

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