Cassandra’s Curse

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Forced into a life of servitude.

Bound by an amulet and imprisoned for more than seven centuries, Cassandra has given up hope that the curse can be lifted.

Her newest master, Wyatt proves to be far different than her previous masters, refusing to use magic to force her to obey. His methods of ensuring her obedience are more…human.

Is the magic of Wyatt’s love strong enough to break the ancient curse? Or will one of them pay the ultimate price for Cassandra’s freedom?

Publisher’s Note: This paranormal romance includes elements of power exchange and explicit scenes.

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Sample Chapter

A storm was coming.  

The locals rushed about, making the necessary preparations. Boats were docked and tied securely, children ushered into the relative safety of their homes. Nobody seemed to notice the two women standing alone on the beach, circling one another. Or the power that they each wore like a second skin shimmering around them.  

One of the women raised her hand, fingers open to the sky in supplication, and a bolt of lightning slashed between the two, scorching the sand. The air came alive with electricity, but her counterpart simply smiled.  

“Parlor tricks,” she said dismissively. “Havent you anything better for me, dear Iliana?”  

“I havent come to impress you, Cassandra,” the first said, “Ive come to destroy you.” Her voice carried over the storm, amplified by grief and magic.  

Cassandra laughed, her head thrown back with her long, black hair falling in waves to her waist. “Destroy me? Please. Ive had power longer than youve been alive, little one. And you think you will defeat me?” She flicked a wrist and Iliana flew through the air, her body slamming against the rocks overlooking the roiling sea. Cassandra strolled across the beach, lazily making her way to the spot where her opponent struggled to her feet.  

“Ive already won,” Iliana said with a dark laugh, and for the first time, Cassandra felt the bite of fear. “The man you just left? The one whos seed is still inside of you? He gave you something tonight. A token of his affection.”  

Cassandra ran a delicate finger down the length of gold around her neck. “What of it?” she asked, annoyed now by the game they were playing. 

“I cursed it weeks ago, and I sold it to him at the market yesterday.” Cassandra felt true terror when Iliana laughed again, the sound echoing with madness. “I disguised myself so he wouldnt know it was me, the woman he scorned to be with you. And now the bauble you so proudly wear will be your prison for eternity.” Iliana tilted her head to the side, studying Cassandra. “Oh, youll be allowed out from time to time. But you will always be at the mercy of a man, and I pray they are as callous with you as you have been with everyone who has ever had the misfortune to cross your path.” 

The gold began to burn and Cassandra screamed, pulling at the necklace. But she couldnt break the hold of the dark magic it had been imbued with. “You cant do this! Iliana, stop!”  

“Its too late!” Iliana screamed, the storm whipping around her, sending her blonde hair flying, pulling at her clothes like a desperate lover. She began to chant in an ancient and mostly forgotten tongue, the pupils of her eyes widening until there was only a sliver of pale grey ringing the black.  

Cassandra fell to the ground, pain unlike any sheever known engulfing her body. She looked up as Iliana approached her, and the last thing she saw before she fell into the dark was madness.  


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9 reviews for Cassandra’s Curse

  1. Nancy Hughes

    This was a fun read, romance, sex, spankings, and magic. If Wyatt told Cassandra he wanted her naked, her clothes were instantly gone. It becomes a little tense toward the end, you won’t want to put it down. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  2. DONNA L

    4.0 out of 5 starsWHO HOLDS THE POWER
    ByDonna Lon March 5, 2018
    Cassandra’s curse is a magical,interesting story with likeable characters.
    The writing is strong and moves quickly,there was never a dull moment.
    You need to use your imagination,even in the darkest moments.I like how
    Cassandra’s and Wyatt’s relationship evolved into love against all odds.The
    last thing Wyatt Harnett expected was a young women popping out of the
    necklace he brought for his mother’s birthday.Cassandra is a Enchantress who
    was cursed by another,her fate is to be trapped inside an amulet for the last
    700 years.There is only one way to break the curse but she is unable to tell
    Wyatt what it is,he must discover it himself.Cassandra has trouble adjusting
    to mod cons of the twentieth century,especially when Wyatt has banned her
    from using her powers.Wyatt engages his mother to help find the answer to
    the curse,his feelings for Cassandra grow daily.Wyatt is not amused when
    Cassandra uses her powers on people just because she finds them annoying,
    she soon finds out that Wyatt punishments are much more painful then any
    others she has experienced in the past,This story includes magic,curses,danger,
    love,passion,humor and spankings.

  3. susan landowski

    This is a quick fun read. Has magic, family drama and secrets, romance and spanking. The characters and their interactions keep you entertained. Please read.

  4. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this different story that revolves around two sisters, one is light, Iliana, and the other one is dark, Cassandra, and between them, there was always a bit of one-upmanship. When Cassandra does something to hurt her sister most deeply, Iliana will devise a curse that will bind Cassandra to servitude tied to an amulet. For over seven hundred years, she has been a prisoner of the curse, oft times, locked away.

    Present day, Wyatt Hartnett will go to a special little shop his mother likes to frequent for a gift for her birthday. Finding a unique necklace, he will purchase and when he gets home, a piece of paper will fall out, but when he reads the words, he is surrounded by light and before him kneels a woman, Cassandra. What kind of magic is this? Is she a witch?

    The story will have Wyatt stunned by Cassandra%u2019s presence, and she can show him a little bit of magic to convince him she is real. What she isn%u2019t allowed to tell him is how to break the curse. To do so would doom her to the amulet for all of eternity.

    There are a chemistry and attraction between Wyatt and Cassandra. While he at first tries to be gentlemanly, that will falter quickly. When Cassandra does things to people with her magic, he will punish her. Not only do they enter into a sexual relationship, but also a domestic discipline relationship. But what happens as these two are starting to fall in love with each other. They must seek out someone trustworthy to help find the key to breaking the curse.

    The story is a journey, including learning the deed that leads to Iliana placing her sister under the curse of the amulet and servitude. Also a little about some of the men she was indentured to over the years. What will it take to break the curse and free her and mend her ties with her family? Is the price too high to pay?

    The story does end on a happy note but not without a forfeit. True love is the most powerful magic there is. There is a unique cast of characters, and most of them will play a role in this tale. The story has explicit sex scenes, mild BDSM, and multiple types of spankings.

  5. Ajjmb

    I absolutely adored this book. It is filled with more than magic. Parts of the book are heart wrenching and other parts are very erotic. Some are even worth smiling about. It has taken Cassie seven hundred years to find a man to truly love and one that will love her. Of course she must break her sister%u2019s curse and she now finally understands the pain she put her sister through. This book was magical and I truly enjoyed it. I would love to see a story about Cassie%u2019s sister, Iliana, and hopefully she would find love again. I highly recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  6. Margaret Corcoran

    I enjoyed reading this different story. It’s a nice way to spend an evening. It’s well written. The characters are well done. There are some disciplinary spankings and hot spicy sex. But it’s ultimately a sweet sexy love story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. I envy this author’s amazing imagination!

  7. Etta Stark

    A beautifully written book full of fantasy, wit and plenty of steamy, steamy spankings. I absolutely loved this book. “Bad” witch, Cassandra, has been trapped inside an amulet for hundreds of years. She can only be released to serve the will of the man who possesses it. These men use and abuse her before banishing her back to her mystical prison.

    Until a lovely chap called Wyatt stumbles across the amulet, says the magic words and finds a naked enchantress in his living room. He rolls with it surprisingly well and sets about trying to find a way to break the curse so that Cassandra can be free forever. Along the way, Cassandra and Wyatt fall for one another and enjoy lots of delightful sex and spankings. Which is great news for Wyatt and Cassandra and – of course – us, the readers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about an all-powerful enchantress submitting to discipline because she absolutely knows it will do her good.

    This is a well written story with some intriguing twists. I thoroughly recommend it.

  8. Jf12574

    I read an advanced copy of this book. Loved it. Very entertaining and you won’t want to put it down. Loved it and you will too!

  9. John Lindow

    This book by Stella Moore was an absolute delightfully delicious and fun read that included magic as it took the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that included betrayal, hatred, revenge, depression, resignation, lust, and even some domestic discipline thrown in for good measure. And, of course, we can’t forget the heartfelt romantic side of the story as well as the characters try to figure out how they can work together to make their life work. This is a very late voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Blushing Books.

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