Binding His Queen

This was the second occasion she had kept me waiting for her own amusement and I was growing tired of her games, even though they had intrigued me on our first meeting. Unlike most men, I did not love silly feminine plays of power and affection. But then I wasn’t all human.

I was a Trian hybrid conceived in the union of a human female and a Trian male. I had been forced to keep my true identity a secret from society. If I ever settled down with a woman I hoped she would be a Trian hybrid with whom I had connected on a deep psychic level as well as physically.

My people had been forced to take refuge on Earth centuries ago in a primitive society years behind our own technical capabilities and our intelligence. This was because of the invasion of our world, Trianon, light years away from here. Many of our females had been stolen by our invaders, the Saipiean Alliance for mating and more had died when the Saipieans brought the plague which had killed their own women at the time. Lonely and bereft at their loss, the Trian males developed a fondness for human women and joined with them to create a new breed of our race.

Although I toyed with and pleasured many Earth women I yearned for one whom I could love, protect , tame and master. That was when Juliet, the hybrid Queen of our race, was presented to me as a mate. Eager to fully possess her, I would not rest until she was tamed to my will with her full surrender and submission so I could ensure her protection from the enemies of our race determined to take her from me.

Publisher’s warning: This book contains strong scenes of BDSM, Spanking, Caning, Enema, Medical Play and much more. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book. Please also note this book was written as an erotic alternative to my novel, Knight of Swords written under my pen name, Arabella Kingsley.

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Sample Chapter

Paige Hall, Coulscott, Devon, 1893


I sat back in the tall red leather chair watching the glow of the open fire as I waited and took another drink of cognac.  The winter’s night was cold.  Snow lay around the house and covered the towers.  The door opened quietly and the maid came to stand at my side.

“The lady is ready to receive you, Lord Valancourt.”

My maid Ana curtsied prettily in front of me and smiled fondly.  She was a pretty young thing but too young for me to take any forward interest in the child despite her obvious determination for me to regard her differently.  It was my peculiar rule not to engage in relations with the female staff.  They were in my employment and under my protection.  They deserved my fatherly respect and care. Nothing less.

I slowly stood and put down my drink on the small trestle table not far away from my chair and nodded.

“Thank you, Ana.  You may retire now.”

Disappointment shone through her violet eyes at the indifference in my voice.  She nodded and bid me goodnight.  I made sure I took my time walking in to the wide white marble entrance hall before mounting the stairs to the bedroom.

My older housekeeper opened the door for me.  Candlelight flickered around the room in unison with a dimly lit gas lamp when I entered.  Lady Cassandra Fordel had been forcibly stripped naked by my maid and housekeeper on first entering the house two hours late for her appointment with me.  Then she had been bound and gagged just as I had requested.  Gentle sobbing and panting muffled moans filled the room.

Lady Fordel was now lain over a wedge of pillows, her shoulders placed on the bed and her arms splayed wide, shackled to either side of the large wide four poster bed by long leather straps.  Her bare bottom thrust up in to the air, patiently waiting to be disciplined by my hand.  From her anus protruded the smooth end of a stem of ginger as I had instructed.  It’s fiery water seeped in to the flesh of her dark channel and dripped through the tender crease of her buttocks down on to the flared lips of her pussy, making her orifices burn with an exquisite cocktail of pain and pleasure.  The beautiful lady was beginning to learn that I did not tolerate lateness in a woman for a dinner engagement.

This was the second occasion she had kept me waiting for her own amusement and I was growing tired of her games even though they had intrigued me on our first meeting.  Unlike most men I did not love silly feminine plays of power and affection.  But then I wasn’t all human.  I was a Trian hybrid conceived in the union of a human female and a Trian male.  I had been forced to keep my true identity a secret from society.  If I ever settled down with a woman I hoped she would be a Trian hybrid with whom I had connected on a deep psychic level as well as physically.

My people had been forced to take refuge on Earth centuries ago in a primitive society years behind our own technical capabilities and our intelligence.  This was because of the invasion of our world, Trianon light years away from here.  Our invaders, the Saipiean Alliance for mating, had stolen many of our females and more had died when the Saipieans brought the plague, which had killed their own women at the time.

Lonely and bereft at their loss, the Trian males developed a fondness for human women and joined with them to create a new breed of our race.  Although I toyed with and pleasured many Earth women I yearned to one whom I could love, protect, tame and master.  I was yet to be presented with such an honour.  Until that day I was content to dally with women in my search and pleasure both them and myself as I saw fit.

Cassandra’s buttocks were plump, juicy and ripe as a peach.  I reached out to stroke my fingers along the curved edge of one buttock then paused to push the ginger a little further in to her anus.  She squealed against her gag.

“I deplore tardiness in a woman,” I spoke softly, quietly, darkly, building her fear just a touch more.

“You have dared to keep me waiting for you on more than one occasion.  The first time I could forgive for womanly fancy but two hours on a winter’s evening is unacceptable, my dear Cassandra.”

I continued to caress her bottom.  It flushed warm to my touch.  I smiled at her gentle arousal even though her fear shone through her tears.  The woman was aching to be tamed despite the rebellious nature she often showed to a man.  Her feelings on the matter were strong but buried deep.  I brushed her mind with my own and connected with her thoughts as I had done earlier that evening knowing she meant to keep me waiting so she could rule me as she had done other men.  She had discarded them on a whim and crushing their love for her.  Her naivety of my own character had made me laugh and I decided then and there the child needed to be taught a valuable lesson.  I would never be mastered by a woman.  It was I who mastered.

“I worried you had been injured in your carriage.  Now let’s to your punishment, Cassandra then there will be no more talk of the matter.  I must be satisfied.  If you wish to remain with me I will expect your obedience and dutiful respect at all times.  I fear obedience is a foreign concept to you but it may be cultivated in a woman through discipline by the firm guiding hand of a man across her bottom.”

Cassandra moaned and cried bucking against the pillows, helplessly trying to free herself from her bonds but she was held fast.  I raised my hand and gave her buttocks two hard slaps.  She screamed against her gag so I gave her another one.

“Enough, Cassandra.  Accept your punishment with dignity.”

I moved away from the bed and removed my tailed dinner jacket then rolled up my sleeves watching her buck against the pillows, the sting of my slaps on her bare bottom and the fire of the ginger starting to take hold.

The housekeeper gestured to the dressing table upon which she had placed several spanking implements – a leather paddle, a cane, a birch, a small bullwhip, a hairbrush and a wooden spoon.

 Which to choose for Cassandra’s first spanking?

Normally I broke the defiant stubborn will of a woman over my knee with my hand but Cassandra had provoked me in to using a stronger method such was her destructive childish behaviour.  The very thought helped me to choose the perfect implement to remind her of being a child who needed schooling.  I would introduce Lady Fordel to the cane.

The cane I was to use was thin and light, made of rattan.  As it was the first time, Lady Fordel had been caned at my hand I decided to be kind and warm her bottom.  This would help the lady process the pain I was about to inflict.  My inclination was to dominate a woman but not unkindly.  I yearned to protect and love one through my actions.

Cassandra’s body and bottom were positioned near the end of the bed for easy discipline.  I placed my hand upon her back noticing the ginger was beginning to take good effect and making her squirm.  I stilled her movement and raised my palm.  It struck her bottom hard and fast and I found my stride quickly.  She bucked against the pillows and yelped against her muslin gag.  I continued the warming, catching both buttocks at once and then the backs of her thighs until they began to blush pink.  Now, my lady was ready to receive the cane.

My housekeeper handed it to be at my request.  The mention of the object was to reach Cassandra’s ears and set her to squirming and sobbing against her gag.  Once more I placed my hand on her bare back.  This time at the base of her spine and pressed gently.  I had always found holding a woman firmly on this part of her body gave her reassurance and comfort that she should be safe and cared for by my person.  Its masterful calming effect was intoxicating to watch.  Her movement halted a little inducing me to press harder.  As I did so, she yielded and became still.  I maintained the hold a little while longer.  Once convinced she had surrendered to her fate I prepared my caning stance.

The first of the blows were to sting Lady Fordel’s flesh.  In this fashion she was to truly feel the punishment of her crime.  I was well practised in the art of caning and careful to only ever strike with the cane’s tip.  I should not want my lady to be injured then the purpose of the caning would be defeated and her appreciation of the discipline ruined.

I stood tall at the side and lifted the cane, resting my index finger along the strip to assist an accurate aim.  I struck both mounds first with the flick of my wrist, making sure the tip of the can landed on the buttock furthest away from me.  The sting was sharp and acutely felt.  Cassandra raised her plump buttocks in a strong bucking motion and screamed against the gag loudly.  After several more stinging blows I believed her punishment had been keenly felt and it was now appropriate to build her arousal.  By doing both Lady Fordel would learn I was not a man to be trifled with.

Rather than a stinging blow I wished to brand Lady Fordel with a thudding effect.  To do this, I struck and held the cane in place on her flesh.  More loud sobbing and bucking ensued.  After several strikes I paused to slip my fingers between her thighs.  I smiled triumphantly when I found the wench slick with need.  Drops from the fiery ginger had also melted between her thighs.  I rubbed the soaked pink lips of her pussy with it and coated the tip of the small bud nestled there.  Again she bucked and moaned.  But I wanted her wetness to be more abundant.

Once more I lifted the cane and began to punish her bare bottom with strength.  I struck a different place each time to sustain a constant level of pain by working my way down her bottom with parallel strokes.  The cane swiped at her buttocks, the backs of her thighs and the tantalising narrow crease where the upper thighs join the bottom. The shock from the wave of pain would travel through to her pussy and translate in to confusing wet pleasure.  Then my lady would be ripe for taking.

The last strike was heavy to remind her of stance on tardiness once more and then her punishment was brought to an end.  I rested the back of my hand against her burning crimson thrashed buttocks and gently rubbed to soothe her agitation.  The housekeeper took the cane to dispose of it and left us alone.

Lady Fordel was heavily wet between her thighs, which were slick through to the outer side.  Caning appeared to suit her well.  I stroked the soft flesh lovingly before inserting a finger inside her pussy lips once more to begin coaxing her clitoris to ripeness.  Moans and pants escaped over the confines of the gag.  She tested the strength of her bonds, helplessly trying to move her tied wrists through the leather but they were tightly fastened.  Her silky long dark hair stretched over the bed and her face when she attempted to lift her tear stained face from the bedclothes.

I pressed her face back down and instructed the wench to remain in position, holding her head down for a moment.  She did as bidden and I resumed caressing her sex.  I demanded her total subservience and obedience threatening her with another six of the best with the cane if she raised her face again.   In return I was rewarded with the complete surrender of her will to my command.

Lady Fordel’s hips moved backwards as I stroked urging me to penetrate her vaginal entrance.  Willingly I obliged.  She was wet enough to push two fingers inside her at once.  I thrust them high and hard making her move feverishly on top of them.  They found the rough wall of her vagina and I began to caress it building her desire.

“You have taken your punishment well, Cassandra.  I am pleased and you shall be rewarded with pleasure,” I said softly, caressing her stinging bottom, pausing to push the ginger in to her anus just a little further.  The simple action made her yelp and ride hard against my fingers.  “I think you a ready for a mounting.  Nothing else will satisfy that ache I have stoked inside you,” I told her darkly feeling my own ardour rise harder in anticipation of what was to come.

Moving away from my beautiful captive lady, I began to undress.  After briskly completing the task I took a jar of smooth cool gel from the dressing table and climbed on top of the bed behind Cassandra.  Her bottom was at the perfect height over the pillows for my penetration.  Lady Fordel was writhing against the pillows attempting to rub her clit against them to gain satisfaction for her arousal whilst moaning with the fire of her blazing bottom and the wet ginger in her dark entrance.

“The ginger is a potent tool used in intercourse.  It’s burning pain fires desire to the brink of eruption, Cassandra.”

She was writhing harder now unable to seek relief for her pleasure and from the burning sting.  I stroked her thighs watching with interest at her reaction.  She seemed to feel it more potently than the last two women I had used the ginger upon and her wetness was stronger.  If the lady pleased me with her performance during her mounting then I would tease her with it again.

I opened her legs wider and slowly removed the ginger and lay it to one side.  The gel was thick and I applied it liberally to her puckered anal orifice.  My finger sliding in an out of her hole produced a rush of small gasps.  With a grin I began to ply my hard long member with the gel, stroking and smoothing it to the very tip and down again.  My touch was to increase my desire.  Continuing to caress my length I felt it further harden and threaten to burst.

I breathed hard and turned to position it at the dark puckered hole.  I pushed the tip of my cock in slowly carefully and then hard to the hilt.  Cassandra was no stranger to being taken in such a manner and her channel was welcoming.

Picking up the ginger again, I moved it underneath Cassandra and caressed it over her clit.  The simple action drove her wild.  She reared and strained against her bonds.  A rush of creamy wetness coated my fingers signalling her readiness.  I repeated the caress and then as she reared once more I took full advantage and thrust harder inside her body picking up a fast unforgiving rhythm.

I held on to her voluptuous body using her hips as reins while I rode her down to orgasm.  She moved back against me restlessly urging me on.  Passion rose fast.  I closed my eyes feeling the familiar heat of need begin to surge inside me.  When I opened them again I was surprised to see a young woman watching me from the corner of the room.  She appeared as startled as me.  Then her image disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

She was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my womanising eyes on.  I felt a strong connection to the woman the likes I had never had before.  The need to possess her was sudden and strong.  She had appeared to me psychically in a vision.  It meant she was Trian or a hybrid and this may be the connection I had been looking for all my life.  But when I looked down at Cassandra I no longer saw her body but the woman’s.

Her long red gold hair lay out on the bed in ringlets.  Beautiful emerald green eyes looked up at me imploringly as she lifted her face from the bed.  She wore the gag and her body was tied as Cassandra’s had been and in my power.  It was her bottom that was caned and blushing pink at me and in to which I was now thrusting hard.  The strange image spurred me on.  I wanted to possess the beauty, brand her forcibly as my own.  She was mine.  That was all my mind knew at that moment.

Her body started to buck and move back against me.  I drove fast and heard her cry out her orgasm as it exploded along with my own.  I came hotly inside her wanting all her body could give me.  Falling over her body I rushed to kiss her back wanting to harden as quickly as I could to take the stranger again but when I opened my eyes and looked down at her she was once again, Cassandra.

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