Becoming Family

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Jenny and Cal are together and happy. Though they share a deep connection, they have very different ideas of what makes a family. Jenny’s is small, cold, unwelcoming. Meeting Cal’s sprawling, loud, loving mass of sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles poses a unique challenge. She protects herself against her domineering mother, keeping her at arm’s length.

Cal keeps his parents and extended family close. They are like one big, living, breathing hug. His challenge: to get Jenny to her first Bennet barbeque. Her love for him, and a bit of over the knee encouragement, drives her to agree to meet the Bennets. She learns that not all families are created equal.

Heartened by her reaction, Cal is excited to finally meet Jenny’s parents. Despite her warnings, he remains steadfast – all families are loving and kind. Mothers love their daughters; fathers protect their children. The dinner they share in her childhood home teaches him things he wishes he never had to learn.

Jenny’s mother has planned a future for her daughter that does not include someone as ordinary as Cal Bennet. What good could this small town hick with no money and no connections do her? How far will she go to see that her wishes become reality? Will these two lovers come to an understanding of what their family will look like?

Publisher’s Note: This story contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit sexual encounters.

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Sample Chapter

Could the last two months have been real? Could a person change their entire outlook on life in such a short time? Jenny had. Two months ago, she’d been a sullen, angry college freshman. She was showing up late when she made it to class at all and her grades certainly showed her supreme lack of effort. She’d been living in a sorority house full of ‘mean girls’ and she’d probably been one herself. She knew she’d been angry; she felt she’d been angry for as long as she could remember. But the anger was gone—replaced by a feeling of euphoria. And all because of a man.


She thought back to the night they’d met, when the mean girls had sent her to break into a house during a stupid scavenger hunt. They’d known it was the sheriff’s house. Jenny hadn’t. Now she could only thank God the voters in Beaufort County had elected such a young, gorgeous law man. She’d been caught red-handed and nearly got her ass hauled off to jail. But instead, Cal had talked to her, once he’d gotten over his initial shock and anger. He’d told her she needed to grow up and take responsibility for herself and her actions. He’d offered her an alternative to being arrested. He’d become her mentor and he’d worked with her, helping her get her life together.

He’s started by getting her education on track. He insisted that she go to every single class and that she be on time. Homework and decent grades were also high on the list of things he wanted her to accomplish. Cal was a great mentor. But there was more to the probation. Parts Jenny didn’t really want to think about.

College she could do without and she’d already decided to quit after she finished this year. Her favorite parts of working with Cal were learning to cook, clean house, and even do laundry. Jenny had learned none of these skills at home. Home had been a well-run machine. Servants handled all domestic tasks. Her mother had a full-time career being a socialite, gossiping about those in and out of her circle of friends and in general being a full-time bitch. Jenny doubted her mother even knew where the washing machine and dryer were in her gilded mansion, much less have any idea how they were used. But Jenny had mastered the washer and dryer, the stove, the microwave, the grill, and even the dishwasher. Learning to cook and to keep a house clean gave her a sense of accomplishment that she never got from doing homework and getting decent grades.

“I’ve got to move,” Jenny muttered to herself as she headed to class. She wasn’t about to be late today. She wanted Cal to remain in the wonderful mood she’d left him in late last night. Yesterday had been so amazing Jenny was scared it hadn’t been real. After over two months of holding her at arm’s length Cal had finally admitted that he loved her and had more than proved it. She had never experienced an afternoon like that. That was true loving-making. Thinking now about her amazing afternoon with Cal, she’d realized that her previous experiences of hooking up had barely qualified as sex.

Jenny arrived for her history class a full ten minutes early and headed for her usual seat at the back. Sitting brought a soft ‘oww’ to her lips and she quickly glance around even though there were few there to notice. Trying to find a more comfortable position Jenny sighed and realized she was going to have to give some thought to the one aspect of Cal’s help and guidance she could do without.

Cal believed in doing the right thing and that there should be consequences for those who didn’t. As the sheriff, he felt arrest, and sometimes incarceration, was a reasonable consequence for law breakers. But for Jenny his ideas of discipline led in a whole other direction. Cal believed in spanking and she had already found herself over his knee on more than one occasion, including yesterday. She’d lied to Cal and his firm belief in discipline and consequences was exactly what had her squirming in her seat now. She hadn’t spent much time thinking about yesterday’s spanking because the moment it was over they had fallen into bed for the first time and that drove everything else from her mind. But it was something she’d have to think about. She loved Cal and she wanted to be with him, but this spanking shit was going to have to stop.

Jenny’s phone buzzed and she grabbed it, ‘  I’ll be home by 4:00 this afternoon, can you be there?’

‘Count on it,’ she texted back, not even trying to lose the silly grin that stole across her face.

6 reviews for Becoming Family

  1. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Cal and Jenny’s story continues. Jenny comes from a well to do family, but Cal’s middle class, loving family gives her more than she has ever had. Cal’s loving discipline helps her in ways she never knew, but her cold, unfeeling mother is impossible for him to fathom. DD, sweet romance.

  2. Molly Friis

    Jenny and Cal are from very different upbringings. Jenny was raised in a upscale setting, only child with little to no nurturing. Cal while not poor was brought up with many sibils in a very loving home. When Cal wants her to meet his family Jenny is worried but knows how much it means to him, and is delighted to find out she likes them and they like her. Things change thou when he insists on meeting her Parents, Jenny finally agrees Cal has no idea what kind of can he is opening? Let the twists begin.

  3. Joanie Miller

    I couldn’t put this book down. The continuation of Cal and Jenny’s hot romance was all about family. From Cal’s big and loving family that is everything you could wish for to Jenny’s nightmarish parents, the story even included Cassie and Tom and their family of friends. With lots of love, discipline, danger and suspense, this well-written book was excellent. I can’t wait for the next one.

  4. DB

    I loved this book! I loved the first book! I just love them both!!! This book felt like you were coming back home to family – love the title! Jenny and Cal are such a great couple. Cal has this great big family and Jenny is an only child with a B for a mother! Before they get married Cal wants to meet her parents even though Jenny says it’s not a good idea. Well Jenny was right and Cal wished he had never met them. It’s really sad how Jenny’s mother treats her and what she does. Cal is there for Jenny and loves her more because of her parents. This books had lots of love, suspense, laugh out loud moments, witty dialogue, good length for the price, spankings, dd relationship and other book on the way! I can’t wait!!! Loved it! 5 big bright stars

  5. DONNA L

    This review is from: Becoming Family (Cal’s Law Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
    What a great sequel to book one. Cal and Jenny’s
    relationship is growing stronger each day.Jenny
    still has difficulty accepting how Cal deals with
    problems,she is not sure if she wants to be in a
    D/S relationship.Cals introduces Jenny to his
    family who embrace and accept her.The opposite
    happens when Cal meets Jenny’s family
    Her mother is horrified and does everything
    in her power to break them up.The emotional
    growth of Jenny was to be admired.She was
    resilient at the most difficult of times and never
    gave up on her relationship with Cal.The
    hardest part to read was just how devious
    and at what lengths Jenny’s mother went to
    in her effort to keep them apart.It has a great cast of
    characters which added to the richness of
    storyline.Jenny had lived a lifetime of misery
    and carried the burden alone for so long it
    was hard for her to share her feelings with Cal.
    What a amazing book.The descriptive writing
    style tells a story to keep you captivated.
    This is a well written love story with a domestic
    discipline theme.
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book

  6. BlueDiamond

    Social classes collide, making for an entertaining read as the town sheriff and a wealthy college girl fall in love. A cute romance.

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