Bad Girls, Grumpy Bosses

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When feisty women are seduced by charming, bossy men, they soon discover the pain and pleasure of tough love. Six steamy full-length novels. Four sexy couples.

Included in this collection is: Simon Says, Winning Sadie, Sadie Says I Do, Seeing Ronnie, Holding Cynthia, and Trusting Ingrid.

Books 1-3 (Simon Says, Winning Sadie, and Sadie Says I Do): With close friends, a lovely condo, and an amazing shoe collection, Sadie Donohue is happy with life. Just don’t ask about the unpaid balances on her credit cards. When billionaire Simon Jacobson moves in, she soon learns more than how to balance her check book. Yes, they are from different worlds, but Simon insists that doesn’t matter. She may want to fix the world, but he intends to rule it, starting with her.

Book 4 (Seeing Ronnie): Celebrity blogger Ronnie Flynn wants something only Del Franklin can give her. Del says she can have it, but conditions apply. Ronnie agrees. The minute he is out of sight, she breaks her word. When he takes her home that night, Del gives her an old-fashioned lesson in honorable, ladylike behavior. Too bad for Ronnie that she is a slow learner.

Book 5 (Holding Cynthia): Recent retiree Cynthia Donohue has just moved to the west coast. Chronic fatigue and joint pain is making her antisocial. Even though she likes Antony Jacobson, her son-in-law’s wealthy uncle, she pushes him away. Or tries to. Antony intends to be the boss in their relationship. She baulks at his domineering ways. A trip over his knee, followed by loving aftercare, challenges her long held feminist principles.

Book 6 (Trusting Ingrid): Ingrid Nickel grew up lawless and streetwise. She trusts no one. Her mother was a grifter who shaped Ingrid’s hyper independence. When Ingrid meets Lachlan Morrison, a man who isn’t fooled by her bluster and bluff, it’s game on. He sees someone who is badly broken. All she needs is a firm and loving hand. Ingrid doesn’t want to be rescued. But she kind of likes the way Lachlan’s strict discipline is sweetened by masterful lovemaking.

Disclaimer: The books in this boxset are intended for adults only. They include power exchanges, spanking, and other sexual activities which are fantasies only.

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1 review for Bad Girls, Grumpy Bosses

  1. Redrabbitt


    Simon Says by Libby Campbell

    Sometimes you read a story and have mixed emotions, and that was how this one was with me. Simon Jacobson is so busy with his work that he doesn’t have a personal life. He set his sights on Sadie Donohue and is charming but dominant. He has issues with her sarcasm, eating habits, and pretty much anything personal and plans on changing what he considers her bad habits and behavior. He makes up the rules as they go along, but she has already broken that rule and will be spanked. At one point, he takes it too far, punishing her in a fit of anger, and it goes beyond safe, sane, and consensual. Their relationship escalates rapidly, and maybe they deserve each other. This is a quick read that focuses on their sadomasochistic roller coaster relationship; sex is more implied than described.

    Winning Sadie (Simon in Charge Book 2)

    Simon Jacobson is bigger than life, sexy, intelligent, business savvy, and extremely wealthy. Sadie Donohue comes from a completely different world, a blue-collar working family, bargain shopping, and simple everyday life. She is somewhat independent and proud of her accomplishments. Landing the job as a PA for Simon opens up another world that leads to love and a relationship that includes domestic discipline, but it is working for them.

    The plot has Simon and Sadie having a lavish engagement party at his island home with the upper crust of society and her mother, who is nothing but critical. Cynthia is one of those people that would complain if her ice cream was cold, and she does nothing but belittles Sadie until she is ready to call off their marriage, but Simon knows the Cynthias of the world, and he isn’t going to let her win. An accident adds to this tailspin; throw in a nasty blogger who comes at Sadie as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Will life with Simon become more than Sadie can handle? These two will have to learn that marriage and relationships involve give and take from both people. Simon and all his rules may need some updating. Secrets will be revealed, but with love, nothing is too much for them to handle.

    “Only he and his stern discipline made me feel so protected.”

    Sadie Says I Do (Simon in Charge Book 3)

    The Simon in Charge series is best to be read in order, and this is the third part of the tale of Simon Jacobson and Sadie Donohoe. They are back in Vancouver, and it is time to plan the wedding, but first Simon wants them to find a house. He never expected to happen to be part of the realty team to be an ex-girlfriend who has a reputation for being vengeful. Finding the perfect home comes with unexpected complications that must be ironed out. While attorneys are handling the red tape, they travel abroad for business until it is settled and they return home for their wedding.
    Simon has laid down rules for Sadie, and they are mostly about common sense, courtesy, and safety. He understands her need to help out with the mission and free clinic but wants her to be safe because of the dangers of that part of town. When Sadie is accosted, injured, and her engagement ring stolen, it opens her eyes to the risks he was trying to protect her from.

    “I knew I’d been poking the bear, but it seemed like harmless fun at the time.”

    The wedding of Simon and Sadie deals with some very unexpected weather, heavy snows, then high winds. The love Simon has for her will give her the winter wonderland she was hoping for.

    “A romantic land of love and sensuality, and he was the pilot of my soul who took me there.”

    The three stories make up a journey of two souls who were destined to find each other. Simon, who had lost his first wife, and Sadie, who hasn’t found anyone special. He needs to be in control, dominate and protect her, and she needs someone to ground her and keep her safe. The story is about the domestic discipline lifestyle that two consenting adults agreed upon and their journey that leads to their marriage. The sex scenes are explicit, the chemistry and love sizzle on the pages. The story is told in both Simon and Sadie’s POV.

    Seeing Ronnie (Romancing The Coast Book 1)

    The Romancing The Coast books are a spinoff from the Simon In Charge series. While it encompasses some of the critical players from the Simon’s series, it takes on a new look at some of the other essential people in Simon’s life and work, Del Franklin and someone that is brought in, Ronnie Flynn. “Keep your friends close and your friends closer” is important to Simon, especially when it comes to protecting Sadie and his personal interest. With Del being an employee and Ronnie being a gossip blogger, hiring her with an ironclad confidentiality agreement in place keeps him and Sadie protected.

    Gossip blogger, Ronnie Flynn, has a way of acquiring the good, the bad, and the ugly on people. She is an astute businesswoman and has a massive following on her gossip blog. She wants to attend the engagement celebration on Seguro Island for Simon and Sadie. Since friend and employee Del Franklin and his wife Heather are separated, she approaches him to be his plus one date. She has the perfect place to stay, a lovely home on the lake with ten acres, a beautiful house, and a barn with a studio, all that she wants to buy.

    Del Franklin was going to forego going to the engagement party now that he and Heather have separated. When Ronnie Flynn wants a meeting with him and proposes going as his date, he will make stipulations, and she must agree to them.

    The plot will have to unlikely people to go to the year’s engagement party for Simon and Sadie. Ronnie Flynn has a reputation that doesn’t sit well with Simon. He isn’t pleased with Del for bringing her as his date, but Del assures him he has it under control. Lots of quid pro quo between Del and Ronnie will add to this tale. You have to admire how Ronnie gets her information, and it isn’t just dirt slung out there; it is accurate or allows the reader to make their own assumptions. There are several things that Del won’t tolerate, and one is foul language, which he will take Ronnie to task over, and breaking a promise will come with a price. Ronnie has her secrets, things that she keeps hidden, things that others will not understand.

    “Would you believe me if I said I had the gift of second sight? That I have what some people call psychic powers?”

    She has been a fighter since she was a child with free spirit parents and then being used by a couple of men; she knows that she can only rely on and trust herself. Del can sense that Ronnie is a natural submissive beneath that shell, and she has met the man to unlock her passion.

    “Everything about the woman screamed control freak. Everyone knew a control freak needed a way of letting go, and he had many ways to help her.”

    Several alliances will be formed. Simon will hire Ronnie to be with Sadie and in the process, help keep the gossip positive. Del and Ronnie will do a joint adventure on the property.

    “Life is short. We mostly regret the things that we don’t do.”

    Holding Cynthia (Romancing The Coast Book 2)

    The story will be about Cynthia, the mother of Sadie Donohue now Jacobson, and Antony Jacobson, the uncle. Both are mature adults entering their golden years. Cynthia and Antony met at Simon and Sadie’s wedding, instantly connected, and enjoyed dancing the night away.

    “I want you. I need you.” “She and Antony were two pieces in a classic puzzle, fitting together in a timeless way.”

    After Simon and Sadie’s marriage, Cynthia and her father, Donald, decided it was time to sell their home and business in Montreal, move to the West Coast, and be closer to Sadie. Making the trip to Vancouver Island, they find and purchase the perfect 1940s coastal home. What a shock for Donald to die in his sleep before the move, but now Cynthia needs to be closer to Sadie and new beginnings.
    Antony Jacobson has never felt about another woman, including his two ex-wives, as he does towards Cynthia Donohue. He even went to Montreal and visited with her and Donald, getting to know them better. Once again, when Donald dies, Antony will drop everything and be the rock for Cynthia to lean on and help her during this difficult time.

    The plot will have Cynthia with her movie to Vancouver Island, sans her father, and not feel well. She was in a bad automobile accident the year before and had a concussion, hurt her back, and assumed it was just from her previous accident. Antony Jacobson has placed his ranch on the market and is determined to be wherever Cynthia calls home. He will show up in Vancouver Island and assist her with the closing, clean-up, and preparations for the movers. Their time together quickly escalates to an intimate relationship.

    Antony is dominant, just like Simon, and learns quickly that Cynthia’s independence and stubbornness are her worse enemy. He will lay down some rules, including forcing her to tend to her health. When she pushes, he pushes back by giving her a spanking and letting her know this will become the new way of life for them. There can only be one head of the household in their relationship, and it will be him. For the first time in her adult life, she feels like she has someone who honestly cares about her well-being.

    What will happen when Cynthia is given devastating news about why she is so tired and in pain? She and Antony are just making plans for a life together; can she keep this secret from him? When he learns the news, will he leave her, or once again, become her rock? Anger, bitterness, hurt, lack of trust, and deceit will cause pain, but with love, faith, trust, and discipline, forgiveness will clear the slate and allow them to move towards their future together.

    “Life is full of tsunamis.” “Whatever life throws at us, bad times shared are bad times halved. Good times shared are good times doubled.”

    “And, as the song says, there ain’t no cure for love either. I’ll never get enough of you. Don’t worry. I will always be here to catch you.”

    Trusting Ingrid (Romancing The Coast Book 3)

    The story will be about Ingrid Nickel and Lachlan Morrison. Many years ago, two people who had met by chance will once again be brought back together–only this time, fate has a different plan for them. While this story is part of the Romancing the Coast series, it will easily read as a stand-alone.

    Ingrid is raised by a bitter mother who is upset about how things turned out with the man that fathered her child, and therefore she raises her daughter to live a life conning others. From the time Ingrid is little, she has learned from her mother and lived a life on the move, never settling down, never really having friends. It is a life of conning and moving on. But her mother is gone, and while Ingrid has made a fortune in real estate, she isn’t a happy person.

    The plot will have Ingrid at rock bottom and going to her one friend, Rachel’s home to house and dog sit while they are in Australia visiting their daughter, Stevie. Rachel’s husband, Glyn Morrison, isn’t a fan of Ingrid and even goes as far as to tell her he has had her investigated. His widowed brother, Lachlan, is also at the house, living in a basement apartment, and Glyn will warn her away from Lachlan. But when Lachlan and Ingrid lock eyes, there is a chemistry and instant attraction, and this will be their story.

    Lachlan hasn’t felt this alive since the death of his wife, Mary. He senses a lost soul with Ingrid, someone who needs a strong man to hold her accountable, to show her he cares, and to not only love her but discipline her. For the first time in Ingrid’s life, she will find someone who will stand up to her, make her accept her shortcomings, pay the price for her behavior, and show her love as she has never experienced before.

    “This is the plan,” he said. “I’m going to train you physically at first. In due course, your brain, your heart, and soul will follow. I’m going to be your one-man lifeline, the guy who helps you stay strong. For this to work, you’ll have to be ready to obey me, to take orders from me, basically to submit to me and my rules.”

    Now that Lachlan is holding her to the fire, teaching her accountability, and showing her that he is a man of his word, she is growing as a person. When she stumbles, he is there to pick her up and give her discipline.

    “Then I am that friend. I want to be your lover, your man, your boss, your brother, your father, your protector, and your confessor. Is that what you want from me? Let it out,” he said. “You have so many unshed tears; your soul is drowning in them. I’m here for you. You can trust me. I will protect you and look after you. Your half of that bargain is to respect me. To obey me.”

    The story is very emotional, and it brings two people together that need each other. For Ingrid, it is finally letting go and trusting another soul, and for Lachlan, it is allowing himself to love again.

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