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A young child hidden on Earth, destined to be queen of an empire when she comes of age. Wanted by many men, each with their own agenda, Alextra is not the meek and mild princess they were expecting.

The twelve handsome, dominant princes of the planet Antaeus are desperate to locate the beautiful, lost, submissive queen they are destined to love, adore, advise, and rule to keep the balance of power. When they find her hidden on Earth, the birthplace of her father, they stop at nothing to retrieve her and bring her home.

Kept from the true nature of her heritage throughout her stay on Earth, Alextra finds herself taken to a world desperately needing to be rebuilt after a war with the seductive, dark emperor. However, she discovers not every prince who will serve as her loving consort is willing to share her, or is truthful about his own agenda, despite his urge to love and protect her. What is more, the handsome emperor himself wants more from Alextra than her death.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy reverse harem, sci-fi romance takes place in another dimension on an alien planet and contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter



The Planet Anateus in the Tenth Dimension


The Prince rode the powerful stallion fast through the snow in between the trees. It was freezing cold in the wilderness and not a day to be outside of the palace’s enclosure. He pulled the collar of his long, black wool, military style riding coat up to stand around his neck and held the reins tighter in his black leather gloved hands. The small group of women couldn’t have run far. If he didn’t find them soon, they would perish in the cold. His band of men diligently followed on horseback splitting off in different directions. The women were undisciplined and afraid of the new world they had been brought to. They had to be made to understand that they were the planet’s future. Their willingness to reproduce with males from the Anatean race was key to the survival of all the planets in the coalition. They were precious. They had no need to be afraid of their new lives.

The snow began to fall as he spied one of the women up ahead. She bore the striking black spot markings of a Trilodiean female across the top of her head devoid of hair and down her long slender back down over her bottom. Her yellow gold skin was almost translucent in the snow as she ran at the great speed her race was capable of. He dug his heel gently into the horse’s side and it went faster responding to his direction to weave in and around the trees to catch up with the woman.

Stripped upon her capture from her world in the eighth dimension, she now ran naked. She was a glorious sight with her full rounded breasts and their gold pointed tips bouncing heavily on her chest. He doubted whether she knew what the snow and cold was. Her planet was a desert. If possible, he would have simply caught up with her and scooped her up onto the saddle in front of him, but she was far too fast and would slip easily out of his hands. He was going to have to be cleverer than that. He got up as close as he could and then leapt from the horse to pounce on top of her to bring her down onto the soft snow.

She struggled wildly and, in an effort, to keep her controlled, he pulled both of her arms behind her back and held on tight. Using his formidable Anatean male strength, he rolled to one side keeping hold of her wrists he’d clasped together behind her back. He got up pulling the woman to her feet with him. She turned her head towards him, and he quickly moved his head to one side to avoid the venom she shot out from her long, forked tongue she thrust at him, loudly hissing as she did so. She repeated the action causing him to push her face forward against the nearest tree.

“I can see you are not going to come quietly. We mean you no harm, but it looks like I am not going to be able to convince you of that right now. Let’s start with some discipline and we can go from there,” he warned her while lifting his free hand to his mouth. Using his teeth, he pulled the leather glove from it and allowed it to drop to the floor of the forest. He swept his hand over the woman’s cold, bare bottom and rubbed it gently loving the pert round feel of it. The only downside was he liked them a little plumper but otherwise she was a beautiful specimen of Trilodiean female beauty and would easily mate with an Anatean male to produce enviable hybrid offspring. He quickly pushed her harder against the tree making sure she was safe and not scraping her body against the tough bark and held her in place.

He raised his hand and slapped one buttock using enough but not too much force to ram the message home. She belonged to Anateus now and she was under his control and protection whether she wished it or not. She gave a high-pitched squeal as her flesh lifted and wobbled flushing a rosy pink colour. He struck the second cheek and picked up his rhythm.

He spoke in her own language, one of many he had learned on his travels around the galaxy. Traveling in search of suitable women the males of their race could reproduce with, to replace the lost women of their world and the coalition planets who had been so cruelly taken by a plague. If they had not taken action their race would now almost be depleted.

“You will learn I am your Master and Prince now. I will keep you safe and ensure your life on Anateus will be prosperous with your new mate but I require your complete submission and obedience. If you will not give that to me then I will make you. It starts now with a firm spanking. When you next sit, the hot sting you will feel on your bottom will remind you of what happens when you disobey me and try to hurt me with your venom. If you try that again, I will have you gagged and bound.”

He made the next slap a little harder to emphasise the point and after spanking her solidly for a while he turned his attention to the tender backs of her thighs colouring them a deeper rosy red until she slumped against the tree defeated, ending her hissing.

“Good. That’s better. Now let me get you warm,” he told her turning her around, bending his tall frame to place his arm under her legs and lift her up into his arms. He carried her to the horse and put her sideways on top of the saddle. She winced when she sat down. The Trilodiean was starting to shiver, the adrenaline from her spanking that had been keeping her warm was now wearing off and the cold was setting in through her thin skin used only to a hot dry climate, something Anateus had once possessed before the attempted invasion. He mounted the horse behind her and opened his long coat pulling her inside and close to his chest. He cupped the side of her head and directed it against the warmth and protection of his torso. She did not give him any further argument clearly content to obey and resign herself to her capture. He swept his arm tightly around her waist and kept her cocooned in the coat’s warmth. He kissed the top of her smooth head, gently brushing it with his neatly groomed facial hair around the jawline and mouth of his handsome face that was a paler shade of white than a human’s. He looked down at the bare V-shape between her thighs and couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction when he saw it glistening wet. The little Trilodiean woman had become aroused during her spanking. She was a perfect female addition to the planet for the strongly sexed Anatean male who required a feisty submissive to train.

He dipped his hand underneath the coat watching her look up at him with anticipation when he curved his leather clad hand around one breast and squeezed, loving its soft feel. Perhaps he would take her to his own bed tonight to indulge his own dominant needs. He tucked his fingers beneath her chin and lifted her face up to him. She was such a pretty little thing after all. The Prince returned his hand to her body sweeping his gloved hand down her flat stomach to the top of the triangle before gently sliding his fingers down between the luscious gold lips to find them drenched. The woman moaned and looked up at him almost adoringly as he rhythmically stroked her fleshy lips.

The Trilodiean woman’s anatomy was similar to an Anatean woman’s vulva although it contained a large clit. He’d seen it thrusting out as she ran. Always a wonderful sight to behold he inwardly mused, amused at his own thoughts. Now he sought it out, gently nipping and squeezing it. The woman gasped with the force he used and clung to him. She reached up and made a softer hissing sound. Her long tongue slipped out of her mouth but this time she did not attempt to use it as a weapon but gently licked the tip over the taut smooth skin of her captor’s neck. Craix felt himself grow hard with her light practised touch. The Trilodiean’s tongue was a potent aphrodisiac releasing a powerful sex hormone through the skin with each lick. He briefly closed his eyes allowing himself to sink into his own arousal.

There was no doubt he would play with this little one tonight and possibly add her to his own small harem of women he kept stabled back at the palace’s equine centre next to his prize stallions and mares. He circled the tip of his finger around her entrance coating his finger in her juice. He wanted to taste its sweetness. It had been so long since he had tamed a Trilodiean woman and he had always admired their taste. The Prince removed his finger and brought it to his lips. Her scent was deliciously musky as he placed his finger into his mouth. He lightly sucked its thickness savouring her sweet taste. Later, he would sample more of her. He quickly returned his finger to her pussy wanting to see how she climaxed, whether she came quickly and if she experienced her pleasure deeply. Firmly, he inserted his middle finger and stretched it along the length of her channel to reach the centre of Trilodiean pleasure. The woman shivered against him and hissed softly against his skin as he began to coax her orgasm from her with increasingly hard determined thrusts of his finger. Her hisses became louder, more erratic and he picked up the pace until she gave a small cry and retracted her tongue to pant and hold on to him as her body jolted and thrust down on his finger signalling the forced arrival of her orgasm. He watched her face contort with her pleasure then soften with its melting warmth until she fell limp against his body. Delighted she had come so quickly for Anatean male demands, he bent to kiss the top of her head as he calmed her, slowing the pulse of his finger until the aftershocks of her climax receded.

“You did well, little one,” he told her softly. “You are a welcome addition to our race.”

She hissed her pleasure.

“Now you will no longer be abused on your own world as many Trilodiean women are for their sexuality. Here you will be ruled but always respected and loved. I will ensure it. Shh, you are safe,” he whispered. He removed his finger and sucked her juice from the leather. Making sure the coat was covering her as much as possible to keep her warm and she was protectively nestled against the muscle of his chest, he placed his arm securely around her waist and turned the horse around. The Prince bent his head to the small, gold pyramid shape communicator he had placed on his coat. In his own language, he informed his men he had caught the woman and was heading back to the palace. But his message was interrupted.

“Craix, it is Arion. I have found her,” the soft-spoken man sounded excited, something Craix knew didn’t happen very often. He stopped the horse and stared out at the forest comprehending Arion’s statement. His own heart started to pound with anticipation.

“Where is she?”

“Earth in the third dimension. I am leaving in an hour.”

“I am coming with you. There is no way I am letting you find the Queen we are to be bound to, alone. She belongs to the twelve Princes and we must start binding with her as soon as we find her. We have waited so long to find her. The others must be told. Now, the true resurrection of our world and Empire can begin under a new Queen.”


Chapter One


The man’s strikingly tall, handsome figure walked down the middle of the dark wet street surrounded by fields stretching for miles on one side and a graveyard and church on the other. Although human in appearance, there was another worldliness to him that was unmistakable. His piercing jet black eyes scanned the wet country road illuminated only by the large wintry full moon. His smooth skin was far paler than a human white male’s serving to accentuate his beautiful regal features and shape of his face that was crowned by full raven hair skimming the bottom of his neck. He wore a military outfit that would not have been recognised by anyone from earth had he been seen. A rave red velvet coat adorned his lean athletic figure displaying it to full advantage.

The military coat was long but short at the waist in the front and piped with a black lace type pattern around the edges and the high, black velvet collar. Black stripes of velvet exposing some of the red between them covered the sleeves from the elbow down as though they were some type of insignia. Lace ruffles rested at the bottom of the sleeves covering the tops of his soft, black leather gloves. His black leather trousers tucked into shiny, high, patent leather boots with silver buckles completed the outfit as he led his robot army down the street behind him.

The white robots had been fashioned into a perfect masculine shape and likeness. They were strangely attractive as much as they were menacing to look at and both seamless and smooth in their perfect human shape. Tall and athletic, they carried weapons which they clutched towards their broad chests, gripped by their silver hands and long jointed dexterous fingers.

Arion suddenly stopped, putting up his hand to halt the robot army of ten behind him. He looked at the English village at the bottom of the road and inhaled the air. He was close. He could feel it as well as smell her scent. They would find her soon. He frowned sensing another scent on the air. He wasn’t the only one hunting the woman. He needed to hurry before they found her first. He picked up his pace and the army fell in with his stride.

He had one purpose and one purpose only, to find the lost Queen of Anateus destined to unite and rule under the protection and guidance of the twelve sons of Anateus. He headed into the small historic market town. Overhead the starship that had brought him to Earth on his search, a large shiny metallic object in the shape of a triangle without windows or seemingly any aperture, followed his progress noiselessly above him in the night sky. The Anatean battlecruiser was one of twelve that had been sent out to other dimensions and galaxies to search for and retrieve the lost Queen who had been so cruelly taken and hidden from their world by their enemies when she was a baby. She had been lost to their world for nearly a hundred years. Now new information had been obtained on her whereabouts on Earth and Arion did not intend to leave empty handed.

Arion’s superior intellect and senses far exceeded any of the high-tech equipment his race used, allowing him to trail the scent of the Queen amongst all of the humans she co-existed with. He was unhindered by any human interaction by means of a harmless gas the ship had released into the surrounding area to keep the humans asleep. Not a creature or a bird stirred as he made his way to the main street of the town. It was a little different to the last town he had searched on his travels in the English countryside. It was full of history from Earth’s past. Buildings from centuries ago mingled with modern day housing, shops, cafés and offices.

He reached a crossroads and put up his hand to halt the robot army behind him again. The ship above slowed and hovered in response. The air was muggy, heavy to his senses and clouds were gathering. A storm was moving in. As though to confirm his assertion a distant rumble of thunder could be heard. This was no ordinary storm; their enemy was approaching breaking through the clouds of earth at speed. His beautiful black eyes narrowed sharply. They would not have her. He had to hurry.

He closed his eyes and inhaled the air once again. His mind could sense her to the East. A vision of water floated through his mind and a boat. A flash of white light pierced the air around him making him raise his head sharply to the sky. He could almost hear the roar of the death ship as it approached. Immediately, he turned right at the crossroads and headed down the street at a faster pace. The army and spacecraft fell in time with his tread once more. Time was running out.

Arion quickly found himself at the bottom of the road that led over a bridge. Leaning over it he looked down at a canal surrounded by a park and house gardens on either side. On the left-hand side, next to a towpath there were four narrow boats parked one in front of the other. He climbed up on the top of the railings covering the bridge and jumped easily down on to the towpath. The army followed his movements to file behind him. He pounded the towpath until he reached a canal boat painted in white and blue with rows of flower troughs housing red, white and yellow pansies, lupins and other pretty blooms on the roof. It was situated at the end of the row of boats, moored at the side of the towpath on top of the green water, and covered in white blossoms from the overhanging trees in the park on the opposite side of the water. He jumped into the front of the boat.

“Cover the boat and surrounding area,” he instructed the robots.

Without question, they obeyed him, two leaping on the top of the boat while the others patrolled the area and a copse of trees running alongside in front of the gardens. Another two leapt into the water to cover the narrow boat from the opposite side, aiming their weapons at the sky as the storm brewed stronger and nearer, covering the shining moon in dark clouds

Arion turned his head to one side hearing and feeling movement inside the canal boat detecting two people. An older male and a younger female. He took hold of the handle of the door and turned it attempting to gain access. When he found it locked, he simply pulled using little strength and ripped the door from its hinges and out of its frame. He tossed it over the side of the boat and strode down inside without any further thought.

Arion was forced to bend his tall frame a little. The male in the boat came at him suddenly. An alien unaffected by the gas meant only for humans he was instantly recognised as the enemy from Arion’s own dimension. He flew at Arion but the tall Anatean male was stronger deflecting the man’s strength with ease, matching every combat move he made in the small confined space. Ornaments, cups and plates smashed and fell across the boat rocking it from side to side in a violent fashion as the two men fought pushing each other into the sides, striking at each other.

“You can’t have her. She doesn’t know who you are, son of the ruling house of Zandr. I will stop you,” the male shouted at Arion.

“Then you will die. She belongs to us, to Anateus and we have done without her for far too long,” Arion told him imperiously as he twisted his enemy to trap him in a neck hold. “You stole her from us as a baby and murdered her mother and human father. You must pay the price.” The man struggled for a brief second before Arion cleanly snapped his neck and allowed him to slump to the floor in front of him.

“You killed him. You killed my father,” the female voice was full of shock and unbridled anger. It was so strong he believed she may cause herself to pass out with the intensity of the emotion he detected she was feeling.

When Arion raised his eyes, they locked with deep black eyes native to his own kind. They belonged to a small, curvy, raven-haired human beauty. His heart leapt and reached out to her, his blood singing to hers. The rightful heir to the throne of Anateus stood before him with a baseball bat raised and poised to strike him. She came at him quick and hard as though she’d been forced to repeat the act time and time again in her defence. He caught hold of the bat and snapped it in two before tossing it to the floor. She stared in horror.

“I have not killed him. To do that I would need to have taken his head from his shoulders as he deserves,” he almost spat the words with contempt. He began to advance towards her slowly. “He will stand trial in Anateus for murder, kidnapping and false imprisonment and be sentenced to death.”

As he reached for her, she backed away towards the bedroom area.

“Who are you? Or should I say what are you? Why is your face so pale? What the hell do you want? What are you talking about? My father didn’t kill anyone!” she shouted in a crisp English accent, tears in her voice.

Confused at her words, the handsome alien stranger frowned and held out his hand for her to take.

“He is not your father,” the man spoke with so much contempt he hissed his words. “He has kept you here against your will, hiding you for these last hundred years. You will come with me now. We do not have much time,” he said advancing towards her.

“No way. Maniac. I am not a hundred years old. Can’t you see that? That man was my father and you killed him,” she screamed turning to run towards the back of the boat. She reached upwards, stretching her small arms up to a sky light as Arion walked towards her watching her with confusion. She could barely reach it but with growling determination the alien stranger watched her achieve her goal. The woman lifted herself up with great effort and out through the hole on to the top of the canal boat before he could stop her.

Arion made to follow her but a screech of engines overhead and the thud of another set of boots on top of the boat had him reacting quickly. With narrowed angry eyes Arion raised his fist and punched a hole through the roof of the canal boat and twisted it. His strength was formidable, and he succeeded in creating a hole large enough for him to carry his body through as he rose effortlessly through the air to the roof.

As Arion had calculated, he landed between the woman and the man who had come to take her from him and his planet. He was cleanly snapping the necks of the two robots Arion had posted on top of the canal boat to guard and protect while his own triangular craft fought a battle across the sky with Arion’s crew. The robots had dutifully done all they could to protect the Queen and had now given their mechanical lives to defend her to the last. His enemy was Draex, the son of the 13th House of Anateus who had been banished with his family over a century ago to the planet Corvenus which now waged war upon any planet not of their own Empire in the tenth dimension. They were the oldest Royal stock of Anateus, but his father’s betrayal had sent the world into chaos and war. The other twelve houses had to fight to keep the planet from being taken over by the warring Corvines. The family had fled to Corvenus to take the place of the ruler on request. Now they were an Empire, ruthlessly taking over worlds. Only the strength of the twelve houses’ rule had kept Draex and his older brother, now Emperor from taking Anateus. The only casualty had been their new Queen, stolen from the court after the murder of the last Queen and her twelve consorts. They had feared her dead but had since learned the man who stole her had taken pity on the infant and hid her on another world, away from Corvenus and the Anateans. Her true father’s world. If the new Queen was to unite with the twelve houses, the planet would become strong again and prosper and its Empire would return as had been foretold. The downfall of Corvenus and the Emperor would ensue. Draex would stop at nothing to kill her.

The woman was breathing hard, her shocked, wide eyes darting back and forth from the sky where the silver ships fought, shooting at each other and the two handsome alien male figures with their pale faces squaring up to each other for a fight in front of her.

Draex pushed the last robot body into the canal and faced the man as his own army of robots engaged in weapon fire with those guarding the canal boat on all sides. His attire bore a resemblance to that of the stranger’s yet it was darker, more foreboding, designed to frighten enemies. The jacket was leather and cut at the waist while still maintaining the length at the back and at the sides where it was cut in to points at the ends. It was decorated with tarnished gold buttons in two lines down the middle of the chest, with lapels on the shoulders and buckles on the lower part of the tight sleeves and complemented by a high round leather collar. His trousers were black as were his short boots. The menacing outfit was finished by his short leather fingerless gloves covering just below the knuckles over which circles trimmed with brass had been cut to expose his white skin. The black only served to highlight the depth of his coal black eyes like his opponent’s and his handsome pale face. Draex addressed him.

“The ever faithful and loyal, Arion,” Draex grinned. “I should have known it would be you.”

Arion grinned back.

“You will lose this battle. Leave now before I am forced to kill you.”

The two men charged towards each other and locked in battle with their inhuman strength rocking the canal boat from side to side exchanging blows. Their strength was equally matched. The roof of the canal boat felt fragile beneath Arion’s booted feet and he knew it would give way at any moment. He glanced back at the woman. The boat was rocking so hard she had fallen over the side. She was clinging on to the side trying to pull herself back up, her feet dangling precariously over the edge towards the water.

Arion avoided another blow from Draex and reached for his throat. Draex quickly countered and twisted his arm. Arion delivered a kick to his stomach but at that point the roof gave in and both men fell into the canal boat scattering debris everywhere. Arion made sure he stood first and reached for Draex under the plaster. He took hold of his neck as Draex tried to stand. He twisted it to one side before his opponent could fight him off rendering him unconscious. He dropped his body to the floor next to the traitor and stared down at him. It had been his chance to kill him and he would be questioned as to why he hadn’t by the other Princes, but Arion had a plan. The thirteenth ruling house of Jaro needed to be brought back to Anateus. Draex would need to be brought to heel and made to be the thirteenth Consort to the Queen if the Emperor was to be toppled from his seat of power and defeated just as the prophecy predicted. He had to let him go and allow the Queen to draw him home. He just hoped he would not regret it.

He grabbed the traitor with one hand and jumped back up onto the roof. The girl was back on top of the roof but one of Draex’s robots had jumped on the roof in front of Arion. He dropped the traitor like a dead weight as the robot took hold of the Queen and started to drag her backwards and down onto the roof floor. Another jumped in front of her body. It placed its cold metal hands around her throat in an effort to detach her head. He couldn’t help but note with pride that their new Queen was a fighter by the way she kicked and rolled trying to free herself from the sinister red robots—built only as unemotional killing machines by the Emperor—as he ran to her aid.

Arion launched himself into the air over the two robots and the Queen before they even realised what he was doing and landed behind the robot whose hands were placed around her throat and squeezing tight. He twisted its head sharply to the right and removed it. He tossed it into the canal and prepared to advance. He barely had time to register another robot crawling up out of the canal, onto the boat. It was ready to stab him with its extended sharp spike used to render an Anatean defenceless with poison and injury, so they were able to take his head more easily and end his or her immortal life. Another pair of feet landed on the top of the canal boat materialising out of thin air and lunged for the robot before it could take Arion out, just as Arion reached for the robot holding the Queen.

Arion glanced quickly behind him to see Craix snapping the spike and wrestling with the robot. Craix kicked it hard in the chest away from the top of the roof, up the canal and aimed a weapon at it. The weapon discharged a pulse and a quick burst of bright red, which exploded when it contacted the robot’s frame, immediately disintegrating it and scattering the falling pieces into the water.

The other robot was pulling the Queen to her feet and dragging her backwards. Arion chased after them and lunged at them both knocking them to the floor. The Robot released its spike when she kicked and struggled as much as her life was worth. It raised it to stab her in the neck. Arion pulled it to one side and rolled on top of it raising its arm so it could not inflict any damage before ripping it away from its socket. He turned it over and smashed its face against the roof then yanked the head back and to the side until it no longer functioned.

Craix was already by the Queen. He towered over her, his long black military coat blowing in the wind as he stared at her with awe and adoration. She put her hand to her forehead that was bleeding and tried to sit up. Arion watched him rush to her aid and help her stand. He brought her close towards his chest and looked down to check her forehead. Arion’s eyes narrowed with jealousy automatically. So, it had begun. Until all the Consort’s bonds were consummated with the Queen, they would fight each other to take her for themselves. Arion could feel his need to fight his best friend right now and the feeling intensified when Craix reached for her slender hand and brought it to his lips.

Arion walked across what was left of the roof towards them. He reached for the Queen’s arm and pulled her towards him shocking Craix. It was his turn to frown, but he took no action.

“Bring the traitor. I will take care of our Queen.”

Arion bent to slip his arm under her legs and lifted her dazed body into his arms. She briefly struggled.

“Where are you taking me?” she demanded.

“Home to your place of birth.”

“No, this is my home, you can’t…”

“Hush, sleep.” Arion gave a firm clear command to the psychic mind she had been gifted with through her Anatean heritage, something she was yet to make use of herself. Her head fell back over his arm as her body obeyed his instruction and sent her to sleep instantly.

Craix watched him for a moment as he spoke in the Anatean language into his communicator. He suddenly rose into the air carrying his sleeping charge then dematerialised. Craix shook his head and took hold of the traitor, now beginning to wake from his own slumber, and repeated the same action after speaking into his communicator.

At the same time the rest of the Anatean robots dematerialised and returned to their ship, which engaged in one more round of fire with the enemy ship and then turned and shot off upwards. The enemy ship chased them for a while above the clouds but stopped when it broke free of the clouds and gathered speed to streak across the sky and suddenly break through a circular tunnel of light to disappear, the tunnel closing behind it.

The Corvenus ship headed back down to the canal and hovered over the wrecked boat and the broken bodies of the robots. Inside, Draex groaned and sat up rubbing his neck and head. He cursed as he took in his surroundings. His brother, the Emperor, wasn’t going to take the Queen’s rescue well. Draex raised himself to his feet moving away the debris. A male voice from the ship spoke to him through his communicator on his coat. He told the captain of the ship, “We lost her. Bring me up and burn the remnants of the androids. We can’t let the humans know any of us have been here. Not yet anyway.” He grinned, and his image shimmered then disappeared as abruptly as it had arrived.

2 reviews for Adoration

  1. Marybeth

    lextra is the Queen of Anateus, only she doesn’t know it. She has been hidden on Earth from her consorts. But, they have found her and they intend to have her. They are a formidable species. They punish her and dominate her. But, she isn’t totally submitted. She has plans.

    I really liked this first book. It is a HFN. I’m looking forward to find out how Alextra finds her way.

  2. Julie

    I was not a fan of the domination of the consort or their actual plans. They definitely did not treat her like a queen.

    The book is well written and detailed, so it kept me reading.

    When her parents were killed, Alextra was kidnapped at a young age and raised on Earth by her kidnapper.

    Of course, she does not know any of this. Neither does she know her true destiny to become Queen of Anatran as soon as she becomes of age. To help the planet find peace and prosper again.

    In constant danger, she has not learned to use her abilities yet.

    I received a free copy of this book. This honest review was posted voluntarily.

    I received a free copy of this book. This honest review was posted voluntarily.

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