Accompanying Jane

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Jane McAllister is a young, gifted flutist preparing for a performance at the college’s concert hall. But her grades aren’t all they should be. In order to bring them up, she is forced to work with Caleb, a handsome, well-known player – known on campus for playing much more than piano. 

Caleb’s approach to tutoring is surprising to Jane. He demands not just that she do her assignments well and on time, he also metes out punishment when she fails to perform. She takes several trips over his knee as they slowly fall for each other. 

Meanwhile, a dangerous stalker is out to get Jane, and Caleb is desperate to protect her – by any means necessary. Mostly, he must protect her from herself and her own dangerous carelessness in the face of a predator.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance includes scenes of domestic discipline and explicit themes. 

Sample Chapter


The Watcher first noticed her on a poster. She was wearing a long, flowing white gown and her shoulders were bare. Her hair was brown and wavy and hung over her shoulders and down her back. In one hand, she clutched a flute. He took the poster home and traced the line of her neck with his index finger.  

Soon after, he began to watch her. She was a beautiful creature of habit, so it was easy to know where she was, what she was doing. He felt that it was her gift to him, making her whereabouts so completely transparent.  

But he knew all too well that the thrill of watching would wear away and something inside him would well up, clutching and clawing to be freed.  

He would have to have more. 



Chapter 1 

Jane McAllister peeled off her jogging things to shower. It was her mid-morning ritual on weekdays. First, she attended her 8 o’clock class and was almost always late. Then, she went for a jog. Now, she would brew herself a large cup of coffee and shower, and then it was off to the practice rooms.  

As she wrapped her towel tightly around her chest, she noticed something strange on her bed. It wasn’t the object that was strange. The object was, in fact, very dear to her. The strangeness lay in why the object was on her unmade bed, resting innocuously in the wrinkled folds of her pretty farmhouse quilt. She retrieved it cautiously for some reason, as though it may have been some dangerous counterfeit to the original. Of course, it was not. It was the same photo album she had made several years before, with pictures of her grandmother and grandfather and the cozy farmhouse where she had been raised. With bittersweet pictures of a mother she couldn’t remember and a little girl she didn’t recognize. With two pictures of a father she had never met. 

She flipped through the plastic pages, ascertaining they were each covered in a familiar picture and then set about puzzling why it was in her bed. She glanced up to the closet where her big, plastic suitcase was stored. That was where she kept the little photo album. But the suitcase appeared to be undisturbed. She glanced at the doorknob and wondered whether it had been locked when she let herself in. But why would anyone break into her room to look at an old photo album? She shook her head. She would ask Mariella and there would be some simple explanation, of course. Mariella was her roommate and very best friend. 

She trotted off to the shower and didn’t think of it again. But later, when she was dressing, and she reached for her favorite earrings on her side of the vanity where she always kept them, her fingers grasped at nothing. They were not on her vanity. Again, she wondered if the door had been locked. She froze, feeling suddenly very alone and vulnerable in the large, quiet dormitory. Then she spied Mariella’s nightstand and smiled. Mariella was always borrowing her things and there they were, resting innocently in front of the alarm clock on Mariella’s nightstand.  

And no one would break into her room to look through her pictures, she reminded herself. Still, she wondered about that door… 

It was odd, she thought, that she felt so vulnerable in the sunny daylight of her dormitory. Darkness was supposed to be frightening, but not daytime or light. But the entire dormitory felt empty and she was alone in her room. The truth was, she thought mournfully, that the absence of others, or a profound sense of aloneness, is what made her feel vulnerable and fearful. That thought settled deep and heavy into her belly. She always felt alone. She cast a sideways look towards the bed and the photo album. The farmhouse that had once been warm and full of life was all boarded up now. Her grandmother was in a cold grave and her grandfather lived with her aunt now, and didn’t even recognize her, his mind wracked with dementia. Both of her parents had been dead since before she could remember. Apart from her aunt, about whom she knew very little, she had no one. She felt an odd sense of shame about her aloneness. It made her independent and stoic. She was frightened of this loneliness, always encroaching, always exposing itself and always exposing her. It was much easier to close it off, to pretend it did not exist. 

But the voicemail alert on her cell phone reminded her she had other problems to concern herself with, problems that far outweighed a photo album on her bed, or so she thought at the time. 

Dr. Pierce wanted to see her in his office as soon as possible, his voicemail proclaimed. She heaved a sigh toward the untidy stack of books on her desk. No doubt, his summons had everything to do with two failing, or very close to failing grades in Counterpoint and Advanced Harmony. She cringed at the thought of a very uncomfortable conversation about failing grades and scholarships in jeopardy. 

She hurried off to the music building, but as she made her way toward the stairwell of her dormitory, she paused and turned back towards her room. She grasped her doorknob and gave it a hard twist, ensuring that is was tightly locked. Then, with a curious expression on her face, she hurried once again towards the stairwell. 

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14 reviews for Accompanying Jane

  1. JigsawGirl

    This book started out building suspense. Jane kept putting herself in danger. Unknowingly at the beginning and irresponsibly later on.

    Caleb put forth a great deal of effort to keep Jane safe, not only from her stalker, but from herself.

    A fast paced tale with a number of suspenseful moments.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  2. Ajjmb

    Accompanying Jane is an awesome suspense novel. I really enjoyed this book. Jane is so lonely and I love how Caleb steps in and provides a disciplined and loving environment for her. He is always there to keep her safe or at least most of the time. I wouldn%u2019t have guessed who the murderer was at all. The author even leaves us in suspense at the end which I hope means there might be a sequel. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  3. Stats23

    Now this is what I believe a great romantic spanking story should be like. Two very likeable protagonists whose characters are fully developed, and their romance fully in bloom before the sub plot is thrown into the mix. The reader will absolutely adore young, innocent, Jane while at the same time admire and respect her reluctant accompanist/tutor Caleb. The writer goes to great lengths to describe each of their relevant backgrounds and personalities, and then takes you on their journey of a developing, sensual and romantic, relationship. The ensuing spankings and sex seem a natural and expected outcome of their romance. If you like sensible, reasonable and responsible domestic discipline with some sensual and loving sex, you are going to really enjoy this book. I personally like a bit more kink/explicitness in my sex, but that is the only (minimal) shortcoming in this story. It has all the elements of a first class spanking romance, with a very suspenseful stalker subplot. This is the first book by this author that I have had the pleasure of reading, and I will be looking for more. Based on the final closing sequence, this is a hope that may be fulfilled. 5 Stars.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  4. Tami

    Accompanying Jane is the first book I read from Iris Matilda. The author created great characters and an interesting plot with lots of suspense. Caleb is a stern man, using domestic discipline to help Jane learning. The two do have great chemistry and I liked that Caleb was very protective of Jane. I enjoyed reading the book from start to the end and I know I will look forward to reading more books from Iris Matilda.
    09.03 3 His Little Problem Melinda Barron Blushing noch machen

    Action, suspense, blackmail, murder, spankings and very steamy raunchy scenes, all set in a historical setting, make the third book of the Rakes of Mayfair series a winner. I loved the interesting characters, the dialogue and also the mystery. Alice and Lord Buxton are made for each other. When Julian made Alice submit to his wishes, that was very erotic and sizzling hot. I enjoyed reading the book very much and hope we don’t have to wait long for the next book.

  5. Hope W

    This is the first thing I have read from this author but will be reading more from her in the future. I enjoyed the storyline as the suspense grew and the mystery unraveled. The characters were developed and had deeper emotions to understand than what we saw on the surface. While I did see the chemistry between the characters, I would have loved to have seen it earlier within the story. Caleb was an alpha male and used discipline as a way to help Jane improve not only her music but her life in general. He was protective and determined that she would obey him to help keep herself safe, as they were fighting an unknown killer. The spankings were appropriate and fit the storyline well. I loved the mystery, action, danger, love, friendship, spankings, and more within this wonderful book. I recommend this book for a great evening’s read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  6. lynn

    For the most part I liked Accompanying Jane. I like college romances and the musical aspect was interesting. It was nice that Caleb and Jane found each other they both needed someone to love in their life. I thought Jane made a lot of dumb decisions but Caleb was sensible enough for the both them. I hope their will be a sequel because the ending left the story feeling unfinished. This book has suspense, mystery, sensual and discipline spankings.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  7. Nancy Hughes

    Enjoyed this well written spanking story, with suspense added in subtlety. Caleb has his hands full with Jane, but knows how to handle her firmly. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  8. DB

    What a great book from a new author! The book started out with suspense and just got better. I like how Jane and Caleb pretty much hit it off from the beginning of their meeting. Caleb was a take charge guy and Jane needed someone to take charge of her! He expected to be obeyed and she expected to disobey at every turn! This book had some/a lot of everything! Drama, suspense, many spankings, sex, very dominant male, a learning to be submissive female, well written dialogue and some funny moments. It was a very good book and I did enjoy it. 5 Great Big Stars!

  9. Margaret Corcoran

    I loved Jane. She had to grow up fast because of her grandparents il health. So when she reaches college she wants to have fun and enjoy life. I didn’t like Caleb. I thought that he took advantage of her. But he did come through in the end. I enjoyed reading this story. There are disciplinary spankings and spicy sex. The mystery is very Agatha Christy! I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. It’s very easy to read.

  10. Redrabbitt

    The story kept me engrossed that I did not stop until I finished. This is a new author for me, but one I will gladly read again. I love a good mystery suspense story, and this one did not fail to be a page-turner and roller coaster ride of danger and intrigue.
    Jane McAllister is a nineteen-year-old student at a prestigious music school where she plays the flute. She won an all-expense Rose Alman scholarship named after a student from the 1950s who was murdered at the school. Jane is the type that has poured herself into her flute, never really had a social life until she came to college. While she enjoys going to parties with her roommate and friends, she isn%u2019t involved with anyone. Unfortunately, she is not doing too well in two required classes, and she needs a pianist to accompany her for a very important concert performance tied to her scholarship.
    The history of Jane%u2019s family life is sad, losing both parents when she was just a young child and raised by elderly grandparents. Losing her maternal grandmother to cancer and her grandfather suffering dementia has her alone in the world.
    Caleb Dunne is back at Harleigh College of Music working towards another degree and is gifted on the piano. He will be coerced by Dr. Pierce not only to accompany Jane during her recital but to also tutor her in her two classes she isn%u2019t doing too well. He has six weeks to help her with her studies and for them to be ready for her recital.
    The story is one of intense circumstances, and that will have little bits and pieces of information to play with your mind. Jane will have several unusual things happen to her, in her dorm room, with some of her personal items, at a party, and eventually, they will become threatening in nature that will involve murder and the police.
    While Caleb and Jane work together, he came from a household that practiced domestic discipline and he decides quickly it will be beneficial for Jane and her lackadaisical attitude about some things and to keep her on track. Her disrespectful attitude and eye rolling are a big issue with Caleb, and he will show her he means business. When she blows off her assigned work to go to a party, he is very unhappy wither, and there are several things that will have him punishing her.
    The story will take a sinister turn when it comes to light that a stalker called The Watcher is targeting Jane and it is best she stay with Caleb. Caleb is not impressed with her disregard for her safety and protection and will have to be very harsh with her.
    The author has done a wonderful job of describing the people, the venues, and details of the relationship between Jane and her friends, and Jane and Caleb as they enter a relationship, first in a professional manner but one that will change to personal and sexual.
    The story has multiple types of spankings with various implements and methods used. It also has sex scenes that are mildly explicit in nature. The ending was a surprise and allowed for closure.

  11. Allison Beecher

    Accompanying Jane by Iris Matilda was a fun and unique story. I really liked the suspense, but I liked the characters and their romance so much that at times I even forgot about the danger Jane was in! It was a great story and a page turner.

  12. Toni L

    This is the first book from this author that I have read & I’m glad I took the opportunity to read it. It was a sharp reading style which helped to add to the suspense which kept me guessing. The book moved at a a good pace from the start right through to the satisfying finish. There were a couple of things that I wasn’t overjoyed about – I found the start of the relationship between Jane & Caleb quite off-putting & bordering on questionable consent & almost had me stop reading. Also, even though it was no cliffhanger, the ending seemed to give the impression there will be more books with these characters, which may or may not be correct.

  13. Good bedtime reading

    College student Jane, was an accomplished flutist, but she needs to bring up the grades on the academic side of her degree in order to graduate. With that in mind, Caleb (notorious for his eccentricities) has been asked to accompany the scholastic performer in the hopes that he can provide the ‘theory’ as well as piano accompaniment during her recital. However, someone is watching Jane, someone is stalking her, someone drops a strangled girl from the stage lights during a rehearsal.

  14. Sam

    This is a great book. Caleb has such creative tutoring methods and Jane clearly does well under his supervision. The addition of a stalker adds the perfect amount of suspense to the story. I was draw into the book from the very beginning and read it all in one sitting.

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