Accepting His Ways

Learning how to accept her fiancé’s ways may mean a few trips over his knee on their way to the altar.

Cheyenne Sterling is walking on cloud nine. Her boyfriend of almost two years, Quinlan O’Connor, has finally proposed. Quinn is a local sheriff’s deputy and a charter member of the local BDSM club, The Sting, where they enjoy friends, playrooms, and entertainment as often as they can. Cheyenne expects it all to be smooth sailing from here. Engagements, however, have a way of breeding mischief, and this one is no different.

Quinn is satisfied his life is moving forward. He was more than ready to take the plunge, but the road to future bliss can be long and bumpy. As a card-carrying dominant, his need to retain control is necessary but with his feisty woman, control may be more of a perception than a reality. Everything in their life now comes with a higher emotional price tag.

Will clandestine meetings, secret lifestyles, treasure rooms, new types of play, and one naughty submissive destroy all they have built between them and all they are beginning to grow in their new life? Is their relationship’s foundation strong enough to take so many changes and challenges without crumbling? In all the preparations for a life together, are they ready?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, elements of BDSM play, including anal play and mild age play, and erotic sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

She was getting married! She was really, really marrying Quinlan O’Connor. He just proposed. Her heart almost exploded with the enormity of her feelings whenever she thought of him, which was all the time. Cheyenne was so much in love, and she just knew that living with an O’Connor would be a wild ride, but she was up for the challenge. Cheyenne’s excitement demanded she call her soon to be sister-in-law and tell her. Katie had come down from Montana to get used to her new family after marrying Quinn’s brother, Ciarán.

Cheyenne and Quinn had been dating almost eighteen months before he proposed and she was beginning to think he never would. His brothers, if the stories were accurate, took less than a few months to commit and less than a year to marry. Well, that wasn’t entirely accurate, the story of Liam and Jocelyn took over ten years technically, but they were so in love, she supposed it didn’t matter to them now. She, however, was not waiting that long. Now that they’d committed, she needed to finish this soon before he changed his mind and decided she was too much work.

Cheyenne curled up on the sofa and let her mind wander after she spoke to Katie. Falling in love with a man like Quinlan O’Connor was something she had never expected. She couldn’t help but fall in lust with him. He was one of those men who women typically looked at as they crossed paths and drooled. He was tall enough to make you look up but not break your neck trying to see his eyes, which spoke volumes. He exuded sensuality and masculinity that she was the sole beneficiary of now. He was healthy and trained often. He worked out in the gym three times a week and on the ranch most days off from the sheriff’s department.

He was so into her that she felt like royalty when she was with him, and that was something of which she had to be careful. He was interested in everything she did. In the club they frequented, he was obviously dominant in their play, making sure he was gentle in his training, firm in his discipline but ensuring her needs were all met. He made sure she received most of what she wanted—if what she wanted was safe. If it wasn’t, well, Quinn was an O’Connor, and she found out fast, those men spanked for safety issues.

Quinn’s job put him in dangerous situations. Something could happen on the job that would take him away from her forever. She was learning to accept that reality. Unfortunately, Quinn gave no indications of accepting that she wasn’t always safe. Quinn pointed out that it wasn’t her job that put her in jeopardy. Her safety issues were the direct cause of the choices she made. She’d already experienced his response to those choices and sometimes wondered why she hadn’t run far and fast. That was the bigger surprise. Cheyenne got up to get ready for bed as she smiled at the bumps in the road they’d encountered on their way to today.

Cheyenne never had to think of consequences to her choices in her private life. In her business life, she was tenacious, but privately, she wanted to have fun. Most of the time, Quinn was indulgent, and she was able to cute her way out of it. However, there was a limit, and when she stepped too far out of the boundaries or engaged in risky behaviors, the disciplining Quinn appeared. Just thinking about it made her bottom clench and her sex glisten.

He had given her one serious punishment because she got in the car with a friend who had too much to drink. As a result, her limit was placed officially at two drinks. She had never had such a spanking before in her life.

What she had learned others called domestic discipline is the place where all the O’Connors met in the middle. She knew the life they had was more than she could have ever hoped for, even with the O’Connor propensity to dominate. She smiled. Quinn was a true dominant in every sense of the word, so the urge to now slide her hand down her belly to her pussy where he claimed hidden treasures were kept brought up the image of her man, frowning and calling her piscín dána, naughty kitten.

Cheyenne moaned and rolled over trying to forget the need ratcheting higher. She knew what she had to do or sleep would not come. Grabbing her phone and her bullet buddy, she called Quinn.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” His voice was immediately on alert.

“I’m sorry. Nothing’s wrong, I just, I mean… never mind. Good night.”

“No, wait. Cheyenne? Honey, what’s wrong?” His voice gentled now that he didn’t have to worry about her safety. “Tell me.”

“I need… relief.”

He could hear her biting her lip as she spoke. He smiled, swallowing his laugh. “Okay, honey, do you want me to talk to you over the phone or do you want permission to bring out your buddy?”

She hesitated in her embarrassment. “Both?”

Quinn did laugh, this time, a deep, earthy laugh that had Cheyenne even more desperate for relief. He shifted his voice into low gear and settled back onto his bed as he directed play from miles away. “Take your sleep tee off. Now your panties but don’t touch your pussy. Those treasures are mine.” Quinn slid his hand down to grasp his already freed cock as he leaned back against the headboard, legs splayed. “Now run your hands over your breasts for me as you spread your legs, wider…”

The next morning Cheyenne turned on her coffee pot and sauntered into the bathroom for a long hot shower.

Her thoughts turned to last night, and she wondered if the rest of the siblings were living this hot of an existence. Cheyenne had met every one of this loud, opinionated, hard-working and hard-playing Irish clan and it was a rather intense but loving group. When she began her initiation into this family, more than a year and a half ago, the only one she knew was the patriarch of the family, Sean O’Connor. Sean owned and operated his Wyoming family ranch, The Emerald Isle.

Along with his wife Siobhan, he had raised seven wildly independent, strong-willed children who were all successes in their own right. Tomorrow, they would all hear the news Quinn would share about the engagement. Some would lose their family bets that had undoubtedly been placed against Quinn and marriage.

The next day they would also tell Cheyenne’s mother. She had a moment’s sorrow that her father was not still alive to see her marry one of the O’Connor men. He would have loved it. As long as she could remember, her father had praised the young men growing up on the Emerald Isle Ranch for their steadfast integrity. She wondered if he would approve if he knew Quinn was a spanker. She rather thought that he would. He probably knew.

Later the next afternoon, Cheyenne was just perusing her closet for what she would wear for the announcement at the O’Connors when she answered the insistent knock at the door. She was surprised when she opened it to see Quinlan O’Connor. Just gazing on his tanned and muscular body and no nonsense demeanor always sent tremors of excitement from her core to all associated cells in her body.

“I thought we were going to meet at your parents’ house.”

His grim stare shook her already tremoring legs as she watched her man give her the look she had become accustomed to when he was intent on getting to the bottom of a mess. His investigative face was usually not a good sign. She tentatively kept her gaze on him until she couldn’t take it any longer and dropped her eyes to study her bare feet. He walked in, picking her up and sweeping her further into her apartment with unbelievable ease of motion.

Setting her back down on now very trembling legs, he began, “What did you tell Katherine about the trail today?”

His tone was firm and intense. Cheyenne backed away from him and turned to walk into the living room when she felt the flat of his hand land stingingly on her bottom. It was a very, very hard landing. Her hands immediately went to soothe her smarting back end before twirling around to meet his gaze with surprise and annoyance.

“What the… what was that for? I didn’t do anything or say anything about the trail. Did she walk it? Why? What are you so damned upset about?” Irritation pushed past surprise on the emotional scale of responses.

“You told her something last night or this morning, and I want to know what it was.”

Eyes flashing, she used the language she knew he hated but felt so right here. She took a step toward him, assuming the offense. “What the hell, Quinn? We talked last night about the engagement that I’m now reconsidering in light of how you’re treating me.”

She couldn’t get past the need to put in a jab as her still vibrating bottom was creating more chaos in her girlie bits. She was getting wet fueling her fury even further. She hated her traitorous body when he got all macho dominant on her. She wanted to rub the ache away even as she stood irritated at him for making her sex flow.

He ignored her statement as if it didn’t mean anything. She knew it didn’t because they both knew she wouldn’t back out of their engagement. It was all talk. He was a man too confident of their relationship.

“Not so fast, cailín beag, I believe you did say something to her because of what she told me. She said you told her I was just an O’Connor, too dominant for my own good. You know that the sun can hit that part of the trail in the spring warm enough to melt the ice and snow and create mud only to refreeze that night.”

She shrugged. “I don’t think it’s such a big deal. You just have to be more careful, is all.”

“Well, she was sure you thought I was overreacting.”

Cheyenne’s eyes narrowed. “Why would she tell you that? When?”

“When I got a please rescue me call from her. She had badly twisted her ankle after she went further than I said to go. The sun melted the snow and ice and made the ensuing muck too unforgiving. I don’t think she meant to, but it slipped out when I was taking her back home.”

Cheyenne’s look of concerned remorse spoke volumes. “Oh, no, I didn’t mean it. Is she okay, is she badly hurt?”

“No, and she’s her husband’s responsibility now. Ciarán can take care of her when he gets here in a few hours. But you’re mine, and I plan to take care of you now.”

“No. Wait. I didn’t tell her to be unsafe or to ignore you. It’s just how we talk about you guys. All of us, in a roll the eyes kind of way.”

“But you, in essence, told her not to pay attention to me.”

Guilt swamped her features as her stomach clenched and the bile of regret rose in her throat. “I didn’t mean that she should—I mean, we all say it about all of you but common sense would have… ” She stopped mid-sentence because she had told her to ignore Quinn.

She’d told Katie to disregard his tendency to over control, and it had almost caused her to be hurt badly. Katie should have used her reasoning, but she wasn’t from the area. It was a dumb thing to tell her. ­­­The fact that Quinn had been able to handle it didn’t surprise her. The fact that Cheyenne was now going to be sorry for her words didn’t surprise her. That fact that she felt a thrill of excitement did.

She looked up at Quinn, who was already pulling out the straight-backed chair he had brought over soon after they started dating for times such as these. He didn’t say a word. He simply pulled it out, positioned it, sat down and then pointed to the spot between his spread legs. It was a little gesture that spoke volumes to her now clenching sex and bottom. “Are you spanking me?”

“A few swats but that’s just to get you where I want you. I need you pliable.” He smiled.

Even so, she found herself begging for understanding as she walked towards him. “I didn’t mean for her to get hurt. You have to know that.” She felt a wave of panic rise.

He reached for her hand as she got closer, not responding until she placed her hand in his. Cheyenne saw it as a gesture of understanding. He pulled her into the protection of his arms and legs. His tone gentled some. “No, of course, I don’t think that, and no one else does either. And you are right. It’s not your responsibility for her to use her common sense but you undermined my word, and that can’t happen again.”

She felt his finger and thumb cage her chin, as was his habit when wanting her to pay intense attention to him. She whispered, “I’m sorry she was hurt, but you aren’t spanking me because of this incident.”

He nodded in acceptance and then murmured, “I know, but there are consequences to countermanding me. You know that. Take your panties off and hand them to me.” Another sign of agreement.

“That isn’t going to happen. I didn’t countermand you, and you aren’t some general I have agreed to follow all orders from.”

He spoke slowly, obviously choosing his words carefully. “I know it isn’t your fault, but I don’t warn people to hear my own voice. Katie could have been hurt badly or worse, and I knew that. I needed her to follow my advice to stay safe. When you blew me off to her, while it might have been the usual thing for you ladies to say in jest, it was not appropriate here.”

Silence. Cheyenne hated when he made sense. “I still don’t think this is a spanking offense.” Her tone had lost its defiance.

He smiled and, as he held his hand out to assist, she felt the most delicious tremors of dread fill her. She placed a balancing hand on his shoulder as she stepped first one foot then two out of their designated opening in her panties before handing them to him as she worried her lip. That hard deputy carefully reached up and pulled her lip from between her teeth running his thumb over the place they left before pulling something out of his hip pocket. She recognized that tube. Her apprehension was replaced by cold realization.

“Quinn, umm…”

“Shh. Talking is over.” He tapped his left knee. “Bend over my knee, mo cailín beag dána. You are, you know. Mine. You’re my naughty little girl. That means when you’re naughty, I have to show you the error of your ways and correct your thinking but not because what Katie did, was your fault. It wasn’t. I’m correcting you because you made light of my instructions to keep her safe encouraging her to be unsafe. You may not do that for yourself or anyone else. Understood?”

Cheyenne sighed. She accepted that he was right, and his disciplining her because she undermined his authority, made her so excited she rubbed her thighs together to assist the tingle in her lower regions.

A slap landed on her bottom, also encompassing part of her leg to refocus her. “No. this is punishment, minx. You’re a very cailín dána today, aren’t you?” She felt the pressure even worse with the swat, knowing he understood that would happen.

He shoved her further over his knee roughly, and Cheyenne could feel the unmistakable erection in her man’s jeans. She felt powerful and vindicated of her arousal caused by this little dance their session had become. It affected him as well. She affected him, and that was sweet power. She was learning that she had incredible influence over how they played and how he responded to her, based on her needs, her submission to him. It was missing just one little element that would signal things were good.

Hard slaps reigned on her upturned nates without further preamble. A paddle like hand landed solidly on her cheeks, and a smarting tingle turned to a pronounced stinging pain that rose in her lower region followed by inferno level heat. Almost as soon as he had started his reign of terror, he stopped. Without warning, the shock of cold lubricant slid down the crevice of her bottom making her jump.

“Oh,” she said as she tightened her buttocks reflexively.

“Hold your bottom open for me, piscín.” She grimaced as she slowly pulled her cheeks apart and held them open as he lubed her up, pressing a gelled finger into her.

She hated the embarrassment but loved his attention. There was the missing piece. She relaxed. Her hand slipped. Another slap fell. She jumped.

“Hold your cheeks open, piscín.” There it was again, the missing piece, that special term of endearment that signaled they were in play mode. She loved it. “You know the routine,” he added. They obviously entered the “push Cheyenne’s comfort zone” mode.

She groaned but rushed to comply, spreading her rosy cheeks open wide whimpering her shame at the wantonness of the position. She was embarrassed that she was giving him a clear view of her back entrance and mortified that she loved it. In play mode, she reminded herself.

This was her sacred area that had never been breached until Quinlan. He pressed his finger into her tight opening again, making sure to lubricate thoroughly which brought her arousal up another notch. Cheyenne moaned again in humiliation­. She cringed at the idea of backdoor play, but she loved it to the point of anticipating his next entry. How could this be possible? Quinn had said some things were unable to be explained and, for Cheyenne, this was one of those things.

“Now here’s the visitor,” he announced with enthusiasm. “Keep your bottom spread.” His voice went deeper and more somber as he concentrated.

The hard glass plug was unforgiving as it was slowly but steadily pressed deeper into her little dark entrance that he had begun training for him. Against her hot nates, the cool plug was soothing but, in her back entrance, it was shocking in its uncanny resemblance to an oversized Popsicle—icy cold and smooth.

“Oh, these are too big. Quinn, they’re too big to use,” she had said when she first laid wild eyes on them. Now she reiterated that sentiment.

“This one is too huge, Quinn. It won’t fit.” She wiggled in protest to his insistent pressure. She felt a tingly slap to her thigh. It helped.

“Hush, I’m careful. You can take it. Relax I’m going slowly and it’s nearly the smallest size. Besides, it’s the easiest kind, shaped like a bullet. If you prefer, I can use one of the others that are twisted or different levels of sizes, those with…”

“Fine, okay, I get it,” she cut him off with irritation.

He chuckled. “Okay, now relax. I don’t want to hurt you.”

He continued to press firmly, and he knew she could feel the burn as he moved it in and out of her brown entrance. She squealed and kicked her legs, which was met with another hard slap to her thigh. She relaxed. Now if he would only…

“Behave, I’m almost there. You can’t rush this.” That was true for larger ones, but this was a smaller one, and he could have just plopped it in, but then there would have been no play, and she knew this was what he wanted.

The burn was the most she had felt. True, she had only had Quinn’s finger, well two of them, and the first trainer. This one had to be double the last one. She whimpered, and he rubbed her back as he continued to press in and pull out. Just as she was surely going to cry out, it was in. A sheen of sweat covered her body, not from just the plug but the whole experience.

“Let go, sweetness. It’s in. The tip was smaller but the base had to be large because you’re wearing this until after I take you to dinner and our announcement at Mom’s.”


“This is your penance to remind you that you don’t disregard what I say, and you don’t encourage anyone else to do it either.”

Cheyenne was horrified. “But it will fall out.”

“Nope, that’s why the end was so intense. It has a wide flared base so it won’t come out. Oh, and no panties tonight under your dress, which you’ve just decided to wear. I want you so aware of me and of this reminder that you will think carefully before you do it again. Oh, and, piscín,” he said as he patted and rubbed her cheeks lovingly, “you may not come until I allow it. No pleasuring yourself.” He was a sadist.

She grunted her disapproval and received a round of smacks to her hot bottom for her trouble. Quinn got up, bringing her up with him and landing a scorching kiss on her pouty lips.

“See you in about two hours.”

“But what if I can’t keep it in?”

“You can, and you will. Just clinch that gorgeous ass of yours.” He kissed her again, hungrily and left one parting pat before saying, “Lock the door behind me.”

How did he know she was already so hot she was afraid the constant stimulation would give her multiple orgasms without anyone touching her? The friction and current going through her would be agonizing. He was definitely a sadist.

The wait had been difficult but she was proud she had made it to the restaurant without coming unglued or dropping the damn thing. It wasn’t a lightweight plug, and she found herself focused solely on it, devising ways she could avoid this particular punishment again. And she was slick from arousal and slick from lube. Cheyenne had decided she was going to try to finagle her way out of this thing before they went to Sean and Siobhan’s house.

“How do you feel? You look uncomfortable,” he said, his smile slipping past his attempt at keeping a straight face.

“Really?” She spoke in subdued tones. “I mean, I’ve got to be the dumbest woman alive to let you do this to me. I could have pretended to leave…” she lowered her voice to a hiss, “this in, you know. In fact, I could let go of it now and slide it into my bag.” The look she shot him demanded his acknowledgment of her submission due to her agreement, not his dominance.

He reached for her hand. “I know you could have but the fact that you haven’t shows your acceptance of my authority. Thank you.” He sat up straighter as the waiter approached their table but keeping her hand in his and raised his voice to normal. “And I’m sure the waiter would be a bit put off if you dropped it here at the table.”

The waiter heard the last of the sentence, just as Quinlan had hoped. “Dropped something, madam? If you tell me what it is, I shall be happy to retrieve it.”

Cheyenne blushed a deep red. “No! No, sorry, I almost dropped something but didn’t. Thank you anyway.” She sent a death stare in Quinn’s direction, and he pretended not to see it even though she knew he had been watching the exchange closely.

She wiggled as he discussed the menu at length with the ­­­­waiter. Finally, dinner ordered, Quinn looked over at Cheyenne and said, “I love you more than anything in this world. I want you to know that even though you are irritated at me for my discipline, I love that you accept it. Tonight, we might even say you’re enduring it.”

She looked into his hazel eyes, gazed at the laugh lines around them and smiled. He was the most infuriating and yet considerate man she knew. They talked of engagements, weddings, family, and work. Cheyenne finally relaxed in her seat and immediately opened her eyes wide.

“Notice something, a stór?” He expected his face told her he was well aware of the discomfort of both the plugging and the arousal.

Her face fell into heavy pleading, “Please? I have done everything you asked. Can’t I ditch the… um… you know?

He looked up and patted her hand before leaning back. “Here comes dinner. Sit up and eat. I want you to walk into my parents’ house with your obedience in place. But you might not need to do it much longer.”

She watched the waiter leave their dinner, and then leaned forward to speak in hushed tones. “I’m sorry I encouraged Katie to blow you off. I know you were being protective when you told her about the hazards on the trail, but don’t you think I’ve been punished enough? I mean, this is beginning to bother me and…”

Concern immediately appeared on his face. “Are you in any pain?”

She could have said yes, and this would be over, but she didn’t want to lie to him. “No, but I do ache.”

He relaxed. “Well, eat your dinner and let’s see how it goes.”

Quinn started to eat his dinner but Cheyenne was too preoccupied to eat. Maybe submitting wasn’t always the best choice, even when she wanted to. There were times, like this one was becoming, that it was too much. Quinn must have known something was up for Cheyenne loved his extra attention and his caresses while encouraging her to eat. Normally, he would have pushed it but not tonight. He watched her carefully. She could feel his intentness. Quinn had her almost untouched dinner put in a takeaway container before driving to his parents’ home.

Though she blatantly squirmed in the seat, she had been able to last through dinner. She found a soft seat at the O’Connors’ to wait for Da and Quinn to pick up Ciarán at the small airport. Ciarán had come to retrieve his darling Katie from visiting his family. In the retelling of Katie’s fall and twisted ankle, while hiking that morning, Quinn was quick to point out to all that Katie was not listening to his admonitions. Cheyenne thought it was mean of him to be so adamant and getting Katie in trouble, herself still feeling her own punishment. She moved trying not to show she was afflicted.

Quinn laughed and spoke low, “A stór, I told you, Katie got Katie in trouble. She’s going to have a lot of explaining to do when Ciarán has her to himself.” He kissed her temple and drew her closer to him. Cheyenne gave a small uncomfortable sound. He patted her leg comfortingly.



He went on to explain that because she had refused medical care, which was a big negative in this family, Ciarán was most likely going to roast Katie’s behind.

Cheyenne looked at Katie and wondered why she wasn’t more upset. Katherine was tenderly cared for by Ciarán and even seemed to take comfort in his quiet chastisement.

Cheyenne murmured her concern, “But she’s hurt.”

Quinn leaned down and kissed her again before resting his chin on her head. He waited a moment before responding. “Don’t ever worry that any of us would hurt those we love. Being a dominant does not mean we wound or injure, ever, not even me in rough play. It demands I protect, adore, discipline, and with the two of us, play. But never damage. And, woe is the person who tries to do harm to any in our circle of protection.”

Cheyenne hoped that she would eventually be able to accept Quinn’s authoritarian ways enough that she didn’t quake in her boots, get angry at his response or get slippery. The last time she mentioned it he shrugged.

“You’re still in training, so when you push, I let you do it to see if you’ll check your attitude or behavior. If not, I help you.”

It royally ticked her off because she didn’t want to feel like she belonged to him right at that moment but she absolutely did. After they had officially announced their engagement to the family, Quinn took Cheyenne outside to give Katie and Ciarán some time.

Once they reached the barn, he pulled out two handkerchiefs from his back pocket and replaced one before waving his hand toward a hay bale.

“What are we doing?” Cheyenne asked nervously eyeing both the bale and Quinlan.

“You are bending over that bale,” he answered, indicating the particular bale.

“You aren’t spanking me,” she stated.

“Do you need one?”


“Well, go lean over the bale so I can take care of you.”

As realization dawned, she squealed, throwing her arms around his neck. Quinn chuckled and then threw his tough voice into the mix.

“If you don’t hurry up, I’ll think you want to keep your friend in for a while longer.”

“No, sir, I’m moving,” she said and flopped herself over the bale, ignoring the prickliness from the straw. She threw up her own dress and wiggled her butt in an invitation to remove her friend.

“Eager little baggage, aren’t you?” He laughed.


“Hold still, a stór.” He gently removed the offensive plug.

“Thank God.” It was heaven to have it removed, but there was barrenness as well.

“You did so well, honey. I’m so proud of you.”

“Gee, thanks.” There came the resounding sound of skin slapping skin in a large barn. “Oomph. Ow, what was that for?” She rubbed the spot for a second.


He ran his hand through her wetness and whistled before patting her right cheek. Cheyenne decided to not respond and felt Quinn’s lips on her lower cheeks before being helped up by him and brought to sit on his lap as he sat on the bale.

“My bottom is sore,” was her accusation.

He shrugged. “Don’t be naughty.”

“Ciarán is so mild and sweet with Katie.”

“Not like me, huh?” He hugged her tight. “Do you wish I were different? More like my brothers?” he asked casually.

“No, you’re intense, demanding, an inferno. I’d never call you sweet or mild.”

Quinn grinned, leaning to look at Cheyenne, he warned, “Good. I’ve never tried for those descriptors. I would probably spank you hard if you defined me that way.”

She grinned in response. “Yeah, well, don’t worry. I like sexy spankings but not real discipline. You’re hell on my butt.”

“Watch it,” he growled as he leaned in to give her a gentle kiss that could easily be described as sweet but soon she brushed him off.

“Why didn’t you make Katie go to the clinic like you always make me? She doesn’t have the same fears I do, and it would have avoided all the trouble she’s likely in now.”

“I make you because you’re mine; my woman, my responsibility, my love, my life. Katie is Ciarán’s, and, while she’s my sister, her husband was on his way so it was right that he handle that since it was not life threatening. If it were something like how sick you were, she would not have had a choice and after talking to Ciarán, she won’t have a choice again. So be warned. I have already told the men in the family that if you need something, whether it’s a hug, a doctor, or a swat for attention, they are to handle it when I can’t be there to do it.”

“I don’t think I like that, the swat part for sure. You wouldn’t really let them spank me, would you? Because I’m positive, that won’t work for me.” Her frown reinforced the distaste she felt. “I let you, because, well, I don’t know why. I just do, and it’s okay with me.”

“Spank, no, and they wouldn’t. However, an on the spot swat for attention, yes. Your solution would be to not do anything that makes their hand itch. So don’t do anything they need to tap you for, Cheyenne, it’s that simple. If the truth is told, they are not comfortable doing more than a swat for attention. We O’Connor men are territorial and understand that feeling in each other. I expect you to test me for a very long time, my dear, but then, my Piscín, forever is a long time. I’ll relish the challenge and love your energy.” His tone had become more direct, but Quinn’s smile told another story as he scooped her into his arms. He showed her the first act of how he planned to love her for the rest of their lives. But she longed for the final act.

Cheyenne took her cue from him, as she was learning to do. She relished Quinn’s lessons and being taught how to just allow him to make love to her sensually, participating but receiving what he enjoyed giving. She thrilled in his ministrations.

She reached for his obvious erection, slowly unbuttoning the front of his jeans, fumbling but not accepting his help. He changed his focus, reaching under her shirt to lift it over her head and push up her bra to gain access to her nipples, now wrinkled, taut from arousal. His lips latched onto her nipples, sucking and nipping drawing squeals and ramped up breathing from his beauty.

He loved how she responded to him without hesitation or reserve. He felt her softness and her curves that were perfect for him. He would even love it more is she gained a few more pounds of padding. He couldn’t wait until she was pregnant with his child. She would fill out, and her breasts would enlarge even more as he watched his child grow under her heart. For now, until they were ready to consummate their commitment to each other that ended in him burying his cock so far into her that she would taste his cream on her tongue, he would feast on her stiffened areolas.

He knew when she found her way to his cock as it stiffened even more painfully and jerked its elation. His knees gave way a bit when her hand encircled the stalk and squeezed. He released his hold on her breasts as he sucked in his breath and reached to still her eager hands but she was having none of it. As soon as he had released her, she dropped to her knees and almost in the same movement placed her lips on his rigidness and sucked.

She held him prisoner, and he loved it. She topped from the bottom at the very best of times. Having lost his oral gratification, he satisfied himself in running his hands in her tresses and then he grabbed a handful, twisting and taking control.

“I love you can do that to me, piscín, but I need you to let me take over.”

He tugged enough to tingle but not cause pain. Little twinges of pain were the types of control that she loved, taking her to the moon quickly and he was learning when it was just right. Too little would deflate her, leaving her frustrated. Too much would put her over the top and not help her learn to control her needs when necessary. He helped her to slowly postpone her gratifications, as he wanted her to be able to do. When she first took his cock in her mouth, she would rush through the sensual act, and while it was release, it was not as sweet as when she was more deliberate. He was more measured when he played with her, not going rapidly just because her libido was rushing her like a freight train trying to make up time.

It wasn’t that he didn’t take her to completion, but slowly, meaningfully, and not the finish me up fast ending she was looking to get. When he took control back, she had no choice but to slow to his speed. He smiled when he heard her huff her dissatisfaction at being pushed from the driver’s seat. He yanked again, and she settled back in to find the rhythm he chose.

Tonight, however, she was not accepting the slow down for long. It appeared as though her need to be rough; to be taken harder was at the forefront of her mind. Quinn held her in place and rammed his cock harder, striving to bounce off the back of her throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she gave her tells that her spot in front of his cock was exciting her.

“Touch yourself, baby, rub your clit.” She raced to do his bidding finding she was about to set off her fireworks and he was close. He shoved to the back of her throat and made her swallow once before withdrawing to allow her breath before slamming into her again. Rough was how his piscín liked it sometimes.

They merged as her body stiffened and his tensed in one accord. He shot his hot seed down her throat and she resisted, but firing her own rockets made her less worried about the essence in her mouth and flowing down her throat. Breathing heavily, dragging hot, arousal scented air into her lungs, she slowed her body’s heaving and looked up at him in surprise. She had taken some of his cream, in small quantities but never all of it and never without gagging but she did it this time. Her triumphant smile almost tossed his resolve to wait until their wedding to consummate their love. What held him back was his word; he had given it, and it needed to be the gold standard for their marriage.

He almost couldn’t wait, but he was determined to win that battle. He intended to prove to them both that it wasn’t all about sex, that their attraction was all encompassing. He took his handkerchief and wet it under the sink to clean Cheyenne’s face. She had cleaned him up with her tongue quite efficiently. She was going to get her way if he didn’t work faster himself. He had to get a ring on her finger and vows said quickly.

Quinlan and Cheyenne had been officially engaged for a month, and as they prepared for their wedding day, life continued in most of its mundane existence. Several times in the summer months, Quinn planned to go up to the Circle C Ranch, his brother’s ranch in Montana for a few days or accept a loan out to the forestry.

He shook his head. Cheyenne never failed to earn a butt burning when he returned home. Quinn saw it for what it was, her need for assurance in the form of his declared ownership and love best shown by his taking control. He accommodated her need and she practically purred in response.

His goal was to have her ask for what she wanted not in only one area, but from him in general. That girl rarely did so. When he saw she was misbehaving to gain the attention she sought, he made sure she was punished for not being open with him instead of the acts she resorted to. That was not always possible when her health or safety was at risk.

These days, when Quinn was out of town and she was not hard at work, she was planning the wedding or playing hard with her friends. That was the situation she found herself in today. One of those times came while Quinn loaned out to the Forest Service. He returned from the loan out during forest fire season. It was the first time that Quinn left since they were engaged. He encouraged Cheyenne to visit her friends more than she had recently. That little harmless encouragement found Quinn when he returned early to surprise her, going on an intense search through the woods for his woman.

“She’s not here, dear. I don’t know where she is,” replied Mrs. Sterling when Quinn landed on her doorstep having been unsuccessful so far. “Have you tried her phone?”

“Yes, it goes to voice mail. What time did she leave this morning?”

“Oh, she must have forgotten to charge it. She didn’t go today, though, she left yesterday. She said something about going out with her friends. She’s done this enough times that I don’t worry. She usually calls about two days later.” Mrs. Sterling looked at her soon to be son-in-law for a moment. “Now don’t you get upset because I know she thought you were going to be gone until next week.”

“I wouldn’t be worried if I could find her to check on her. Her phone goes straight to voicemail, she left yesterday, you don’t know where she is, and she didn’t leave me a message. These are all things she and I have talked about before. If you find her before I do, will you have her call me? Better yet, you both call me. If I find her first, I’ll let you know.”

“Well, all right, dear, but don’t get too worked up over it. This is typical for Cheyenne.”

Quinn called home to check and see if she had called yet but he knew she hadn’t. His mother would have let him know right away. He called Josh and had him ask his submissive Sue if she heard anything and neither had. Lunch was over so he went back to her office and found Jacquie back in her appointed spot.

Jacquie and her husband Ace Blakely were members of The Sting and friends. Ace was a corporate attorney who assisted in creating the different types of contract templates for the club and was its sole attorney. He also worked with the O’Connors to incorporate, allowing all of their various businesses to come under one umbrella. He had agreed to take on Cheyenne’s business over a year ago after Jacquie had started as her assistant and told him Cheyenne didn’t think she needed one.

“You can have a different attorney, but you need to have one you identify with. I hope you never need one for more than mundane things, but if you do, you’ll know whom to call. Are we good, Miss Sterling?”

“Yes, fine, but it’s my business, why did you call Quinn? Isn’t that a breach of some kind?”

“Nope. He’s my client, but you were not at the time I spoke to him. He brought you up, I just steered the conversation after that.”

“I think that’s pushing it, but thank you. I still say I’ll never need you.”

He grinned and shrugged his victory. “Great. I’m busy enough.” He kissed her cheek, and she had a corporate attorney at her disposal. That sounded nice, the at your beck and call part anyway.

“Jacquie, have you seen Cheyenne?”

“You’re back early. No, Cheyenne went on a trip with a few of her friends. It surprised me because I didn’t think some of her friends would go anywhere there wasn’t a nail salon and a bar. Why?” Jacquie looked at Quinn for a moment, and her eyes grew round. “She didn’t tell you? Surely she left you a message. Are you sure? That doesn’t sound like her. Here let me call her cell.”

Quinn didn’t tell her that he had already tried. He let her call and watched as her brows drew tight across her now furrowed forehead.

“Did she tell you anything about where or what they were going to do?”

“Well, I did help her look at the map. They were camping. I told her it was too dry to have an open fire, and she said she would get a camp stove, and she had a lantern. I mean, isn’t that what you’ve been doing? Fighting forest fires this last month?” She waited until he nodded his head and then, satisfied, she continued, “Here, let me get the map we were looking at.”

Quinn stalked out of the office with Cheyenne’s three choices on the map that Jacquie had used and slammed into his truck. He stopped for a radio in case he couldn’t find her easily and a few supplies in case it took longer than he expected. At least she’d chosen a spot that was on the established trail if she did choose one of them.

The first camping area was lightly populated, probably due to bear sighting posters strategically located on trees and he felt sure she would not have stayed to see if she was one of the unlucky campers who ran into one. The second site was close to full, and it took him about two hours to comb the area well enough to decide she hadn’t set up on a spot here either. The sun was low in the sky and by the third site, he knew he would have to pitch a tent for the night.

The sky was brighter than normal, and he immediately left the site uninvestigated to check out the horizon. His gut clenched in the fear that the brightness was not a good sign. The color was off. He ran to call the ranger shack and the fire department to let them know. As he was talking to the latter, he saw the blackening edges of the sky and his worst fears were confirmed. Fire. Giving his coordinates the best he could, he described the fire’s estimated area.

Damn, he had to find Cheyenne and her friends now. He was anticipating starting a fire of his own soon. The third site was more secluded and appeared to have the least amount of disturbance from man, but it also didn’t seem to house one, Cheyenne Sterling. She needs a spanking. She needs a plug, a spanking, and a keeper, ignoring that he was her assigned keeper, and it did not help. Worry escalated every moment he knew there was a fire a few miles away, and he didn’t have any idea where she was.

Now, as he was almost done checking out the third area, and his light all but gone, he could feel a sense of urgency. Frustration soon bled into worry and some fear. He was not one to panic, but he had never lost the love of his life before, and this was at least day two. When Quinn found her, he would make sure he didn’t lose her again because he was going to light up her sassy little ass to glowing. First, he had to find her. He was rethinking her need for friends.

Calling her cell phone wasn’t the answer, as its signal, for some reason wasn’t going through. He became more and more frustrated when he kept going directly to voice mail. Quinn slammed back in his truck and leaned over the steering wheel. Where could she have gone? And with whom? He knew he should have paid more attention to her vanilla friends, but he just didn’t know them, and it was too late to kick his own ass over it. Think man.

Then he remembered that the first time Cheyenne had gone to The Sting, she had come with some friends who had received an invitation from a member. He didn’t know who that member was, but he was sure they would have signed in together. He grabbed his cell once again and prayed he could recognize any of the names around hers that night.

Calling Josh, he apprised him of the situation and the roster names. He hung up so Josh could pull the information from that fateful visit. It had been a while so he needed to dig a little. While waiting, Quinn kept a close eye out on the area he had first seen the smoke, watching it grow.

As the light diminished and the sky became too dark for him to track the progress, he called for an update. The worry that infiltrated his mind made keeping his wits about him increasingly difficult. He wanted to put on the mantle of analytical thinking but was not even close to shutting out his fears for Cheyenne and her friends.

It took a while to get the information on the fire sighting. After being put on hold and transferred several times, Quinn was relieved to know it was almost under control, almost but not quite and that meant there was still potential for disaster. A campfire had gotten out of hand. He didn’t envy the chewing out and the fine that camper had incurred.

Quinn’s cell rang as he contemplated the question of what he would do if this last call didn’t help; disconnecting the call on accident the first time, he tried to answer it. Giving himself a pep talk, he stayed calm as he hit accept on the phone the second time.

“Hey, buddy, did you hang up on me?”

“Sorry, it was an accident. What did you find out?”

“I asked Susie, and she’s sorry, but she didn’t know anything about it. Now, Ashley Reynolds and Megan Martin were the names listed on either side of Cheyenne’s name that night.”

“Yes, and Ashley and her boyfriend Richard have just become full members recently. Can you give me the numbers?”

“I can do you one better. I called Richard, and he said that Ashley was with Cheyenne, but he thought they were at Cheyenne’s apartment, not out camping during high fire risk warnings. He tried her but was unable to get through. He said to share the numbers with you and if you can get through, great. As soon as one of you gets through, let the other one know.” Task complete, Josh chuckled. “Looks like there is going to be more than a risk of setting the woods on fire when those girls are found.

“How are you holding up, man?”

“Not good. I’m beat, actually. I came home early and thought I would surprise Cheyenne. We could have a lazy day in each other’s company. Now I’ve spent all afternoon and evening looking for her. Instead of relaxing, I’m keyed up.” Going on to explain that he had resolved he would find her but wishing he could be as nonchalant as her mother was about it all. “I haven’t even stopped to eat. Discovering she could be in danger from the fire that thankfully hasn’t turned into a full-blown scorcher, yet anyway, took my appetite.” He paused to take a breath, “and I’m scared to death that something is wrong. Some kind of deputy I am.”

They spoke a few more minutes as Josh sat and listened to his friend who rarely gave away any of his secrets, professional or personal, spewed his anger and irritation wrapped in real worry for Cheyenne. Quinn thanked Josh and promised to call when he heard anything. He tried the cell once more to no avail and so set up camp, ate the food he had brought in case of an overnight stay, made sure the fire was contained and fell into a restless sleep.

At first light, Quinn tried Ashley’s cell and thought he heard a phone ring in the quiet distance when he dialed. Walking in the direction of the abbreviated ring, he crossed a ridge and looked around. Nothing there but just before he called again, he heard, rather than saw, Cheyenne and her distinctive tinkling laugh. He perked up and followed the sound. It led him further than the established sites but not so far into the woods as to be unlikely someone would camp there. Breathing a sigh of relief that he had found her, and she was safe, he continued to walk back into the trees.


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