Absolving Amy

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Amy’s life is a series of bad luck mixed with worse decisions. One of those bad decisions was homicide detective, Ben. He is sexy, stern, and everything she could ever want, but her past forces her out of his bed and from his life. That is, until she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, she has no choice but to submit to his presence in her life.

Will she accept Ben’s protection and open herself up to his love, or will she allow the walls she has built around her heart to force Ben out of her life – for good, this time?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, action-packed romance includes elements of domestic discipline.

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Sample Chapter

The hotel room was mostly dark, the only real light coming from the hallway through a crack underneath the door. Amy Johnson’s heart raced as she snuck around quietly, trying not to bump into anything and wake the large man sleeping in the bed. Finding her underwear across the room, she bent quickly and picked them up. Upon examination, she realized they were too dirty to put back on; instead, she shoved them into her small purse. Her discarded dress was at the foot of the bed. She slid it over her head. Stumbling, she reached down to steady herself. Terrified that her mistake might have outed her, she froze and looked over her shoulder, wide eyed. The sound of Ben’s snores from the middle of the large king-sized bed reassured her of his uninterrupted slumber. She picked up her left shoe and looked around desperately trying to find its mate, spying it beside the TV stand.

A creaking noise brought Amy’s gaze quickly back to Ben, her heart racing in anticipation of him waking. Thankfully, he remained asleep; he had just rolled over. She tiptoed as quietly as she could the rest of the way to the door, both of her high heels now swinging from her hands. She paused, looked back, hesitation puddling in her gut. Damn, that man was perfect. Amy had never had a lover like him before. He was attentive to her needs and brought her to mind altering, body shaking orgasms several times throughout the evening they had spent together. Her hand paused on the doorknob. Was this really what she wanted? Was this how she wanted to end this truly unforgettable and magical night?

Deep down, Amy knew that it was so far from the ending she wanted. She longed for that gorgeous man to belong to her. She wanted nothing more than to lie safely sleeping in his arms and wake up to him lying on top of her again, to have breakfast together, and to spend many more hours conversing with him. But, sometimes in life, you had to do what was needed, even if it wasn’t what you wanted. This was, regrettably, one of those times. Life had never been fair for Amy, so why would this be any different? She held her breath, turned the knob, walked through the doorway and shut the door quietly behind her before hurrying down the hallway to the elevator, never looking back.

She was still holding her breath when she walked out of the lobby and into the parking lot of the hotel. Finally, reaching her car, she let out a long, slow breath and looked down at her now stained and wrinkled bridesmaid dress. Amy knew that anyone who saw her sneaking out of the hotel at five am in the morning would know she was doing the walk of shame, and she did feel ashamed. Not for having sex with Ben, no, she would never feel ashamed for that. It was the best sex of her life, and there could be no denying the connection between them. No, she was ashamed of how she had snuck out of the room without a word, like a dirty one-night stand. Amy knew if Ben found out who she was, she couldn’t bear to see the look of disgust in his eyes. It was better this way, better if she left with these as her last memories of him than to stay and deal with the condemnation of her past sins—sins Amy knew Ben would never dare to overlook.


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3 reviews for Absolving Amy

  1. Redrabbitt

    Every now and then you pick up a book by a new author, and you are mesmerized and held captive by the story%u2014and that is exactly what happened reading this book by Ms. Gray. The story is part mystery, suspense, danger, brokenness, new beginnings, angst, and in the midst of life and death danger, a love story emerges. Throw in a dominant detective who is a Daddy Dom, and a young woman who is struggling to make something of herself, a pinch of BDSM, plenty of spankings served up with love and you have Absolving Amy.

    Amy is a girl who was raised in foster homes, given empty promises and never knew what love really was. The closest she comes to friendship is her casework, Addie. When a man makes her feel special by flirting with her, he then turns on her, drugging her up and pimping her out. But even Amy escapes that life and is in college working on a degree. Late one night, she will be in the wrong place at the wrong time%u2014witnessing a murder%u2014and then fleeing for her life, What a surprise to pull into the police station and into the arms of Detective Ben De Luca%u2014the man she had a one night fling with at Addie and Brad%u2019s wedding.

    The plot will have Brad taking Amy into protective custody after she witnesses a hit murder by Los Diablos members. Getting her to understand the gravity of the situation, how her life is in danger, and how she must follow their rules gets her into serious trouble. Ben isn%u2019t going to take any chances, and he shows Amy what a Daddy Dom is all about with multiple spankings.

    The story is a beautiful and emotional relationship that develops between Amy and Ben, one that has mild age-play with a Daddy Dom-little girl scenario. While several scenes include strict discipline, there is also the loving, nurturing side to this new dynamic. The sex scenes are steamy but not overly explicit. The story is more the emotions, the threats, and the suspense of keeping Amy safe so she can testify in court. It is also healing from the emotional trauma of what life has dealt her.

  2. Marybeth

    This is a wonderful first novel by RJ Gray. Amy is a young woman who has had a rotten life so far. She is determined to make herself and her life better and she has a plan to get there! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you view it!) life conspires against her. She witnesses a hit by the local gang. She runs to the police and finds herself in the care of Ben, a man she had a one night stand with while at her friend’s wedding. Ben takes her into his protective care and along the way, Amy learns what it is to trust her Daddy.

    There are lots of spankings and some very stern discipline scenes. There is a Daddy Dom and his little girl. There really isn’t any ageplay as Ben just wants her to be able to trust him. I loved this book and I look forward to many more from this author!

  3. charlotte Huelsemann

    Obsolving Amy by RJ Grey
    This story had me crying in some parts. This girl had a real hard life but her daddy dom helps her, protects her and disciplines her. RJ is a new author but you couldn%u2019t tell it by the book. It is full of everything anyone could want. Love , discipline, and danger. Amy finally gets what she has always needed someone to love and protect her. I love this story and highly recommend it.

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