A Wicked Game

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He will stop at nothing to protect her from danger. Whether she likes it or not.

Photographic Journalist Kendall Alexander was missing for a month and was feared dead. When she returns, her memory is gone but she has photographs for proof. She had been searched for extensively by handsome, dominant English Billionaire twin brothers, Hendrix and Jason Alexander whose aristocratic family owns the island. When Kendall learns she has been held by The Solution, a Black Ops government team illegally harvesting human organs, she will stop at nothing to expose the conspiracy putting her life at risk.

However, it isn’t the only conspiracy she must uncover. The second is closer to home when she recovers her memory and realizes her husband and his identical twin have been playing a wicked game of deception by sharing her. It becomes apparent each brother will do anything to shut the other out and possess her for themselves. Kendall learns which of them she is really in love with and she might not have been so innocent in the brothers’ game. The owner of her heart is prompted into stern action, taking her to task over his knee to curb her recklessness and resistance to his direction and rules regarding her protection. He will stop at nothing to protect her from the men who seek to destroy her and stop her from revealing the truth through her photographs.

Publisher’s Note: This dark, contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of action, adventure, danger, sensual scenes, power exchange, mystery, suspense, possible triggers for some readers, and adult themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

It was Hendrix’s turn to spank and discipline Kendall. She’d gone too far this time. Her life had been threatened and she was refusing to take their rules concerning her safety with the seriousness she should have done. He sat behind his desk and glanced at his Rolex. She was late by two minutes and would now receive five extra strokes across her bottom for her neglectful time keeping. He sighed and drummed his fingers on the table. He would allow her no more than five minutes before he would drive to her photography studio, strip and spank her and confine her to her bedroom at home for the day. Did she really want that?

His fingers thumped harder on top of the table but stopped abruptly when the door to his study opened and Kendall hurried inside. She was out of breath.

“I am sorry I am late. But must I really be spanked again, Jason?”

Hendrix smiled. Even now she didn’t realise he was Hendrix, Jason’s handsome identical twin brother and that was just the way they wanted it. Although he sometimes wondered if she had begun to notice the small differences and nuances the twins did not share and kept quiet, content to continue their wicked game of deception so they could both love and protect her as their own.

“I know you are worried about the letter but I am okay. Whoever wrote it just wants to scare me off.”

“Close the door behind you and lock it,” he commanded in a soft dark voice.

Kendall’s eyes widened with apprehension. They always did when he used that tone. It was highly effective in making her comply.

“Why do I have to be spanked like a child?” She pouted and fluttered her eyelashes.

She was irresistible but he tightened his features giving her a stern look. This was important. They had to make her understand their authority on the matter of her safety and protection was law and there were consequences when it was broken. Right now, she was pushing her luck to the extent that both men had considered keeping her at home under lock and key.

“Must we go through this discussion every time you require discipline?”

She hung her head and turned to close the study door behind her and locked it. He waited in his chair sitting in his three-piece charcoal grey Saville Row suit remaining impassive. He raised his index finger and motioned for her to come towards him.

Kendall dropped her bag on the sofa and removed the camera slung around her neck, depositing it next to the bag with great care. There was a small amount of fear in her eyes as she approached his side. He watched her eyes glance at the riding crop lying on top of his desk. Her dark brown eyes flashed with shock. She opened her mouth to speak a retort but he caught hold of her wrist and pulled her quickly over his lap, tipping her small curvy frame at an angle so her feet dangled in the air and she was forced to hold onto his legs to stop herself from falling to the floor. Not that he would allow her to have fallen but it was satisfying to note. She landed in the position with a shriek. He ran his hand over his smooth jaw and looked down at her pleased with her submissive position.

“Please, Jason. I don’t want to be spanked. It always hurts so much and it is difficult to sit down. I have framing to do today. Please,” she begged in that sweet, delectable voice of hers. “I won’t go there again. I will stay away from the old hospital but there is something going on there.”

Hendrix ignored her and lifted up her black wool dress over her sexy, wine-coloured patent leather boots, skimming it over her black lacy hold ups to her delicious plump pert butt. The rule he and Jason had enforced not allowing her to wear any trousers was working well. As anticipated her wilful reckless attitude she continued to display despite their authority allowed them full access to spank her whenever they chose.

In the summer she was prevented from wearing any panties, but now since it was approaching the end of October they had permitted them. Hendrix looked down at the skimpy black lace panties placing a finger down the middle of them lifting the material to examine its intricate detail closer, remembering how he’d picked them out for her when she’d believed her husband had done.

“No, you won’t,” he spoke in a seductive dark velvet voice. “Hendrix sent two police officers out there and they found nothing. Nevertheless, someone is warning you away from something and until he can get to the bottom of it I want your complete obedience on this matter. Next time you violate my rules, little one, I am going to lock you in your room. I won’t lose you. Hendrix has one of his officers keeping a watchful eye on you so we can monitor your movements. You put yourself in danger once more and you will find yourself tied to your bed. And you should know by now I always carry out my threats if I need to. Do I make myself clear? Maybe I should ask Hendrix to lock you in one of the police cells to keep you safe?”

The Alexanders were a large, powerful, wealthy family owning land throughout the British Isles and overseas. They were one of the richest families in the world and owned Storm Island. The twins were the children of the patriarch of the family, Darien Alexander, the Duke of Stathford now residing in Barbados with his new wife he had recently married after the death of their mother. The brothers were free to indulge their own career passions whilst keeping an eye on the family’s Billionaire assets and holding company from the UK end. But upon his death the Duke expected his eldest son, Hendrix to take the lead on running the company with his younger brother. Content, they returned from London after post University training and obtaining experience in their chosen careers to the island where they had shared many happy childhood memories.

Both handsome, tall with deep blue eyes and short wavy dark hair, charismatic and intelligent, Jason had become a world class cardiovascular surgeon and Hendrix had turned down a promotion within the Metropolitan police force to become the island’s Chief Superintendent governing its police force.

Silence. Hendrix smiled with satisfaction and began pulling those sexy panties down over Kendall’s buttocks to expose her bottom. He pulled them down to her ankles to restrict her agitated kicking movements and smoothed his hand over each cheek to gently warm and prepare them for chastisement.

“In view of the indiscretion, shall we call it that?” He heard the thunder rumble in his voice when he remembered reading the letter and hearing of her exploits. As a police officer he was incensed just as much as he was as a secret lover. He didn’t want to feel that fear for her ever again. It was an effort to keep a lid on it even now. “This punishment is going to be a bit different today, little one.”

It had been discussed by the two men at great length after he and Jason had comforted and tucked Kendall up in bed one evening.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a small voice. “Are you going to whip me with your belt or that riding crop on your desk? That’s hardly different.”

“Watch your tongue, little one. No. I am going to spank you then take a whip to your bottom.”

“What? I can’t take both!”

“You will,” he said raising his hand to deliver the first hard slap. He heard Kendall yelp loudly and felt a sense of triumph when it ceased her backchat. He’d wanted to shake her when he read that letter. Jason had acted taking control as the husband, cancelling her plans to go out with friends that evening in front of her on the phone and confining her to her room to rest, where they both knew she was safe, while they discussed the matter together.

Hendrix applied a touch more pressure when striking the opposite buttock beginning to deliver a lecture. He picked up the tempo and made the slaps come hard and fast watching her delicate flesh flush pink and quiver and jump every time his hand made contact. The sound of the slaps echoing loudly around the large room over the fire blazing in the fireplace at the bottom of the room and the seating area in the eighteenth-century mansion.

Kendall’s movements on top of his knees to avoid the slaps were annoying, inducing him to spank her more firmly.

“You cannot avoid this punishment, Kendall. I will not have you put your life at risk. We have talked about this many times before…”

Her yelps turned into cries and eventually sobs.

“I am a photographic journalist. It is my job to find out what is going on.”

“It is not to take unnecessary risks.”

“Since I have known you, both you and your brother overprotect me. I can look after myself. Why don’t you want to know what I found out? This concerns the Island, your family’s Island. I am sure your father, the Duke would want to know what was going on. He wouldn’t like it if he knew you were ignoring me,” she shouted through her tears.

Hendrix raised an eyebrow and made sure the next strike to her bare bottom smarted more than the last. It shook her butt like an earthquake making her pelvis buck down hard against his legs allowing him to feel the delicious rub of her pussy against them.

“You refused to listen to me last night. I found something out. It’s about those men in the black robes who have been seen doing some kind of ritual in Chorley Woods near there. I know there is a connection. I can’t tell Hendrix yet until I know more. There is something going on at the abandoned hospital above Cairn Cove. I think it is related to the disappearance of that couple who came here on holiday.”

“Damn it, Kendall. You can’t do this on your own. This is a matter for Hendrix and the police not a journalist. I don’t want you going anywhere near those Occultists. I have every reason to believe it was they who sent you the letter. They are dangerous. We will discuss this when the punishment is over,” he said deciding to give her some fresh pain to think about to ram his message home by spanking the tender backs of her thighs in turn. Her cry was a little more high pitched this time and she spoke no more.

Did she not understand just how much she meant to them?

Hendrix abruptly ceased her spanking and pulled her panties from around her ankles to throw them onto the floor. Taking hold of her soft light brown curls that rested on top of her shoulders he carefully pulled forcing her to rise from his knees. Spinning her around he quickly pulled down the zip of her dress whilst she sobbed and wiped the tears from her eyes and stripped her of it. He made fast work of her bra and it fell to the floor next to her dress. The only clothing she had left on were those sexy boots. Her breasts bounced free on top of her chest but he resisted the urge to possessively cup and squeeze them.

“Down on the floor,” he ordered standing next to her behind the desk, pointing down onto the dark wooden polished floor. He gathered her hair winding it tightly around his fist and tugged it to encourage her to move quickly. She immediately lowered herself down onto all fours. He made sure he did not let go of her hair and pulled.

“Crawl,” he snapped.

Hendrix directed her around the desk to the front and then pulled her hair once more.


The moment she stood he bent her forward over the polished antique mahogany desk in the space he had cleared so she faced the riding crop lying there, ready to inflict the second part of her stinging punishment. He watched her press her small hands down onto the desk and gasp when he picked it up.

“Head down,” he ordered pushing the back of her head so her face lowered to the desk and twisted to the side.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please don’t whip me. I learnt my lesson from the spanking,” she cried.

Hendrix shook his head. If they didn’t take more stern action with her they would be having the same conversation with her again by this evening and the next day and the next. Kendall was wilful, stubborn and reckless with her safety. This wasn’t the first time she had landed herself in danger and both he and Jason were growing more afraid day by day that she was going to get herself injured or worse, killed. The threatening letter she had received was by no means the first when working on a story.

He ignored her and stood behind her stroking her hot bottom with his hand, allowing the cuff of his shirt, protruding from the arm of his suit jacket, to caress as though to steady and prepare her for the strike of the leather end of the crop.

“We both know that isn’t true, little one,” he said gently bending to brush his lips against one cheek.

“Jason, please. I promise I won’t do it again.”

Hendrix smiled and stood away flexing the riding crop in his hand giving her a stern look so she could see his resolve to whip her bare backside was sound and immoveable. She gave a sob when he moved to her side and pressed his hand into the middle of her back to keep her down and in place. Hendrix raised the crop and brought it down hard and sharp across the right buttock. The sound snapped through the air producing a loud sob. He watched her pelvis buck softly against the desk with each precisely aimed strike to her bottom then the backs of her flushed thighs and lower down the legs and finally the backs of her calves.

When he believed she had taken enough, he gave her bottom one more strike across the seat then threw the crop down onto the sofa.

Kendall was panting hard when he approached, still gently sobbing. He stood behind her and leaned over her body gently, smoothing his hands over her hot smarting bottom hoping he and his brother had made their stance on the matter firmly understood. But a part of him doubted the effects of the discipline would last long and that was why they loved her. She constantly challenged them as dominants and they loved her for it. He only prayed she wouldn’t go too far and put her life at greater risk.

Hendrix bent to brush his lips along her spine, planting soft gentle kisses all the way down to the base whilst slipping his fingers between her thighs. He smiled against her damp skin.

“Good girl. You took your punishment well and are nice and wet for Daddy,” he told her stroking the length of her wet vulva, flexing his middle finger back and forth over her clit.

Kendall’s crying continued but was intermittently broken with gentle moans. He kissed the base of her spine again loving the salty taste of her damp skin. He touched his lips to her hot bottom feeling the heat press against his smooth face. Hendrix removed his fingers from inside her pussy and took hold of her hips and guided her to turn over. She stood up treating him to a close view of her beautiful breasts and pussy. He was already hard, his cock pulsing with need to be inside her. She’d slept with Jason last night and every time he was excluded from her bed it made him possessive and his handling of her a little rough and firmer. He needed her body to know he owned her just as much as Jason did. He roughly took hold of her hips feeling the dark plum tips of her breasts brush against his suit jacket and quickly sat her on top of the desk.

“Down,” he ordered winding his hand gently, carefully around her throat and pushing to guide her down against the table. He stood arrogantly, dominantly over her looking down at her body taking in every curve, dip and swell as he moved his deep purple tie to the side and down from his collar loosening it. She was a beautiful woman. Her tears were still lightly flowing down her cheeks taking a little of her mascara with them making her appear vulnerable. She looked helpless, fragile despite that reckless strength he could see shining through her eyes next to her lustful anticipation. He was ready to show her she belonged to him. It was times like these he wished she was joined to him only and not Jason. His mind began to work on scenarios to take her from his brother and bind her to him alone. Fuck their gentleman’s agreement to share with Jason as the figurehead husband. Feeling that jealous edge fire his need for her that little bit more he abruptly took hold of her arms and raised them above her head, quickly removing his tie to bind her wrists together.

Not once did she speak. Her pants and whimpers told him all he needed to know. He held her throat again and captured her lips, probing his tongue deep as he strengthened his grip on her throat leaving her breathless. Reluctantly he tore himself away from her lips wanting to consume as much of her as he could but his throbbing cock wanted deep penetration. He slid the hand around her throat down her body in between her breasts, silkily over her abdomen making her arch her body from the desk and moan, anticipating his touch of her pussy. He did not disappoint her, sliding his hand down over her vagina to cup and squeeze it in his palm.

“This belongs to me,” he heard himself say as he gripped it again and heard her reach for her breath. Without warning he looked down at her capturing her eyes and raised his hand to bring it crashing down against her vagina. Her body jolted as he spanked her pussy four times. Kendall cried out. He sank his fingers back between the pale pink folds finding her saturated.

Looking down at her with approval, he loosened the button on his suit jacket not wanting to wait to strip and pulled down the zip of his trousers. His penis was long, hard and thick when he took it out. It pointed arrogantly at her pussy. He guided it towards her entrance pulling the lips of her pussy open so he could view its progress just inside her body and then with a grunt he moved sharply forwards and embedded his length making her gasp loudly.

Hendrix swept his hands underneath her body, over her hips and buttocks and lifted the lower portion of her body hard and fast up from the desk forcing her legs up against his body and her ankles to rest over his shoulders so he could penetrate her to the hilt. He was so deep he knew he would be pushing up against her cervix.

The position he had compelled her body to take was heavily submissive. All she could do was receive and respond as he dictated. He fucked her hard, inducing that pain pleasure response by digging the tips of his fingers into her sore, hot, red whipped bottom.

He watched her body’s intoxicating movement as he made it jerk and her pelvis buck against him, appreciating every movement her breasts made as they jumped on her chest down to the glaze of submissive satisfaction in her eyes and cries of pleasure.

His climax built hard and fast. He fought to control it wanting to prolong the connection between them. Never wanting it to end.

“Wait,” he demanded feeling her body begin to tighten around his cock with need.

He slowed the fast pace of his thrusts and brought her back from the edge.

“Remember, you only come when I give you permission, baby girl.”

He drove gently and purposefully into her channel caressing the silky warm muscles, sliding over her sensitive G-spot then almost completely withdrawing from her body until she whimpered and begged unable to control her desire. Then he built the tempo of his thrusts bringing her back to the edge then away from it again, over and over until he could no longer take any more. He growled and began to stab his cock, spearing her body.

“Come now, Kendall and damn well make sure I hear you.”

His thrusts were cruel, verging on sadistic as he pummelled her body with them as the flames of his climax began to lick the pit of his stomach. He wanted all of her, all she could give him and this time he did not want to share. Kendall gave a scream as he felt her pussy flood and contract around him signalling her orgasm erupting in unison with his own.

The pleasurable ride seemed to last forever and he thought it would never end nor did he want it to. But when it did he found himself lowering her legs to lift her up into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist still inside her as he kissed her deeply. He carried her across the room and pressed her back against the wall to continue his feverish kiss feeling consumed by his need for her. It was mutual. Kendall lifted her tied wrists up and lowered the gap between her arms over his neck so she could hold onto him. Her nipples scraped against his suit jacket making him harden inside her again. Automatically, he began to thrust inside her feeling his cock swell with renewed desire. She bucked her pelvis responsive to his aggressive thrusts. Balancing her body expertly against the wall he placed his hand around her throat again and tilted her head back against the wall. Maintaining deep eye contact with her he fucked her hard again. Kendall screamed her release never allowing her gaze to lift from his once allowing him to watch her orgasm explode in her eyes in unison with his own.


That was a month ago. Now Kendall was missing, feared dead and the officer who had been guarding her when he or Jason could not be there had also disappeared along with her. Hendrix worried if this time, he and Jason had gone too far in their deception. They’d always planned to share Kendall. It was a game the identical twin brothers had played with women since high school, through University at Oxford and beyond. The woman never knew who was making love to her from one night to the next. The brothers shared everything and their women. It was natural to them and well intentioned on all sides. They were both dominant males and had sought a joint relationship with a natural submissive. They had initially found this with the first partner they had secretly shared and planned for one of them to marry. That had been Caitlin, a doctor at the new Rayman Creed hospital. Her death had come abruptly in a hiking accident three years ago. Yet this time it was different somehow. The stakes were higher and the love existing between the brothers and Kendall was intense. Both wanted to possess Kendall for themselves with a passion and both were not about to let it end in her tragic death as it had with the first woman they had jointly loved and fought over. But Hendrix wondered if it was too late.

Hendrix Alexander stood on the pebble shore of one of many beaches around the large Storm Island. The Island was sixty thousand square metres in size and wide. It was situated in the North Sea between Shelming on the North East Coast of England and near Bergen in Norway. The island had been occupied throughout the centuries by both the English and the Norwegians and both cultures now existed side by side. As well as a large British population there was a high Norwegian contingent and consequently everything from road signs to public information was posted in English and Norwegian. He’d always loved to come to Cairn Cove on the east coast of the island to watch the North Sea crash against the boulders and rocks. He could think clearly here. The October air was sharp and crisp clearing the cobwebs from his mind as the wind blew at his and the constant flow and recession of water helped his thoughts to flow more steadily setting a pace and rhythm to them. It was also near to Chorley Wood, which stood behind him on the hill that led to the old hospital where Kendall had last been seen. Here he could be close to her somehow.

Today the water was rough and a storm was brewing, one of many Storm Island endured during the summer and winter months hence its weather name. The spray was high and brushing his face. Further out he could see a mist rolling towards the shore.

Kendall was a photographic journalist they’d met at a friend’s party in London when visiting friends two years ago. She worked freelance for the major newspapers and magazines with a strong reputation for quality and being able to get the story no matter what the cost. She also had her own photography business in which she took scenic shots and more to exhibit. Her reputation was international. She wanted to take photographs of the Alexander family and the Island for an exhibition and they were both ready to indulge her. They both fell in love with her and yet she naively believed all of the attention was coming just from Jason. Just as they had wanted her to believe, convinced she would not have agreed to be in a three-way relationship. They managed to tame her passion for pursuing a dangerous career to some extent when she opened her own gallery and transferred her business to Storm Island but the woman was always challenging them with her stubborn wilful need to track down the story and put herself in danger. This time it had ended in tragedy.

Kendall believed she was falling in love with one man but in reality, it was two. Both men were dominant and expected submission from Kendall which after some coaxing she had given freely. The whirlwind romance resulted in a marriage and a decision was made between the brothers. Jason would marry her for the sake of appearances with the family and their father but the dual relationship would continue.

That had all worked fine until six months after the marriage, Kendall had gone missing. He’d found nothing going on in the abandoned hospital on Norse Hill just outside Chorley Woods. They’d scoured the island for her but she was nowhere to be found. Every police instinct he had told him she was still on the island and she was still alive. So, where the hell was she?

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  1. Stats23

    This book had such a good plot it was impossible to stop reading until the final chapter/page/conclusion. The three principal characters were utterly absorbing; twin brothers used to sharing everything, one a skilled doctor the other a police Chief Superintendent, and a feisty investigative reporter married to one but living with both. The brothers are uber dominant alphas intent on protecting Kendall from any and all dangers. Kendall is as alpha as any man could be and intent on doing anything and everything to get to the bottom of a story. It’s easy to see how explosive situations are bound to happen. I won’t give away the plot but there is action, amnesia, betrayal and redemption, all with lots of punishments, comforting and hot sex worked in to keep the fires burning. Kingsley at her best, a great read. 5 Stars.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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