A Traditional Daddy

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A traditional woman needs a traditional man… She just doesn’t know it yet…

Handsome American Billionaire, Alexander Deucalion is in love with Scarlett Blackwood, who happens to be the beautiful unhappy wife of Ross, the cruel European Manager of his holding company. After Ross becomes more abusive, Alexander arrives in London to finally liberate her and to thwart Ross’s plan of laundering money through the billionaire’s company.

Although deeply in love with Alexander, Scarlett is reluctant to leave Ross’ side because of a promise she made to the police. A promise to spy on Ross and his relationship with her father who has connections to London gangs and the Russian Mafia. Alexander is forced to administer a firm, guiding hand to her bare bottom to keep her safe when she attempts to leave his side fearful she is putting his life in danger.

Alexander discovers a brave, feisty, emotionally scarred woman in need of his love, and dominance as he fiercely protects her from the men who seek to take her from him and imprison her for their own ends. Scarlett finds a stern, no nonsense man who loves her and will do anything to protect her, even from herself.

Publisher’s Note: This billionaire romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, adult themes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

Amelia could barely look at the handsome raven-haired billionaire as he removed the black leather skirt and tore her panties away from her body, throwing them into the pile that already contained her bra and blouse. Her cheeks were a delicate rosy pink. A satisfied smile twitched across his lips. She restlessly moved her hands he’d tied together with his red tie behind her back.

“Trying to escape is futile,” he informed her callously. “I want to know what you were looking for in my manager’s office. I gather you were here to meet him. You do know he has a wife, don’t you?”

“Yes, but she’s a bitch and not what he wants.” Alexander winced with contempt and closed his black eyes with frustration hating the way Amelia called Scarlett Blackwood, his European Manager’s wife, the woman he’d fallen in love with while residing at the Blackwood’s family home three years ago for the summer, a bitch. If she’d been a man he would have punched her. Instead he gave her butt a sharp slap enjoying the wobble of her naked breasts as he did.

“Now, now be a lady. What were you looking for in my manager’s office?”

“Just some information for someone.”

“You mean Grigori Litvenko.”


She seemed undeterred by her nakedness in front of him.

“I suppose he asked you to seduce Ross to get him to reveal confidential material on my holding company so he could gain a foothold in it. I already know he has had Ross laundering money through the Looking Glass Media platform I own as well as Radiant Publishing.”

“How do you know that?”

He towered over her and tapped the side of his nose.

“Let’s just say a little bird told me.”

Alexander finished forcefully stripping his captive by removing her high heels. He cast his eyes over her helpless naked form taking in every swell, curve, dip and erect tip to remind her of his power and watched her pale skin warm and flush with the weight of his gaze in response. Before he realized, what he was doing, he was moving closer wanting to inhale her scent and to feel the brush of her large breasts against his designer gray suit jacket. He carefully wrapped his hand around her throat.

“Now what were you looking for? Do I have to spank it out of you or maybe take my belt to your ass?”

He moved his hand up and down her throat then tightened it painfully making her gasp.

“He will kill me if I tell you,” she sounded breathless.

“I will whip your butt and take you to the police if you don’t.”

She remained silent pushing him into action.

“We will start with a spanking then.”

Bending to pick up her panties, he dragged the woman across the floor and sat down in the high-backed leather chair behind the desk in the penthouse office of Canary Wharf in Docklands, London. He pulled her onto his lap and pushed her flimsy panties inside her mouth to gag her.

“Spit them out and I will gag you with my belt,” he warned. “You had your chance. When I have finished your spanking, maybe then you will be in the mood to talk.”

She violently shook her head. Her words of protest a mumble behind her panties. Amelia aimed her forehead at his making him reel back. He laughed at her.

“Honey, that would hurt you more than it would hurt me.”

With speed he pushed her over his knees so she hung over them face down. He felt the delicious movement of her pussy over his legs and the push of her breasts and the scrape of her nipples.

“I think it’s time I calmed you down. This is going to hurt but it might release some of that anger and induce you to be more obedient. Have you ever been spanked before, Amelia?”

The increased sound of her growls against her makeshift gag and the erratic movement of her body gave him his answer. He laughed and gathered up her long blonde hair, growing damp with her struggles and the fine sheen of sweat on her body, into a ponytail and used it to pull the top half of her body up forcing her to strain and concentrate on the discomfort. It helped to cease her movements as he trapped her legs by coiling his own leg around them. Now he had her exactly where he wanted.

“Keep still, Amelia,” he mocked while raising his hand to strike the seat of her enticing bare pale rump he had been keen to test with the force of his palm since she’d given him a mouthful, after he found her snooping in his European Manager’s office. Unknowingly, she had disrupted his own clandestine research operation inside Ross’ office and his attempt to find out what Ross had been up to with Litvenko after receiving an anonymous email warning him the Russian Mafia were trying to ruin his companies and take his business.

Her pert flesh wobbled and quivered as he flattened his hard, large male palm against the left buttock and then the right. The sound of the slaps echoing around the unlocked room induced him to spank harder and faster delighting in the hot pink he stained her vulnerable flesh. He heard her growls turn to tears and her body was no longer fighting against the restraints he had placed around it. At last he was getting through. Heat emanated from her backside; no doubt she must be really feeling the sting now. He turned his attention to the tender backs of her thighs knowing she would feel the pain and hurt more keenly there. She would think twice about defying him again.

Alexander applied the last smack and rested his hand over her bottom enjoying the warmth against his hand. He kept his other wrapped around her hair and continued to pull.

“There, there, all over,” he said with a smile rubbing his hand over her butt. He released her hair, leaned over and removed the panties from her mouth.

“Ready to talk now?” he asked. “Or do I have to whip you with my belt?”

“Ow, no,” she said tears flowing down her cheeks. “He wants information on your stake in North Sea Oil.”

Alexander frowned. Deucalion Oil was his latest venture and a major one. Litvenko was trying to destroy him. If he hadn’t been sent that email, he would have been in the dark. He wanted to thank that person personally but he doubted if he would ever get the chance. Not even his tech staff had been able to trace it.

“Time to call the police,” he said stuffing the panties back in her mouth as she whimpered and begged him not to, shaking her head vehemently in protest.

Now he could put things right and get on with his main reason for being in London. To finally take Ross’s wife for himself.

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2 reviews for A Traditional Daddy

  1. Ronald

    This story is short and fast moving, but some of what happens to the female character is just too extreme for the situations she is in. Scarlett is the wife of a cruel man – her husband works for an American billionaire, Alexander. Alexander learns that the husband is plotting against him along with Russian Mafia, and since he loves Scarlett, he seizes her and brings her to his estate. While there, she makes several attempts to escape, not wanting to bring trouble to Alexander – and each time he punishes her severely and then makes passionate love to her. In the end, things work out, but while I enjoy scenes of sex and punishment, some of it was too far-fetched for my taste. Both characters were a little unrealistic in their behavior and attitude toward each other and each other’s motives. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Stats23

    I had a bit of a struggle reading this book. It just seemed so improbable that a billionaire boss could/would walk into one of his employee’s homes and literally kidnap his wife, and that the employee only put up a token verbal argument. That sense of the unreal carried on throughout the book, but there was more to the story and it played out well over the balance of the book. I had a lot of empathy for the heroine of the story (Scarlett) as she was clearly a submissive with many personal issues, not the least of which is a severe lack of self-worth. I did not have as much respect for the hero, Alexander, as I found his treatment of Scarlett to be borderline abusive. I just couldn’t force myself to like him. Despite those misgivings, the outcome was an HEA so I guess you could say the end justified the means. Lots of spankings, lots of sex, and a bit of a unique solution to the plot’s core dilemma. 4 Stars
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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