A Time for Will

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Identical twins Verity and Lissie Pettigrew inherit an abandoned farm in the remote hills of the Methow Valley. Little do the twins know, their windfall harbors a secret. While exploring the old barn, Verity stumbles into a hidden portal and is instantly transported more than one hundred years into the past.

In 1885, on the same farm, Will Dawson is saddling his horse when a disturbance in a corner of the barn catches his attention. In his haste to rescue the gorgeous woman in the center of the disturbance, he is flung far into the future.

Lissie arrives on the farm looking for Verity, but finds the handsome, slightly suspicious cowboy instead. From their first words to one another, sparks fly…

Meanwhile, Verity must deal with life in 1885. Although accepted into Will’s family, she longs to get back to the twenty-first century and the man she loves…

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Sample Chapter

Verity Finds the Portal

September 2017

Verity Pettigrew drove straight through the small town of Milford before she remembered to take out her phone. Five minutes more and she’d have missed her last chance to call her boyfriend before she went offline for the next couple of days. Michael wouldn’t like being forgotten. The certain knowledge of how he’d express his displeasure sent a tingly rush of dread and lust through her.

Pulling over to the side of the road, she took out her phone and speed-dialed him. She turned the engine off as she waited for him to answer.

“Babe.” Michael’s deep voice boomed out of the hands-free speaker. “Where are you?”

Verity pictured him sitting in his corner office with the view over the Pike Street Market and the Seattle Harbor. He’d be wearing a white shirt with French cuffs and a silk tie. The jacket of his custom-made suit would be carefully hung on a wooden hanger on the back of the door. If he could see the scruffy jeans and t-shirt she wore, he’d shake his head with disapproval.

“About half an hour from home,” she said.

“Home? You’re calling that old shack home?”

“It’s going to be the best home I’ve ever had.” She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel. She didn’t want to get into this argument again. Michael lived in a brand-new condo on the water near Seattle’s university district. He thought old buildings were nice to look at and a disaster to own.

The year before, Verity and her twin sister Felicity learned that they’d inherited a derelict farm in the Methow Valley. The more he insisted they should sell, the more determined Verity became to prove him wrong.

After many bewildering months, probate was finally settled and the house transferred to Verity and Felicity. Since then, Verity had been out to the property several times, talking to contractors, arranging to have the most urgent repairs and upgrading done. Felicity and their younger sister Hope were joining Verity that afternoon. The three of them would spend the week working on their place, them and an army of skilled trades people.

To Verity’s astonishment, Michael had offered to join them the following weekend and pitch in for the tidy up. Verity sensed that he was humoring her with his offer but she accepted it anyway. He’d didn’t know yet that she and Felicity had plans of their own, plans that didn’t necessarily include him.

They were going to restore the old farmhouse. They’d build some cottages, buy some horses and set up a country retreat where people could get away from it all. She could see the cottages clearly, set out in a half circle around the main house. Lissie, as Felicity was known to her nearest and dearest, and Verity would welcome people from all over the world to their high-end resort.

But, before any of that could happen, they had to make the house livable.

“I’m sure it will be just lovely,” Michael said without conviction. In a more interested voice, he added, “Did you pack sunscreen?”

“Yes, of course.” Verity suppressed a sigh.

“And you’ve got enough drinking water for the rest of the week in case the pump fails?”

“Why would it? But yes, I’ve got several four-gallon blocks.”

He murmured his approval. “Food?”

“Michael! I’m a grown woman. I know I have to eat. If I’m desperate I can drive back to town. I’m going to a remote farmhouse, not to another planet.” She spoke through clenched teeth.

“Watch your tone, please.” His voice was gentle but strict.

Verity swallowed as a hungry warmth spread up from her crotch. Some kids had helicopter parents. She had a helicopter boyfriend. Michael was protective and loving, always looking out for her well-being. They’d met a year after her parents had died, a year that for her had been filled with endless visits to an attorney’s office and innumerable decisions about herself, her two sisters, and their future. Michael was the only man she’d ever met who’d been more decisive and opinionated that she was.

He was a dominant, old-fashioned kind of man who invited her on dates where her only responsibility was to be ready on time, dressed for the occasion, and on her best behavior. That last requirement was underscored on their third date. Michael missed a shot when they were playing pool. As Verity cleared the table and won ten dollars off him, she teased him about being beaten by a girl. When he told her enough was enough, to let it go, she couldn’t resist a last, sarcastic barb.

Without preamble or warning, he marched her out of the bar to a dark corner of the parking lot where he lifted her skirt and smacked her bottom hard, more times than she had the presence of mind to count. To her surprise, Verity discovered that being spanked freed a lot of her inhibitions. That night when he asked her to stay over, she said yes for the first time. When they made love, she reached a high that she didn’t know existed before Michael.

Frequently since then, she’d deliberately provoked him to get that sort of attention. He didn’t hesitate to turn her over his knee and light her bottom on fire if he thought she deserved it. Sometimes the spankings were playful. Sometimes they were discipline, plain and simple. Either way, his loving comfort afterward always added to the heat factor. Verity had accepted this aspect of their intimate life without telling anyone about it. She’d made Michael promise to keep it secret too.

Ever since that early date, she’d learned to recognize when she was stepping over the line. She changed her tone of voice, making it bright and cheerful. “I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Do you think you’ll be able to get away early?”

“Nothing will stop me,” he said. “If you need anything you can’t get in Milford, I’ll pick it up on my way there.” His voice was low, concerned, reminding her how much he cared for her.

“I miss you already,” she said, reaching for the ignition.

“Miss you too.”

A moment passed when neither of them said a thing. Then Michael cleared his throat. “Make sure you don’t let that crazy sister of yours convince you that you want to live out there. Your place is here in the city. With me.”

They blew kisses to each other before Verity disconnected the call.

Yeah. Sure. How could she have forgotten something so simple? And on his terms, she thought, easing the big F350 truck back onto the road.

Turning the stereo up loud, she joined the traffic heading northeast. She sang along with one song after another but kept wishing she’d added Beyoncé’s Put a Ring On It to her playlist. She needed to play that one for Michael sometime.

He was good at saying things like: she belonged with him, he needed her, he wanted her. Occasionally, since they started going together when Verity was a senior at college, he’d even said he loved her. Here it was four years down the road and he still hadn’t popped the question. Because of that, she’d refused to live with him. Why did he have to be old-fashioned in every way but the one that counted the most?

He was one of the reasons she wanted to get away from the city. She needed to be on her own for a while. She wanted to see if she could live without him, while giving him a taste of not always having her around.

Dear, beloved (if only they’d known her!) Great-aunt Alice Amanda Ferris had willed more than the house and a thousand overgrown acres to her and Lissie. She’d also left them a big bank account that they were going to use to restore the property.

Michael didn’t know they’d inherited cash too. Lissie made Verity promise not to tell him. Lissie insisted it was time for Verity to test Michael’s commitment to her, starting now. Verity also hadn’t told Michael that she had no intention of going back to Seattle with him next week. He’d find that out soon enough.

It was a half hour’s drive from Milford to the edge of the property. When they’d driven up from Seattle to see it before the title had passed to them, they’d spent an hour driving back and forth before they’d spotted the overgrown entrance. Vines strangled the arch of the gate and blackberry bushes choked the rutted road to the house. Michael wasn’t dressed for rough work; he’d sat and watched as the sisters cleared away enough of the jungle to get onto the goat track to the house. Driving that rough road had tested the endurance of Verity’s ten-year-old Subaru. As soon as Verity and Lissie got back to the city, they bought themselves beefy off-road trucks. They had serious work to do, lots of building materials to haul around. A family sedan was out of the question.

Verity put the truck into four-wheel drive, walking the tires through the bumps and dips of the dirt track that didn’t so much resemble a driveway or road as it did an obstacle course. The road contractor who was due to start work tomorrow said it wasn’t as bad as it looked. It had a strong, deep subgrade. All it needed was some remedial work with a good road base laid over the top. Still, Verity drove slowly, avoiding potholes and easing through culverts. The long, slow crawl to the house gave her a chance to take in her surroundings.

Turning off the stereo, she put down all the windows and listened. Silence, punctuated by an occasional crow cawing in the forest, surrounded her. A hint of fall’s earthy scent already rode the oxygen-rich air. This was a magical place that she feared Michael would never enjoy. He was a city person through and through. When she stepped out on the balcony at his condo, the constant roar of the traffic on the nearby roads and the noise of the boats on the harbor deafened her. He claimed that was the sound of industry, of humanity, of progress. Verity thought she could live with just a little less humanity.

She parked in front of the house and jumped out of the truck. Stopping for a minute she listened. Yes, she could hear the creek, the one that delivered fresh water twelve months of the year. That was a sound she never heard in the city.

Craning her neck, she looked up at the second floor. Soon the roof and windows would all be replaced, bringing the house into the twenty-first century. Admiring the solid construction that had stood the test of time, she clasped her hands behind her back. Her single blonde braid was so long it brushed her hands at the base of her spine. Michael loved her long hair. Memories of how he fisted his hands in it when he kissed her quickened her heart rate. Michael knew how to kiss. She shook her head, throwing off all thoughts of him for the moment.

Forcing herself back to the present, she went through what she knew about the place. It was built in 1883, but had been upgraded several times since then. The last people had lived in it in the 1980s. Abandoned for over twenty years, it was still standing, a testament to how well built it was. A roofer from Milford was coming the next day to quote on replacing the old wooden shingles with a new metal roof.

Verity squinted, envisioning an inviting clutch of cottages nestled in the woods around the house. They’d be placed far enough apart that every guest would have complete privacy but close enough to make visiting easy for family groups. She and Lissie had decided they’d clear an acre close to the house and the creek. They’d chosen a spot with the most southerly exposure, currently covered by a small wood. It would be their vegetable patch. Verity wandered in that direction, anticipating how the garden would look next summer. It was already September, and too late to plant anything this year.

She froze in her tracks. There was a building in the middle of the dense wood, a building she hadn’t seen before. She peered through the trees and bushes again. It was still there, as big as life. She grinned. Their inheritance just got better. Trotting down the hill, her cowboy boots setting up puffs of dust in the soft fall sunlight, she imagined Lissie’s face when she brought her down here. Better still, she imagined the face of their younger sister and only other sibling, Hope, who was coming with Lissie this afternoon. Great-aunt Alice had lost contact with the twins’ parents after they were born, so Hope hadn’t been named in Alice’s will. Verity and Lissie promised to give Hope a one-third share of the farm when she finished college.

Hope was horse-mad, had been since she was little. Both of the twins feared Hope wouldn’t finish school if she had the chance to spend all day every day with horses. Their promise was a bribe: Hope had to finish some level of college or trade school before they’d make her part owner.

If she realized there was already had a barn suitable for housing feed, tack, and maybe a pony or two, she’d never want to go back to school. Verity grinned as she anticipated her younger sister’s happiness and frustration.

The front door of the barn creaked open when Verity pushed it gently. In the hay loft, there was the flutter of wings and a bird flew out of a broken window. The barn was spacious with four stalls for horses and a large open area that was empty except for a wooden bench and two old stirrup leathers, one with a rusty stirrup, hanging on a hook on the wall.

The floor of the barn was packed dirt and it smelled dry, with a slight scent of hay still and—maybe Verity’s nose was playing tricks on her—horse manure. She opened the door of each of the large box stalls, admiring the design. They were big enough for the horses to get away from each other but had low enough walls that the animals could touch each other and talk if they wanted to.

The door to the fourth stall was stuck. She pushed it once. Nothing. Again. Nothing. She kicked it as hard as she could. It shuddered and groaned but remained closed.

“Right,” Verity said. “You want to play tough? You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

Fighting a migraine that had been playing at the edge of her head all morning, she walked around the outside of the barn, stomping down the tall grass that grew to the edge of the building. Even though she knew she should get back to the house and unpack her truck, she hoped to find a crowbar or something to pry open the rusted hardware on that last stall door. Back where she’d started, she almost tripped over a sledgehammer. It was entangled in vines. Verity slipped the Swiss Army Knife out of her pocket and crudely hacked them away. By the time she’d freed the heavy old tool, she’d muttered every profanity she knew at least twice. Maybe this dream was going to be a bit harder than she had counted on.

She hefted the hammer over her shoulder before immediately letting it drop. The thing weighed a ton. Stopping in front of the stuck stall door, she swung the sledgehammer back and forth, gradually gaining momentum. She aimed it at the stall door. The split second before the metal hit the wood, a deafening crack filled the barn. The stall door opened inward. Verity staggered, tripped, and fell.

She fell for the longest time before she hit the ground with a solid thump.

When she opened her eyes, a handsome cowboy in dusty, old-fashioned clothes stood in front of her, holding out his hand. She placed her hand in his before the world spun again. The next minute, he was gone and Verity slipped back into darkness.

16 reviews for A Time for Will

  1. Tami

    When Verity explores the barn, she falls through a portal and lands in 1885. At the same time, Will is transported to 2017. There are some chapters how Verity adapts in 1885, but mostly the story is about Verity’s twin sister Lissie and Will. Will is the product of his time, he insists to be the head of household and his preferred method to make sure he is obeyed is by spanking Lissie. Lissie realizes very soon that she doesn’t mind to be taken in hand. When they find out that there might be a possibility for Will to go back to his time and Verity to get back to 2017 the question is will Lissie go with him.

    For the most part I enjoyed the story. The characters are likeable and I also liked the author’s writing style. But there were some scenes that felt very far-fetched to me, especially towards the end which felt rushed. 3.5 stars from me.

  2. Ben Morris

    When I first started reading this book I was really unsure about what I felt, mainly because I was worried we had too many story lines going on what with Verity stuck in the past (where also her true love wasn’t around) and with Will, Lissie, Hope and Michael left to deal with her being gone and Will being in the present and where the main romance of the story between Lissie and Will. I am glad I kept going though because it became clear that Verity’s moments were more their out of letting us the reader know that she was okay and to introduce the Will’s family and the focus would be on our two leads.

    Will as a dominate takes on a few different characteristics then just spanking, and keeping Lissie in line, being from the past he expects Lissie and Hope to make food for him, but in exchange he does do much of the work around the house and not only helps keep Lissie in line but also helps keep Hope from getting out of hand something both Lissie and Verity have had trouble with. This added and extra layer to the dominate and submissive relationship that these two had that was intriguing to read and it is own way erotic. I also liked how throughout the book the sense of dominance/submission was through out all that was happening. Little moment like mentioning a hand on Lissie’s butt or Will talking about what he keep Hope from getting out of hand something both Lissie and Verity have had trouble with. This added and extra layer to the dominate and submissive relationship that these two had that was intriguing to read and it is own way erotic. I also liked how throughout the book the sense of dominance/submission was through out all that was happening. Little moment like mentioning a hand on Lissie’s butt or Will talking about what he see’s as a gentleman’s goals and desires with a woman, be that punishment or simple taking care of her and their home.

    These two were great together and their are plenty of other sisters around for more books if the author so chooses and I think she should a lot of great characters and potential situations. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  3. JigsawGirl

    An intriguing combination of time travel, domestic discipline, historical and contemporary romance.

    With Lissie and Verity being twins that were connected on such a spiritual or psychic level, I was surprised that Lissie did not know Verify and Michael practiced domestic discipline.

    It was somewhat fascinating to follow along as each person in this group so easily accepted the whole concept of time travel. I thought that was unexpected. I have to give them credit. I think I would have been more sceptical. Or, at minimum, sceptical for longer.

    This was not necessarily a quick read, but it could be done in a day, or overnight.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  4. Nancy Hughes

    This was an easy read, and held my attention. A couple of romances, spanking, and the mystery of how Verity and Will, can get back to their correct time. They%u2019re both around 100yrs off. Will they ever get back?

  5. Margaret Corcoran

    I enjoyed this story. It’s different and very well written. There are plenty of different elements to hold the reader’s interest. The characters are well written and described. The interactions between the couples is hot and sexy. Everyone learns different things from their experience. There is disciplinary spankings but lots of love. There is also some hot spicy sex. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  6. Toni L

    Time travel romance isn’t new & it’s unlikely that any book in this genre will be completely original. While it may not be completely original, the task is to make it enjoyable enough so that you don’t feel like you’ve read the same story hundreds of times before. This story may not be the greatest version of this tale but by the inclusion of twins as the central characters, it at least provides an unexpected element. I found most of the characters really enjoyable and ultimately likable which helped to make this story a pleasant, enjoyable and undemanding read for when you just want to relax & not think to deeply.

  7. DB

    I did enjoy this time travel story, but I have enjoyed all of Libby Campbell’s books! Will and Lissie have a fun relationship when she finally figures out “he is the boss”! Great story of them fixing up a 100 year old house he had lived in in 1885. This story had: spankings, great dialogue, funny moments, adventures and hopefully a second and third book about Verity and Hope. 5 Big Stars

  8. Redrabbitt

    I always enjoy time-travel romance, and this one didn%u2019t disappoint. Not one, but two individuals will be catapulted from their time period. One will go forward as the other will go back in time. In the story, you can see the challenges for each person that they must overcome. While the story covers both people that time-travel, it will mostly focus on Will and Lessie in 2017.

    Will Dawson will be in the barn with his horse Monte on their family farm when a rumble has him transported forward to 2017. He will be in the same barn, but it is now run down with no horses, tack, saddles, hay, or feed.

    Verity will discover the dilapidated barn on the Lesterville farm that she and her identical sister, Felicity, better known as Lessie, have inherited from a great aunt. While in the barn, it will shake and in a flash, she finds herself on the floor of the fourth stall, a knot on her head, but now the barn is in good shape, has horses and equipment, and she will eventually discover she was in 1885.

    The plot will have Will and Verity each being catapulted from their respective time period, into the other persons. Will finds himself 132 years into the future in 2017. It will come as a shock on technology, clothing, and attitude. Verity is able to hide for a short time but will be found, and wearing clothing inappropriate for a woman in 1885. The knot will allow an excuse of confusion, but for how long. She is now a guest on the Dawson farm, but also under strict rules of the family, and will be punished if she disobeys. Will has big issues with the clothing and attitude of Lessie and her younger sister Hope. But when Lessie lets a string of cuss words fly and gets an attitude with him, he will take her to the barn and correct the errors of her way, just as he promised he would do.

    For each of them, they will have to maneuver during their new time period carefully. The only way Verity and Lessie can communicate will be during dreams. Trying to keep things a secret with the hopes of righting the wrong will be a huge part of the challenge in this story. Will Verity be able to get back to 2017 and her boyfriend, Michael? But what happens when Will and Lessie develop feelings for each other in 2017. Will he be able to return to 1885 and can he take Lessie with him?

    The story has many twists and turns, and even suspenseful moments. Two girls may be identical twins, but they each have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes, and that isn%u2019t going to be easy to hide. What caused the shift that transported Will and Verity and will it happen again so they can each get back into their own time? There are several spanking scenes in both time periods. Dominant men exist in both 1885 and 2017. In the end, everyone affected will gain a new perspective on life, family, love, and what is important.

  9. Susanne Sanderson

    What a great time travel story. To add twins was a great twist. Some historical AND contemporary story together. It has some domestic discipline mixed in. What a nice mix of genres. There is something for everyone in this book. Lots of suspense and romance. Worth a read. I voluntarily reviewed this as an ARC book.

  10. Dyane

    I really loved the premise of this story – two people change places in time. The unique twist here is that a man travels from the Old West into present time. The plot is certainly interesting and has several surprises. While the characters are realistic and interesting, it bothered me that Michael (Verity%u2019s boyfriend, not the main hero) was fairly weak and not likable. The book is well-written and packed with action, and I hope there is a sequel. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  11. Hope W

    I was captivated by this domestic discipline and time travel romance! Having Verity travel back to 1885 with sending Will ahead to 1995, but remaining with the respective families was an interesting twist in the story. Each character was fun to watch adjust and react to the changes around them while, at the same time, also missing those left behind. Watching Lizzy and Will grow closer and explore their attraction had me guessing how the story would develop. The two main male characters, Michael and Will, each have their own style of dominance but are protective of their women and love equally hard. The female characters each are feisty and independent, but have to learn to adapt to their new standards and rules as well. Will these characters find their way back to when and where they come from? Will they find that they like their new time and place? Come read and travel in time to find out.

    Overall, Libby Campbell gave the reader a well written story with great characters that were developed and endearing to the reader. She includes time travel, historical situations, suspense, domestic discipline, plenty of spankings, lots of love, family, friendships, and more. I definitely recommend this book for a great nights read! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  12. PJB

    I do so love a time travel story! This is an intriguing tale of William who comes forward in time from 1885 into 2017. He finds life very different and the women shock him with their swearing, easy virtue and scandalous clothing! This is an enjoyable captivating and humorous read. I find that I am looking forward to the next one.

  13. Pettigg

    Gotta love a time travel tale. This one has a little twist thou two people exchange places so you get to be withem both as they figure out how to survive in the time they have been thrust into. Verity and Lissie are twins that get pulled apart by time, one finds her true love and one is separated from hers. Some good twists and great connections.

  14. Susan Kirkland

    Verity and Lissie, twins, get caught in a time warp and Verity goes through a portal and ends up in 1885. Will exchanged places with her and ends up in 2017. Will they switch back to their respective times? What do they learn from others? I loved this story.

  15. LuCinda Beebe

    Get ready for a heart stopping journey as a twin sister,Verity, is sent back in time and a handsome cowboy, Will, is sent forward in time. Ms Campbell does a wonderful job with how she kept me interested and enjoying every moment of this story.
    Felicity is Verity’s twin and she is there to meet Will and fall in love with him as time went by. The characters are well-developed and very interesting and the book deals with loyalty, love, and adventure. There is some disciplined so if you don’t like reading stories like that you should pass but if you do I think you will be missing a great story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  16. Good bedtime reading

    Verity had finally arrived at the ramshackle ranch that she inherited with her identical twin Felicity.both sisters would also share with their younger sibling who was unknown to the recently deceased aunt. Verity had already organised a lot of the necessary immediate work that needed to be done before her sisters would join her in the renovation project. But upon exploring the property a portal opens and she finds herself back in 1880s while a handsome cowboy seems to drop through the port to the present time. Each character tries to fit into the time frame they find themselves while trying to return to the century they can call home.

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