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A swish of sweetness with a dusting of spice.

Cleaning was never this much fun. This collection of five romantic spanking fantasies showcases the erotic adventures of lively, but errant maids in the employ of Tanya Sterling’s house cleaning company: Sterling Maids. 

Tanya has promised exemplary service to her customers. When her sexy, spunky maids are delinquent in their work and derelict in their duties, Tanya and her clients have a special way of dealing with the business at hand.

In story one, The Man of the House, maid Maria and Mark Sterling, Tanya’s author husband, both find out how the boss-lady deals with lazy birds-of-a-feather when their work is not up to her standards. Will she tan their hides? 

In story two, Two Maids and a Feather Duster, maid Meg, her boyfriend Sam, and her best girlfriend Willow discover that pleasure can be found from a swish of the feather duster. Will the threesome enjoy the sensual delights of each other? 

In story three, Maid in a Tub, maid Madison finds a special thrill in taking a bath. Madison is up to her neck in trouble when Tanya discovers her up to her neck in bubbles. Will Tanya clean up?

In story four, A Helping Hand, maid Jocelyn falls under the strict supervision of proper British butler and former prefect Malcolm Chippingham. He trains her in the art of housekeeping and of lovemaking. Will his helping hand—and his cane—correct her nervous, inept ways?

In story five, To Catch a Maid, maid Kelly is a catch for any man. When she is accused of stealing a family heirloom from Mr. Grant’s house, Tanya must expose the real thief to prove Kelly’s innocence. Will Mr. Grant fall for Kelly, crook or no?

Publisher’s Note: This selection of short stories includes domestic discipline, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more.

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Sample Chapter

The Man of the House

Chapter One

“Just what do you think you are doing, Mister?” The woman’s harsh exclamation startled the handsome, fit man sitting at the keyboard. He was in his mid to late fifties with mostly reddish-blond hair, although life had grayed it some around the temples. He sported a well-trimmed mustache and beard.

Mark Sterling had not been paying sufficiently close attention to the view out the front picture window. His attention was riveted to the computer screen and as such, he had not seen or heard his wife Tanya’s brand spanking new red Mercedes convertible pull up in the driveway. A quick glance out the window showed another car, an older four-door sedan, parked in the driveway next to Tanya’s.  

He swiveled his head to see his spouse standing behind him. The pretty, slender woman had long, thick, jet-black hair and dark brown eyes, and was wearing a light blue floral print blouse with a dark blue skirt. Her legs were bare save for her high-heeled, open-toed strappy black sandals.  

“I’m not doing anything,” he whined. Then he noticed that Tanya was not alone. Standing behind her was a plain-looking woman in a maid’s outfit. A deep V-neckline, spaghetti-strap blouse over a push-up bra exposed the tops of her large, mounded breasts while a short, frilly tight skirt exposed the tops of her stockings. The straps of her garter belt were the only covering for the uppermost two inches of her exposed thighs. She was dressed completely in black, including a black beret. Her manner was unassertive and even timid.  

The appearance of the maid was not part of Mark’s surprise. Tanya owned an exclusive house cleaning company she named Sterling Maids. Her company provided cleaning services to residential clients, and many of these were wealthy bachelors who wanted something more than simply having their beds made. 

However, as far as Mark knew, Tanya’s amiable maids only provided eye candy while they cleaned. Tanya always insisted that the maids perform their cleaning duties in the most efficient manner possible, and that they not allow the gentlemen customers to distract them. Tanya’s number one concern was quality and as such she was quite stern with her employees; she ruled them with an iron fist and a mahogany paddle. Mark once heard her tell one of the maids that she was going to ‘tan ya’ hide with her solid-wood, custom-made paddle.

No doubt, Mark reasoned, she was home early to privately dole out some strict discipline to the maid for her errant behavior.

Tanya peered closer, and there was nothing Mark could do to hide the image of a solitaire game on his computer monitor. “I will ask you again. What are you doing? Contrary to what you told me, it looks like you are doing something.” She added emphasis to the first and last words.

Mark opened his mouth and struggled to think of some excuse for being caught red-handed playing the computer game. “Ah-uh, I was thinking. I came to a plot twist in my story and I needed to clear my mind.”

“Really?” She clearly was not impressed with his explanation. “I slave away all day, and often into the night, to provide for you. In return for having you as my kept man, I ask so little. Tell me, what is it that I ask of you?” Mark swallowed and wet his lips.

What trick is she trying to play?

“Ah, you only ask that I… diligently write sexy stories… for you. And—”

“And, it is Ma’am or Mistress to you!” She angrily gripped her husband’s chin and gave it a shake. “Now, is playing that game on your computer achieving your goal?”

“Well, Mistress, as I said, I was merely taking some time to redirect my thoughts along this new plot line.”

Mark was lucky that Tanya did not continue along this line of query. Had she asked to see his work for the day he would have been forced to show her that he had written only 400 words. It was late in the afternoon, and this was far short of the one-thousand-word goal she had established for him.

I’m a slave writer at the keyboard.

He was nearly a dozen years older than Tanya, and had retired shortly after their wedding, two years earlier. While he officially wrote the stories for her excitement, they did sell them to a publisher that specialized in power exchange romances. This was the modern vernacular used to describe Mark’s domestic discipline, BDSM, and spanking stories.

“And, my little submissive,” she again shook his chin, “what is the other thing I require of you?”

Mark swallowed again. His deep blue eyes darted to the young maid still standing behind his middle-aged wife. The dark-haired twenty-something young woman was doing her best to merge into the woodwork.

Does she really want me to say it? Say it in front of her employee?

Mark’s uncertain gaze returned to Tanya’s dark flashing eyes. She was sternly glaring, waiting for an answer. “Uh, Mistress, you require me to service you—sexually. And to ensure that you have at least two orgasms a day.”

She released his chin and stood back. “And how many times have you made me cum today?”   

“Only once, this morning, Ma’am.”

“Indeed, but still I find you playing games with your work unfinished.” Without looking back, Tanya reached behind her and gripped the maid’s elbow. Somehow, she instinctively knew exactly where her employee was standing, and pulled her forward. “I have nothing but malcontents today. Maria, tell my negligent husband why you are here.”

The young woman’s deer-in-the-headlights expression morphed into one of pure terror. “Uh, Madam, I was tardy for a work assignment. The customer complained that I have been habitually late, and then rushed through my cleaning duties. He was not satisfied with the quality of my work,” Maria said, ashamedly.

“Indeed, I have two lazy birds-of-a-feather here!” She pushed the maid closer to Mark. “And, I know just how to discipline the both of you!”

Maria’s eyes frantically darted back and forth between the husband and wife. She had expected a paddling from Mrs. Sterling for her failings, but now she had no idea what was going to happen. She had never met Mr. Sterling before, but she had read some of his books. Thus, she knew of the punishment that he was capable of doling out. She always knew of the dominance Mrs. Sterling projected to her employees in the office, but she had not imagined that her husband would be a submissive to her at home.

“Stand up,” Mrs. Sterling commanded her husband.

Maria observed that, for some unknown reason, he was reluctant to stand. But then, he did.

“What the hell is that?” Mrs. Sterling shouted and pointed at him.

“Someone came to the door,” he stammered. “At first I thought it was the mailman leaving a package, but he kept ringing the bell. It was a pollster wanting to know who we supported in the upcoming election.” He took a breath. “So, I had to put pants on. And then-then, I just forgot to take them off.”

“You forgot!” Mrs. Sterling’s face flushed with anger. “How could you forget such a thing after all our discussions?” She seemed to have overlooked Maria for a moment, but then her attention once again focused on the younger woman. She sighed and steadied her voice. “Mark, why don’t you tell Miss Maria exactly what it is that you have forgotten. I can see that she is perplexed by our argument.”

“All right,” Mrs. Sterling said, and turned toward the doorway, “Maria will get her punishment first and then, Mark, you will get yours. We’ll take care of this in the playroom. Now.”



Chapter Two

Maria had been bent over the spanking bench in Mrs. Sterling’s office several times, but she had never been to her house. As she followed her boss, she discovered that there would be no fun in the playroom. Rather, it looked like more of a dungeon. Spanking implements hung on one wall while a medieval stock stood in the far corner. In the center of the room was a rectangular, padded ottoman, binding straps hung from its legs. In the other corner was a padded punishment horse that also included wrist and ankle bindings.

In the doorway, Maria’s face turned pale as she froze at the sight of her future. Mr. Sterling had to firmly push her deeper into the room.

“Kneel there.” Mrs. Sterling pointed to a spot on the floor. It took a moment for Maria to fully understand that it was she who was being commanded. Gulping down a slug of air, she knelt at the prescribed spot. Tanya then pushed her husband. She guided him to stand directly in front of the maid, facing her. She stared into his midsection, hoping that this punishment was not going to take a sexual direction.

 “Maria, Mr. Sterling has forgotten the no-pants rule. And, you have been negligent in your duties. Therefore, part of your punishment will be to take his pants off. I hope that you will take this opportunity to realize how important it is to stay focused upon your assigned tasks in the future.”

Maria stared at Mr. Sterling’s waist. He was wearing simple pajama pants with a tie waistband. She could see how easy it would be to simply pull the bowknot loose and let them drop. However, she was paralyzed, frozen with the fear of what she would find under those pants.

Oh no, what will she make me do next?

Tanya exhaled sharply, grunting her displeasure. Maria reached for the knot. She pulled the string loose and the pants sagged around his hips, but they did not fall. Using both hands, she reached for the waistband and tugged them down. As his pants dropped to his feet, she was face to face with his man package. She froze momentarily and could not avert her gaze. 

Fortunately, he was wearing underwear of sorts. She was shocked to see he wore a skimpy man-style thong brief. She had expected him to be wearing boxers, as many men did. Now, not much more than a foot from her nose, his bulky manhood was tightly packed into a pouch with the remainder of his skin fully exposed. Maria imagined that the underwear covered nothing in the rear. She expected that she would know for certain before her stay was over. 

Still on her knees, Maria held the pajama material down as he stepped free of the pants. Mrs. Sterling held out her hand, and Maria passed them to her. Tanya fiercely threw them into a corner.

* * *

Mark looked down at the top of Maria’s head. She was kneeling before him, staring straight at his cock—sheathed by only the thinnest of material. He struggled to suppress his natural, sexual reflex. Yet, he could not hide from his mind the desire to have her take his shaft into her warm, inviting mouth.

“Now, Maria, come over here.” Tanya sat on the ottoman and patted her thigh. The young maid stood and walked to her. She seemed grateful. Mark imagined that she was glad that she had not been commanded to take down his thong and pleasure him with her tongue.

Would she have done it?

Pausing only a moment, the maid lay across his wife’s lap. Mark watched as Tanya pushed Maria’s skirt up to expose her panties. He had only a moment to enjoy the sight of her tightly packaged bottom encased in lush, black satin before his wife whipped the panties down to the young woman’s knees. Maria gasped, clearly not expecting to have her naked derrière exposed in front of Mr. Sterling. She struggled for a heartbeat, attempting to escape, but then Tanya pressed down on her back.

Clearly, she’s been spanked by Tanya before.

Mark could not withhold his excitement as he viewed Maria’s pink lady bits. They peeked out between her thighs. She was pinching her legs tightly together to hide her private parts, but it was a vain attempt. Mark’s cock twitched and began to grow ever larger within its tight binding.

He watched as his wife spanked the disobedient girl. She writhed wildly across Tanya’s lap as the rapid swats turned her bottom pink.

“Please, Mistress, please have mercy!”  

To Mark’s delight, Maria was unable to hold her position. He watched as her thighs opened to expose more of her womanhood. His cock continued to swell as he saw her outer labia puff out to expose her innermost secrets. A droplet of moisture glimmered like a tiny diamond between her legs.

“You are such a naughty employee. I don’t know why I bother with this. I should simply fire you.”

“No-no, Madam, please don’t can me. I’ll do better, you’ll see. I promise.”

“Mark, all these swats have hurt my hand. Why don’t you take over?  You spank the girl until her bottom is a bright fire-engine red.”

“Oh, no! Please no Mistress, I’ve learned my lesson! Truly, I have.”

Tanya pushed the begging maid from her lap and she fell into a heap on the floor. She continued to blubber, but did not resist, as Mark replaced Tanya. With tears streaming down her face, Maria succumbed to her fate. She got up and lay across Mark’s lap.

His cock twitched as her belly snuggled up tight against him. If she was aware of his rock-hard erection, she gave no sign. He resumed her spanking with what he hoped were only mildly stinging swats. Maria screamed and struggled as though he was truly belting her. If Tanya noticed how merciful he was being, she did not react.

The spanking continued as her bottom turned a rosy red hue. In all her flailing, she had kicked free her panties and Tanya had picked them up. Mark wondered if his wife was considering using them to gag the noisy girl.

“All right, that’s enough.” Tanya finally called a halt to Maria’s punishment. She lifted the maid to her feet and pointed toward the empty corner. “Get over there, and no rubbing.” Maria quickly escaped Mark’s firm hand and bulging lap, and hid her face in the corner. “No, I want you to turn around. Fold your hands behind your back and watch as Mr. Sterling gets his spanking.” Maria complied.

Mark offered no resistance as he stood to allow his wife to sit on the ottoman. “Put the family jewels here.” She opened her thighs to receive his swollen and painfully constrained man package. Following her hand gesture, he lay across her lap. She pinched her thighs shut, pinning him to her lap. His bare bottom, with only the slender bands of the thong for concealment, was directed toward Maria.

His wife began to spank him.

“Ouch!” he squealed as she withheld nothing from her stinging swats. With his cock squeezed between her thighs, he was powerless to wiggle away from her punishing hand. 

“Now, dear husband, you will learn that my rules are to be obeyed. No matter what, you will do as you are told. If I am not home, you are still bound to obey.” She pelted every square inch of his butt. “Now you can see the consequences of thinking that you can do what you want when I’m not home.”

Mark was struggling to hold silent and still. He was straining to hold back the wetness gathering in his eyes as she lit his ass on fire.

She stopped. “I swear, I am getting too old for this. Maria, come over here and finish this job for me. Remember your promise to always complete your tasks thoroughly and with precision.” Tanya opened her thighs and released her husband. Groaning, and clutching his cock, Mark grimaced as he stood and waited for Maria to take her position on the ottoman.

The panty-less maid sat and mimicked her employer’s posture by opening her thighs. As Mark lay across her lap, she tentatively pinched her thighs closed on his erection. In its warm, snug confinement, his hard-on strained to rip free of the thin thong material. Holding his weight on his outstretched fingers and toes, Mark waited to see if Maria would fully obey Tanya, or if she would be as merciful to him as he had been to her.

The flat of her palm came down hard. Smack! 

“Ouch!” he yelled as she torched his already burning butt. He had his answer; she was much more afraid of what Tanya would do to her if she were caught being merciful, than she was sympathetic for her fellow spankee. To quiet her screaming husband, Tanya stuffed Maria’s soft satin panties into his mouth. The unabated punishment of his butt continued for several minutes until Tanya finally put an end to his torture.  

“That seems to be enough, Maria. You do seem to have a hidden skill here. A talent for spanking.” Tanya smiled. As Maria’s thighs opened, Mark collapsed to the floor. He pulled the panty gag free. 

“Now, what is this?” Tanya raised an eyebrow while she pointed to a wet spot on the leather covering of the ottoman where Maria had been sitting. “Were you turned on by this? Does spanking someone excite you?”

Betrayed by her own body, Maria only nodded as she was unable to speak of her arousal.

“My word, this is a surprising development. However, as you have been so helpful in this situation, and since I believe that you have indeed learned your lesson, I shall grant you a small reward.” Tanya grinned, but a jittery Maria remained unsure of what was to come. “Come here. Lay on your back.” Tanya patted the padded ottoman.

With a concerned expression, Maria obeyed.

Mark watched as his wife lifted the maid’s short, frilly skirt to expose Maria’s mons. The young woman kept her dark, curly bush trimmed, but not shaved. His cock twitched in anticipation of what reward his wife might have in mind.

“On your knees, slave boy,” she commanded. Mark complied, kneeling at the end of the ottoman between Maria’s legs. “Hands behind your back, mister. Our errant employee took her licking quite well. I think she deserves another… licking. Don’t you?” Tanya looked at Mark and raised an eyebrow. He grinned and nodded.  

“Now, use your tongue to pleasure her,” Tanya ordered her husband. Maria smiled with understanding and lifted her legs. She spread her knees wide for him. “If she doesn’t cum within five minutes, I will tie you to the punishment horse and flay your bare buns with the riding crop.” Mark hoped that he could provide the required service, or at least that his wife was not entirely serious.

Eagerly, Mark dove into Maria’s cunny. He used his tongue to scoop up her honeyed nectar and caress her hot slit. He sucked her rigid clit into his mouth and softly massaged it from side to side with his tongue.  

“Oh, God!” The girl trembled with pleasure and gripped his head with her thighs. “Yes-yes… Don’t stop!” she moaned. Mark held her clit between his lips and gently stroked the sensitive nub with his tongue. Her fingers twisted in his hair and pushed his face firmly against her snatch. In much less than the requisite five minutes, she exploded in orgasm. “Oh God yes!” She spasmed and quivered so violently she nearly pushed Mark on the floor.

“Very good, slave boy.” Tanya pulled her husband away from the girl. A puddle of her feminine juices pooled on the ottoman and dribbled to the floor. His mustache and beard were soaked. The scent of her arousal filled the air.

“Now, into the corner you go.” She gave her husband’s fanny a pinch and watched as he obediently hopped to the empty corner. He stood a foot from the wall, folded his arms behind his back, and leaned his forehead into the corner. His rosy-red butt was fully exposed. Additionally, there was no hiding his full erection as it had finally slipped free of the thong pouch.

“All right, Maria, you have taken your punishment well and I do believe that you will pay the necessary attention to your duties in the future. I’ll walk you to the door. I expect to see you at work, on time, in the morning.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Maria replied. She straightened her outfit and picked up her beret, which had fallen to the floor during her spanking. She scanned the room for her panties. Not seeing them at first glance, she decided not to stay any longer than necessary for fear Tanya might change her mind. She instead meekly followed her boss out the door, the cool breeze on her wet pussy.  


Chapter Three

When Tanya returned to the playroom, Mark was no longer in the corner. He was sitting on the ottoman. He had a stern look on his face and Maria’s panties looped over one finger. He was spinning them in the air. 

Now Tanya was worried. Had she let the role reversal switch go too far? To her way of thinking, he was always the man of the house and the dominant of the two. It gave her a seductive thrill to obey his wishes and to submit to his masculine authority. 

Is he angry? Will he spank me now? 

“Thank you, darling, that was so much fun,” he said. His smile was devilish; she was uncertain of his mood. She hoped he understood it was just a game she had played.

“You are so welcome, my love. Did you really enjoy it? Was she too hard on you?”

“Ouch,” he winced, “she did have a surprisingly powerful hand. But, I think we should invite her over again sometime.” He winked.

“If you want. You know I’ll do whatever you ask.” She tried to sound meek and amenable.

“Yes, sweetheart, and while we are on that subject, I think it’s time for your second orgasm of the day. My cock is straining to feel you—feel you squeeze him as you cum.”

Tanya watched her husband stand and pull down his scant underpants. His erection burst free. He took her by the hand and stood her beside the ottoman. He kissed her slowly and thoroughly as he unbuttoned her blouse. He pulled down her skirt and panties. She calmly sat down. She stared at her husband’s throbbing erection, smiled, and then looked up into his eyes.

He entwined his fingers into her hair and pulled her face toward his manhood. She parted her lips and received him into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his velvet-smooth, yet rock-hard cock. She felt him twitch as she caressed the sensitive underside of his tip.

With his hips thrust forward, he gently pumped her head—stroking himself with her mouth. He felt the back of her throat tighten around his shaft. After only a few moments, he pulled himself free with a slight popping sound.

“I am so horny, baby. I’m going to cum real fast.” His voice was sultry, and he didn’t sound angry at all.  

“Yes, Sir. I love my man of the house,” she cooed.

He eased her down to lie upon the ottoman, and lifted her legs to pull her sandals and clothes completely off. Pinning her ankles together, he pulled her legs and feet high into the diapering position so as to expose her bare derrière. She watched her husband’s hand rise. And then, smack—smack—she squealed as his swats stung her bottom. Pausing for a moment, he watched the imprint of his palm develop into pink smudges on her twin alabaster globes. And then, he smacked her ass firmly several more times. 

Stopping when her bottom was a rosy red, he spent the next several minutes licking and kissing her toes. She moaned as he nuzzled and tickled her feet with his beard.

When he finally released her ankles, she opened her legs wide for him. He admired her slick, wet pussy, and then thrust himself into her.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped with his sudden entry. “I have been wanting you all day. Oh, I need you inside me so badly!” She mewed with delight as he filled her.

“Me too, baby. Now squeeze me,” he commanded. “Oh, yes, keep doing that,” he said, as her vaginal walls tightened around his thick shaft. He began to steadfastly pump himself in and out.

She knew he was painfully horny, that he desperately needed to cum, but she was surprised at how quickly she began to feel the waves of orgasmic pleasure surge through her body. Her toes flared and curled. Her body twitched and shuddered. Tears cascaded down her face as her clit throbbed and pulsed. In response to her climax, she felt the spasms of his cock as he filled her with his sizzling hot spend.

“Oh, darling,” he sighed as his pleasure slowly faded, “thank you so much for my birthday present. It was the best ever!”




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