A Major for Marnie

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Marnie Stowe is the naughtiest girl at Miss Robin’s Academy, a private finishing school where girls are trained to become military wives. Short-tempered, sharp-tongued, passionate and reckless, Marnie would rather be riding her horse than undergoing Miss Robin’s rigorous training in obedience and discipline.

There are grave doubts that Marnie will ever find a husband and graduate. But everything changes the day she meets Major James Chance. Strong, handsome, and a firm believer in discipline, he is immediately charmed by her, and it seems that none of her bad behaviour can dissuade him from his suit.

Marnie is surprised to find herself returning the major’s affections. But a plot to steal his attentions, along with Marnie’s own doubts about whether she could live happily as a military wife, make her graduation and marriage anything but certain.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance includes elements of power exchange. While it is part of a series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One



Marnie kept waving until the carriage had turned a corner and disappeared.

She turned to her friend, Georgiana, who was weeping softly into a handkerchief. “Pull yourself together, Georgie,” she said. “It’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad!” cried Georgiana. “Oh, you’re such a beast. I’m crying with happiness.”

Marnie sighed. It wasn’t that she was unhappy for Delilah—a pale slip of a girl who had just married the school’s resident doctor—it was just that the whole thing made her reflective. Marnie Stowe did not care for being reflective. She didn’t like the sad, quiet mood it put her in. She felt a fog of melancholy descend over her. It remained all the way through the reception breakfast.

Wandering about watching the other girls and their various beaux was depressing. The party would surely start winding down now that Delilah and the doctor were gone. She wanted the whole blasted happy day to be over. She detested all this standing around. She would much rather be doing something.

Yes, she thought. That will cheer me up.

She looked up and down the length of the elegant parlour, with its black and white tiles and furniture in military colours—red, navy and white. Her chaperone, Mrs. Jones, was with a group of other pupils. Everyone was chattering and nibbling cake. The whole thing was so unbearably tedious.

It was easy enough to slip outside and into the back garden. Miss Robin’s Academy was a private finishing school, located in a distinguished but discreet house in St John’s Wood. The garden was just as spacious and just as discreet—the winding paths and tall overhanging trees made it easy for her to proceed unnoticed by the attendants who were stationed out of doors.

Marnie stepped outside and took a huge breath of fresh air. It was good to be out of doors. The day was fine—spring was definitely coming. With a pang, Marnie thought of her horse, Scarlett, who was probably at that moment stabled at her family’s estate.

It had been a long time since Marnie had been in the company of horses. She had no access to the stables at Miss Robin’s. The closest she could get to nature was being outside in the well-kept garden, among Miss Robin’s prized roses. They were grown along the garden paths and in the tall glass greenhouse, and all of them were white. Each Privette—the name Miss Robin gave to her pupils—was given a bouquet of the famous white roses on her wedding day. The flowers were considered such an integral part of a Privette’s graduation and matrimony that it was impossible to imagine a wedding taking place without one. “No roses, no wedding,” as Miss Robin liked to say.

Marnie didn’t care much for roses. Having escaped the wedding breakfast, she walked past them, past the greenhouse, into a dark corner of the garden. Here, she arrived at her favourite place at the academy—a grand, tall, old oak tree. There was a bench beneath it where girls liked to go and gossip. Usually, Marnie would have confined herself to the bench. Climbing the tree was considered dangerous and could tear her delicate silk dress to shreds, which would almost certainly mean a punishment.

But as she approached the tree and placed her hands on it, then rested her forehead against the cool, solid wood, she felt a wave of inexplicable sadness come over her. She stood back and shook her head. She couldn’t bear feeling sad.

Blast it all, she thought. I’m climbing.

It’s what she would have done at home if a sad mood seized her—climb until she couldn’t, or run until she couldn’t, or go tumbling and playing tug-of-war with her father’s dogs until she fell in an exhausted heap.

Here, she was supposed to console herself with lessons or books or watercolours. Uniformly dull things, she thought, when there is a whole world outside to explore.

Marnie grabbed onto the lowest branch and hauled her weight upwards. She loved the challenge of it, loved feeling her muscles strain with the effort.

She kicked her leg up and over the branch. As she brought her leg down, she heard a loud tear. She looked backwards—drat—there was a long tear in her skirt.

Marnie sighed. There was no point dwelling on the punishment she was sure to endure for damaging her dress. Marnie climbed another branch and then another, seeing two or three moves ahead. A squirrel darted past. The air grew colder, fresher. She passed one bird’s nest and then another.

She must have been twenty feet in the air when she heard a voice call out to her from below. “Hello! Yes, you! Up there!”

Marnie was flush-faced and out of breath, but happy to be standing in the cold, bracing breeze. She could see the roof of Miss Robin’s. She could see the whole garden and even into the front garden, where an attendant was busily sweeping rose petals.

She glanced downwards, frowning. Even from where she stood, she could tell the man who called to her was tall and broad. His stance was strong. Marnie vaguely recognised him as one of the wedding guests. He was dressed formally in his officer’s clothes—tight dark trousers, tall shining boots, and a crimson jacket with gold epaulettes.

“What do you want?” she called out.

“Get down from there at once,” the man replied. “You’ll hurt yourself.”

Marnie’s hair was falling out of its tidy braided chignon, and the wind whipped it into her face. She looked down at the man, then back up at the tree. She had determined to climb to the top, and that was precisely what she was going to do.

“Leave me alone. I know what I’m doing,” she called.

“I don’t doubt it. But I have learned from bitter experience that trees can be treacherous,” the man said. “And besides, you’re not really dressed for it.”

Marnie looked down at her torn dress, saw that her clothes were disarranged, her silk dress exposing a decent expanse of her chest and bosom. She rolled her eyes.

“Mind your own business,” she said.

When she went to climb to the next branch, she wasn’t concentrating. It was dead and brittle; when Marnie hoisted one leg onto it, the branch snapped beneath her. Marnie shrieked, but her reflexes were quick. She seized the branch above with both arms and tried to pull herself upward. The broken branch fell to the ground.

Marnie was breathing heavily. Her heart raced. Not because she was frightened, she told herself—it was simply from the shock.

“Hang on!” the man called.

“I don’t need your help,” Marnie spat.

She tried to lift her body weight up to the branch her arms were wrapped around. Her muscles quivered, then seized, and she went back to dangling by her hands. If I had been allowed to climb whenever I pleased,Marnie thought, I wouldn’t have grown so soft and useless! Curse this place!

She heard movement beneath her. She looked down to see that the man had discarded his coat and was indeed climbing, with the smart, lithe movements of a natural athlete.

The irritation she felt in seeing him ascend gave her an extra jolt of momentum. She hauled herself up once more, swung her leg over the branch around which her arms were wrapped and heaved herself up until she was straddling it. With only moments left until he reached her, she swung her body around so that her legs were together and wrapped one arm around the trunk of the tree for support.

The man was breathing heavily when he reached the branch beneath her. “Come on then,” he said. “Enough nonsense. Let me help you down.”

“Why don’t you go and stick your nose into someone else’s affairs? I am quite content precisely where I am.”

“It’s a pretty spot, Miss Marnie, but I think you may require a little assistance in getting out of it. Unless you fancy a broken neck.”

Marnie tried to glance down without him noticing. And—blast it—the man was correct. To leap down to the branch where he stood would be risky; she might end up falling out of the tree altogether.

“Wait—how do you know my name?” Marnie said.

“I am a resourceful man,” he replied. “Now, I am going to reach up, and when I do, you let go. I’ll catch you. You can trust me.”

“Never,” said Marnie.

She went to fold her arms to emphasize her point. In doing so, she let go of the tree trunk. Marnie felt her balance waver. Her arm shot out to grab the branch. But it was too late. She had overbalanced and felt herself beginning to tumble.

For a second, she was free falling, her arms flailing. Panic sluiced through her body. An involuntary shriek left her lips. She heard her dress tear once more.

Her fall ceased as abruptly as it had begun. She realised that she had been caught by the man below, standing steady on the wider branch beneath.

Without hesitation, he cast her over his shoulder and trapped her legs with one arm. The muscles locking Marnie in place felt as strong as iron. Heat radiated through his linen shirt and into her body. Marnie’s nostrils filled with a distinctly masculine scent—cedar, spice, oak moss.

For a moment, Marnie was too stunned to react. But when she regathered her wits, fury welled up through her body. Marnie began pounding her rescuer’s back with her fists. “You brute! You will let me down this instant!”

He spoke through gritted teeth. “Not. Bloody. Likely.”

He began to descend the tree with Marnie still cast over his shoulder. Her cries of indignation soon became cries of terror as she felt herself descending from one branch to the next upside down and over a strange man’s shoulder. But his grip on her was as secure as a vice. Soon, they were at the bottom of the tree, and he lifted Marnie, panting, from his shoulder and set her on her feet with surprising gentleness.

“Major James Chance,” he said, bowing. “At your service.”

Marnie couldn’t help herself. She slapped him right across the face.

The major looked at her, stunned, for a moment. Marnie could see that, in his tanned face, his eyes glinted hazel. She had to admit he was handsome—in an unrefined way, with his chestnut hair, frank, open features and broad, muscular form.

Recovering, Major Chance picked Marnie up again, and before she knew it, he was seated on the bench beneath the tree, and she was splayed over his knees. He pinned her legs in place with one of his own, and the other twisted her hair tightly like a rope, looping it around his fist to keep her still.

“I don’t tolerate insubordination, Miss Stowe. And I believe punishment should be swift and just,” he said. “I think twenty strokes is fair—perhaps even lenient.”

“Twenty what?” Marnie cried. It was unthinkable that this man should even attempt to punish her. That was a right reserved for the staff of Miss Robin’s and for the Privettes’ fiancés. Not some presumptuous wedding guest deluded enough to think he was a hero!

“I think you heard me perfectly well,” Major Chance continued.

He picked up her torn skirts in his free hand and yanked them upwards, revealing Marnie’s white drawers. Without hesitating, he pulled them downwards, revealing her voluptuous bottom to the air.

“Let me go right now!” Marnie screeched. “You will be sorry for this!”

The major laid one warm, broad hand on Marnie’s exposed buttocks, running its rough surface back and forth over her soft, pale gold skin. “Oh, I doubt that very much, Miss Marnie,” he said.

Marnie had been on the verge of informing him that he could call her Miss Stowe and nothing else when the grip on her hair tightened, bringing tears to her eyes. She flailed her arms, but there was nothing to seize except the grass she was facing or the major’s tall leather boot.

A mere moment later, the first crack of his hand came down with such surprising force that Marnie was stunned into stillness.

As one of the more spirited girls at Miss Robin’s Academy, Marnie Stowe knew what punishment was. She had been spanked, paddled, stung with nettles. But no punishment ever seemed to work as a deterrent for her. She was always so restless, so full of pent-up energy. She couldn’t help that it came out in sharp words and rash actions.

But this first smack stunned her. It wasn’t the most painful stroke she had ever experienced; nonetheless, after the initial shock, when the sting began across her bottom cheek, she found her thoughts went completely blank.

Another stroke, just as firm, landed on her other cheek, and Marnie felt the blood rush to the surface of her skin, which was rapidly turning a blushed peach-pink. After another ten smacks, she was panting and trying to writhe out of his grip.

Her bottom was burning, and an ache was building deep inside her—not only in her punished bottom, but—to her shame—between her legs, where she could feel moisture gathering in the folds of her sex.

Marnie was not a girl who cried during punishments. She would call out, curse, scream, even plead for it to be over. But she had only ever cried once, when she was caned in front of the entire school. Then she had cried from blind pain. But aside from that exception, she simply refused to cry. It was a point on which she prided herself.

Yet, by the time the punishment from the handsome major was over, Marnie felt herself on the verge of tears. She didn’t know why. She had endured much worse.

She clenched her eyes shut and swallowed as the major rubbed her freshly spanked bottom.

“There now. Perhaps, next time, you’ll think twice before slapping a man across the face. Especially someone who is trying to help you.”

He helped her to her feet, but when he went to pull her drawers up, she stepped awkwardly away from him and did it herself, hoping he wouldn’t catch a glimpse of the cunny Miss Robin insisted on keeping shaved smooth at all times.

She then turned to face him, her face flushed, her hair a tangled mess.

“You say I should think again? You think you are the injured party here?” Marnie crossed her arms. “You, sir, are a-a pig,” she said, knowing that hurling rude words was the best way to keep the tears away. She dredged up the worst insults she could think of. “A bastard! A cur! A son of a whore! I hope—why, I hope you go straight to Hell!”

With that, she turned and walked back to the academy with as much dignity as she could muster, holding her torn dress together and resisting the urge to rub away the searing sting in her bottom.

Major James Chance stood stunned beneath the oak tree. He had never met a girl like Marnie Stowe before. After a moment, he went straight into the house and knocked on Miss Robin’s office door.


16 reviews for A Major for Marnie

  1. Nancy Hughes

    This is a good series, well written, and have enjoyed reading it. Marnie was forced to attend Miss Robin%u2019s Academy, and isn%u2019t happy. She%u2019s rebellious and I don%u2019t blame her, but then she wouldn%u2019t have met the Major. Chemistry is good between them. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  2. Stats23

    Yet another outstanding story from the Miss Robin%u2019s Academy Series. This time around we have the intimate story of the longest standing pupil of the academy, miss Marnie Stowe. Marnie was a problem for Miss Robin from the minute she arrived, and she proved to be her most difficult and recalcitrant pupil in every manner and means. Her tantrums, shenanigans and outright misbehaviours were classic, causing the greatest of problems for the Academy and the greatest (and most severe) punishments for Marnie. Keeping her in line was like trying to keep sunshine in a bottle. In fact that was the root of the problem, the Academy was inside and Marnie needed to be outside. No one understood her character and demeanor until the likeminded Major Chance came upon her as she was climbing a tree. Their raucous relationship makes for a great story featuring everything you could look for in a spanking romance book. Some of the punishments are harsh, but always delivered with the best of intentions. I highly recommend this book. 5 Stars.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  3. Z%u2006c%u2006x


  4. Tami

    A Major for Marnie is the third book of the Miss Robin’s Academy series. Each book is a standalone.

    Marnie is a very headstrong woman, she is sassy and resists all efforts to train her to become a lady at the private finishing school Miss Robin%u2019s Academy. Then there is Major Chance. He is smitten with the opinionated young woman and decides to make her his. Marnie resists, of course, but James is stronger and also stern and knows how to dole out some discipline. It is a battle of wills that only one of them can win.

    I fell in love with Marnie right from the beginning, that woman knew what she wanted. I also liked James and there was some great chemistry. The raunchy scenes had the right amount of spice for my taste. I enjoyed reading the story.

  5. Linda Tenda

    Well written historical “romance.” Attending finishing school hasn’t been so easy for feisty Marnie. After meeting James, could things change? Does he have the patience? Maybe it’s not patience that wins the day. Loved the whole book, the hot scenes, the romance scenes. Loved the main characters personalities. The writer painted them wonderfully!

  6. Margaret Corcoran

    I connected with Marnie from the first page. She is so unlike her sisters. I loved the Major as well. This story is full of emotions, it will have you laughing and crying. All the characters are very well done. There are plenty of disciplinery spankings and hot spicy sexy scenes. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book and I highly recommend it. I really really hope that there are lots more books to this series. P.S. I want Miss Robin story. Thank you.

  7. Pico1

    Marnie is a very difficult young woman, and her family has sent her to Mrs. Robins%u2019 school to be trained as a wife for a military officer. The training involves a lot of punishments, including spankings and other humiliations. Major Chance visits the school and falls in love with Marnie, but her stubbornness makes the developing relationship a very difficult one and there are several instances where it seems to come to an end. He is a solid, interesting character %u2013 but she is so stubborn and difficult that it is almost impossible to believe that a young woman of that upbringing would be so dense. The story ends well for Marnie and Major Chance, but it takes a lot of steps to get there.

  8. Lalaland

    This is the third outing in this series about a finishing school for young ladies, who are trained to be military wives. Marnie is a wild spirit and needs to be outside, riding and walking and generally enjoying fresh air, sunshine and freedom. Her sisters are well behaved, well trained young ladies who do exactly as expected and never run wild or gallop horses but play piano and sing, not necessarily well. Marnie’s parents do not approve of her feisty spirited behaviour and send her to Miss Robin’s school where, sadly, she has been for the longest time. Because Marnie cannot conform and submit she is constantly in serious trouble and receives the worse discipline punishments that her teachers and Miss Robin can deliver, it seems that she will never find a soldier who will want to take her on and she will end up having to work as a governess or teacher. Enter Major James Chance, who turns up just in time to catch Marnie up a tree that she has climbed in the garden, he catches her when she falls out. James falls for Marnie but she is very stubborn and it seems that every time their story is about to end happily she does something really outrageous which changes things completely. Will Marnie ever have a HEA and will James manage to tame his wild feisty beauty or will he get tired of trying?. I really enjoyed this story, although Marnie was really stubborn and I felt that sometimes she cut off her nose to spite her face, I still had great sympathy for the wild spirited feisty lady who was being stifled with all the restrictions of Miss Robin’s School. Marnie also had a hideous family to contend with who wanted nothing more than to see Marnie fail. This on and off again tale of love and discipline was an excellent entertaining read, hot raunchy scenes, eye watering punishments, just exactly what you need from a historical spanking romance, great fun, highly recommend. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  9. Redrabbitt

    Another great addition to this series and another spin on a new couple and how they become acquainted. While this is a series, each story will read well as a stand-alone. There are several key characters, plenty of mystery, suspense, angst, emotions, and unusual situations. The story will be about Marnie Stowe and Major James Chance who will meet at the wedding of Delilah and Doctor Edward Hendricks.

    Marnie will be surprised, and not in a happy way when her father decides he has had enough of her misbehavior and enrolls her in Miss Robin%u2019s Academy, hoping they can bring about change. She is nothing like her sisters, has a vile temper, and bucks her father on being a refined lady. She will become the longest standing student under the tutelage of Miss Robin and her personal chaperon, Mrs. Jones.

    Major James Chance isn%u2019t like most military officers, he didn%u2019t buy his commission, isn%u2019t from wealth, but instead, a raised by a farmer and a man who loved horses. It is his experience with horses, his ability to take on whatever duties befall him and eventually working his way up in the ranks. He does stand on military order and discipline.

    The plot will have the Major and Marnie meeting by chance at Miss Robin%u2019s Academy when he is present for a wedding. But their meeting isn%u2019t orthodox, oh no, he sees Marnie climbing a tree in her gown, and he ends up rescuing her. Then he approaches Miss Robin for permission to court Marnie. She wants to dismiss him until she learns about his love of horses, one she has too, missing her horse, Scarlet.

    Marnie is nothing like most of the girls at the academy, she would rather be outside with nature, enjoying things that grow, and especially horses. Most of the other girls are content with painting watercolors, singing, music and making embroidery or flower arrangements. Her one friend, Georgiana will allow Marnie to teach her to play chess%u2014and it gives them time to talk.

    Marnie refuses to believe that she enjoys discipline or would want to submit to a man, but her body tells a different story. Mrs. Jones has had to administer punishments that no other girl has required, and some of them are embarrassing, painful, and humiliating. When will she learn?

    The story is a page-turner with plenty of action, discipline, discoveries, and what a selfish family Marnie has. Her sisters are shrews who try their best to tear Marnie and the Major apart, thinking that he will fall for the youngest, Lippy. Will Marnie give up on learning control, being a student at Miss Robin%u2019s, entering a life as a governess for her oldest sister%u2019s children, and forfeiting happiness? What will the Major do when she is expelled from the academy? Is she worth pursuing or should he cut his losses–or does he see someone that is a kindred spirit, one that he knows life will never be boring?

  10. LuCinda Beebe

    This is the first book in this series that I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book can definitely be read as a standalone. The storyline is captivating and very interesting. I love the characters and the book was hard to put down once I started it.

  11. Barbara Pearman

    This was a nicely drawn story. The heroine, Marnie was lively and irrepressible and I enjoyed reading about her rebellious escapades. She meets Major James Chance who is captivated by her. Their love for one another is not without ups and downs but all is well in the end. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  12. Joanie M

    Another great addition to a wonderful series. I love Miss Robin and her clever final exams. If you haven’t read the series, that’s ok. Each book will stand alone nicely. In this book we read about Marnie, a high spirited character we have seen before. She is her own worst enemy, refusing to abide by the rules and earning one punishment after another. The major is not an aristocrat who bought his commission. He earned his rank the hard way. He sees Marnie as a submissive who’s waiting for a man strong enough to submit to. The chemistry between the two is obvious but Marnie is not a woman to let things go easy. What happens is totally unpredictable and keeps the pages turning.

  13. Goldie Nut

    Marnie is left by her parents at a school to prepare young ladies for marriage
    to military husbands. Marnie is a wild card that she doesn’t respond to discipline
    from Miss Robin’s academy. She is moved out but Major Chance is not upset by
    her short comings in fact he much prefers it to her being bland. He is still a firm
    believer in discipline and he seeks her out in every situation that she finds unable
    to avoid. There are many twists and turns regarding the relationship between
    Marnie and Major Chance.

  14. styliekidd

    When spirited, independent and highly intelligent, Marnie Talbot, the daughter of a proper, well-to-do, turn of the century London businessman proves too much of handful for her weary parents and jealous sisters, she is consigned to Miss Robin%u2019s Academy under threat of being disowned and disinherited. Miss Robin%u2019s school is a highly secreted, last vestige for disobedient girls. She and her staff instill harsh discipline and training to their incorrigible female charges, who are often too inexperienced or too ill-tempered for marriage. Marnie is subjected to stringent rules, which go against her dignity and resolve and she receives harsh punishments that rarely change her behavior. She finally meets her match when handsome, unpredictable Major Chance spots her and decides to set his sites on her. But will her passion and wild spirit accept his insistence on taming her? This is such a great story about some very interesting and complicated characters who are fierce and stubborn and find themselves simultaneously attracted and distanced from each other. The writing is strong and funny and highly erotic with intense moments of everything from power exchange to potent romance. I was impressed with the way the author created this universe and found myself really caring for and cheering on Marnie and kind of fell for the dashing Major Chance – who is at once stridently domineering while proving to be of the finest character and sensitivity. This story had me riveted from the beginning to the unexpected ending. Very highly recommend.

  15. Jf12574

    What character in this book! I laughed at her antics and almost cried at her disappointment. This is definitely a must read book. I read it all in one evening because it was so entertaining. Do t miss this book!

  16. Lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.?? Third book in the series.? Marnie has been sent to the Academy in hopes of calming her down.? Never gonna happen.? Trying to get away, she meets a wedding guest, and Major Chance is not easily swayed by a willful girl.? It’s a wild ride for this couple.? Plenty of punishments.? Plenty of drama.

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