A Death Wish

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I have nothing left but a death wish. I created a nightmare. I’m to blame. She thinks she knows me, after all her digging, all her research. But she’s wrong. I’m a monster and her time spent with me could end her life. They found me. They waited, taking their time. Now they will stop at nothing to destroy all that I love. 

A woman hell bent on protecting the environment issues a challenge. Only one man from Rush Enterprises can accept, but in doing so, he’ll be forced to face a terrifying past. As violent threats turn into reality, with no end in sight, both could possibly meet their maker. Just who is behind the mandated order to kill? 

Meet the men of the lucrative world of Texas Oil. From billionaires to roughnecks, they are destined to capture your soul. They also have secrets… 

This is book four in the Texas Oil series but can be read as a standalone. 

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, power exchange, adult language, and explicit scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase. 



Sample Chapter

Chapter One 


Darkness. Secrets. Lies. Revenge. The words are something I live with every day. They haunt me no matter where I go, no matter what I do. I will never be free of the evil that I created, the tortures I allowed. I will never allow anyone to get close, to learn about the monster inside. If they do, they will be destroyed… 


You will die for your sins… 

“Senator Wallace, why are you singling out various oil companies?” The reporter inched closer, the cameraman following her lead. 

Katherine Wallace stood at the podium, her eyes sweeping the crowd, her thoughts drifting to the note she’d received only the morning before, two hours after her decision to hold a press conference. She’d called the event to stir up a hornet’s nest or five. There was no denying the fact. She was ready to take her platform to another level.  

But she had enemies. 

“Because, Jamie, and I hope you don’t mind me calling you Jaime, corporations like Rush Enterprises, Canfield Oil Refinery and the Shotts Corporation have a clear-cut requirement to maintain the various ecosystems with regard to their processes. They haven’t lived up to their moral or ethical duties. They are single handedly responsible for polluting our oceans. It’s time that we put a stop to the senseless killing of our precious ocean life. Only we can stiffen the laws and force these corporations to uphold them.” 

The words rung out into the audience, the once quiet hush turning into a frenzy of questions as the other reporters clamored to get close. 

“Senator Wallace, how are you planning on stopping these large corporations?” 

“Senator Wallace, have you tried talking with these corporations?” 

“Senator Wallace, how will these new laws effect your ability to become re-elected?” 

The questions came fast and furious.  

Re-election? That was in eighteen months. Everything seemed to be about politics instead of concentrating on the important issues. An odd sensation slithered down her spine and she scanned the audience. Was the person responsible for the recent and very personal threat in the crowd? There was no way of telling.  

Katherine held up her hands as she noticed three men walking in from the side door, moving close to the stage. She’d been prepared for the presence of several corporate attorneys. To see two members of Rush Enterprises, including the former and current CEO waiting in the wings, she was delighted. The news had traveled fast, which meant the new referendum was being taken seriously. “Let me be very clear about this. What I’m doing has nothing to do with my chances for re-election. What I am doing is holding every member of Congress as well as every constituent accountable for their actions. We. Need. New. Laws.” 

The crowd roared, clapping and whistling.  

She could care less about basking in the revelry that seemed to accompany this type of grandstanding. What she’d set out to accomplish had occurred. She’d garnered the notice of at least one major corporation. Let the games begin. Hearing a guttural laugh, she turned her head. 

A single man from the group approached the stage, his eyes never leaving her. His gait was slow, on purpose no doubt, and he headed in her direction as if he was simply going to stand by her side. 

The closer he came, the more she was able to see the look in his eyes. Dark. Dangerous. The man held a look of contempt as well as amusement. He was also stunning, captivating in a way that took her breath away. Who the hell was this guy? She knew everyone at the various corporations, including several environmental engineers, and this man didn’t register. “I think we might have a corporation willing to confront my concerns, answer some questions.” She was only guessing, but she could tell by the single look the mysterious guest gave her that she was dead on. 

The man took the stairs slowly, his gaze finally looking out into the audience. He remained stoic, zero expression on his face. As he approached, he gave her a hard once over. 

Katherine could swear he had a sneer on his face, a look of sheer boredom. “And may I ask who you are?” 

He held his hand over the microphone and turned in her direction. “Are you entirely certain you want to do this?” 

“This? If you mean trying to get some accurate and solid answers for a change, then yes. I’m very much certain I want to do this.” She kept her smile as he narrowed his eyes, the look of contempt remaining. He was unlike the others from Rush. Wearing dark jeans and a simple T-shirt, his inked arms and rugged physique were sexy as hell, and certainly not about corporate business. Still, this was Texas and men continued to believe they ruled the world.  

“Very well. Be careful what you ask for, Ms. Senator.” He turned to face the audience, uncovering the microphone. 

The crowd jeered at first then when he remained with his hands in his pockets, his eyes never blinking, they quieted down. 

“I apologize for the interruption, but Senator Wallace doesn’t have her facts straight. While I can only speak for Rush Enterprises, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the corporation spends a solid thirty percent of their oil refinery budget ensuring that the ecosystems are kept to within the requirements issued by the Federal government. In fact, they have exceeded these requirements by almost twenty percent since opening their doors. Sadly, the senator, while I’m certain that she means well, found irresponsible sources and their misinformation should be considered criminal.” 

Criminal. The single word was enough to cause a near riot. The reporters swarmed the stage, sticking their microphones over the edge, clamoring for any story. The story. The asshole had the nerve to leave the stage. Great. Now, it looked like she was in collusion with another party. 

Katherine could see the headlines now. She sucked in her breath and thought about her rebuttal as the man simply walked off the stage without so much as offering his name or his title. However, she knew, given the way he talked, that the man wasn’t just on the payroll. He’d been sent to singlehandedly stop her in her tracks. No matter what he had to do. 

She watched as the reporters followed the man to the sidelines, trailing after him like lap dogs, ready to chow down on any tidbit of additional information. Then she saw the smug looks on the other two companions as they waved to her, grinning like Cheshire cats. This wasn’t what she’d set out to do. Damn the assholes. 

The moment the three men walked out of the arena, she had to fight to keep her composure. This wasn’t going to end here. She would have her say and she would find out the identity of the man in black. Yes, she was going to ruin him. 

“Senator Wallace. Can you comment on the statement?” 

“Senator Wallace. Are you able to provide additional truthful information?” 

And so, it began. 


“I don’t give a shit what the man said. He’s the one relying on bad information. We have factual proof of what’s been going on at Rush enterprises. Don’t give me a load of crap, Frank. I’m not going to take it!” 

“Katy. Try and relax. You know how Rush Enterprises is. They enjoy the limelight. Granted, I have no idea who their new spokesman is, but the guy had a point,” Frank said then laughed. “You jumped on the material sent to you without double checking your sources.” 

“Had a point? He basically called me a liar on television. And I most certainly did check my sources,” Katherine snapped, knowing she’d merely accepted the data provided. Had she been wrong to believe the scathing reports? She was so off her game lately, barreling headlong into this cause and for what reason? To prove a point to her long dead father? Her gut told her she was rushing headlong into disaster. 

“And don’t call me Katy!” Just because she’d actually slept with the man once, he thought he could take liberties no other man dared to try. To say she was furious didn’t even begin to describe the rush of emotions rolling inside of her. Frank Sapino was a damn shark and while he was well-respected, no one knew the kind of man he really was. 

Or what he was capable of. 

Frank sighed. “Look, they could call you an alien and the news would eat it up. They’re bucking to pull you off your pedestal. You know that. Just get your facts straight and have another conversation with Rush directly. Challenge them. Find a way to best those considered unbeatable. You always do, my dear.” 

Now, he was calling her a dear and his innuendoes were clear. She was ready to reach through the phone. The mistake had been to let him into her condominium, let alone her bed. “Fine. I’ll issue a challenge all right. Just find out who this joker is. You have enough damn connections.” She ended the call and leaned over her desk. Yes, the cause was important to her. Granted, she was trying to make a new name for herself. This was… Blasphemous. Frank was pushing to take over her senior position and given her extended time spent in Washington D.C., the man was winning over the employees. How the hell, she’d never know. The man was an asshole.  

And she’d thought shifting from prosecuting criminals to working with the environment was going to be a cakewalk. What a crock of shit. She wrung her hands and allowed her mind to shift to the past. She certainly had her reasons for leaving criminal law, given the bastards she’d put away, her decision boosting her desire to run for senate. What had she been thinking? Don’t second guess. You can’t. All she’d been doing was second guessing. She was in over her head in a pool of quicksand, piranhas waiting for her final fuckup.  

She didn’t want to look at the five o’clock news, but her curiosity got the better of her. Turning on the television, she flipped to the station that normally had her back, the very one who’d helped get her elected in the first place. 

“The event held at the Starling arena today included an announcement from renowned Senator, Katherine Wallace regarding her work on the environment. While announcing her latest push regarding proposed changes in the law, a representative from Rush Enterprises managed to stop the show.” 

Stop the show? Who were they kidding? The man barely said anything. She watched once again as the enigmatic man turned toward the microphone, her thoughts drifting to the words he’d said to her. He certainly seemed to have been informed about her style, her methods of what so many referred to as interrogation. A byproduct of her career in the law.  

She heard the door open and noticed her assistant hovering in the doorway. Turning down the sound, she waited as the spunky girl watched the news in awe. “Maggie. Is there something you need?” 

Maggie took a step inside, her face pinched. In her hand was a vase full of flowers. 

“Maggie. Why are you here?” Katherine heard the almost aggressive growl in her tone. She noticed the bouquet and hair stood up on the back of her neck. 

“Oh. I’m sorry. Yes, Ms. I mean Senator Wallace. These were just delivered.” 

“Maggie, you can call me Katherine in the office. Do you know who they’re from?” She eyed the deep red roses and shuddered. They were a distinct reminder of two situations and both were wretched. 

“No. They were on my desk when I got back from the bathroom.” Maggie half smiled as she placed them on Katherine’s desk. 

“Okay, now, what do you need?” 

“I had a call for you from Camden Dane of Rush Enterprises. He’d like to set up a meeting with you.” 

“I just bet he would.” She laughed and shook her head. “When. Did he say?” 

“He asked that you call him. He said he thought you’d be very interested to get everything back on track, as he called it.” 

“Back on track. Interesting choice of words. Well, I’ll call him when I have the chance.” 

“Sure. Is there anything else you need today? I have a date,” Maggie said, her face flushing. 

At least someone was going to have fun. “No. You can go ahead and go.” She glanced at her watch. Shit. She’d been commiserating over the bullshit for almost two hours. While she might not have a date, she was going to drink a very tall screwdriver when she got home. 

“Thank you. Don’t forget you have a meeting first thing in the morning.” 

“Of course, I remember.” The question was, did she give a shit? “Thank you, Maggie. Have a great night.”  

When the door was closed, she looked down at the flowers. There was a card attached, but no indication of the florist. She realized her hand was shaking when she yanked the card off the cheap, plastic stem. Breathing out, she slowly lifted the envelope flap, pulling out the small note. 

I will be seeing you soon… 

“Fuck.” She dropped the note and took a step back. This had nothing to do with her past, but this was very much like something her ex would do, merely to keep her ill at ease. Her fucking almost ex-husband wasn’t going to win this round. Over her dead ass body. Grabbing the flowers, she tossed them into the trash then glared at the television.  

Who was this mystery man? The single thing she’d made note of was a tattoo on his arm. Marines. He also had a way about him, as if holding secrets. She had the distinct feeling she was going to need to dig deep and there was only one man who could help and keep her inquiry on the down low. However, she would have to pay a hefty price and one she’d promised herself would never happen again. Everything seemed to be spiraling out of control. Her marriage. Her senate seat. Everything she’d thought she believed in.   

She slapped her hand on her desk and dropped her head, controlling her breathing. The man had powerful friends and wouldn’t ask too many questions. One more night. One more foray into the darkness. Grabbing her cell phone, she dialed a number she knew by heart. There was no way she’d allow this particular call to be traced.  

“I need your help.” When there was a pause on the other end of the line, she rubbed her eyes. “I will pay you what you want.” 

“Katherine. Interesting that you require my help.” 

She heard a slight chuckle as if the man was thoroughly amused. Anger rushed into her system, but she remained quiet. 

“Very well. What do you need?” 

“The name and basic background of a man I met today. Nothing more.” There was yet another hesitation. Why did she put herself through this crap? 

“All right. That should be easy enough. Give me what you know.” 

As she relayed the snippet of information, she could feel a cold slither racing down her spine. If she was wrong about her quest for vengeance on three major corporations, she’d be ruined and there would be nowhere left to hide. “Can you have that in the morning?” 

“For a price.” 

“As I said. Whatever I have to pay.” Katherine could hear the hesitation in the man’s voice. He didn’t want money. He didn’t care about material items. He hungered for one thing. The steep price was almost too much to bear. To think she’d once enjoyed the concept. 

Why was she bothering to lie to herself? 

“Nine o’clock tomorrow night. Don’t be late. Or you will pay dearly.” 


Or you will pay. Hadn’t she paid enough? She held the phone with a death grip, her lower lip quivering then very gently eased the phone down onto her desk. Dear God. The man had explored her darkness, the kind of desires few could understand and even fewer could tolerate. 

And she’d enjoyed every minute. 

Sadly, the man knew far too much about her and with a single phone call could destroy everything she’d worked so hard to achieve. Hissing, she pushed aside the fear and worry. So what if she had intense cravings? Everyone had a secret or two hidden in the shadows.  

Katherine grabbed her purse and keys, heading for the door. Tonight, she’d go out for a change, breaking the monotony of her boring life. She was riled, on edge and needed some relief. Maybe a drink with the girls was in order. Maybe finding a snack was even better. She chuckled as she headed for the elevator. This evening, she felt the need to control. 


“Fantastic job. I have to give you credit,” Camden Dane grinned before slapping his hand on his desk. “The press wasn’t entirely certain what to do with your statement.” He picked up a file, flipping through several pages. “You come highly recommended. Stellar record. I’m certain the senator was shocked.” 

“Every word was the truth. The senator has no idea what she’s talking about. I’ve read and studied the reports and believe that your corporation has followed every Federal requirement. I wouldn’t have stood on that platform if I didn’t,” Snake commented as he thought about Senator Wallace. She was formidable on several levels, often challenging large corporations with regards to their environmental practices. Once she set her sights on destroying any large firm, she usually won, the company started losing customers, stocks plummeting. The fact she had her claws into Rush Enterprises should be of concern. 

“Now, your corporation as well,” Camden said under his breath. “We hired you to move from rig to rig, making certain we continue to follow governmental protocol. This is just… This is bullshit.” 

Snake only nodded.  

“You were right to hire him. His performance alone in front of the cameras was priceless. Your reputation proceeds you as well. Marines. Serving on several oil rigs. College education. You’re a go getter.” The second man smiled as he gave Snake a respectful nod then held out his hand. “We didn’t formally meet. Mitchell Rush.” 

Snake accepted the handshake as he sized up the guy. He’d been around enough of the corporate types to know what he was dealing with. Far too slick and empowered, but from what he’d learned from various sources, on the up and up. “Snake Driscoll.” 

“Snake. Interesting nickname.” 

“Been my name for years,” Snake said, then exhaled. Yes, he was bored out of his mind. The money was good but dealing with the corporate world not his bag. He did give a shit about the rigs he’d been hired to inspect. All the environmental concerns surrounding the various requirements, the concept of tainting waters and destroying ocean life was secondary as far as he was concerned. However, the job allowed him to stay in Dallas and close to the ranch, close to… He shoved away his personal thoughts.  

“Snake comes highly recommended. Friend of Nash Waters.” Camden offered. 

“Nash just realizes I know my shit,” Snake stated, the tone bordering indignant. The two men had been friends once upon a time. Their paths just happened to be a hell of a lot different. However, Nash and his opinion Snake respected.  

“Well, we should have had an environmental engineer on our payroll from the beginning. Glad you’re here.” Camden tossed the file. “What are your plans?” 

Snake inhaled and glanced out the oversized window. “If you mean with the senator, I think pushing her out of her comfort zone is in order. We need to find out what she’s really after.” 

“After? A fascinating way of putting it. Katherine will go balls to the walls with this one. She wants the companies she mentioned shut down.” Mitchell inched closer, grabbing Snake’s employment file. “What little I know about her indicates her father had quite the following with regard to oceanography. Given the current laws are sub-par at best, this is her pet project to champion. And very much alone.” 

“Hey, who’s side are you on?” Camden teased. 

Mitchell shrugged. “We’ve never been reluctant to follow regulations, but her push is very personal. In her aggressive stance, she’s pissed a hell of a lot of people off, including the majority of her fellow senators. She’s a bear.” 

“That she is. I’ve taken the liberty of calling Senator Wallace’s office, suggesting a meeting. We need to grill her enough to know what we’re dealing with,” Camden said quietly. “We’ll see if she responds.” 

“I know her type. She requires the upper hand. We have to force her into any kind of meeting.” Snake snickered. The woman was also beautiful, stunning in fact. A single twitch of his cock forced an exhale. He resisted rolling his eyes as his crotch responded to his lurid thoughts. Last thing he needed was to get involved with anyone. Period.  

Mitchell had a wry smile on his face. “The senator has quite the reputation. She was an incredible and aggressive prosecutor for years. Worked for the Dallas DA’s office then built a practice with a buddy of hers. Good ol Frank Sapino, a closet hitman if you ask me. The switch was interesting.” 

“Maybe she’s sick of Frank’s overbearing attitude. Not an attorney you want to get on your bad side. That much I know,” Camden added. “But you’re right. She shifted gears almost overnight.” 

“She has her reasons.” Snake knew about her father’s past. The change wasn’t out of the ordinary. Perhaps the reason why was her secret, one that kept her on edge and very hungry. Then again, the kind of hunger she craved no one else in the room had any inclination of. 

“I figured you’d already looked at your competition.” Camden winked. 

“I always want to know who I’m dealing with. Everyone has a hidden agenda. Everyone.” Snake could sense discord in his employers. There was no loyalty as far as he was concerned and certainly zero trust. He’d learned his lessons the hard way. 

“Understood. Then what do you suggest?” Mitchell asked. 

Snake had seen the single moment of fear in her eyes, as if his words represented everything she wasn’t comfortable with in her position or even in her personal life. He’d rattled her. “From what I’ve learned about Katherine Wallace, she’s tough and takes no shit from anyone, including her staff. She is a loner, at least in the business world, and doesn’t mind getting in the trenches. Allow me to find out more, one on one.” The woman definitely had something to prove. She was also hiding behind a mask, a shield keeping her safe. The problem with safety was that it was often a catalyst for a dark and dangerous desire. His cock was throbbing, pushing in an agonizing fashion against his jeans.  

Camden exhaled and walked around the desk. “You realize that we have the press all over us given the new building is almost completed. The rumor mill is high, various reporters certain we’re going to announce a new offshore site, especially since we’ve hired additional riggers.” 

Snake nodded. He knew a hell of a lot more about Rush’s future plans than he’d let on. There was no way he’d get involved with any corporation without doing his own level of due diligence. Rush had enemies, of that there was no doubt, but they also had more backers than Canfield or The Shotts Corporation, at least for now. “I can handle the oil field questions as well.” 

“I have no doubt you can,” Mitchell said then grinned. 

Snake had no desire to revisit his past on any level. He’d worked hard to climb his way out of the oil pits. “I do have a question. Are you planning a new site?” The way Camden’s eyes flashed gave him the answer.  

“The concept was presented in a longrange plan. At this point, the Board of Directors has no desire to go through the process.” Camden kept his tone of voice even. 

“Even if we did, the project would take years.” Mitchell walked closer. 

Every word, even the way the men were standing reeked of hiding something. Snake accepted the information. “I think it’s time I had a conversation with the senator. We need to find out her plans.” 

Camden studied Snake for a few seconds then shrugged. “Play it your way. Just keep us informed. I don’t want to find out about some legislative mess on the television.” 

“No problem. I have a rather ingenious way of allowing Senator Wallace a firsthand look at what we do.” 

Mitchell laughed as he shot Camden another look. “You remind me of Nash. All brawn and take no shit. He might be able to help, if you need any assistance that is.” 

“I won’t.” Without saying another word, Snake headed to the door, stopping when his hand hit the doorknob. “I’ll need an expense account. Unlimited.” 

Camden whistled. “No matter what you’ve heard in the press, we aren’t loaded, especially given the new building.” 

Snake remained silent. 

“Fine. I’ll have my assistant set you up. Just keep the damn receipts or our accountant will be all over my ass, which means I’ll tank yours,” Camden snarked. 

Giving a single nod, he opened the door, taking long strides down the hallway. As if anyone was going to tell him how to run his operation. He knew exactly what he was doing. At the end of two weeks, Senator Wallace would be an ally.  

Then again, maybe more. 


The streets were dark, limited activity given the location of the bar. Quiet. Unassuming, the corner dive had seen better days. What the hell did he care? Snake wasn’t here for the atmosphere. Snake walked inside, allowing his eyes to become accustomed to the shadows, the dim lighting. No one bothered to glance in his direction or give a fuck who was walking in the door. They were content sucking down booze and watching whatever game the bartender happened to flick on. 

He scanned the long galley before walking to a table in the back. She hadn’t arrived. There was no need to motion to the man behind the bar. The scruffy dude knew exactly what he wanted. He sat down, his back facing the wall, the position allowing him to see anyone walking inside as well as a good portion of the crossing streets. Anonymity was vital, if only to his now late companion. Exhaling, he nodded to the bartender as a tall cold bottle of Budweiser and a shot of whiskey was placed on the table in front of him.  

After the interesting day, he could use the shot. He held the glass in front of him, swirling the dense crystal back and forth. How many nights had he sat here, waiting? Perhaps too many. However, the meeting and the subsequent sex gave him a sense of relief, a control over his sadistic needs if only for a few days. The next couple of weeks he would need to concentrate in order to satisfy his directive. Olivia would certainly help. 

Snake tossed back the cheap liquor just as the door opened. He eyed the statuesque blonde as she took purposeful steps inside, her gaze never bothering to glance in any direction but toward the back of the bar. She knew exactly what she wanted. He had to admire the woman, who was no doubt even more beautiful in her youth. She risked everything, her upstanding career, her upper echelon society memberships and even her fortune to spend even a few hours with him.  

The beer was cold, soothing his parched throat, and he nodded to the bartender once again. If any of Olivia’s friends knew of her kinky desires, the way she craved pain as if the intensity of their sessions was the only thing keeping her alive. They would never know. Soon, this would end. He already knew the score. She was beginning to get too close. But for tonight? He would have his way with her. 

Olivia stood in front of him, awaiting a brief moment of his inspection, then untied the sash on her long trench coat before sitting down. Within seconds, a gin and tonic was placed in front of her, another whiskey for Snake. “I’ve missed you.” 

He studied her face, the way her makeup was expertly applied, hiding the grueling years spent with a man who could care less about her. “You’re late.” 

“Yes, sir. I know and I’m sorry. A late phone call before I left the office.” Olivia sighed and fingered the glass. 

“You will pay for your tardiness.” 

“I would expect nothing less.” Her voice was just a whisper, a quiet moment of resignation.  

Snake had no doubt she tempted fate, pushing his boundaries for nothing more than the whipping she’d receive. After all, she was a pain monger. He shot back the whiskey, savoring the burn sliding down his throat, and could tell she was nervous. He never asked about her work or her home life, but he certainly knew everything about her life. Everything. His methods of research were… He inhaled her perfume and growled, his cock already aching. Oddly enough, he wasn’t certain his burning hunger had anything to do with Olivia.  

She remained on edge, her lower lip quivering, her eyes darting over her shoulder and into the street.  

“Someone following you?” 

“No. At least I don’t think so. Just a lot of questions asked lately. Besides, work has been difficult as of late.” She chose her words carefully. 

She had no idea he’d followed her, had even been inside her house, double checking on the woman he temporarily owned. “Finish your drink.” 

Nodding, she gave him a waning smile before taking a sip then a gulp. 

Even her hands were shaking. 

Snake glanced outside, studying the few vehicles that passed by. There was nothing suspicious, no outward sign that they’d been discovered. He lifted an eyebrow as he thought about a flash bulletin on the morning news. That is, if their affair was discovered. Well, she was in the process of getting divorced and the sad situation was tabloid fodder, Olivia’s brutal husband raked over the coals. The man was going to get what he deserved. 

He polished off his beer and noticed she’d only consumed half of her drink. This wasn’t about romance or any kind of a date. They were simply engaging in a carnal moment. Yanking several bills out of his wallet, he tossed them on the table then stood. There was no doubt she’d follow. 

When he was out on the street, he waited until she flanked his side before walking toward the corner, turning sharply and moving to a rather deserted street. The flashing neon sign was cracked, two of the letters no longer lit, but he knew his way and so did she. The reservation was standing, once a week, paid for in advance in cash.  

They walked inside, moving toward the back of the building and up a single flight of stairs. The hotel was never fully occupied but the owner, a former fellow Marine, allowed them a room located far away from prying eyes or ears. No questions were ever asked.  

Snake shoved the key into the lock, twisting the handle. The room had the same smell, a light stench of too many stale cigarettes and booze, a light wafting of sex. Moonlight streamed in through the narrow slits in the blinds, adding enough light for the evening’s event. They were both no one in a shit hole. The place was perfect. 

Olivia removed her coat, folding the no doubt expensive tailor-made piece over the back of a chair then proceeded to slip out of her dress and heels. She never wore any underwear, a simple requirement he’d made from the beginning. When she was fully naked, she eased onto her knees, bending at the waist, her arms over her head, waiting for his direction. 

He hadn’t brought his bag of implements or a special whip, only the clamps and chains secured in his jacket pocket. While his mood and hunger was dark, perhaps bordering on heinous, he desired a simple meeting. Maybe he needed to believe he was normal, somewhere deep inside. The thought gave him a smile. 

Yanking the silver chain from his pocket, he held the nipple and clit clamps in front of him, allowing the clamps to clink against the metal. He could sense her moment of fear, trepidation that affected her breathing. 

Snake crouched down, rubbing the tips of his fingers down the length of her spine. She was full figured, her breasts considered voluptuous, but her waist remained small. An hour glass beauty. He allowed his fingers to travel to the crack of her ass.  

She reached back, using both hands to open her ass cheeks and lifted her hips into the air, her face pressed against the cheap, cold tile. Sliding his index finger into his mouth, he slickened it before wiggling the tip into her asshole. There was always a sense of relief as he pumped in and out, adding a second then third finger when she relaxed. Fucking a woman in the ass was a favorite. 

She whimpered slightly then clamped her ass muscles around the thick invasion, but she remained shivering. 

Snake continued to thrust in and out then exhaled before standing. Fisting her hair, he yanked her head until she looked into his eyes. After a slight jerk, she struggled to rise to her feet, her hands at her sides. Using one hand, he cupped and squeezed her breast, rolling the soft flesh in his fingers as he dug the tips into her tender tissue. 

Olivia’s lower lip continued to quiver, but her expression was one of heated desire as well as letting go.  

“My beautiful whore.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Rubbing the flat of his hand down her stomach, he fingered her shorn pussy, nodding in approval. She never failed him. “Open your legs.” 

“Yes, sir.” Obeying without hesitation, she widened her stance. 

Snake pinched both nipples, twisting and pulling until they stood at full attention. Her aureoles were large, a rosy pink. Bending down, he sucked on one, swirling his tongue then biting down. He loved the taste of her skin, sweet. Salty. When he was satisfied, he eased back and held out the clamps, his eyes twinkling.  

Her mouth was no longer quaking, her lips now in a perfect ‘O’. Arching her back, she jutted out her breasts, offering. Begging. 

He wasted no time, opening the first nipple clamp and admiring the thick steel. Plucking her nipple until it stood at full attention, he placed the clamp around the tip, letting go with ease.  

“Oh!” Olivia closed her eyes, a slight smile on her face. 

Repeating the move on her other breast, he patted her cheek, rubbing his thumb back and forth across her mouth before reaching between her legs. He kneaded her clit between his fingers, rolling and pinching while his mouth watered, his adrenaline flowing. After clamping her oversized clit, he stood back, admiring the way she looked. “Beautiful.” 

She opened her eyes, licking her lips, her shoulders back as if proud.  

He pointed toward the bed as he began to unbuckle his belt, allowing the well-worn leather to slide through his fingers.  

Olivia climbed onto the bed and on all fours, her face toward the window, her legs spread wide. They were only on the second floor and no doubt their nefarious act could be seen. The concept of humiliation had fascinated her from the beginning, but this was safe, a mere taste of what could be if only she would truly let go. 

That would never happen. There was too much at stake.  

Still, the concept, at least for the once famous actress now turned politician, was a powerful aphrodisiac. Something he could give her. 

Snake ran the belt under his nose, savoring the richness of the leather, the way it filled his nostrils. She was used to his level of punishment, the various implements that he’d used during the last few months. His belt was more personal. 

He stood back, admiring her form for a few seconds. This would be their last night together and he wanted to savor every moment. 


The belt hit her across the middle, the tip wrapping slightly around the side. 

“Oh!” The whimper was full of anguish, but she kept her position, her bobbing head the only indication that she was in pain. 

Smack! Crack! 

Every hard slap was controlled, his wrist snapping with just enough of an angle to maximize the pain.  

Pop! Crack! 

Panting, she gripped the bedding, clenching the stained comforter as she looked out the window. 

“Imagine if you were seen, men and women you know standing outside the window.” His words were husky, the tone full of intended danger. 


Slap! Crack! 

“Imagine if they took pictures, mementoes in order to savor the illicit affair.” 

“Yes, sir. Wonderful,” she whimpered, her breath sounds ragged. 

Smack! Pop! 

“Then think about the scandal as the pictures hit the newspapers, television stations, even national news.” Their game, one of her creation had once fueled him. Tonight, he was merely giving her what she craved. 

Olivia shifted back and forth, the chains rattling as her breasts swung. 

Crack! Slap! 

“Is that what you want, Olivia? To be seen as the beautiful cunt you really are?” 

“Yes, sir. God, yes.” She arched her back, jutting back her hips. “More, sir. Please.” 

Pop! Slap! Crack! 

Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, trickling and he was surprised how fuckin’ hard he remained, his balls swelling. 

Smack! Pop! 

“Do you want to be used, taken by every man you know?” he hissed, as he removed his jacket, tossing it across the room. 

“Yes, sir.” 

“What do you want, Olivia?” 

Whap! Whoosh! 

“Tell me what you desire.” 

“To be your whore forever, sir.” 

The words rang into the room, creating a tense vibe. He wiped his mouth, cognizant of her thoughts and needs. By all rights, he should stop this now, but he couldn’t. He had to finish the moment. 

Smack! Pop! 

He continued whipping her until her ass and upper thighs were marked, her skin glistening with perspiration and still, he wanted more. Dropping the belt, he advanced. As he did, he unfastened his jeans and unzipped, pulling his aching cock from the tight confines. Without hesitating, he thrust the entire length into her pussy, throwing back his head as he grabbed her hips. 

“Oh!” Tensing, she arched her back, panting, her hand slapping on the covers. 

“Tight.” He pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside then thrust again, harder and faster, plunging until the force pitched her forward. He kept his grip on her hips, the softness of her skin and snarled. His cock was slickened from her pussy, covering the length of his shaft.  

Wiggling, she looked over her shoulder, her face full of desire. “Fuck me in the ass. Please.” 

Pulling out, he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, guiding the tip to her asshole. Pushing just inside, he chuckled. “Imagine those friends of you watching you get fucked in the ass.” 

“Oh, yes!” 

The moment he shoved his cock deep inside, shuddering as her ass muscles clenched around the tight invasion, he could swear they were indeed being watched. His instinct kicking in, he knew in his gut this had nothing to do with her. 

Someone was following him.   


7 reviews for A Death Wish

  1. JigsawGirl

    A romantic suspense with elements of BDSM. The story was fast paced, full of intrigue, and contained two mysteries.

    Rush Enterprises was not as involved as with previous books. The company provided the basis for Katherine and Snake’s introduction, and then was mentioned a few times, but that is about it. This book revolved more around Snake and Katherine. The mystery had to do with a dark secret from each of their pasts, which involved them being stalked for different reasons, but each stalkers ultimate goal was the same.

    I would give this book a 4.5 if I could, so it gets a 5 instead. Entertaining enough that you want to read straight through to the outcome.

  2. Hope W

    I truly enjoyed this exciting book! Although it is part of the Texas Oil series it can be read as a standalone. It was filled with crime, mystery, intrigue, and danger that kept me glued to the pages trying to figure out the mystery before it was revealed. When you add in the relationship between Snake and Katherine it was just a win-win. Where there was not as much power exchange as I like; however, I did enjoy how the author kept uncertainty surrounding their circumstances and the trust between them. The story included raw passion, chemistry, betrayal, love, and so much more. Overall, I highly recommend this book for a great night’s read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  3. Tami

    A Death Wish is book four of the Texas Oil series. As the book is a stand-alone book, you don’t need to read the other books of the series, though I would recommend it, because this series is very captivating.

    Snake and Katherine are interesting characters who do have great chemistry. The intimate scenes are explicit and, of course, there are spankings. I feel A Death Wish was a very compelling read. There is danger, suspense, action and a mystery that kept me guessing. I liked reading the book.

  4. charlotte Huelsemann

    A death wishes Texas oil book four by Dakota black
    This story is about Senator Katherine Wallace who was fighting her own demons but passionate about our environment. It is also book four of the Texas Oil series. It is a stand alone but I have really enjoyed every single book. It is about %u201Csnake%u201D Snake was hired to go from rig to rig to make sure they continued to follow the government rules and protect the environment. This story like the rest very good mystery and excitement. I love the story line and couldn%u2019t put this book down until the very end.

  5. Pico1

    This is a fast moving, interesting story with many elements to keep the reader involved. There is an interesting love affair between Snake and Katherine %u2013 one that has many obstacles because of their past histories and the threats to their lives. There is the mystery that they are involved in %u2013 which is interesting and complicated. Finally, there is the sex and punishments, as Snake is a Dom and Katherine is a sub, and they each complete the other. The two main characters are well drawn and likable, although it took time to understand Snake, given the depth of his problems and his history.

  6. Redrabbitt

    I always enjoy a story that offers so much mystery and suspense, keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat, has a great cast of characters, and plenty of angst, action, and romance. Ms. Dakota Black does just that in the tales she spins. The fourth book in this new Texas Oil series was a page-turner, and even though it is part of a series, it is completely a stand-alone story. The story is edgy, raw and intense, with dark and dirty sexual escapades and proclivities. Everything is consensual and desired.

    Senator Katherine Wallace is a woman on a mission, and part of that mission goes back to her childhood, having a father who was an oceanographer. When he had time for her, he taught her a love for the ocean and the inhabitants of the ocean, but also the damage caused by man. She has made it her mission to attack several oil companies because of some of the damage caused nearly ten years prior, naming corporations like Rush Enterprises, Canfield Oil Refinery, and the Shotts Corporation

    Snake Driscoll is an enigma, and when he confronts Katherine at her press conference, he throws her for a loop. Now her goal is to learn more about who that man was and what does he know. She will have to engage a source whose payment is dark and dangerous to gain some insight. Katherine is also receiving threatening notes, and now red roses. Has one of her haunting murder cases from her past coming to the forefront? He told her he would someday come for her.
    The plot will have Snake challenging Katherine to go with him for one week to an oil rig and learn the truth. He not only works inspecting oil rigs for Rush Enterprises, but he is also an oceanographer and takes the environment seriously. Katherine will throw down her own gauntlet, which he will have to go with her to a destination and keep an open mind. Challenges issues and accepted by both parties, and each will require a week at the location of choice.

    Meeting at the airport, they will board a flight to Katherine%u2019s location, the Cayman Islands, Cayman Brac to be specific. For Katherine, it is a place her father showed her when he was alive, and how the reef was affected by oil spills. For Snake, it is a place that became a living hell, with lives lost, and ghost still haunting him. Snake is a dominant with dark desires, and he is excellent at reading people, including seeing the submissive nature of Katherine, and he will focus on that. It doesn%u2019t take long before he and Katherine enter into a D/s situation.

    The time of the island will come with new dangers from the past, someone has left a package with a trusted friend, Pepe, for Snake with pictures and threats. Katherine and Snake both sense that someone is lurking near the very secluded bungalow she has rented for the week. The story will take on life and death dangers in the form of evil, plus a hurricane is barreling down on them. Two people will have to learn how to trust each other, even though there are still secrets being kept. Who is trying to kill them and why?

  7. susan landowski

    First this book can be read as a standalone. But I highly recommend you read the other books in this series as each is full of mystery, suspense and elements of BDSM. This story plot is fast paced, suspenseful, emotional, mysterious and has elements of BDSM for the couple to learn and find a deep abiding trust and love. Please read as very hard to put down.

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