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Veronica is a university student with some secret intimate desires. When she meets Andrew, a more experienced and older man, he takes it upon himself to educate and raise her.

Andrew expects Veronica to adhere to his strict rules that keep her safe, healthy, and in a Little’s mindset. If she breaks those rules, there are uncomfortable and embarrassing consequences to pay.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit themes as well as elements of power exchange between adults.

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Sample Chapter


Chapter 1 – A New Life

Veronica was twenty-three when she made the decision to leave Mark for good. Five months ago, when she moved into his condominium, excited about their future together, she had pictured romantic things like ski vacations and hot tubs, and tending tiny tomato plants together on their tiny patio. Perhaps they would make salsa. Her imaginings had not extended to include much beyond that small dwelling, but she had been hopeful about the life they would create together.

Hopeful was the last word anyone would have used to describe Veronica’s disposition the February morning she sat in her small hatchback trying to start it, watching the ice crystals grow over her frozen windshield. The car would not start. The car was old, and Veronica was tired. She had bags under her eyes. Mark had asked her to leave her car outside for the night rather than in the underground parking, so that his friends could use her parking spot the night before. It had been hockey night. Mark and his friends had spent the night watching sports on television, shouting at the TV screen and slopping beer on the carpet, while Veronica tried to study in her room for her test the next day. And now it was morning and her car wouldn’t start. She was going to be late for her university class. And as she sat in the frozen car listening to the frozen starter wheezing and coughing, she knew she was leaving. As soon as she could get someone to jump start her car, she was going to drive away from Mark, and away from this life, and start over again.

It wasn’t that he was a bad guy. It wasn’t that he was mean, or unloving, or anything specific she could put her finger on. He just wasn’t what she had imagined. He was adolescent. When she had pictured her romantic life, she had never imagined a man who acted like a teenager, needed someone to balance his check book for him, ate potato chips for dinner, or would leave her to start her car in the cold while he slept off a hangover. He just wasn’t what she really wanted, and that was all she knew.

* * *

Two months later Veronica was settled in her studio apartment. She had sold her car, and learned how to navigate her way to school on the bus. She wasn’t going to let the break-up stand in the way of her dream of finishing her degree in Psychology. In fact, in spite of all the pressures and changes in her life she hadn’t missed a single day of class. She was proud of herself. “We’re doing just fine, aren’t we Fig Newton?” she asked the ginger cat who purred loudly in response. Another change. Mark hadn’t liked animals. Sometimes Veronica was lonely but she was certain she had made the right decision. And maybe, in time, she would find a partner more suitable to her inner desires—if only she could pinpoint exactly what those were.

* * *

In the third month of her single life, Veronica came across an advertisement in the university paper that drew her eye. What was a “munch”? A local pub, within walking distance of her apartment, was holding an event in a week, and the advertisement was compelling. It said: no-pressure social gathering for those interested in BDSM, and new people very welcome! Of course, she could never bring herself to attend such a social gathering.

Veronica was curious. She looked up ‘BDSM’ online at the university library and was instantly fascinated. Bondage. It wasn’t the first time Veronica had pictured her hands tied behind her back, just wondering, imagining what that would feel like. Domination/Discipline. Her heartbeat picked up a little as she said the words to herself. What would it mean to be dominated? To be disciplined? She was a young woman who was very accustomed to being in control of herself, her decisions, her life. To be dominated was hard to imagine. And yet something about the mental picture made her feel tingly. Sadism. Masochism. As she read the words on the computer screen, she felt goose bumps rise on the back of her neck. Someone walked by in her peripheral vision and she clicked the window on her computer screen closed. She couldn’t think about this anymore in such a public place.

* * *

And so it was with what could best be described as terror that Veronica dressed herself the following Saturday night and prepared herself to attend her first munch. She had not been able to stop thinking about BDSM since she first looked it up, and the tingles wouldn’t go away. She had no idea what to wear. Should she try to look sexy? Or would that encourage the wrong type of attention? What if someone tried to proposition her? She steeled her will. This was only about gathering information, she told herself. This was only about learning about something new. She just wanted to expand her horizons and understand more of what BDSM was all about. Maybe she could find out why she was so compelled, so drawn to the advertisement she had read in the paper.

She took in her reflection in the mirror and felt pleased with what she saw. Her ash blonde hair looked shiny as it brushed against the middle of her back. But should she tie it up? She shook her head, as Fig Newton eyed her small frame in the mirror. He reached out a paw to bat at her earring. No, her hair was fine as it was. She wanted to be comfortable. Her blue eyes reflected her nervousness, and the spray of tiny freckles across her nose was barely visible in this light. She wanted to look worldly and confident, but she had to admit the jeans and polka-dotted t-shirt made her look more like a child than a competent woman.

She looked in her closet for what must have been the tenth time that evening and could come up with nothing better. She took a deep breath and told herself, yet again, that it didn’t matter what she looked like. She wasn’t going to meet someone. She was only going to learn about something new that had captured her interest. She didn’t need to make an impression. And good thing too, she told herself, taking in her reflection one last time before leaving the apartment. She looked more like a twelve-year old girl than a university student nearly finished her undergraduate degree.

* * *

Veronica applied another coat of lip gloss, took a final deep breath, and stepped inside the pub, telling herself she could pretend to have wandered into the private room by mistake if she was uncomfortable. She reminded herself she was in a public place and no one could kidnap her. She felt herself shaking slightly and wondered if she should have a couple of drinks first before heading into the private room that was dedicated for the attendees of the munch.

“You lost, honey?” asked a woman, and laughed, before Veronica could make up her mind about the drink.

“Umm,” she said as she felt herself blush. Yes, she absolutely was lost, but should she say so to this stranger? She looked more closely at the woman who smiled warmly at Veronica and winked. Her eyes crinkled up at the corners and Veronica was immediately reminded of her aunt who had taken care of her for much of her childhood. She had the same dark wavy hair, the same smoky laugh.

“You’re looking for the munch group, aren’t you?” the woman said. “You look scared. Come in with me. I’ll introduce you around. Don’t be nervous.” The woman laughed again, a warm, husky laugh that enveloped Veronica and made her feel safe. “I’m Marley,” she said, and shook Veronica’s hand while placing her other hand on her shoulder. The woman was tiny, barely five feet, and Veronica felt tall next to her, an unusual feeling for a girl who was only 5’3” herself. She felt comfortable with Marley, and smiled to herself at the irony of finding a woman, instead of a man, to introduce her to the world of BDSM.

“I’m Veronica,” she said, smiling shyly. “I’m new, um, I don’t know anyone. I just came to get some information, and…” Veronica trailed off, not sure how to explain herself. She wasn’t sure herself, exactly, why she had come.

“It’s great to have new people!” said Marley, with enthusiasm, pulling Veronica through the growing crowd. “Come, I’ll introduce you to everyone.” She slipped her arm through a man’s arm as he stood talking to a group of people. He leaned in as she introduced him. “Veronica, my husband, Shane. Shane, Veronica.”

Veronica smiled politely and extended her hand. Shane’s hand was enormous and hers completely disappeared inside it. He squeezed her hand gently and then leaned even closer. “So happy to have you here with us, little Veronica,” he said, and she felt a strange blush rise in her cheeks at the diminutive.

“Nice to meet you, Shane,” Veronica said, and Marley beamed, clearly proud of her handsome husband.

Veronica was unsure of what to say or do next, but Marley was obviously in her element playing hostess to her new young friend, and helped Veronica find a seat at a big table in the middle of the room. She made introductions again, and Veronica found herself surrounded by people who seemed far more normal than she had imagined these people would be. What had she pictured? People all decked out in leather and chains, perhaps, carrying whips and wearing ball gags. She smothered a small smile at the mental picture as a sweet grandfatherly-looking man leaned in to ask her if wanted a menu. She shook her head and smiled at him. “No thank you, I’m fine,” she said. Still too nervous to eat although that feeling was slowly beginning to subside.

Marley reached across the table and touched her arm. She looked up. “Veronica,” Marley said, “I want to introduce you to someone else. A friend of mine.”

Veronica nodded and stood up to follow Marley as she led her to another, quieter corner of the pub. Marley put her arm around a man who was standing near the bar. “Andrew, there you are,” she said, smiling at him. “I want you to meet Veronica.” Veronica reached out to shake Andrew’s proffered hand, and was startled by his deep brown eyes that looked straight into hers.

21 reviews for A Daddy for Veronica

  1. Stats23

    What an endearing, enticing, erotic, romantic love story! Veronica has just left a very unsatisfying relationship and is looking for something new in her life. She attends a %u201Cmunch%u201D at her local pub, one that is for people interested in BDSM. There she makes a new friend and catches the eye of a gallant Dom, Andrew, who just happens to be her neighbor as well. And the coincidences don%u2019t stop there. His knowledge and understanding matches off perfectly with her interest and willingness. Together they journey down the road of age play right down to the Daddy/little scenario, including diapering. Nothing is left out and everything is treated with the greatest respect and love. Graphic and erotic yes, but also very tender and loving. This book is just too good not to read again and again. Five Fantastic Stars.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. John Lindow

    Anna Ireland takes the reader on an introductory ride into the world of BDSM with superb explanation and patience as the story’s main character struggles to decide whether she is a baby girl, a submissive, a lover, or a mix of all-the-above, as she finds the person who allows her to be true to her inner self. Of course there are several domestic discipline sessions with both spanking and non-spanking punishments as she learns the limits of what she can and can’t do, without suffering the consequences of her actions. And, above all else, it is also a true love story, about going for what your heart believes and not necessarily what your head always thinks is the right thing to do. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

  3. Rose St. Andrews

    I love this story for two reasons: the characters, Andrew and Veronica are a true delight, and the way it delves into the entire Dom/sub, daddy/daughter lifestyle. The author creates two full, rich three-dimensional characters that I wanted to get to know, and explains the dynamics of their relationship. The best part of that is that the explanations flow naturally within the story. They never seem forced, preachy or boring. My only minus, and it’s a small one is the point of view breaks. They are all over the place, sometimes several on the same page. However, minor issue. Truly a wonderful read. I was given an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Ben Morris

    I absolutely loved this book! Veronica and Andrew’s connection at the first meeting is a great meet cute where they see into each other so well. Veronica a college student has just broken up with a guy that was just too much like a little boy for her attends a BDSM gathering out of curiosity and Andrew a widower sees in Veronica a potential little that could use some guidance. They connect quickly but Andrew slowly reveals his daddy/dom side getting her more in more into his world and how much it can be wonderful for her. There is spanking, time outs, set bed times, and diaper play, all played up with intense dominance and sexuality.

    I cannot recommend highly enough the erotic details, the wonderful characters as they explore each others minds and bodies, all done perfectly in balance so you can see them develop while never sacrificing the “fun” bits. One click this you won’t regret it! I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  5. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Veronica is just out of a relationship. A boring relationship. She sees an advert for a BDSM Munch and decides to go. Being dominated is an intriguing, but alien idea to Veronica that she wants to explore. There she meets Andrew. Ten years older, very self-confident, very charming and very handsome. Andrew is a widower whose wife was also his little. Andrew fears he will never find another beautiful girl to nurture and love. This Story covers their beginning journey into the world of little/daddy life.
    Spanking, anal, diapers.

  6. Tami

    Veronica is curious when she reads an advertisement about a munch in the university paper. When she researches BDSM, she feels a craving she hasn’t realized she has. So Veronica decides to go to the munch. There she meets Marley who introduces her to Andrew.

    This is the beginning of a sweet romance that focuses on the age play. Even if Andrew was quite a lot older than Veronica, I felt he was the perfect man for her. They fit very well and I liked their interaction very much. This was my first book by this author, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

  7. Margaret Corcoran

    I have read other books by this author and I am enamored by her talent. She is an amazing writer, she gets inside the head of Veronica as she journeys from lost seeking woman to Andrew’s submissive little girl. The characters are very human and well developed. There are disciplinary spankings and hot spicy sex. It’s so easy to read, it seems short, but it’s finished properly. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  8. Joanie M

    This book was very good. More than an age play story, it explores the psychology of being submissive and accepting who you are. Veronica is ignorant regarding bdsm but she’s drawn to it and meets Andrew. He’s older and an experienced Dom who’d all but given up on finding someone like Veronica. He leads them on an incredible journey into the age play d/s lifestyle. His awareness of Veronica’s inexperience and internal conflict gives the book an added dimension that I loved. The erotic and discipline scenes were well written as well. It’s an all around great book.

  9. Toni English

    I took a chance of this story recognising that age play is not always a ‘like’ for me. This book did push my boundaries, so while it’s not something that I personally found appealing, I’m basing my review on the overall story. The characters were interesting & multilayered, which I appreciated, & while I can’t comprehend desiring to be in this type of relationship, I certainly understand wanting to find that someone that you fit with. I thought the book was well written & by having one character experienced in age play & another only new, it was able to present a thoughtful, intelligent read.

  10. Lalaland

    Not usually my thing but in the spirit of being eclectic I chose to review this extremely well written book. Veronica has recently left her live in boyfriend who is very immature and not at all what she needs. She goes to a munch at a local pub because she is curious about BDSM. There she meets Andrew a widower. Veronica is a student and although Andrew is quite obviously much older they both immediately feel a connection. Coincidentally it turns out that they are quite close neighbours and begin a tentative relationship in which Andrew begins to introduce Veronica to submission and ultimately to age play. Slowly over a period of time Veronica and Andrew become submerged in the Daddy/little dynamic including using diapers and all that includes although throughout it all, Veronica is never made to behave like a baby. When Veronica misbehaves or is disrespectful she is very severely punished both corporally and in other ways. There are also some very hot and raunchy scenes, sizzling fact and although, for me, some of the age play made me squirm with embarrassment in the context of the story it was never gratuitous. This book was a very interesting read and I would certainly be happy to read more from Ms Ireland. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  11. Redrabbitt

    What an amazing story of two people and their journey. Veronica is a college student and fed up with her childish boyfriend, leaving him, and deciding that they must be more, men who act like men, and one day, finding a munch and attending will forever change her life. She will meet Andrew, a widower, and this is their journey. Andrew is a dominant man, one who had been married and enjoyed a D/s relationship with his late wife that also including age-play. Being introduced to Veronica at the munch, he is impressed with her; she is shy, but also very intelligent. He doesn%u2019t push, but instead, gives her his card and allows her to make the first move to call him.

    The story is a journey, especially for Veronica. Meeting Andrew and going out for coffee, she is impressed with their conversation and how easily they get along. It doesn%u2019t take long before they are enjoying each other%u2019s company more, and Andrew slowly initiates his dominance to gauge her reaction and acceptance. The rules become a little stricter, mostly regarding her health, welfare, and safety, but also to take her outside of her comfort zone and help her embrace her little side.

    I enjoyed that relationship depicted in this story of how Andrew and Veronica enter this relationship. It is realistic and told in a way that you feel like a voyeur into their lives. As Andrew helps her navigate the waters of submission, and he understands that it is a struggle for her to accept these new dynamics.

    The plot is an emotional journey, and it has so many different dynamics as they fall in love and grow together. Another munch will have her questioning what their roles are. Is she submissive, a slave, a little, what name does their relationship have? It doesn%u2019t matter what it is called, what truly is important is the bond, the respect, and what works best for two people.

  12. stylie kidd

    Veronica is a university student with some secret intimate desires, ones she doesn%u2019t completely understand, but that she feels compelled to pursue. She goes to a munch to learn more and meets Andrew, who is immediately attracted to her and want her as his baby girl. He sets out strict rules with stern consequences and Veronica blooms in his care. She is insecure and sometimes stubborn, so the stakes keep getting higher and higher. She isn%u2019t sure exactly how she feels about it all, but knows that she is falling in love with Andrew and the exquisitely extreme things he does to her. Will this May December romance between an experienced DD and a naive lg work out or will Veronica prove to be too young and impetuous to truly fulfill Andrew%u2019s desires? If you enjoy age play and lots of stern discipline, the old fashioned way – you will love this sweet, sexy and romantic story.

  13. DB

    This book really pushed my boundaries, to the point I almost didn’t finish it. It started out really good, but when she moved in with him and got engaged it went downhill for me. Andrew started off being a nice guy and really seeming to care for Veronica but as the book progressed he didn’t really listen to her concerned and always smiled or laughed when he was punishing her. Veronica did have a lot of questions for him and told him “no” more than once on things he wanted to do to her, but he didn’t listen. This is the first book I have read by this author and I will give her books a try again but I can’t say I will keep reading them. 3 stars

  14. Missy (verified owner)

    I didn’t think this was an ageplay story. Andrew was very much a sadist and spent most of the book laughing when Veronica expressed a concern. About half way through the book I was so annoyed by the tone of the book that I couldn’t finish it.

  15. LuCinda Beebe

    This was an enjoyable age play story that is an easy and fast read. It had good, solid, and interesting characters with a plot line dealing with loyalty, love, and adventure plus a little bit of conflict. At times I felt that Andrew was kind of hard on Veronica but it all made sense in the long run. I was happy that the author ended the story like she did. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  16. Pettigg

    Veronica is not sure what she wants, but she is sure it’s not an immature boyfriend who can’t take care of her. So she’s on her own again just her and her cat until she sees an add for a munch. Not even really sure what it is she goes anyway and meets Andrew. Andrew is not looking for anyone just out to enjoy some friends company but he is drawn to Veronica, he starts very slow but steadily introduces her to age play. A very thorough look at age play and all of it’s kinks.

  17. Lisa Watson

    This is a lovely age play story about Veronica and Andrew. They met at a munch and then realised they were practically neighbours. Veronica slowly realises that she likes being little and she likes Andrew being her daddy.

    I think Andrew is a bit of a sadist but Veronica’s body loves it even if she doesn’t always have the same enthusiasm.

    I really liked this book and look forward to reading more books by this author.

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

  18. Goldie Nut

    Veronica leaves her then current boyfriend Mark. She does okay
    living on her own in her studio apartment. She wants a change and
    she sees an ad for munch date and she is interested in BDSM. She goes
    to the munch and meets an older dom named Andrew. The rest is history.

  19. Barbara Pearman

    This is the charming story of the developing relationship between Veronica a college student and Andrew, a more mature man in his thirties. Andrew is a ‘Dom’ and he recognises the submissive nature of Veronica as well as her need for guidance and discipline. Gradually, Veronica also recognises her need for a sort of father figure in her life, someone to watch over her and encourage her to be organised in her studies so that she will achieve good grades. As their Ds roles develop, they fall in love with one another and are able to recognise that they each fulfil needs in one another. The story is well written and is carefully paced in order to take the reader through the initial stages of Veronica and Andrew’s romance as it moves into a Ds relationship. It is tastefully done and enjoyable to read. If you are looking for a torrid Ds story where the characters get ‘down and dirty’ within the first few pages, this is possibly not for you. If you are interested in the developing dynamic of a relationship with likable characters and a HEA, then you’re likely to enjoy it.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  20. Sam

    This is a great story. Veronica and Andrew make a great couple and Andrew makes a good Daddy. I liked reading the age play type scenes in this book. The characters had a very sweet relationship with the perfect dose of firmness when needed. I received an ARC of this book.

  21. Anna

    When I read this story I was blushing and imagining that the Anna in the story was me! I LOVED this story more than any other ageplay I have read. The author has delivered a sexy, romantic story that also captures the subtle psychological parts of ageplay that make it work. The characters are believable and dynamic and I disagree that Andrew was sadistic or cruel. In fact I believe he was clearly doing what he knew to be good for Anna and what she really craved. I thought his smiles were endearing as he was amused by Anna’s stubbornness and resistance because he knew it was just bravado and that he had to push past it to get to what they both knew their hearts wanted. I thought it was brilliant and I will read it over again!

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