10 Ways to Love

Three dominant men who want her. One feisty, strong, independent woman. Is love possible?

Maddison Hayes will become the new Prime Minister in a month’s time. She has been working hard to stop organised crime and has gained enemies along the way. Her life is changed when she discovers she is the illegitimate child of Wallace Williams, the head of a London crime family. The news is leaked to the media by a colleague who is later found murdered at Maddison’s home. She is forced to run knowing someone in the government is framing her for murder and a Mafia cartel wants her dead because of her interference in their illegal business. She’s a martial arts master and a breast cancer survivor, she knows how to take care of herself and stay alive.

Russian Mafia head, Maksim Yahontov kidnaps her, forcing her to take refuge with him while he uses her as a pawn to gain a route into the cartel. He doesn’t expect to fall in love with her. Jackson Ward is the new leader of the Williams’ family. He wants to halt her political career, protect her and he has also fallen for her. Nothing will stop him from taking her and making her his. The mysterious Russian Knight in Shining Armour known only as Mr. Romanov is working for someone Maddison does not know to keep her safe. He also intends to make her his.

With the Mafia cartel and someone in the government trying to kill Maddison, all three dominant men must learn to work together to protect her whilst trying to win her for themselves and gain her full submission.

This is book one in a new series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This reverse harem, dark mafia, contemporary romance contains elements of action, adventure, danger, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

Maksim Yahontov was the kind of man who made a woman wet just by looking at her and made every man rush to give him his wife or mistress to please him and gain his favour. He stared out the window of his bedroom into the fading evening sunlight with his hands in his trouser pockets. He was on the top floor of the beautiful cream and pale blue Art Nouveau mansion on the Alberta Iela in Riga, Latvia, one of the many homes the handsome young Russian Mafia Billionaire owned around the world. In the background the Russian news echoed from the TV hanging on the wall.

“Police in the UK are still searching for the whereabouts of Maddison Hayes who disappeared from No. 10 Downing Street after a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday last week. The police are anxious to speak to her about the murder of junior minister, Philip Tranter whose body was discovered in her home after having revealed to newspaper, The Daily Web that she was the illegitimate child of London gangland boss, Wallace Williams who recently passed away. Miss Hayes is Minister for Security and Economic Crime. She has been implementing tough new rules to successfully tackle organised crime in the UK and has rumoured to have received numerous death threats after closing down several money laundering operations in the UK under the new laws. Miss Hayes is due to take over as the Conservative party head and become Prime Minister in a month’s time when the current leader, Andrew Sinclair steps down. The Police are concerned for her safety and…”

Maksim turned, hearing a knock at the door, and picked up the remote from a table and turned off the TV. His close friend and aide, Nickolai walked into the room. Behind him a man in a suit followed leading a beautiful, blonde, long-haired woman by the hand.

“Mr. Berzina has arrived and is ready to make amends for not being able to repay his debt to you. He requests you take his wife, Samanta for your enjoyment for the night in payment until he can raise the funds by tomorrow morning.”

Maksim sighed and put his hands back in his pockets then removed one to beckon them forward with his finger. Berzina looked nervous, he pulled his wife with him who appeared bewildered and equally as nervous. Maksim did not speak. Standing in a tight, fitted, white shirt that clung sexily to every tight sinew across his chest to highlight his tall, lean, athletic figure to perfection, he swept his dark brown eyes over the woman from head to toe taking in every dip, curve, and swell adequately displayed by the revealing red dress she wore. Maintaining his cold blank expression, he rubbed his hand around the neatly groomed beard around his mouth and jawline assessing her once more and nodded.

Maksim Yahontov was a man who demanded total submission to his need to dominate and if Samanta was disobedient, then she would feel the firm flat of his hand against her backside in punishment when he took her.

He looked at her small, slender form moulded to perfection in her scarlet evening gown. Her bottom was full and pert and he longed to see it quiver and jump under the firmness of his hand. He was going to make sure both he and Samanta enjoyed the experience.

The man was relieved. “I will leave you alone.”

“No stay. Undress your wife for me.”

“But do you not want to be alone? I…”

Maksim impatiently interrupted him.

“I said undress her.”

“Yes, of course.” He sounded very afraid just as he should have been.

The Latvian gave his wife an anxious look and moved to stand behind her as Maksim folded his arms and watched sternly. He began to slip the straps of her red gown down her shoulders. Suddenly, she turned and pressed her hands into his chest.

“No, I can’t. It would be like betraying you. I just can’t. Stop, please.”

She reached for him and clung like a frightened child to his chest. Maksim was touched by her vulnerability and her loyalty to her husband. For a moment, Berzina put his arms around her and pulled her close, brushing his fingers along her neck to soothe her fear.

“I don’t consider it a betrayal. It is an honour. Think of it as your submission to my rule,” he whispered softly, trailing the tips of his fingers along her shoulder.

His voice was smooth, calm, seductive even but there was no mistaking the note of stern command. He expected to be obeyed without question. Maksim watched with approval.

“Your husband will stay and watch me enjoy your body,” Maksim told her.

She gulped and nodded. The woman clearly had not expected an audience, least of all her husband, but Maksim wanted to test Berzina’s loyalty further after his failure.

“Yes, as you wish, Mr Yahontov,” she answered in a small fragile voice. Her husband smiled gently with reassurance, although Maksim could see he wasn’t sure what he was really doing giving his wife away to another man.

“Let your fears go. Give me a visual treat. I want to see you enjoying Maksim’s touch and his mastery over your body. I want to hear you screaming with pleasure. It won’t be just your own climax you are feeling but mine as well,” her husband told her.

Samanta’s eyes were suddenly glassy.

“But it is a betrayal…”

Berzina frowned. His nerves and patience with her now tested.

“Enough, woman. You will obey me.”

Samanta gave a shocked gasp when her husband startled her by gathering up the material of her long, silk gown behind her and ripped the material. The noise was intoxicating. Maksim’s cock pulled tight as Samanta cried out and bucked helplessly, erotically against Berzina. He continued to tear the silky dress up her back until it hung in tatters.

Without mercy, Berzina pulled the torn material apart to the sides and bared the backs of her legs, bottom and back. She wore no underwear or bra and was as naked as the day she was born underneath, fully prepared for Maksim’s more intimate scrutiny. In response, she pushed herself against her husband’s body to hold onto the front of the gown to cover her breasts and vagina. Desperately she sought her husband’s protection in her nakedness in front of the Mafia Boss. But Berzina was to leave her in no doubt of his command over her as his wife.

He rested his palm against one juicy round buttock and squeezed it sharply. Samanta cried out with surprise.

“I have spoken of my wishes and I expect them to be carried out. If you do not give yourself to Maksim in my presence you will be dishonouring both myself and my family. I will disown you as my wife.”

Berzina raised his hand away from her bottom to slap his wife across the face, prompting Maksim into quick action. Maksim reached for her hand and tugged her naked body forcefully to him out of range, allowing the remnants of the dress to fall away. He gave a shocked Berzina a warning.

“Try to hit her again and I will kill you. Sit down by the bed and do not speak again.”



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