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Chloe's Christmas Lesson

By: Carole Archer
Published By: Blushing Press
Copyright: 2013 by Blushing Books and Carole Archer
11 chapters, 26,000 words
Heat Level:
3.5 Out Of 5 (3.5 on 4)   |  Write a review

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Nineteen year old Chloe has only been married for three weeks, but already she is driving her husband Matthew to distraction with her childish and petulant behavior. On Christmas Eve, he decides that she needs a sound spanking and he vows to give her one when he returns home from a business meeting. However, before he gets home, Chloe is disciplined by none other than Father Christmas, who is also displeased with her behavior.

Matthew thinks she has been dreaming, but Chloe knows that it really was Santa Claus, and as a result she promises that her behavior is going to improve dramatically.

Publisher's Note: Chloe's Christmas Lesson is a sexually explicit novella which combines age-play elements with a holiday theme. Please do not buy this book if this will offend you.

It was almost lunchtime on Christmas Eve when Chloe come downstairs to find her new husband Matthew piling a stack of extravagantly wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. She sat on the arm of the chair and watched excitedly, grinning as she realised just how much Matthew spoiled her.

She stared wide-eyed at the growing mountain of presents that Matthew was struggling to fit under the biggest Christmas tree she had ever seen inside a house. The top branch bent over double where it touched the ceiling, leaving no room for the fairy Chloe usually used as a tree topper. Chloe chewed her lower lip and cringed with embarrassment as she recalled how, a week earlier, she had petulantly stamped her foot and demanded that Matthew return the tree and get her a smaller one.

She could still picture the stern expression on his face as he approached her and grasped her by the wrist, asking her if she needed her bottom warmed. Chloe had shaken her head and apologised immediately, reluctantly agreeing that Matthew had warned her when she chose it that it was too big for their living room. But she had insisted that it was The One, and Matthew had finally allowed her to have her own way � yet again. She had felt really guilty when he reminded her how he had had to drag the tree home as it was too big to go on the roof of the car, and then he had spent over an hour potting the enormous pine and erecting it in their living room with the help of a couple of neighbours and a large length of rope.

Glancing back at Matthew, Chloe watched in awe as he started to pile more presents alongside the tree. Each gift was wrapped in brightly coloured shiny paper and topped with a pretty contrasting bow and curled ribbons. He must have spent ages wrapping them, and it was clear he had put the same amount of care into each and every one. Chloe couldn’t wait to open them all the next day. Like a small child, she gazed longingly at the gifts.

They had been married for only three weeks, but since meeting two years earlier Matthew had allowed her to misbehave for so long before issuing a stern warning that any further misbehaviour would result in a sore bottom. These warnings were enough for her to revert to good behaviour. She was pleased that Matthew had never carried through with his threat to spank her, though she often wondered how it would feel to be draped across her husband’s lap. There was something quite exciting about the prospect, but on each occasion the threat of pain and humiliation had put her off challenging him to the point where he would actually carry out his threat.

She had been spanked only once in her life, embarrassingly when she was eighteen years old. She was dating Matthew at the time � and worse still, he had been present when her father had finally lost his patience with her and turned her across his knee. Her cheeks flushed at the memory. That spanking had been entirely unpleasant and very painful, but the thought of her husband spanking her always sent a strange tingle through her � to the point that she deliberately misbehaved at times so he would threaten to spank her, but at the last minute she always chickened out and persuaded Matthew to back down on his threat once again.

After Matthew had finished arranging the gifts, he approached her and smiled, leaning down to plant a kiss on her lips. “Good morning, beautiful,” he greeted her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. He glanced at his watch. “Or should that be good afternoon, lazy bones.” He smiled, kissing her again. Chloe giggled and hugged him. She couldn’t believe she had slept so late and she immediately regretted drinking so much the previous evening.

As he released her, he turned towards the tree and indicated the vast array of gifts surrounding it. “No peeking or I’ll take you across my knee,” he threatened playfully.

Chloe blushed as she gazed into her husband’s piercing blue eyes. She smiled as she reached out and ran her fingers through his shoulder length blonde curls, tugging them slightly as she pulled him into a deeper kiss and stroked the stubble on his face. Her pulse quickened as his hand squeezed her breast and she thought of that same hand spanking her rear end.

“Sorry,” he said quickly, moving away from her and looking at his watch. “I really do have to get to a meeting.” He kissed her once more as he straightened his tie. “I can’t believe people want to do business on Christmas Eve, but it’s one of our biggest contracts and we have to keep them sweet,” he explained. “Without the big jobs, you wouldn’t have all this,” he added, indicating her gifts.

Chloe nodded understandingly and grinned. It was wonderful having a husband who earned so much that she didn’t have to work and could spend her days doing whatever took her fancy. As long as she kept the house clean and tidy, Matthew didn’t seem to mind what she got up to or how much money she spent.

Leaning back from him, her breathing ragged, she gazed over at her pile of gifts. “So which one’s my hairdryer,” she grinned, scanning the boxes and trying to decide which one was the right size.

“What?” he asked, his brow furrowed.

“My hairdryer,” she repeated, believing that he was just teasing her. “That one I’ve got is as old as the hills. It takes about three hours to dry my hair.” She was exaggerating, as she was often prone to do when she tried to justify something that she absolutely had to have. “I did tell you,” she pouted, her smile quickly disappearing as Matthew moved away from her and looked flustered.

“Matthew, you have bought me one, haven’t you?” she said, rising to her feet and walking towards the tree, gazing down at the many gifts that surrounded it. She pushed one of the gifts with her foot, nudging it slightly harder than she had intended, and then she shrieked when Matthew grasped her wrist and pulled her towards him, landing a hard smack on her bottom.

Chloe gasped, reaching back to shield her bottom. “Owwwwwwww,” she protested, stamping her foot and scowling at him. Despite her desire to be spanked by Matthew, there was nothing at all erotic about the smack he had just landed on the seat of her pajamas. It hurt, pure and simple, and she glared defiantly at him.

“Chloe, do not try my patience,” he warned, still gripping her wrist, his eyes sparkling with anger. “I have an important meeting to attend. I don’t have time for your nonsense.” He landed another firm smack on her bottom. Chloe tried unsuccessfully to break free of his grasp, tears filling her eyes as his hard hand stung her bottom.

“I have to go now,” he snapped, much to Chloe’s relief. She might fantasise about her husband spanking her, but certainly not like this. “We’ll talk about this later.” Matthew leaned forward and brushed his lips against her cheek, his stubble tickling her. Chloe swallowed anxiously, wondering what their “talk” would entail.

Chloe pouted as he walked away from her. Unable to help herself, despite the sting in her bottom, she snapped childishly, “So does that mean you’ve bought me a hairdryer or not?” She immediately regretted her words as he spun around to face her, hurt reflected in his eyes.

“Chloe, I’ve spent an absolute fortune on you,” he replied, shaking his head despondently. “Why do you always insist on behaving in such an ungrateful and childish manner?”

“But you haven’t got me the one thing I need,” she ranted, stamping her foot on the floor once more as her temper raged out of control.

She swallowed anxiously as Matthew approached her and grasped her wrist. “There’s one thing you do need desperately, young lady,” he snapped, raising his eyebrows as his unwavering gaze made her feel uncomfortable. “And you’re going to get it later. Unfortunately, I have to go to work now,” he told her, “but I promise I will deal with you when I get home. I love you more than life itself, but I’ve been putting off spanking you because I really don’t want to make you cry. I hoped your behaviour might improve if I gave you a free rein for a while, but if anything, it’s getting worse.”

Chloe lowered her eyes and flushed with humiliation. She felt like a small child being scolded and she did not like it one bit.

“If you know what’s good for you, young lady, you’ll keep a low profile this afternoon and be waiting in our room when I get home in hopefully a few hours,” he snapped, spinning her away from him and landing another hard smack on her still smarting cheek. Then, bending her forward, he smacked her smarting bottom several more times.

Chloe yelped and was grateful when he finally released her. She yelled as he landed another stinging smack on the centre of her bottom as she straightened up. Grasping her bottom and pouting, Chloe ran towards the stairs, half expecting Matthew to follow. She was disappointed when she heard the door slam behind him and she turned to see that he had gone. Her heart sunk and she walked slowly to the sofa, where she slumped down in the seat and sighed. If only he’d stayed, she believed she could have got round him, as she had previously when he had threatened to spank her. She’d perfected the art of making puppy dog eyes at him whilst promising not to be so naughty ever again. Although she longed for him to spank her, she did not want it to be in anger the way her father had spanked her. She squirmed as she pushed that embarrassing memory away.

Tears formed in her eyes as she squirmed in her seat, and for a brief moment she felt guilty. Her husband had a hard hand and she was unhappy that just a few smacks had left her so sore. She also felt bad that she had acted so childishly. Despite thinking her actions were plausible at the time, she often sat down afterwards and cringed with horror as she realised what a brat she had been, but during her tantrums she felt totally unable to control herself.

Her father had always made excuses for her behaviour, claiming it was because her mother had walked out when she was so young, and her stepmother was so desperate to become Chloe’s friend that she wouldn’t dare to berate her. Chloe sneered as she thought of her father’s partner, Mary. She had never liked her and was amazed the woman had put up with so much from her. A lesser woman would have walked out long ago, but Mary was still there twelve years later, still trying to befriend Chloe, even though she was now married and had moved out.

Chloe’s guilt didn’t last for long though as she glanced towards the pile of presents under and around the tree. She no longer gazed longingly at them nor wondered what the boxes contained. Now all she could feel was anger that Matthew had denied her the one thing she really needed.

Picking up the phone, she stabbed at the keypad angrily, lifted the handset to her ear and sighed impatiently as the phone rang for several seconds before finally being answered.

“Put me on to my father,” she snapped, when her stepmother Mary answered the phone. She never bothered with pleasantries with her, and wondered once again what her father saw in her.

Sighing as she waited for him to come to the phone, Chloe got up and paced the room. She was sure the woman deliberately took her time getting her father for her. Eventually his voice came on the line.

“Hello,” he said flatly.

Chloe frowned, guessing that Mary had probably told him she’d been unpleasant to her.

“Dad, it’s Chloe,” she snapped. “I want to come back home, for Christmas at least. Matthew is being so mean.” She pouted, glaring at the pile of presents in front of her. “He’s greedy and never gives me what I want.”

This will teach him, she thought, imagining Matthew’s horror when he returned home to find his wife had left him because of his actions. She grinned, knowing that he would go out and buy her whatever she wanted to ease his guilt. When that happened she would happily return home, and all thoughts of punishing her would be gone. He would be so desperate to make up with her that he would give her whatever her heart desired.

When her father did not respond, she took a deep breath and blushed as she added dramatically, “Daddy, he’s threatening to hit me when he gets home. Please come and rescue me. Don’t let him abuse me!”

Smiling, she knew her father would do anything to protect her, and that after waking up alone on Christmas morning, her husband would do absolutely anything to make amends with her. Silently congratulating herself on a really good plan, she waited for her father to tell her he would come straight over to get her.

Although her father had once spanked her, the fact he had never done it again made her believe that he regretted his actions. She felt certain that her father would object most strongly to Matthew lifting his hand to his only daughter.

Her heart beat fast as she waited anxiously for her father to respond.

KArc on 01/16/2014 08:27pm
This is a good story that is packed into a very little space. I liked everything that happened in this story but I felt it all happened too fast. Chloe has only received one spanking in her life. It was years ago and from her father. Now she will endure eight spankings, four by hand, 1 by belt, 2 by paddle and 1 by hair brush all before she goes to bed tonight. This doesn't even include the age-play elements and the spankings she will receive in the next two days. It was just too much.
KArc on 01/16/2014 08:27pm
This is a good story that is packed into a very little space. I liked everything that happened in this story but I felt it all happened too fast. Chloe has only received one spanking in her life. It was years ago and from her father. Now she will endure eight spankings, four by hand, 1 by belt, 2 by paddle and 1 by hair brush all before she goes to bed tonight. This doesn't even include the age-play elements and the spankings she will receive in the next two days. It was just too much.
Katy Beth on 12/14/2013 05:41pm
Boy does Chloe learn the hard way to believe in Santa. She also has a hard lesson about what happens to bratty, selfish wives. I love that her dad back up her husband.
Katy Beth on 12/14/2013 05:41pm
Boy does Chloe learn the hard way to believe in Santa. She also has a hard lesson about what happens to bratty, selfish wives. I love that her dad back up her husband.

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