Yasmine Hyde

Yasmine Hyde is the alter ego of Yvette Hines. Since I was sixteen and started reading romance, I found myself pulling out a tablet at the end of a book and writing an additional sex scene. Yes, even as a sixteen-year-old virgin I had naughty thoughts with pen and paper. Surprisingly, I never shocked my mother with the ‘questions’ I asked her to help fill out the story. She’d say, “It is how I know she’s not doing anything.” She was right, but that desire to write passionate interludes never left me. I filled my diary up with romantic sex scenes I would dream about. Don’t judge me. LOL. I didn’t start writing until I was around twenty-six. However, something that I noticed was when I thought of a story the first thing in my mind was the sex scene. Now, years later, Yasmine allows me and my muse SHE to step out of the box again in another direction. The things Yasmine will write would make my 16 year old self blush to a deep burgundy.

As a USA Today Bestseller I’m ready for the next road my writing will take me. So, naughty ones, take the journey with me… I dare you. If you enjoy Yvette Hines, give Yasmine a try.


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Showing all 7 results