Virginia Rue

She grew up on a farm on the Chesapeake Bay where she developed an affinity for nature and sustainable living. An avid reader, she read her first books atop an old Magnolia Tree in the back yard. Virginia started writing in school and had several pieces published in periodicals for youth, but then pursued a career in healthcare. She is just now returning to her love of writing as an adult with her debut novel, Brass Lantern Inn.

Virginia’s hobbies include herb gardening, hiking and visiting various historical places. She enjoys reading historical fiction and non-fiction, mystery, suspense and romance novels.

Now living in Pennsylvania with her husband and four children, she makes the most of each day by doing a little reading, a little writing, and cooking wholesome and healthy meals for her family. Even though she has an office, most of her writing is done at the kitchen table in between chopping and stirring. Virginia still enjoys her life as a health care professional by working in elder care a few days a week, claiming that the time spent with her clients is worth far more than the pay.

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Showing all 2 results