Victoria Winters

Victoria Winters lives near her three daughters and two granddaughters in a place of unparalleled desert beauty and serenity. Although she was born and raised in America, she is drawn to all that is British. She is a diehard Anglophile, monarchist, and frequently takes trips to explore the English countryside. Back home in America, she worships at an Anglican church.

As a child, she went to a Catholic school which was where, as a naughty little thing,  she frequently ran afoul of the good nuns. There she experienced her first taste of corporal punishment. To this day, the sight of a nun holding a ruler fills her with morbid fascination and not a small amount of dread.

When not putting pen to paper, she serves as a Past Life Regressionist, Tarot Card Reader, and Seeker of Spiritual Truth in an eternal quest to merge the past with the future. She frequently converses with spirits who, she is happy to assure one and all, mean us no harm. When writing, she strives to stay out of her characters’ way and let them tell their stories through her.

Victoria believes that reality is highly overrated. By reading her books you will enter a world where swashbuckling pirates, mad scientists, time travelers, bionic nannies, commanding cowboys, handsome knights, dashing lords, and naughty maidens are very much alive and seeking adventure.

Books written by Victoria Winters

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Showing all 9 results