Susann Oriel

It’s all about the story. Stories of sizzling romance, intrigue, mystery and sometimes murder. Stories with hot heroes and cool-headed heroines.


Susann Oriel loves to write erotic mysteries with intricate plots that constantly surprise. Her stories can be dark, her characters not necessarily of this world, and her settings anywhere from New York to small town. Creating stormy, emotionally charged relationships between her leads, along with intense love scenes is Susann’s signature style. Her beautiful, sexy heroes might sometimes dominate, but her captivating heroines love the challenge of a talented alpha.

Susann lives Down Under, close to a golden beach with interesting shells and, occasionally, little penguins. When she’s not writing, she’ll usually be enjoying the sun, chilling with a wine or coffee or even trying to keep up with her super-speedy Italian Greyhound.



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Books written by Susann Oriel

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  • Savena's Secret

    Savena’s Secret

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