Lucy Wild

Lucy Wild was born on the Yorkshire coast in England. Growing up surrounded by ruined Victorian splendour, she would spend every spare moment exploring, walking in the footsteps of the fair ladies and stern gentlemen who once roamed the very same promenades and alleyways as she, the crumbling buildings whispering countless stories of a romantic world long since vanished.

As an adult, she never forgot those early daydreams, hoping to meet the right Victorian Master for the little she yearned to be, wanting to add her story to the others. After her heart was broken one too many times, she decided to throw herself instead into creating the world where she felt most at home, a world of starched collars and secret dalliances, a place where blushing brides were loved and spanked by their dominant husbands. In this way, she was able to write the happily ever afters she never had, bringing joy to her heart and pleasure to her readers in equal measure.

Lucy is a #1 bestselling author on Amazon, best known for her historical spanking and age play stories, where stern alpha heroes show submissive heroines that happiness can best be found in a consensual power exchange.

She still wanders the coastal resorts of her youth, photographing her adventures for research and pleasure. She also likes tea, cake, her energetic border collie, and collecting Victorian memorabilia.


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Showing all 4 results