Kate Bantam

Kate Bantam lives, works, and writes in her beloved home of New York City. Her favorite days are those spent in a coffee shop, writing while sipping from a giant mug of chai, followed by a long walk around the city while listening to an audiobook (such walks often result in her laughing or gasping randomly while listening to said audiobook, and that makes people look at her funny. This is part of the fun).

Kate found escape in books from the time she learned to read, and was soon after creating her own stories to get lost in. She considers it a great privilege to be able to share her stories with her readers, and invites you to get lost with her.

When not in book-world, Kate enjoys baking, crafting, yoga, and continuing her lifelong quest to discover the best coffee shop in Manhattan. Updates on this quest can be found on her blog.

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Showing all 2 results