Kandi Silvers

I started out doing a couple covers for some romance author friends and listened to them bounce ideas off me. Finally, after some convincing from friends and some family members I decided I might as well follow my dream and write. What can I say? When my fingers hit the keys, sexy came out and though some of the relationships I write about are unconventional, I truly hope to make them strong, believable characters that readers will care about.

Writing is not something I simply do, it’s something that produces a change both in myself and my readers. I have yet to finish a story and not look at the world, people and relationships in a new way. The written word captures what the eyes can’t always see, brings fantasy and often escape from the obstacles and struggles of daily life.

​ To those of you stopping by and checking out my bookshelf and learning more about me, keep in mind I write hot…very hot. Sexy and sinful are not misleading.

Happy Reading & Kandi Kisses!

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