Juliette Banks

I write about sensual, romantic, passionate people, because I like to think that I am a sensual, romantic and passionate person. I love to write about strong, intelligent, characters, who lead interesting lives. Some of my stories are contemporary, while others are historical. I like to explore the sexuality and sensuality that lurks beneath the surface of most of us. Some of my lead characters face many challenges throughout their journey, but I always try to end my stories on a positive, happy note. I am an optimist and prefer happy endings.

I am British, but I have travelled around the world for many years and have been privileged to visit some wonderful places. I hope I will continue to do this for many years to come. When I am not writing, I love to be in my garden or enjoying the beautiful British countryside.


My Facebook page is http://facebook.com/juliettebanksauthor

My Twitter name is www.twitter.com/juliettebanksuk

My shared website for both my writing names is www.racheldevineauthor.com

My Wordpress web page is at www.racheldevineauthor.wordpress.com

My AllAuthor site is www.juliettebanks.allauthor.com


My You Tube Channel link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCir2sFxzULwKUsu31tXuCRw


I also write as Rachel de Vine

Rachel’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/racheldevinewriter

Or you can find me on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/racheldevineuk


My books as Rachel are in the process of being re-released under Juliette’s name, so watch out for them as they are transferred over.

Books written by Juliette Banks

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Showing all 5 results