Fallon Wynn

Fallon is a stargazer, her imagination soaring into other worlds, dreaming of aliens and seductive creatures. Having written her first science fiction novel aged thirteen, she penned over twenty books before life and family forced writing to take a back seat. Now able to concentrate on her career, she has several exciting books releasing from Eclipse in the upcoming months including Savage Hope, a post-apocalyptic thriller and the upcoming series Dark Sanctuary – Cyborg romantic suspense.


When she’s not locked in her office, chained to her computer, she’s scoping Netflix for terrifying scientific dramas. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and several dogs, the furry babies keeping her sane.


She adores questions and comments and you can reach her at:


Email: fallonwynnauthor@gmail.com


Futuristic Romance…

Books written by Fallon Wynn

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  • Savage Hope

    Savage Hope

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