Darcie Rian

My name is Darcie Rian and I reside in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  I met my husband at my sister’s house, while role playing Dungeons & Dragons.  I know, shock horror! We met and married within ten months and are now married eighteen plus years.  We are very close.  He’s my rock and favourite thing in the world. He assures me that I am his but I do think Star Wars is a very close second.

We are very sad, we have no kids or pets.  (I’ve successfully killed lavender and mint, two plants that are apparently impossible to kill, I wouldn’t trust me with kids or pets either). I have three nephews and one niece. One nephew and one niece who are now young adults (I refuse to admit this, they are still six and seven in my head).  I have another two nephews who are both below ten.  I love spending time with them but also really love to hand them back.  I seriously don’t know how my sister copes.

I started writing in my late teens, when in my second job as a clerical assistant, an uber efficient secretary started.  She was used to being incredibly busy and soon took over doing practically all of the work.  Bored out of my mind, I started to write to try and make my day go faster.

Like a lot of authors, I have a ton of stories started but not finished.  Someday, I will finish them (ha, who am I trying to kid here)?

If you’re interested in seeing what’s going on in my head, then check out my blog.



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