Christy Lynn

Being raised in the mountains of rural West Virginia helped tremendously in forging author Christy Lynn’s imagination. She is completely in love with history; namely medieval, renaissance, and colonial eras. Her favorite genres are historical romance and fantasy.


Christy always knew she wanted to be an author. The first time she was published, she was ten years old; however, life got in the way and it was twenty-five years before she was able to pick up the pen again. She loves writing stories that require in-depth research and creating characters that come alive for herself and her readers.


Currently, Christy is living in the Northwestern region of the Great Lakes, where she is now a full-time author. She says she finds balance and creativity through nature walks in the nearby preserve, which helps her think of ideas for stories. She also enjoys time with her two teenagers, the love of her life, and the family pet – Sidly Junior the ferret.


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    The Walker Girl

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