Catherine Taylor

Living in the deep south of New Zealand, Catherine has been writing for page, stage and film for over forty years. In 2012, her first erotic thriller was published to great success and followed up with five more books, all which have been Top 100 in erotic thrillers. Sexy and action-packed, her stories combine the explosive with the explicit to create unique plots filled with romance, sex, twists and turns.

Her writing has been inspired by a passion for books and films which encompasses all genres. As a devoted fan of Westerns created by Sergio Leone, Catherine has long harbored a desire to write her own tale of sexy cowboys and the sassy women who love them. Teaming up with Blushing Books for her latest project has seen a lifelong dream come true.

Catherine has spent many years involved in film and theatre, in production, writing scripts and screenplays, and acting in both stage and screen. A special highlight was working on a film set with director Roger Donaldson and the brilliant actor, Anthony Hopkins. With two feature screenplays written, she dreams of having them produced and her stories take on a whole new dimension.

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  • Mrs. Terrell's Letters

    Mrs. Terrell’s Letters

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