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My own efforts as a writer started with the first adult novel I ever read, “Gone with the Wind.” Of course, I already knew what I liked, even as an early adolescent. What I dreamed about. What I wished Rhett had done to that snippy Scarlet at her brattiest. I yearned, as I grew older and bolder in my fantasies, for someone to do to me and to be to me. What I finally had to find an outlet in writing about.

It just took me a while to dare to make it public.

In the meantime, I married and raised a family and pursued a career in more mainline writing circles. But all the while, I rehearsed the genre I came to know as “spanking erotica” in my head, and even committed some of it to paper.

Most of my efforts take the form of short stories and essays. You can find them noted below. But I will be particularly pleased if you explore the trilogy that tells the story of Andee Carlisle and Nick Benjamin. “Reading Her Heart,” “Leading Her Home” and “Exceeding Her Hopes” represent my first adult attempts at a novel experience. There have been others, but they were both juvenile and very vanilla, since I was too embarrassed to acknowledge where my needs were leading me and too innocent to realize I had many fellow travelers.

Andee is like me in some ways; like you, too, or you would never have taken a second look at this book. And Nick is my ideal. He just might be yours, too. But if he’s not spot-on, I hope he will be entertaining enough to keep you turning pages.

“Exceeding Her Expectations” wasn’t a book I planned. I thought I had finished the story of Andee and Nick after two volumes, but I found their story had a few more surprising chapters. Nick was quite firm about it, as is his usual approach, and Andee was in complete agreement.

Hope you will be happy they kept nudging me on.


I don’t have a blog, but I occasionally contribute to the fun at author Devlin O’Neill’s place.

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