Abigail Webster Unanticipated Complications
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Barrett Collins is more than a bit shocked when the young woman coming on to him in The Jamison was none other than the wayward daughter that Fred Jamison sent him to Vegas to find and bring home. What he wasn't prepared for was the furious reaction that Fredrika gave him, screaming at him and cursing him as she ran from the lounge and to her room. Barrett decided that the girl needed a damn good dose of discipline and he felt no compunction about following after her and basically forcing himself in her room to take charge of her and put her over his knee for a spanking she would never forget.

Freddy Jamison was positive she'd finally found the right man to relieve her of her virginity. In spite of all the partying she'd done since her college days were over, she'd never come across the right man. She wanted a man who was confident of himself, but gentle and mannerly. She loved the way Barrett's deep voice caressed her as he saw to it that she was warm enough, that her drink was just perfect, and that she was happy in every way. They talked and he was intelligent, too. He was perfect, and it didn't hurt matters that he was also handsome as could be. Then she found out that he was her father's newest henchman! Freddy was highly insulted when she learned that he'd come to Las Vegas to find her and take her home. She wasn't going to permit her father to run her life, not at the age of twenty-four! Unfortunately, Barrett had different ideas.

Abigail Webster

Unanticipated Complications

Published by: Blushing Press

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Erotic spanking story

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A reader:

Not my favorite by any means by A.W. but it wasn\\\'t horrible eitgher. Just like some of her longer novels better where there is action ad detail.

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A reader:

Barnett is sent to bring home a young girl to her father but he quickly finds out he\\\'s been lied too. And Freddy\\\'s dad is up to no good. He decides she needs her helps and gets her out of town. But Freddy is determined to prove she\\\'s capable and almost ruins it for a lot of people. Good thing Barnett is watching out for her.

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A reader:

I liked the description of the plot for this story but the story it\\\'s self was a disappointment. It was a short story with a strong hero but a rather silly heroine. Also the discipline did not always have much merit. The ending was poorly done. This is not one of this author\\\'s better works.

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A reader:

I was very disappointed with this story by Abigail Webster as I have read some of her other work and enjoyed them. This one started out good - lots of tension between Freddy and Barrett, but quickly went downhill. Barrett punishes her within an hour of knowing her, and for something that wasn\\\'t true. I never got to like him and couldn\\\'t see how Freddy could ever fall in love with him - there was no connection or time given to develop a relationship. The ending was completely awful - unrealistic and more rushed than anything I have read on this site before. It felt as if the author put together an ending in 30 minutes because she too didn\\\'t like her characters.Wish I could give this 0 stars...and get a refund!

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