Breanna Hayse Two Guardians for Little May: Little Lake Bridgeport, Book One
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Two urban cowboys, Layton Marshall, Esq. and his younger brother, Caine Marshall, MD., unexpectedly meet the girl of both their dreams in this hot, sweet menage. When their beloved father dies, the brothers discover a secret property deed and a mysterious note, which they immediately decide to investigate.

Traumatized after a brutal rape, and without any family to take care of her, twenty year old Maybelle Wright is transferred to an unofficial safe house on the shores of Lake Bridgeport, in order to recover. It is there that she meets - and challenges - the Marshall men, and learns of their plans to take over their late father's secret life's work: to help adult Little girls in need of parenting, structure and discipline.

Layton and Caine are smitten with May almost immediately, but when they discover her rebellious nature, and tendency to be a brat, they waste no time in showing her how they deal with unladylike young ladies - by administering her very first - and eye-opening - bare-bottom spanking.

As both brothers begin to love, look after and discipline May, she begins to open up and feel safe, protected and desirable. And they have such different personalitites that May finds her every need being fulfilled: Daddy Caine for her inner Little girl and need to be nurtured, and Uncle Layton to introduce her newly revealed inner masochist to the raw pain and excitement of BDSM. Mostly, she receives them together as lovers, and finds herself thriving as they fill every void within her - literally.

With both a Daddy and a Dom to fill every every longing in her heart, May is content to bask in their love and adore both men equally, until she is asked to choose which one of the brothers to marry in order to be given the Marshall name and legal protection.

In turmoil, she turns to Sri Adul, a psychologist and active supporter of the safe house. Can the discovery of what a mother's love should be like give May the strength and wisdom to choose?

This book has it all: full ageplay elements, BDSM, MFM menage, medical play, anal play, F/f interaction and a real sense of what it is to be a natural Little and masochist. If any of this offends you, please do not buy this book.

Breanna Hayse

Two Guardians for Little May: Little Lake Bridgeport, Book One

Published by: Twisted Hearts

©2016 by Twisted Hearts, LLC
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A reader:

I always expect, with great anticipation, that a book form Ms. Hayse will be utterly fabulous and I can honestly say this book is just that! What a heart warming story this was for me. I became emotionally connected to all three characters very easily and was drawn into the storyline from page one. This book has a ton to offer and is very well written. I just have to say this is probably one of my top 5 books by Ms. Hayse, and that says a lot considering I have read every single one. If you miss this book you will regret it, quit reading here and start reading the book, seriously..

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A reader:

This story has a little bit of everything with a extra topping of spice The Hero\'s are strong caring Alpha males who know how to take care of their woman weather it be by taking her in their arms or over their knee The heroine is a feisty little thing She is sweet at times Bratty others but she keeps everyone on there toes The plot is so well written that it will keep you turning the pages and may leave you needing a cold shower don\'t take my word for it go read the book you will be sorry if you miss this one

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A reader:

Breanna Hayse is one of my favorite authors and when she has a new book out I grab it. This one had such a strong emotional impact I thought it was real. The character development was marvelous and the psychology of the after effects of rape and the healing that takes place with the help of too strong alpha men makes for a wonderful read. All the different elements of Age Play, BDSM and ménage are fascinating.

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A reader:

This book is a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish. By turns, poignant and touching, or red hot and sizzling (much like the heroine\'s bottom), this story lacks nothing. As always, be it age play, BDSM, or a straight-up domestic discipline spanking - Breanna Hayse again provides her readers with incredibly hot descriptions that leave little to the imagination, and provide everything desired.&newline&&newline&Early on in this story my heartstrings were firmly grasped as I was drawn into May\'s struggle to find security, an ability to trust, hope and love with the help of her two sexy urban cowboys. Emotional intensity never lessens as this story moves along with quick pacing and clever, often amusing dialogue. As an added bonus, the nurturing, reassuring presence of Sri Adul provides a beautiful example of the type of unselfish, maternal love so desperately craved and needed by the sweet and emotionally damaged May as she recovers from her traumatic rape, and intensely passionate love for TWO men.&newline&&newline&CAUTIONARY NOTE: Don\'t start reading it until you have enough time to finish it. It\'s impossible to put down!!!

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