Chula Stone Trouble Comes to Texas: Rannygazoo Book 1
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Publisher's Note: This book was originally released as Ranygazoo. This new version (Trouble Comes to Texas, Rannygazoo Book One) replaces the old version. Any Blushing Books customer who purchased the original version will be able to download the revision from the online library.

Dolan and Holster Lynnville have their hands full with a clever, mischievous, but good-hearted brat and her friend. Sent out West by her frustrated father, Ranny quickly turns the ranch on its ear. Liesel tries to keep her out of trouble, but that's a man-sized job which the elder Lynnville brother is happy to sign on for. It's when an old suitor stumbles off the train looking for Rany that things really heat up.

How many spankings will it take for Ranny to settle down or for Liesel to lighten up? How much trouble can two young ladies get into in just one summer? And how many weddings will be scattered along the way? Has Rannygazoo met her match? Dolan will have to get a move on if he wants to keep up with the shenanigans on his ranch, but his idea of keeping up usually involves a wooden spoon or a belt!

Chula Stone

Trouble Comes to Texas: Rannygazoo Book 1

Published by: Blushing Press

© 2013 by Blushing Books and Chula Stone
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Wooden spoons, belts and good old bare bottom over the knee spanking! Historical romantic turn of the century western story.

Number of Chapters: 16 chapters / 78,639 words -




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A reader:

I totally forgot that I bought this a few years ago in book format! I absolutely love it! Great fun read and the characters and story line is fun and exciting!

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A reader:

I read for entertainment, because I just plain love to read. And there are very few stories in my opinion worth reading over an over again.&newline&Ranygazoo is at the top of my list. There is a natural waywardness about Rany, I found her antics both stimulating and humorous. I laughed through the whole book! And everytime I re-read it I laugh just as hard as the first time.

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A reader:

I usually love Chula Stone\\\'s writing but this one came up short for me. I found that the story was choppy and didn\\\'t have an easy flow to it. The characters were well developed and it had a strong setting and plot. The pranks and mischief that the girls got themselves into was often unreasonable and silly. I struggled to complete reading this story.

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A reader:

enjoyable book, really well written, lots of spankings, and well deserved,,

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