Paige Mallory To Find My Love
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Samantha Denton is working undercover to bring down the infamous Ronnie Deal when her cover is blown, and Deal kills both her and her partner, Eddie Foster.

When Sam wakes up in Pineville in the year 1870, she curses Eddie for getting to God first and telling Him to do this to her! The aggravating Sheriff, Devlin Foster, looks like Eddie, sounds like Eddie, but is far more dangerous than Eddie ever was!

Dev can't help believing the tiny redhead when she tells him she's from another world he knows nothing about, and he's convinced that Samantha was sent to be his. Of course, controlling her impulsive, reckless behavior is going to be a full time job. Whoever heard of a female wearing a badge?

Ronnie Deal has an ancestor living in Pineville, too, and from the moment Sam discovers his presence, she is determined to bring the criminal to justice, for he is every bit as despicable as his great-great-grandson. And just who does Devlin Foster think he is to forbid her to do what she was trained to do?

Paige Mallory

To Find My Love

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Paige Mallory
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A reader:

What a great book! I loved the time travel theme and I always love a good western! I could not help but laugh out loud at Sam as she struggles to live in her current time and Dev sure had his hands full with her. A great romance blooms and I loved the ending!!

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A reader:

Sam is a police officer from 1994. She is undercover and they figure out who she is and kill her. When she wakes up it is 1870. Sam meets Devlin, the sheriff of the town and she convinces him that she is from the future. It doesn’t save her butt, but he does understand. When she realizes that the ancestor of the man who killed her lives in the town, she does everything she can to take him down. Unfortunately, women aren’t supposed to act like that. Sam finds it very hard to act like a woman of the 1800’s. But, she and Dev fall in love and they work to resolve their differences. I really liked this story. Sam stays true to herself and still tries to make Dev happy. I give this 5 stars!

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A reader:

4 ½ stars&newline&This was adventure, a little mystery, romance. Samantha, “Sam”, is an undercover detective that finds herself thrown back in time. When she awakes she is back in history to the old West and everyone seems to look like the present day people she knows, only they aren’t. &newline&Sam is head strong. She is used to taking care of herself. She is not accustomed to being taken care of or not being able to go out on their own. &newline&Dev is the sheriff that finds Sam and sparks fly. &newline&It was a cute read. There is definite chemistry between Dev and Sam. There are Comanche, crazy people trying to kill people, as well as other normal incidents. It was a full story with prim and proper&newline&relations until after marriage. The spankings are light with hand and paddle. The sexual scenes between the married couples are described, but not overly graphic. &newline&All the loose ends were tied up, the story went into a lot more story than I expected. it kept me reading and had a happy ending for the main characters.&newline&

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A reader:

I love Mallory\'s books and also this last didn\'t disappoint. The plot is eventful and well-written. You can read it more times and never get bored.

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