Fiona Wilde The Matchmaker


As a counselor for a professional dating service, Cassie Bernard specializes in helping other people find their perfect mates. But her own love life is in a shambles. As a submissive, Cassie had hoped the self-professed dominant she met online would be provide her the love and limits she secretly desired for so long. But when her boyfriend loses interest, Cassie feels neglected and betrayed.

Then Gavin Peterson calls the dating service, and Cassie knows right away that this is the type of man who wants more than just a role-playing relationship. Gavin is the real deal. So Cassie sets up the perfect date for Gavin with Lola, whom she describes as just the submissive woman Gavin's looking for. But there is no Lola, and when Cassie poses as someone else to meet her dream man, her trick not only puts her odds with her tyrannical boss but threatens to ruin any chance she has for happiness.

Will Cassie be able to untangle the web of deception in time to salvage both her job and her Valentine's Day? Or will she end up truly being taken in hand, only to find it's far different from the role playing she's used to?

Fiona Wilde

The Matchmaker

Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: Five - Word Count: 15633




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A reader:

I liked this story but it was way to short. The author could have broadened their courtship much more than was provided. The story went from \\\'not know you at all\\\' to \\\'we are in love\\\' in nothing flat. I would have like to have seen the time they got to know each other without Gavin discovering what Cassie to do meet him for quite a bit longer. It would have drawn out the suspense a bit and provided more interaction time between Gavin and Cassie.

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A reader:

This read like the beginning of a story. We were introduced to the characters and the background was set up. Then the story ended. I became interested just as it ended. The spanking was a little forced in my opinion but would been better in a later part of the story. Shame to write so nicely and not produce a complete work.

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A reader:

The story never got to go any where it all happened to fast. The story was more about her ex than her new lover

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A reader:

This was a great story line and dialogue, however it ended too soon. When she found her man and finally received the real guidance she craved it ended. It would of been nice to see how the relationship developed. There were no great sex scenes or spankings.

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