Charlotte Palisade The Master of Linden Manor
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When Colleen O'Connor finds the perfect life scripted by her overbearing parents rocked by divorce, she is ready for a change of scenery. She hopes a trip to Ireland to handle some undisclosed family business will not only provide an escape from her troubles, but also from the troubling dreams involving sex with a masked man in a stone circle. But when she finds out that the business she's sent to oversee involves the sale of the family's estate, she has a new dilemma on her hands.

Linden Manor is the only place where Colleen ever felt at home, and her connection to the estate is reinforced when an old flame, Declan, resurfaces. Her hidden love of Ireland unfolds along with her hidden sexual desires as Declan awakens her to long-repressed submissive tendencies. Can Colleen save her childhood home? And could the man who masters her sexual needs also be the man of her strange dreams?

Charlotte Palisade

The Master of Linden Manor

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Charlotte Palisade
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Number of Chapters: 20 Chapters / 32,400 Words -




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A reader:

The author has shown more debth into the characters then previously. The storyline is facinating and well written. There is some mystery, suspense, erotic sex with some mild spanking. Colleen learns how freeing submission can be and Dulcan is the master who teaches her.

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A reader:

I enjoyed this story with Declan and Colleen. I found Declan to be a sexy dominate man with a charming personality. Colleen has been a pawn used by her parents all her life, including picking the cheating husband, Dr. James Stuart, for her to marry. She catches him in the act and filing for divorce has her going to Ireland to the home her grandfather had, Linden Manor. What a shock to learn from the local attorney, she is there to represent the family and sale of the home, the one place that she feels she belongs. I love the plot, the deception, the domination, submission and freedom found. The dialogue was entertaining and the ending left me smiling.

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A reader:

As Colleen drifted through life in a disillusioned haze she discovered that her husband is cheating on her. She had no great affection for him as it was an arranged marriage and takes the opportunity to divorce him. She travels to Ireland on business at the request of her father and meets up with Declan. As her relationship with Declan develops she appears to take control of her life and is able to save her ancestral home and find love.&newline&

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A reader:

Colleen has always been given whatever a woman could need, but she has never had what she truly desires. She wants to be claimed and loved, to feel controlled and needed. Discovering that her husband truly is the cheat she has always suspected, she takes matters into her own hands. Returning to Ireland and Linden Manor. Stress slips away as she reunites with old friends until she learns that her father is selling the manor - the same manor that was to be hers. She must learn to take a chance. Can she trust the man she had left years ago though had continued to dream of him for years? Can she give up her need for control so that she can find the freedom she seeks. What price is required to stand up to her father and step away from his shadow and could she afford to pay it to live her life, her way? Ms. Palisade draws a vivid picture of Ireland and makes you want to meet the people who live in and take care of the old manor. I enjoyed the journey and understand why Colleen felt that this was where she belonged.

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