Sara Curran-Ross The Masquerade
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London, 1996

Injured in a bomb blast in the heart of London initiated by a radical environmental pressure group called Voice of The Earth, Doctor Giselle Balmain vows to stop their campaign of terror. Her life in danger and unable to trust the police, she is forced to seek refuge in the arms of Mafia boss Alessandro Maderno, who has his own hidden agenda. Giselle is made to re-evaluate life choices and to recognise that those around her have disguised their true faces. She quickly realises that she has been cast as the pawn in a dangerous game with no rules and Alessandro is the only man who can help her defeat her enemies.

Fiercely protective and loving of his reluctant charge, Alessandro has no fear of putting her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking when she disobeys his rule and puts her life at risk. Even so, can she really trust the man who has vowed to protect and love her, or is he playing his own deadly game that will ultimately result in her demise?

Sara Curran-Ross

The Masquerade

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Sara Curran-Ross
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A reader:

This is a mystery story. First we meet Alessandro and we have no idea who he is, but that there has been a bombing. We then meet Giselle Balmain who is trying to save a man’s life. He dies anyways, but sets up the story of a woman being hunted. Supposedly, Alessandro is not after her, even though she has something he wants. Alessandro is part of the mafia, or is he? This book keeps you guessing until the end. There are very few spankings in this story, but it is an interesting read. I just like more spanking in my spanking stories. I give this 3 stars.&newline&

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A reader:

This story begins dramatically with the aftermaths of a bombing. Alessandro is at the scene to obtain a tape from his contact, who he finds dead, although Giselle (who is a doctor) is pointlessly trying to resuscitate him as she is suffering from shock.&newline&&newline&Before the contact died he gave the tape to Giselle with the warning to give it only to the police, so when Alessandro starts looking for the tape she hides it and regardless of what he threatens she refuses to give it to him.&newline&&newline&Giselle has a strong confidence in what she considers right and wrong, regardless of the cost to herself. Throughout the story you feel Alessandro’s growing attraction to Giselle but you also can’t pinpoint his character, why does he need the tape exactly, is he good or bad?&newline&&newline&This story has a lot of depth to it and mystery, but also some really heart moving moments. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good book with a thorough background and a mystery running through it.&newline&&newline&I received this as an ARC for an honest review.

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A reader:

5 stars. What an enjoyable read. It was a spy thriller with mob ties and twists and turns.&newline&I enjoyed the characters and cheered for them and wept with them. It was a developed story&newline&Allesandro is a grandson of a mob boss. His grandfather is into drugs and all kinds of illegal activity. Giselle &newline&just happens to be at a restaurant that is bombed. In a twist of fate, the two lives are thrown together. &newline&It was a roller coaster ride from page one. Nothing is as it seems. Who do you trust? Who are the bad guys and &newline&who are the good guys. This was a great ride, a romantic story of the trials and triumphs that each goes&newline&through.&newline&Allesandro enjoys dominance over Giselle. He enjoys spanking her into submission. There are hand spankings,&newline&anal play, pre marital sex, belt spankings, etc. The book could have been written without it, but it works. The sexual scenes are steamy.&newline&It has a mostly happy ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.&newline&

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A reader:

This is a action packed story There are twist and turns ups and downs As the Hero and heroine take you on a journey that leaves you wonder who is on who\'s side What will happen next And a lot of asking Did she really just do that Can the Hero help the heroine will the heroine let anyone help her The plot grabs you and keeps you turning the pages very hard to put down

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