Anne Randolph The Ghosts of Edgecroft: The Woodshed, Book One
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When Annie and Michael Carter buy the Carter family's ancestral mansion in rural Virginia, they expect their lives to go on pretty much as before, with Michael commuting into the city to his job as a international banking consultant and Annie staying home to work on her writing and to begin the massive renovation projects the two hundred year old mansion will need.

But on her first day alone in her new home, Annie discovers a lost journal in a box of family papers and bizarrely is transported back to a very different era, to the 1690s, and the time of John and Lucy Carter, the first of the family name to own the property.

Is it a dream? Is it a vision? Is it time travel? Annie doesn't know, but what she does know is she is shown a glimpse of a world that she could scarcely imagine: an old-fashioned place where husbands take a firm stand with sassy young wives in the most traditional terms.

"The Ghosts of Edgecroft: The Woodshed Book One" is the novella length (13K words) introduction to Annie's journey through the papers of the Carter family and through her own journey with her husband. "The Ghosts of Edgecroft" contains sexual elements and the spanking of adult women. It was originally published on Bethany's Woodshed. This revised version has updated the original work to 2014, but otherwise is unchanged from the version originally published on the Bethany's Woodshed website.

Anne Randolph

The Ghosts of Edgecroft: The Woodshed, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

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A reader:

This is written with an interesting approach. Essentially it\'s two stories in one. Anne Randolph is an accomplished writer and this is one of her \'lighter\' books but it\'s fascinating to read.

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A reader:

I just loved this book. I was disappointed it was so short. I hope the continuation comes soon. I think Anne Randolph did a great job writing about Michael and Annie\'s relationship.

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A reader:

The writing is really superb. You cannot help but become engrossed in both loves present and past. I, too wish it were longer. Having read a bit of this on Bethany\'s site, i hope it does end. The last i read it was still not completed. Will await the next installment.

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A reader:

I loved this story, the beginning of Michael and Annie Carter and buying the ancestral home of John and Lucy Harrison Carter from the 1600s. Part of the sale of the estate including all the journals and paper documents inside the attic. Finding John Carter\'s farm journal and Lucy\'s personal journal. This is the beginning of a series and I look forward to learning more about the Carters of the 17th century and the Carters of the 21st century. I was so captivated as the journals were shared and Annie\'s reaction to an earlier time in history and women being spanked by their husband.

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