Stardawn Cabot The General's Guardian: The Sangrian Tiger's Tale, Book One
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Silvia Amanda Whelan, or as she is known to her family and friends, Silver, is on top of her game. She's the leading salesperson for Whelan Gold, a family business which has been part of her heritage for the last four generations.

While on a routine business trip, however, Silver gets the surprise of her life when she is called by magic through a mirror... and into another world.

Sangria is like Earth, but very different - because on this world, magic is real. Silver encounters this magic in the form of a young girl, who she quickly learns is more then she appears.

For although Keridwen is currently in the form of a ten-year-old child, she is really a thirty-four year old military commander, who was cursed ten years ago, and lost her command, her kingdom, and everything she held dear.

Through the magic, Silver becomes Keridwen's guardian; responsible not only for her health and safety, but also her actions, many of which land the Little General in a heap of trouble - and often over Silver's knee.

Despite Keridwen's size, and other shortcomings, Silver is determined to help her. Through their adventures, together, Silver finds herself falling in love with both the Little, and the grown-up General.

With the help of her new guardian, Keridwen manages to regain some control, and to stay tall for longer and longer periods of time, but will the growth spurts last, and will that be enough to ensure that Silver and Keridwen can find happiness in the strange world of Sangria?

Stardawn Cabot

The General's Guardian: The Sangrian Tiger's Tale, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Stardawn Cabot
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A reader:

Fantastic! I got drawn into the new world and was amazed. The characters are strong, they pull you into their story and make you sit up and listen. I absolutely can not wait for part two!

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A reader:

great book

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A reader:

First off, this story does end on a cliffhanger. It is a cross between sci-fi, fantasy and time-travel. The concept is interesting but at times it drags and seems a bit redundant. I believe this will be a series that must be read in order to understand the entire story. The story involves lesbian relationships (which only take place when Keridwen is in adult form) along with somewhat of an age-play feel with lots of spankings of female on female. Keridwen is actually an adult known as the General, but cursed and trapped in a body of a ten year old girl with Silver placed as her guardian. Keridwen shifts back and forth between being a grown woman and a child. The story if full of mystery and suspense with all the twist and turns that unfold.

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A reader:

Wow, this is a whole different concept.  It’s both an age-play and a fantasy.  Silver lives in our time, but is called by magic and goes through a mirror to another place, a world called Sangria.  Once there, she meets Keridwen, who appears to be a little girl.  In reality, Keridwen is 34 and was a general who was cursed into the form of a 10 year old.  Silver is placed as her guardian and is supposed to help her regain control so that she can become her adult self all the time. There is sex, but only when Keridwen is an adult.  The spankings focus on Keridwen as a child. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.  I give this 5 stars.

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