Tom Simple The Flying White Scarf
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Lizzie Dalrymple is a spoiled London socialite in the mid-1920s. Jilted by the heir to a title, she takes a pioneering flight to India aboard a bi-wing aeroplane delivering mail.

Max Cadogan is the worldly-wise pilot assigned to the trip. Their personalities are bound to clash, leading to an inevitable, but life-changing, spanking. Although Max is concealing a tragedy in his life, the adventures he and Lizzie share along the route to Bombay bring them ever closer, even though Lizzie's bottom suffers several mishaps along the way.

This steamy romance is book one of a set.

Tom Simple

The Flying White Scarf

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Tom Simple
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A reader:

This is a book set in the earlier days of flapper dresses and more individual freedom after the first world war. Lizzie is a spoiled young woman who spends her days seeking pleasurable distractions, which include hopping from bed to bed. When the man she had assumed she’d marry informs her of his engagement, she is outraged. Begging her father to allow her to join him in India, he agrees and Lizzie meets Max, a pilot that helped found the first air mail service. Max has to bite his tongue as he flies the spoiled brat around until finally she breaks his last straw. Lizzie discovers that not all men are vapid playboys – some men have absolutely no intention of letting her brattiness go unattended. Mr. Simple tells a good story about their travels and you feel as if you are actually flying with the two, learning about the lay of the land from high above the clouds. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you enjoy a well written, somewhat historical tale that also contains discipline and some lovely sex, you will enjoy. My only complaint is that it ends rather abruptly and you know you\'ll be waiting for a sequel to hopefully finish the tale.

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A reader:

Dizzy/Lizzie Dalrymple was a bratty socialite who was jilted by her heir to a title lover. She is outraged and decides to join her parents in Bombay, India. Max Cadogan was a pilot during the war and now runs a bi-plane mail route. BAM has decided to include passengers along with the mail. The trip is typically ten days barring no trouble, but theirs took longer due to issues. The story is a bit of history lesson and full of locations that they would stop to fuel and stop for the night. This story contains non-consensual and consensual spankings as well as Lizzie\'s many sexual encounters, but the details were moderate.

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A reader:

This takes place in the earlier days of flying. A spoiled girl, Lizzie is flying to India. Max the pilot teaches Lizzy hoe to survive. It takes several sessions over his knee to get his point across. This was an extremely likeable story and a fun read.

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A reader:

4 ½ - 5 stars&newline&I really liked this book. It is about Lizzie, a very spoiled woman of wealth, taking an adventure to India in one of the first “flying airplanes” after the war. The pilot, Max, is used to carrying mail back and forth to India. The airlines decide to open the travel up to passengers. &newline&In their adventure, Lizzie has to grow up and learn to obey commands that will keep her safe. Max isn’t the hired help, or a common taxi driver with little skill. She learns quickly that other cultures do not bow to wealth in women, especially those of Arab and Indian cultures. &newline&Lizzie is spanked by Max for being a spoiled brat with a hairbrush. She is caned and almost stoned by an Arab sheik for running away and accusing the sheik of wanting to rape her. She is strapped and spanked for other mischief.&newline&It was a fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Lizzie is a bit loose sleeping around. There are some graphic sexual scenes, but as I said a fun read.&newline&

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