Paige Tyler The Cutler Bros. Trilogy


The Cutler Brother Series combines three very popular erotic spanking romances into one print volume. Read about "Cade," a US Marshall who rescues a woman in the Witness Protection Program from herself, among other things. Then read about his brother, "Madoc," who is trapped by a snowstorm with a fugitive he's trying to bring in, and forced in the process to confront the truth about her. Then, in "The Cutler Brides," Cade and Madoc's new brides, Riley and Shayna confront a mystery of their own. Three novels, twenty two total chapters in one volume!

Paige Tyler

The Cutler Bros. Trilogy

Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: 22 Chapters / 85,046 words -




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A reader:

The trilogy is really well written, the plot is well developed and rich in detail that is in the love scenes of spanking. Each story of the trilogy can be read pleasantly alone.

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A reader:

good books really enjoyed these stories,, spanking great, not too much either not overdone,,,

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A reader:

Very very good books about two US Marshals and the woman who are put in their charge who they both end up falling in love with. Great action, suspence and yes spanking to keep you reading right to the end.

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A reader:

This is a great Trilogy with two great brothers who are US Marshels and the women that they love and discipline.&return&&newline&Cade is a really good story about Riley who is in the witsec program and is always having to be moved because she believes she has been found. The US Marshals send in Cade to placate her but she wants nothign to do with him or his platitudes so he no choice but to spank her to get her attention. But even that doesn\\\'t help when it turns out she was right and cade is the only thing between her a killer. She earns plenty of spankings along the way to getting her to a safe place but this is one girl who refuses to listen no matter what unless it suits her. &return&&newline&Madoc tells the story of U.S. Marshal Madoc Cutler who never believes he could fall in love as quickly as his brother did. On his way home from his brothers wedding he stops at a restuarant and notices the pretty waitress and thinks he knows her from someplace. When he starts to leave he realizes she is a fugitive so he decides to take her in. SHe though fights him tooth and nail and he has to spank her just to get her to cooperate. But mother nature has other plans for them and they get stuck in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard. As Madoc learns more about Shayna he realizes she just might be innocent. So then he has to decide whether to risk everything for the girl who has stolen his heart or play it by the book.&return&&newline&The Cutler Brides you get to see these two couples after they have been married and the wives get together and have an adventure on their own earning themselves even more spankings along the way.

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