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Carla Campbell, a successful, dynamic real estate attorney employed by a national firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has always lived a "vanilla" life. Her boyfriend, Dr. Michael Cohen, is a soft spoken, mild mannered therapist, who just so happens to be a strikingly handsome Dominant man. Together, these opposite personalities are in full swing trying to make their new relationship work.

In this second installment of The Author, Michael and Carla recently returned from Richard and Dana McBride's wedding in Hawaii and quickly moved in together. Carla's snappy comebacks and sassy attitude certainly pushed all of Michael's buttons. He loved that she was a strong, intelligent, self-sufficient woman, but worried that her enthusiasm for a DD relationship with him might only be a passing phase. She adored his calm authority, and the passionate gleam in those dark brown eyes turned her on, but wondered what fueled his intense desires. After a long day of supervising staff at the office, his independent girlfriend was expected to hand over control to him - which was easier said than done. Was Carla's disobedience a cry for dominance or a way of controlling those delicious bare-bottom spankings she was receiving on a regular basis?

This novella contains highly charged erotic material, the consensual spanking of an adult woman, anal play, voyeurism and medical play.

Shelly Douglas

The Author's Friends

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Shelly Douglas
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A reader:

Another great read that is romantic and erotic by Shelly Douglas.This sequel gives you more of Dana and Richard while their friends Carla and Michael’s relationship blossoms. Carla is offered a high position with the Govenor and needs to decide whether to move to Harrisburg. Their love is tested by a few differents obstacles. I loved that there were multiple story lines which held my interest. The excerpts from Dana’s book were very hot! &newline&Loved the spanking, and both anal, and oral sex. Great read!&newline&

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A reader:

3 ½ - 4 stars. On the whole I liked the book. There were some areas that seemed out of place or didn’t need to be a part of the story. It was a love story with a happy ending. This is kind of a spinoff from book 1, The Author. It is a standalone through. &newline&There is minimal age play. There is anal play and anal and oral sex as well as sex before marriage. The spankings are light and mostly by hand. I didn’t buy that this was really D/s or D/D. The characters were doing their own version I guess. Dana never obeyed and Carla even less so. Their men let them get away with it without much fuss. It was a cute read about two people falling in love and getting married with steamy sex and spankings. &newline&

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A reader:

This was a very sweet story. Its a standalone story but you can read the Author which has some of the same characters and is also a stand alone. Two interesting characters who complicated each other. Mild DD and some oral and anal sex. Romance and love with a HEA. A good read.

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A reader:

This story continues from The Author, but can read as a standalone story. Once again, it covers two couples, newlyweds, Richard and Dana McBride and their friends, Dr. Michael Cohen and Carla Campbell. The story is strong on both couples and their domestic discipline, D/s lifestyles and situations affecting them including family issues of religious differences. The story has explicit sex scenes, consensual spankings, voyeurism, anal play, medical play, age-play, but also adds BDSM elements and ménage scene written by the author for her latest erotic book. It also has a HEA ending.

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